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  • Quality SEO Link Building Campaigns
    engine ranking and website traffic One important thing that cannot be emphasised enough about link popularity is that it does not just refer to the number of inbound links your site has but also refers to the quality and relevance of these links Hence no matter how many links you get to your website if those links are not relevant then they will not do anything in improving your page ranking Major search engines perform link analysis giving higher ranking to websites with a good number of relevant links to their pages The practice of link farming and other shortcuts in to produce thousands of links quickly will not work These practices are detected as spamming by search engines and in the most extreme cases cause your site to be banned Link Building Best practices Establishing a number of strong relevant links to your site requires research creativity and a lot of hard work There are no overnight fixes or shortcuts Good examples of what you can do to build up your link popularity are directory listings article submissions to online publications in your industry reciprocal links from relevant complementary sites external blogs social networking and above all lots of

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  • SEO long tail keyword research
    a particular place Online keyword tools There are many keyword research tools available on the internet Some are subscription based services but there are many free resources too Several free keyword tools are provided on our Free SEO tools products and services page The simplest and easiest to use is the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool Although created for Adwords customers this tool is freely available to everyone and is a very useful starting point for your keyword research Start by typing a seed keyword or key phrase into the search box This produces a list of keywords related to your seed words including how many times these words have been searched for This is based on actual searches on Google in the last few months Words are listed in the order of the number of searches over this time At the top of the list you will often find single word searches These generally appear the most often in actual searches but are not the actual keywords you should specifically target By default single keywords will also appear in the key phrases you must target For example if you run a carriage clock repair workshop you may find the top keywords to be carriage repairs and clocks However targeting these words on their own and not part of a phrase would be a little pointless There are an almost infinite number of different products needing repairing and many different categories of clock and many different carriages It is only when these words are combined together and with other related words do they become useful SEO keywords for your web site Scrolling down the list will provide many more useful keyword rich phrases This is what is known as the long tail There will also be many words and phrases

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-long-tail-keyword-research.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Tiered Page Structure SEO channels page ranking
    is focussed as the first or top tier Several second tier category pages linked to and from the top tier with several third tier pages for each second tier page The third tier is where your long tail keyword pages are situated For the main part third tier pages should only link to their associated second tier category page and in turn the second tier pages link to the top first tier The link structure is what channels the page ranking up from the third tier to the top tier via the second tier Don t just stop at three tiers If your content dictates more and more specialised categories then by all means add a fourth and fifth tier etc In some ways the way page ranking is generated on a tiered website is like a river with many tributaries The numerous sources of the main river are the third tier long tail keyword rich pages Several third tier pages channel their flow into the second tier category pages therefore creating a wider stronger channel of page rank flow The second tier category pages then channels their flow in to the main channel which becomes the actual river of page rank flow to the top tier home page Tiered directory structures In many cases webmasters choose to put each of the second tier categories including all of their third tier long tail keyword pages inside separate directories For example the URL could be www my site com category name long tail keyword page name html However this is not strictly necessary on many websites especially sites with few pages It is the way links are structured rather than how directories are structured that determines how tiers work In fact Google s webmaster guidelines recommend a simple directory structure as

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-tiered-page-structure.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Unique content creation to target long tail keyword searches
    writing the pages How many times should I use my keywords in my text By default your page text will automatically contain your keywords It is difficult to write about your subject without mentioning your keywords You should aim to spread your keywords throughout the page without cramming it Keyword stuffing can be worse than omitting the keywords Do not worry too much about the exact number of times the words appear on the page however Write naturally for the human reader and the page will be search engine friendly Should I use the exact keyword phrase Always write for your human readers rather than the search engine spiders Ideally you should mix your keyword phrases throughout the text Write the exact keyword phrase several times within the text and spread the other words from the phrase around naturally The context in which the words appear will weight the importance of your keywords If your page is about carriage clock repairs for example use this phrase intact in a couple of places but also mention carriage clocks clock repairing clocks repairs etc throughout the text You should find this happens naturally but if you get to the end of the article and feel you have not used the keywords in sufficient numbers you can always re write the article to include more Do not be afraid of changing the article and re writing it if you think you can improve it To coin a phrase good writing in not written it is re written Ensure you cover all possible combinations of keyword phrases For example a Google search for the phrase Liverpool SEO returns a different set of results than the same phrase reversed as SEO Liverpool Therefore you must create a page of text to target both of these

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-keyword-rich-unique-content.php (2016-04-24)
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  • URL Page and Directory Keyword Rich Structure and SEO
    be displayed in the first batch of Google results A descriptive URL is far more likely to be remembered by a user and typed in to the address bar from memory It would also be very easy to miss a character out of a cryptic URL and for that reason also other webmasters will be far more likely to provide a link to your pages with descriptive URLs Despite your best efforts to guide inbound links with the perfect anchor text for your pages one of the most important aspects of SEO many webmasters still simply display the URL of the page as anchor text A descriptive URL containing the exact anchor text keywords you wish to target will still reap the benefits of those keywords Keep it simple directory structure From both a search engine spidering and human user point of view a simple URL structure is best Whilst deeply structured URLs will still eventually be indexed by the search engines you should avoid a structure with unnecessary levels such as http www littledetails co uk winning website designs seo url structure php as the pages will take longer to be indexed than if you only have one or two levels of directories You may find the pages at the end of such a deep directory structure never receive a Google Page Rank as Google does not view them as being important enough Even with a tiered structure of internal linking you are best to keep pages one or two directory levels deep Having pages with different subjects within the same directory does not affect the tiered structure does not reduce the reputation of the pages and is preferable to having multiple levels of directories as shown on this example Keep it simple URL links Avoid linking to pages

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-url-structure.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Keyword rich anchor text linking structure maximises your search engine ranking
    points may not even appear in search engine results One other minor point you should always use absolute URLs in links which means the full web address of the web page including the http and www component as the destination of the link Although your server will know where you mean to point a link with a relative URL you should give the search engine no doubt about the links destination and use an absolute link You must then decide what are the main keywords we wish to target on any web page and use these keywords in the anchor text of the link pointing at that page For example if the page we wish to promote is about carriage clock repairs this is the anchor text we must use For example here is a link with both an absolute URL and keyword rich relevant anchor text to a page that also has a very relevant page name a href http www mytimepiecewebsite com carriage clock repairs html carriage clock repairs a To further improve the power of this link we should also use it in context within the page By placing the link inside a paragraph of relevant text the search engine will assign even greater ranking power This link could be best used as follows We have a range of servicing options including a href http www mytimepiecewebsite com carriage clock repairs html carriage clock repairs a for antique and period timepieces from all watch and clock manufacturers Compare this with the following example of how not to link and how not to name your pages a href option1 html Click here a to get your carriage clock repaired SEO tip for free Please don t ever use the words click here as your anchor text Creating link menus Most websites have a list of the most important pages in a menu prominently across the top or to the side of all the pages on the site These are the most important and most used links and pages In these cases space will often be at a premium and the amount of anchor text may not be all you need to pass on the keyword ranking Additionally this menu will usually contain a link back to the home page The first point to note is as this is a list of items you should create the links as an unordered list This gives the links more context as the search engine then knows it is a list Although you may not want to have your menu of links formatted as a list you can easily use CSS to change the appearance of the list and style the links in any way you need There are many tutorials on the internet describing how to do this Sculpting page ranking using no follow attributes Secondly you may choose not to use this list as a way of sending page ranking to these pages By including a no follow attribute inside

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-keyword-rich-anchor-text-links.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Title Tags and SEO - website designs
    use the title tag Without a title tag your page can never feature highly for your chosen keywords and search terms Well chosen page titles can be the difference between a winning web site and obscurity Every page on your web site should include a unique and well written page title inside the title tag The title tag is the text shown on the browser window border at the top of the page If the title tag is omitted the browser will display the URL of the web page instead Title tags and SEO Due to its importance a lot of thought is given to page titles and title tags by successful SEO experts Please remember that your page content is what gives your pages a good search engine presence and the title tag should reflect this content Write a unique keyword rich but concise human reader friendly title tag on every page without overstuffing the title with every keyword you can think of It is not necessary to constantly repeat your web site or company name within the title tag of every page as this is not necessarily what you are trying to rank highly for Instead concentrate on what makes this page unique from all of the other pages on your web site If you have taken the time to write unique content for all the pages on your site then the title tag should flow freely from this Read your own content pick out the main keywords you wish to rank highly for on any particular page and write the title tag to encompass this Try to group your most important words at the front of the title as the search engines often rate the importance of a given word by its position If you have several

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-title-tags.php (2016-04-24)
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  • Meta Description Tag and SEO - unique content
    however and so a well written description can be the difference between a click on your site and a click on a competitor in the same search results According to Google s webmaster guidelines Google s preference is to show a snippet of the meta description in the search results as an accurate idea of the page s content How is it used The description is written as the quote enclosed value of the description meta tag s content attribute in the head area of a web page as follows meta name description content tell the world what your web page is about Should I use the meta description tag The meta description tag must be used on every page throughout this site as it remains a useful addition to the unique page content itself The meta description should not repeat the page title but rather should compliment and expand the page title and describe the theme of the page Always ensure the most important ideas you are trying to relate are found at the beginning of the description and that the description is an accurate portrayal of the content on the page Care should be taken to give every page on your site a unique and accurate meta description tag as duplicate descriptions are always found and frowned upon by Google and the like Once your site has been fully indexed by Google you can check for instances of duplicate meta tags inside the Google webmaster tools content analysis You do not necessarily have to write complete sentences as for example if the description is of individual product then a summary of the product specifications might be the most appropriate meta description but may not be exceptional prose If you are wondering how long a meta description should be

    Original URL path: http://www.littledetails.co.uk/winning-website-designs/seo-meta-description.php (2016-04-24)
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