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  • HTML and CSS web page template instructions from littledetails.co.uk
    must work and be very similar in all current browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 8 Safari 4 Opera 9 Firefox Mozila 3 Google Chrome etc without using browser specific CSS formatting It is not necessary to make the template back compatible older browsers or with mobile browsers You will usually be working from an image created by one of our graphic designers Please ensure the template looks exactly like the image Do not attempt to make changes to the way it looks at this stage even if you think it looks better When the page template is first created you should always include the CSS in the head area of the page so that both the HTML and CSS can be viewed inside one file It is good CSS practice to zero all styles at the top of the style sheet prior to formatting the page We never use inline styles We only use Verdana font for the main text We never use justified text We always use text and never the image of text even in a logo unless the logo has been specifically created with text that cannot be duplicated with CSS We do not use any deprecated attributes such as border 0 in an image tag instead set this within the CSS We adhere to the tableless design ideal and use tables only to display actual tables of data All images must have height and width All images must have a relevant alt tag If you have used a spacer image ensure this has an empty alt tag Unless otherwise stated we always write dark text against a light background for the main page text If the main page has a white background and you have some text sections in white against a coloured background you must change the colour of the white text to a slight off white or the search engines may regard this as hidden text on the page The template must include one single h1 title tag as the first line of HTML in the body You may enclose this inside a div if required by the rest of the page heading and title area and the h1 tag should always be formatted to fit with the rest of the page design Remember one h1 tag is used per page Lower header tags should be part of a tiered structure There can be several h2 tags per page and several h3 tags for every h2 tag for example We use strong tags and not bold We use emphasize tags and not italic We never underline text as this confuses users who expect only the links to be underlined We never use ALL CAPS as this makes text difficult to read The template should include actual links that we can click This is the only way to ensure the links will be correctly formatted Please just make each link to the page itself eg index html as when the link is clicked we

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/team/web-page-job-specifications.php (2016-04-24)
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