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  • Order Forms, Online Booking Device; Linedot Web Design
    the individual prices and quantities available themselves A quick glimpse inside the simple built for purpose admin panel at PennysPrimulas co uk Soon after the BBC found the website and asked Penny to speak on their current prime time gardening program Orders increased even further as a result of the extra exposure to the point that Penny s new Primula Sieboldii venture was top of the competition Penny has rang us directly since completion to thank us for providing Penny s Primulas with the solution they needed at a price they could afford and for using our expertise in internal SEO and order forms to help them achieve the success the quality of their work deserves Could an Order Form be Right for Me Too Generally order forms are great low cost alternatives to e commerce E commerce on the other hand is great for websites with a large amount of products for sale where the website is intended to be an online shop only If you have a big budget e commerce is the way to go If your budget is smaller then definitely use an order form Can You Track your Online Conversions Absolutely Using an order form is one of the most reliable methods of tracking how well your website is converting visitors into customers Can I Update Prices and Quantites Yes There are no limitations to how often you change prices and quantities this is covered by the small weekly fee Costs Pricing Each order form up to 20 products costs just 120 For more products add 2 50 per product We will wave these fees for customers ordering a new website package with us A small weekly charge of 3 per bookable item applies Sounds like the Best Option for Us What Next Take a

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  • MySQL Databases, Store User Data; Linedot Web Design
    MySQL database where everything that has ever been posted is stored and returns your individual timeline all in a few milliseconds Facebook use MySQL because it is incredibly fast scalable and vast Their quote on the MySQL website suggests We Facebook are one of the largest MySQL web sites in production MySQL has been a revolution for young entrepreneurs Can MySQL facilitate me Updating the Website Myself In short yes We use MySQL and PHP to build you a control panel from which you can edit parts of the website Please see our content management system service for more details and costings Costs Pricing MySQL databases are for those customers who want either dynamic content or a specific user feature As this type of web development is usually of a bespoke nature it is difficult to give an exact price without knowing the full requirements We can give you a definite quote very quickly however just fill out our contact form below explaining the feature you re looking for Contact Us Email info linedotwebdesign co uk linedotwebdesigner gmail com Phone 01566 248 672 Address Linedot 7 Brotherhood Hall 2 Wooda Road Launceston Cornwall PL15 8BJ Social Media Get in Touch

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  • FREE Domain Name with Website; Linedot Web Design
    to date and interesting without having to spend hours each day providing new content Each business requires their own level and type of dynamic data but it usually involves events articles and user adaptable features for a more interactive website A Little Extra Search Engine Optimisation the Google Philosophy Search Engines love websites that change frequently as it suggests that they are being maintained and kept up to date which is ideal for the potential user no one wants to view an out of date authoritative article about a subject if the parameters have changed with time as they often do think searching for British 1 tennis player semi final Wimbledon and getting an article about Tim Henman vs Pete Sampras come up Print screen of Google s philosophy on providing the most appropriate content to the user above all else I ve Got an Idea Is it Possible Usually Yes We like to think we can always find a way to make your dynamic content ideas a reality with the odd exception where the difficulty far outweighs the benefit We are more than happy to give you some advice in this area just ask us Costs Pricing Dynamic Content is usually bespoke but an average figure for comparison would be 50 60 per dynamic element That Sounds like a Good Idea What Next Choose one of our web design packages Or give us a call on 01566 248 672 to discuss your needs Want Advice on Which Website package is best for you Contact Us Email info linedotwebdesign co uk linedotwebdesigner gmail com Phone 01566 248 672 Address Linedot 7 Brotherhood Hall 2 Wooda Road Launceston Cornwall PL15 8BJ Social Media Get in Touch Your Name Your Email Phone Number Message Enter Code Below Popular Articles Do you want

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  • Graphic Design +, Powerful Online Branding; LineDot Web Design
    plus website uses a striking combination of violets and greens to build a highly interactive and eye catching brand throughout the site The menu design is based upon a leather ribbon effect with a width slightly greater than the main content to provide depth The clever shadowing creates a 3D effect to make the website stand forward from the background The background itself stretches without distorting to fit the browser window Costs Pricing Adding Graphic Design to your new website package costs a flat fee of 85 we think this is excellent value for money for any business but in particular medium large business can achieve great results for a very small relative cost O K I m Convinced What Next Take a look at our Portfolio Web Design Package or Anytime Updates Packages Large Medium or Small which include Graphic Design as standard Or build your own website package and cost it using our simple calculator Want Advice on Which Website package is best for you Contact Us Email info linedotwebdesign co uk linedotwebdesigner gmail com Phone 01566 248 672 Address Linedot 7 Brotherhood Hall 2 Wooda Road Launceston Cornwall PL15 8BJ Social Media Get in Touch Your Name

    Original URL path: http://linedotwebdesign.co.uk/whatwedo/graphic-design-plus.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Build Your Own Website Package, Instant Quote; LineDot Web Design
    jQuery options to suit your needs 10 slides included they are designed to look fantastic Add a Gallery Remove Gallery Googlemap Googlemaps allow your website visitors to interact with your location or locations of business You can use them to help direct customers or to highlight key areas of work They are easy to use and look great Add a Googlemap Remove Googlemap Graphic Design Plus Graphic Design Plus aims to make sure clients get the best looking most unique and visually stunning website which puts the competition to shame This is an addition to the Graphic Design feature which is not removable Add Graphic Design Plus Remove Graphic Design Plus Image Sourcing Image Sourcing means we will delve into the depths of the internet and our own libraries to acquire great quality relatable images to furnish and stylize your new website This feature is great for those with limited image libraries Add Image Sourcing Remove Image Sourcing Internal SEO Always Included Internal SEO can only be provided by a webmaster with a wealth of experience in the field It optimises the code of the website for the search engines and is included for all clients free of charge Read a full Internl SEO explanation jQuery If something moves and intrigues you on a website its probably using jQuery to achieve this effect Add this feature to include a bespoke jQuery or moving element Gallery jQuery is selectable separately using the Gallery feature Add jQuery Remove jQuery MySQL MySQL is the database behind websites with dynamic and feature driven content MySQL databases require heavy programming and good hosting Select this option if you think you need a bespoke MySQL database not for a blog or ecommerce Add MySQL Remove MySQL Order Forms An order form lets customers place a specific order booking Order forms at Linedot are designed to assist the user prevent lost data and protect against hacking attempts Price calculation is adaptable per number of bookable items Add an Order Form Remove Order Form Photography Add this feature to get a 2 hour photography session at your business location designed to provide web ready high quality images for your new website Photography is provided by an approved local photographer Add Photography Remove Photography External SEO Add this feature and Linedot Web Design will setup and perform a targeted Search Engine Optimisation plan aimed at driving more traffic to your website via the search engines Its results based SEO so you only pay per new targeted visitor Add External SEO Remove External SEO Sitemap Always Included Sitemaps provide Google with an easier method of indexing your website Linedot creates sitemaps for all clients featuring each new web page We then submit it to Google to assist in the correct and fast indexing of your new site Read a full Sitemap explanation Slideshow Slideshows allow users to get a more extensive understanding of your company by looking at highlighted features in a single location Our slideshow devices stand out from

    Original URL path: http://linedotwebdesign.co.uk/packages/create-your-own.php (2016-04-24)
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  • What Package Suits My Company?; LineDot Web Design
    Typical clients we encourage all business owners with long term goals to use anytime updates Including but not limited to Extreme Sports Adventure Companies Local Area Information Agencies Recommended Self Updateable Web Design Package The Self Updateable web design package is for those who would like full control We use a Content Management System to build you a fully functional site which will be the basis of all future updates From this basis you can create new sections update web pages and make changes as you wish We chose this package for you based on the following criteria You are attracted to the possibility of regular updates You have spare time to update your new website yourself You do not want a blog to be the only focus of your site You are a small business enterprise You would like the potential for a large website in the long term Typical clients Including but not limited to Tennis Running Cycling Clubs Charity Shop Chains Magazines Recommended Blog Web Design Package The Blog web design package was set up to cover the needs of anyone who would like a platform to express themselves from day to day Your blog will be hosted on your very own domain with your own design tweaks and selected plug ins such as a gallery and can be updated via a simple control panel which we will guide you through We chose this package for you based on the following criteria The main focus of your website is the blog You would like to be able to update regularly You would like to update the website yourself You are an individual small enterprise You may prefer the potential to expand the website as you see fit Typical clients Including but not limited to Journalists Students Directors Authors Travel Writers Recommended Product Suite Web Design Package The Product Suite web design package was designed for those with a large range of products looking to show them off with full details online without requiring a large e commerce venture We will provide 20 pages and a professional photography session as part of the package to ensure that your products are seen in the best light possible We chose this package for you based on the following criteria You are a medium sized business You will need a medium large website You don t require pre paid regular updates You don t wish to sell directly over the website You have no need for a members only area Typical clients Including but not limited to Technology Suppliers Telecommunications Supply Companies Log Cabin Builders Recommended Detailed Info Web Design Package The Detailed Information web design package was created to provide customers with an options where they can display a huge range of information about their product services using jQuery elements to attract attention and highlight key areas This package is for people that want their website to be an information hub for potential clients We chose this package for you

    Original URL path: http://linedotwebdesign.co.uk/packages/questionnaire.php (2016-04-24)
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