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  • Feature Film: Nightcrawler
    dark trade at their own twisted game He races to the sites of car crashes home invasions fires stabbings not to help but to benefit from the visual violence of the events Lou s misguided assistant the poor Rick who is roped into Lou s business plan is played with utter conviction by Riz Ahmed and Rene Russo excels as Nina the news editor the femme fatale of the news world who needs to keep viewers attention so badly that she ll do whatever and implicitly whoever it takes to keep people watching As the film progresses so does the brutality of Lou s shots But who is the most terrifying character It s actually the one that never makes an appearance the silent yet ever present power of well us The audience Who propels these TV ratings Who inadvertently calls for more drama more bloodshed more extremes Who is Russo desperately savagely trying to feed and keep glued to the screen It s the doting and deluded public those who scoff and ridicule the system in which they are ultimately the crucial players Reno s life is one dictated by the ratings that her job produces Without views without viewers she is powerless News becomes less about the news and more about getting people s attention TV is the latest drug and Reno s job is to ensure everyone gets their next hit Lou s footage brings with it a wealth of hits it may be savage but this is a world in which as the mantra goes if it bleeds it leads At its heart this film questions our notions of humanity it questions the borders that we make between fact and fiction how much we turn to the news for information and how much for a visual hit a surge of self satisfaction that today it is not us today we are the lucky ones We like Rick are bundled along for the ride as the film asks us openly what we would do in Lou Rick or even Nina s situation just how far will we go to succeed How far are we willing to go in order to get the latest scoop the next story the next big thing Lou will go as far as you could dare and then further but what really scares us is the most human part of him It s not his avid camera that disturbs us but his eyes those large bulging eyes that beg to see every tiny detail relishing each accident each twisted scrap of metal as it falls away from the bumper of a car each bloody footprint on a once white carpet because what Gilroy so perfectly makes us realise is that these hungry eyes are in fact our own Nightcrawler is out in cinemas now About Thea Hawlin Theodora Thea Hawlin is assistant editor and production manager of The London Magazine Mail Web Twitter More Posts 8 Comments comments Prev Doomed Love and Darkness

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  • The Misunderstood Horror of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
    woozy close ups uncomfortably long takes broken only by cross fades of juxtaposed imagery and a range of droning sound effects that scorch the ear The effect is an emotionally draining two hour nightmare filled with the unexplained and the sorrow of a victim with no escape from a dark world that consumes her When the final murder occurs it s a truly unpleasant scene made all the more shocking by the violence taking place off screen like Hitchcock s Psycho we are left to imagine the physical damage because nothing could be worse than what we each see in our own nightmares That is not to say the film is without flaws It is peculiarly structured beginning with a half hour short film following the investigation into another murder before cutting rather suddenly to Laura Palmer s story Characters come and go some for just a single shot usually without introduction and always without explanation Lynch takes our familiarity with the show s minutiae for granted which is fine but drastically reduces the film s accessibility even to fans Some sequences flow elegantly other scenes are disjointed and oddly assembled This certainly adds to the surreal sense of discomfort but doesn t help the film look especially professional which is disappointing from Lynch Yet none of this takes away from the excellent performances the gripping atmosphere and the ethereal score by Angelo Badalamenti Sheryl Lee is fantastic as the living suffering Laura Lynch Frost Productions Perhaps Fire Walk With Me would have been better served by being longer It already clocks in at just over two hours but in 2014 an additional 90 minutes of deleted scenes were released edited and scored under Lynch s supervision in such a way as to make another mini movie albeit one with no discernible plot A lot of these new scenes are vignettes with familiar faces from the TV show they don t have a clear place in the film s narrative but they bring a lot of warmth context and humour Other scenes are transitional moments inessential but useful to making the film flow more smoothly while many scenes expand upon the film s supporting characters particularly the FBI agents Lynch says he likes and is proud of the final product so clearly at some point in the editing process he decided to reduce the presence of peripheral characters and focus firmly on Laura and in doing so realised there was no place for comedy Given the tragedy of Laura he was right of course but the film s harshness makes it a depressing and bitter pill to swallow It seems that today critical opinion on Fire Walk With Me is polarised people either love it or hate it As yet there is no in between ground I choose to stand firmly in that No Man s Land neither loving nor hating it instead electing to accept it for what it is I ve only seen it once and found it

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  • LFF Spotlight: Foxcatcher
    is clear that this is a man with mental health issues rather than the mysterious genius that he attempts to present to the world If you come to the story blind as I did it s hard to know what genre Foxcatcher fits into That it is not easily categorised is not immediately a negative characteristic but neither is a genre defying film It s just a bit messy There are elements of a traditional sports film and a drama and a psychological thriller It is these competing elements that will make this film hard to like for many It is at points excruciating to watch Maybe it s because no one likes to see an unstable millionaire being pandered to or alternately the psychologically and emotionally vulnerable being taken advantage of as Mark Shultz so clearly is In the end we are left wondering what is there to learn from this film It is more uncomfortable than entertaining Why is it important that this story has made it to our screens Another millionaire gone mad with narcotics and social isolation Is the moral of the tale simply don t make friends with lonely old rich people or is it that bad things happen to good people Either way despite some incredible performances like the Schultz brothers I wish I had never gone to Foxcatcher ranch About Amy Howerska Amy Howerska is an award winning stand up comedian and comedy writer She is currently writing and appearing as a panellist on the new series of What s The Story for BBC Radio Wales and her recent TV credits include The 50 Funniest Moments of 2012 Channel 4 and Richard Hammond s Secret Service BBC1 Prior to her career in comedy Amy worked in the film industry for several years most notably at the British Film Institute where she worked closely with iconic figures from the film world Prior to this Amy was the test group for the first ever film module offered at Oxford University she specializes in radical reinterpretations of heritage Cinema Mail More Posts 8 Comments comments Prev Going Dark The Case for Horror Theatre Next Frieze Art Fair 2014 Day Three Related Posts Are You Posh Litro in Edinburgh Blackwell s Writers at the Fringe Breath and Light New Directions in the Staging of Sarah Kane Litro TV Recent Posts Bringing Up Baby In the Night Time Before the Sun Rises at the Gate Theatre True Love in Los Angeles A R BY ANY OTHER NAME The Echo Travelling in Fiji The Litro Blog View Archive 11th February 2016 Litro 149 The Love issue Letter from the Editor By Eric Akoto Love we spend our lives craving it in one form or another searching for it and talking about it Its meaning is felt more than it is clearly expressed Some call it the greatest virtue Continue reading 9th December 2015 Litro 148 The Going Home issue Letter from the Editor By Eric Akoto This month in

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  • Feature Film: '71
    seems to have many aspects in common with Hook a Derbyshire lad from an unprivileged background who practices boxing and goes to football matches There was some risk in producing this film The cast is mainly unknown outside of Britain except possibly O Connell who is now receiving a lot of international interest and it is potentially a difficult film to win over even a British audience being a historical film about Northern Ireland However the combination of a good script from acclaimed playwright Burke and sought after director Yann Demange who has the ability to convey emotion and depth as well as the action have made this film a stunning success This is Demange s first feature film having previously directed gritty TV series for the BBC and Channel 4 and it s an auspicious debut The focus of the story is not on the wider political picture but on the human side of the conflict There are no news broadcasts or exposition given which could have slowed down the pace and sense of urgency We witness events through the eyes of Hook barely a child himself naïve of the politics and plunged into the chaos along with all the other youths caught up in the violence hurling missiles and roaming the streets in gangs In fact there is little to separate Hook from the other lads who have effectively enlisted in their own paramilitary groups like Sean Barry Keoghan who has become caught up in the IRA but seems unsure and afraid to fire his gun This becomes all the more pertinent when Hook removes his military uniform to avoid being identified as a target His new role as a soldier is tenuous enough but once he has lost his uniform he becomes a vulnerable young man trying to survive on the streets of a city gripped with the terror of a civil war just like all the other youths A combination of locations in Sheffield Liverpool Blackburn and Leeds were used to recreate Belfast of the early 1970s which would have been clogged with smoke from factories and chimneys at times mixed with fog tear gas and street fires The high walls dimly lit streets and red bricked terraced houses all provide an intense darkly oppressive atmosphere which is helped by the dramatic music from Holmes who lives in Belfast and felt connected to the story working closely with Demange on the score Although a work of fiction cinematographer Tad Radcliffe strives for authenticity using widescreen 16mm film to make it reminiscent of the newsreels from that period night scenes were shot digitally on an Alexa The chase scenes were filmed using Steadicam mounted on a motorcycle for very narrow alleys and on a quad bike elsewhere We follow Hook on the run scaling walls and running down back alleys The out of focus shots serve to heighten the complete disorientation that Hook suffers in this subterranean world in which he drifts in and out of consciousness

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  • Nicola Hodges, Author at Litro Magazine
    a POW in Thailand who returns to confront the Japanese officer who tortured him Read more Nicola Hodges The author has 4 posts published in Litro Magazine Nicola Hodges is an English writer living in Zürich Switzerland She writes short stories poetry and non fiction and her longer pieces of work are waiting in an orderly queue for her time and attention Her latest short story has been published in the September October double issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Find out more about her here http nicolahodges weebly com Website Twitter Facebook Contact Us General 44 0 20 3371 9971 info litro co uk Sales Advertising enquiries 44 0 20 3371 9971 Email Sales Magazine Editorial editor litro co uk All Online Editorial online litro co uk Book Reviews Author Interviews reviews litro co uk Film Arts Editorial arts litro co uk Litro Lab Podcast litrolab litro co uk LitroTV litrotv litro co uk Litro Listings listings litro co uk Subscribe Stockists Submissions Advertising Our Team About Litro Litro Magazine is a free short stories and creative arts magazine in print and online Providing a place for readers writers and the broader creative community to discuss various aspects of literature arts and culture through features reviews non themed fiction interviews columns and more Perfect reading for those with busy lives When the first issue of Litro was published in April 2005 the main free paper for commuters and city dwellers was the morning Metro Since then many tabloid style free sheets have joined the field like the Metro these can be skim read and quickly discarded Litro is different our central aim has always been to provide commuters and city dwellers with an inspiring thought provoking alternative that takes you places you don t normally think about when travelling

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  • Feature Film: Salvo
    Bakri possesses the kind of brooding persona that works lending Salvo a fascinating presence that keeps us involved even as he causes great pain to the much more sympathetic Rita As the blind victim caught in a Mafia conflict Sara Serraiocco is excellent hopefully we will be seeing more of her in the near future Such good casting and performances combine with the artfully langorous style to suggest Grassadonia and Piazza are a talented team with great potential Unfortunately Salvo simply does not have enough story to support itself after the striking opening sequences and its origins as a short film called Rita begin to expose themselves Most regrettably by the time the inevitable ending has occurred and the credits scroll it is hard to shake the feeling that the directors deliberately long takes are a way of padding an already short film Therefore Salvo is worth watching if you are a fan of the genre and a keen buff of festival successes for everyone else wait until the talents behind and in front of Salvo s cameras have meatier material to present They have great potential Salvo is available on DVD and VOD from 29th September DVD extras include a 19 minute b roll featurette and interviews with the cast and crew About Thomas Greylees Thomas is a specialist in medieval religions and a part time author His enthusiasm for films is second only to his love for cats and long forgotten saints You can find his stories and articles published in H Y journals and online Mail More Posts 5 Comments comments Prev What s On At The Zurich Film Festival 2014 Next The One with Roger Allam Seminar at the Hampstead Theatre Related Posts Generation Y at Work 8 What s Next The Rest Is Ritual Dara at the National Theatre VAULT Festival 2015 Love to Love to Love You Litro TV Recent Posts Bringing Up Baby In the Night Time Before the Sun Rises at the Gate Theatre True Love in Los Angeles A R BY ANY OTHER NAME The Echo Travelling in Fiji The Litro Blog View Archive 11th February 2016 Litro 149 The Love issue Letter from the Editor By Eric Akoto Love we spend our lives craving it in one form or another searching for it and talking about it Its meaning is felt more than it is clearly expressed Some call it the greatest virtue Continue reading 9th December 2015 Litro 148 The Going Home issue Letter from the Editor By Eric Akoto This month in Litro 148 we explore the notion of what Going Home means to us Is it a familiar physical space A refuge A feeling A state of mind Or is home actually to be found in another human being maybe your partner your parents How do you know when you have found it Continue reading Contact Us General 44 0 20 3371 9971 info litro co uk Sales Advertising enquiries 44 0 20 3371 9971 Email Sales

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  • What's On At The Zurich Film Festival 2014
    in Europe There is a lot of potential here for producers to obtain funding from Swiss investors providing the festival with another advantage and selling point amongst those that the organisers emphasised Spoerri told me Zurich is actually a perfect city to host a film festival for so many reasons with the infrastructure great audience and we have companies here who can sponsor a film festival We have everything in five minutes walking distance compared to other cities where it s spread all over the city The ZFF boasts incredible venues Credit ZFF Schildknecht agreed that being centrally placed in the city makes it easy for companies to promote a film here and connect with others from the industry This is a big point for the festival people feel comfortable here and can talk here more easily Compared to other film festivals like Cannes where it is so hectic and stressful In Zurich it is all a little bit easier And we are very well organised A recent collaboration with the Sans Sebastian Film Festival raised questions because it takes place almost at the same time as the Zurich Film Festival but film makers and distributors can gain access to both the important film markets of Spain and the German speaking market in Zurich whilst on the festival tour in Europe Spoerri acknowledged that being in the centre of Europe it is easy for Zurich to be included in an itinerary Film makers producers and sales companies always think about Zurich if they are thinking about a place where they can do a premiere so if the film goes on tour the Zurich Festival is always on their minds The aim of the organisers to grow in small steps sets it apart from many other film festivals who all want to be Cannes if they had the notoriety and resources Yet in Zurich the glamour factor does seem to be very high for such a young festival attended by some of Hollywood s most famous stars including the legendary Richard Gere John Travolta Helen Hunt and Harrison Ford The festival was initially criticised for having too much glamour and too little content not screening as many films as other festivals This attracts a lot of media hype about which stars will be coming but those who finance the festival expect the famous stars to create the necessary media interest However as Schildknecht remarked We make it with the stars and with the new talent She s emphasising that some of the films they show are those with less commercial value that are ordinarily squeezed out by mainstream films and don t make it into the cinemas For example their Border Line Films organised in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontiéres deals with border situations and humanitarian projects that occur worldwide in the present day The New World View section showcases new film making talent from a different country every year this year the guest country is India Ten new films will

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  • Future Fashions: The Prophetic Powers of Back To The Future Part II
    own motion based gizmos for their consoles With hands free Virtual Reality potentially arriving next year this is a pretty spot on prediction from the BTTF team made all the more prescient by not showing what 2015 consoles would actually look like Canny film making that is Wearable Technologies We ve already got Google Glass SmartBands and iWatches on the way wearable computers will be pretty much commonplace by the end of 2015 The way Marty s kids are obsessed with the gadgets even wearing them at the dinner table is an almost depressingly accurate representation of how this technology will be integrated into our daily lives Tablets It s a brief moment but when a campaigner asks Marty to sign a petition he presents a tablet for the signing We all know how ubiquitous tablets are and you ve probably signed those infuriating little calculators carried by the postman too Nuff said The Mistakes We ve already mentioned hoverboards and flying cars There s also self drying clothes fax machines holographic advertising and rehydrated pizza which have no place in our reality Okay that last one isn t a huge step away from microwave meals but it s fair to say that a lot of Part II s anticipations of the future weren t on the mark especially when it came to people s fashion sense The one glimmer of hope is that Nike are seriously working on those power laces One more thing This IS the future Credit Universal Jaws 19 Yeah so Jaws 19 will never happen But this cute joke at the expense of executive producer Steven Spielberg is surprisingly prophetic How better to summarise Hollywood movies in 2015 than as a simply shameless mining of sequels and existing intellectual properties Jurassic World Star Wars 7 Mad Max 4 Avengers 2 Fast Furious 7 Kung Fu Panda 3 The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I The future s looking pretty uninspired With that in mind it s time to go back to the franchise that blessed us with so much breathless ingenuity that it still towers above its peers Invite your friends too Because everyone loves Back To The Future This article is part of Litro s special Future Fashions week Keep browsing our website to discover more About Robin McConnell Robin is an obsessive film fanatic and occasional person When he is not watching films or editing Litro Film Media he can be found writing and producing the Alltime channels on Youtube He is often distracted by the need to write scripts and short stories Mail More Posts 10 Comments comments Prev Future Fashions Dredd Next Future Fashions Mad Max The Road Warrior Related Posts Eating Blind at Dans Le Noir Feature Film The Woman in Black Why Have Feelings If We Don t Use Them Unidentified Item in the Bagging Area at the Old Red Lion T Litro TV Recent Posts Bringing Up Baby In the Night Time Before the Sun Rises at the Gate

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