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  • Business Wilmslow Business Directory
    Join our SEO web design affiliate scheme seo faqs contact us advanced seo services seo web design blog seo website design guide Wilmslow Business Directory Business Listings Wilmslow Business Directory Business Wilmslow Accountants Loughran and Murphy a broad range of personalised business and accounting services If you would like to get your Wilmslow or Cheshire Business website listed here please see add url to our directory Bookmark this page Mixx

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/wilmslow-business-directory/business.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Home Wilmslow Business Directory
    Affiliates Join our SEO web design affiliate scheme seo faqs contact us advanced seo services seo web design blog seo website design guide Wilmslow Business Directory Home Listings Wilmslow Business Directory Home shh craft creations art and design unique creations for your home If you would like to get your Wilmslow or Cheshire Business website listed here please see add url to our directory Bookmark this page Mixx Delicious Digg

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/wilmslow-business-directory/home.html (2016-04-24)
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  • Kids And Teens Wilmslow Business Directory
    blog seo website design guide Wilmslow Business Directory Kids And Teens Listings Wilmslow Business Directory Kids And Teens Ofsted Registered Wilmslow Childminder childrens daycare and childminding by Sharon Taylor ICP and NVQ3 with over 12 years experience Little Darlings Day Care Childrens Birthday Party Supplies childrens party products toys and gifts link Hello Kitty fish princess pirates and more from My Funky Party If you would like to get your

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/wilmslow-business-directory/kids-and-teens.html (2016-04-24)
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  • add url to Wilmslow Business Directory site directory links and listing
    here free please note all of the following Your site will only be listed if you note all of these points Directory listings are free Your site MUST be Wilmslow based You do not need to link back to littledetails co uk however We track incoming links from our directory listings and the greater number of clicks we receive from your site the higher you will be listed in your category This is our main listing criteria All sites are listed by category You must email directory littledetails co uk with your site details We require web url site name for anchor text site description site keywords category please suggest and if you would like a top listing your reciprocal url and your subject line must be correct see below All sites are reviewed by genuine humans using real eyes Only those sites suitable for family viewing will be listed Multiple submissions will be ignored Any sites deemed unsuitable will be ignored We need not go into the list here you know who you are but anything suitable only for over 18s or over 21s or containing any sort of bad content will be ignored Your email must contain the

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/wilmslow-business-directory/add-url.php (2016-04-24)
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  • littledetails.co.uk writer job specifications
    to Team index The job candidates will be required to research various subjects write web site copy to a high standard of UK English proof read other peoples articles upload the finished articles to the various web sites using our content management system The job candidates must have the following skills and experience fluent in UK English be familiar with writing web pages have a basic knowledge of web design

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/team/writer-job-specifications.php (2016-04-24)
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  • littledetails.co.uk article writing example
    and not write in another language which you then translate in to English as this changes the theme and is a very poor practice If a word count is specified this will always be an approximate number of words contained within the main text only not including the title and summary and you may write 10 above or below this word count number EXAMPLE JOB Project FPS1 Write 300 words on the subject The problem of negative equity targeting the keywords negative equity ARTICLE TITLE The problem of negative equity ARTICLE SUMMARY Falling property prices can lead to negative equity for homeowners and cash flow problems in the general economy ARTICLE TEXT In the current economic climate many people are facing the problem of negative equity in their properties This has serious repercussions for the home owner and their families who now find they are paying for a loan or mortgage higher than the value of their property The problem of negative equity is a direct result of falling house prices Simply the price paid for the property is more than the current worth of the property Even for those property buyers who have taken out a reasonable and realistic mortgage and who have understood the financial commitments they are getting in to can fall victim to this financial situation In more stable times property prices generally increase Even when buyers take out a 100 mortgage to pay for a property within a few years the house is worth much more than the mortgage being paid on it The property can then be used as security on other loans for additions or improvements to the property such as fitting a new kitchen or an extension The benefits of this are spread throughout the economy as home related industries such as

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/team/article-writing-example.php (2016-04-24)
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  • littledetails.co.uk web page upload instructions
    example the new page html would be a possible URL Do not miss out the dot or full stop before the html part If you miss any of these features from the URL the web page will not be added to the web site 2 Page Title This must be unique from the other pages on this site Check the existing pages before choosing this title Please write the shortest title that still conveys the meaning of this page to the search engines Keep the most important words to the front where possible Avoid too many filler words such as and in of the etc The page title does not appear on the page itself but is seen by the search engines and appears at the top of the browser window 3 Meta description A one or two sentence description of this web page This description should expand on but never repeat word for word the page title It is shown to people who are doing a search on Google and therefore it is important to write a good description that will encourage people to click on this page On some texts the description will have already been provided for you by the writer The meta description is seen only on the search engines and not when the page is viewed 4 H1 page title This is displayed on the page itself at the top and can be read by the viewers It is the most important of on page content Write a descriptive h1 title You may use a few more words than the search engine page title here although sometimes you may decide to repeat the page title in the h1 page title and in most cases this would be acceptable also 5 H2 title This is the lower header and displayed on the page beneath the logo area Please do not repeat either of the page titles but give the H2 title a slightly different description of the page This will be the main focus of the page when someone clicks on the page It has a similar use to the meta description and so should encourage the viewer to read more of the page 6 Page category This will decide which of the second tier pages your new page is linked to and from Just choose the most appropriate if this has not been specified or add the page as a main page behind the fist tier if instructed to do so 7 Page summary paragraph This description is found on the pages that will link to your new page such as the sitemap page This description should have a similar content to the H2 title and the meta description and should not repeat either of the page titles The page title itself will make that link One or two short sentences are best here 8 Main text This is where the text is pasted in At this point you will need to add some formatting

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/team/web-page-upload-instructions.php (2016-04-24)
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  • littledetails.co.uk news feed blog writing
    Google network When an alert arrives it will contain a few lines of info and a link to its source It is important to note you will not use every alert you receive You must choose only the very few that will make a good blog entry for us from the many you receive Do not spend too much time on deciding We only want the best ones and so if it takes you more than 30 seconds to decide if a blog is worthwhile delete the alert If you are not sure delete the alert You are only expected to create a blog of this type once or twice a week So do not spend more than a few seconds deciding On some subjects you might get 10 alerts per day 70 a week and we only need one or two If in doubt delete it There will be another alert along very soon If you do decide to create a blog entry from the alert click the link and wait for the next alert Have a quick read of the page a very quick read and if its not the best click off and do the next one If it is good copy the text of the news story to your computer and start editing You may find it useful to copy the text in to Notepad and then to Word as this will remove any web page formatting that will get in the way of your editing The blog must now be re written to make it unique Only choose the most relevant parts We only need around 200 words including any quotes that must be left unedited Most of the news stories will have many more words than this so be choosy about the just the

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/team/news-feed-blog-writing.php (2016-04-24)
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