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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Illuminated Magnifiers
    built stand allowing precise positioning for occasional hands free magnification tasks Ideal for reading stamp collecting small DIY jobs craft jewellery making and electronics Takes two AAA batteries included OUR PRICE 14 95 Jumbo LED Magnifier The ultimate hand held magnifier An incredible magnifier which combines an enormous 5 125mm diameter lens with an easy on off switch on the handle for long life LED illumination It offers 2x magnification from the main lens and even incorporates a miniature 6x bifocal lens for small detail Ideal for viewing large areas of text plus maps family trees directores and images Stylish contemporary finish black handle with satin silver rim Takes one AAA battery not supplied SAVE 5 ON NORMAL PRICE OF 29 95 OUR PRICE 24 95 NEW COIL Autotouch Max LED Magnifier An environment friendly hand held lighted magnifier with touch control technology an ingenious new concept in magnification from COIL a world leader in lens optics Quite simply it means the magnifier illuminates as soon as the user grips the handle then turns itself off when the user lets go As well as saving energy resources it makes life easier and much cheaper for anyone who finds switches fiddly or forgets to turn them off The rubber grip is warm to touch and fits easily into the hand making the AT Max magnifier comfortable to hold over longer periods Wonderful to use too as it contains a special diffuser for outstanding ultra bright LED light transmission and pin sharp viewing through distortion free lenses The range includes COIL s first ever 3x bi aspheric rectangular lens plus larger than average 5x and 7x round lens options too The only switch is an easy push side switch for two normal AA batteries not supplied Supplied with a soft cloth pouch for carriage or protecting the magnifier when not in use 3x Rectangular 3 x 2 83x59mm lens 69 95 5x Round 2 60mm lens 69 95 7x Round 2 57mm lens 69 95 COIL LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifiers All things bright and beautiful COIL s superb pocket magnifiers are now available with LED illumination This makes them brighter and more economical than traditional tungsten models with batteries giving up to 5 times more life depending on usage As ever the body housing is comfortable to hold and easy to use with a sensibly positioned thumb switch to turn on light High quality bi aspheric lenses are free of significant distortion and coated to protect against abrasion Varying magnification levels for different applications Supplied with protective pouch Each size takes 2 x AAA batteries not supplied Ref 7270 3x 8d 1½ 44mm lens LIST 45 47 OUR PRICE 39 95 Ref 7146 5x 16d 1½ 45mm lens LIST 45 47 OUR PRICE 39 95 Ref 7147 7x 24d 1½ 42mm lens LIST 45 47 OUR PRICE 39 95 Ref 7148 9x 32d 1½ 40mm lens LIST 45 47 OUR PRICE 39 95 Ref 7271 11x 40d 1½ 40mm lens LIST 45

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Page & Sheet Magnifiers
    purse The lens itself is 60mm x 45mm with an additional area that enables you to hold it without smudging the lens It will magnify around three times 3x original size Supplied in an attractive sleeve which protects the lens from dust grime and scratches when not in use Price of 2 99 includes TWO Mobile Magnifiers OUR PRICE 2 99 Fresnel Lens 4 piece Magnifer Set Equip yourself for those simple magnifying tasks at home work out and about with this unique 4 piece lens value pack comprising a Card Magnifier a Bookmark Magnifier a Midi Sheet a bit bigger than a passport and a larger Sheet Magnifier just under A4 size Ideal for reading documents looking at menus checking bills and enlarging small print Thin flat and light so convenient to store Keep one in the drawer one in the car one in your pocket and one in your library book Save around 20 on total cost if bought separately OUR PRICE 10 00 NEW Readylens Bookmark Pocket Magnifier Twin Set Here s one flat pack that is small and light and easy to carry It comprises two handy little fresnel lenses a Bookmark Magnifier 2 x 7 65x185mm and a Pocket Magnifier 4 x 5 104 x 140mm Keep them in your pocket wallet or purse for common magnifying tasks like reading food labels travel timetables and contract agreements A smart coloured sleeve protects the lens and makes it easy to find whenever you need it Magnification strengths Bookmark 2 5x Pocket 2 5x OUR PRICE 5 95 NEW Pocket Page Magnifier This is a smaller scaled down version of the popular Full Page Magnifier yet it still has a decent sized lens measuring 4 x 3 118 x 79mm nearly the size of an A6 postcard

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Text Magnifiers & Reading Aids
    who may not be able to hold a hand held magnifying glass It s also a great magnifier for checking tiny text and detail on research documents contracts maps crosswords plans X rays and photos Fits in pocket and includes free protective polishing pouch Lens diameter 2 50mm 1 8x magnification OUR PRICE 18 75 Eschenbach Mobilent Pocket Magnifier Perhaps it is true that the best things sometimes come in small packages These extraordinarily high powered high quality plastic pocket magnifiers have 35mm lightweight aspheric lenses offering 4x 7x or 10x magnification This makes them ideal for very close inspection tasks or for magnifying fine print and hard to read small text They are especially helpful to people with low vision who need a quick easy to carry compact magnifier to hand when they are out and about The shell like plastic case is dust proof to protect the lens and contains an eyelet for a neck cord supplied if required Red 4x 29 95 Anthracite 7x 29 95 White 10x 29 95 Bar Magnifier Ruler An A4 width semi cylindrical clear magnifying bar which gathers light from all directions and doubles the height of text and small print Sits directly on the page so the user can just scroll it down with one finger to magnify text lines numbers and columns Especially helpful for anyone who needs to keep their position on the page when following numbers on a spreadsheet dictating a presentation or following a recipe Made from durable acrylic Also features a chunky finger grip at one end to assist with alignment and an imperial metric 8 200mm rule along the edge OUR PRICE 11 95 Short focus Monocular So far and yet so near This super metal monocular performs just like a pair of binoculars yet

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Hands-Free Magnifiers and Stands
    of occasional magnification tasks in the office and home Both lens and stand are made from lightweight plastic which means it can be moved easily across work surfaces In this respect it is a helpful office tool for copy typists who may need to glance down at paragraphs of small text on A4 papers It can also be used by travellers students and sales teams for poring over destinations and plotting routes on larger scale maps There is plenty of space under the lens for writing on or marking documents Flat packed easy assembly attractive gift box OUR PRICE 18 95 NEW Illuminated Headband Magnifier UK ONLY High quality lightweight head loupe with battery operated adjustable headlight for hands free use Includes four surface hardened lenses 1 2x 1 8x 2 5x 3 5x to cover most professional and leisure requirements plus mini storage box to keep lenses dust free when not in use Easy fit clip in lenses provide a working focal range from around 100 to 600mm and have a wide variety of possible applications in science labs test repair centres artist studios beauty salons engineering works and libraries Light requires two AAA 1 5 batteries supplied SAVE 4 ON NORMAL RRP OF 29 95 OUR PRICE 25 95 COIL Clearview Stand Magnifier Fixed stand magnifier for tabletops and workbenches Clearview 5 x 4 140 x 100mm lens with rimless frame and virtual all round hand access Perfect for model makers precision work reading writing and music Also useful for those with weak or shaky hands Magnification 1 7x OUR PRICE 33 95 Hands free LED Lighted Magnifier Stylish illuminated magnifier with adjustable neck cord for hands free reading sewing and knitting Bright white LED illumination highlights subject matter and aids concentration Lightweight 4 90mm plastic lens offering 1 5x magnification plus 4x spot lens for fine detail Takes two AA batteries not supplied SAVE 5 ON NORMAL RRP OF 24 95 OUR PRICE 19 95 NEW COIL Hi power Mini Stand Magnifier Premium quality series of miniature stand magnifiers with sharp distortion free aspheric lenses offering ultra powerful magnification from 6 times 6x to 20 times 20x Higher strength versions have adjustable focus lenses thereby enabling pinpoint control when viewing All others have a fixed lens at just the right height to provide a steady clear image at all times Open C shape base allows wider access below lens Use the table below to determine how much space is available under the lens and the effective field of view each lens provides for working Widely used for magnifying inspection tasks in science laboratories industrial workshops planning departments and fine art houses indeed anywhere where visual precision is of paramount importance Ref Magnification Lens Diameter Working distance Effective field of view 4206 6x 20d 50mm 2 fixed lens 53mm 40mm 4208 8x 28d 40mm 1½ fixed lens 41mm 30mm 4210 10x 36d 36mm 1¼ fixed lens 32mm 27mm 4212 12x 44d 34mm 1¼ fixed lens 27mm 22mm 4215

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Desk & Inspection Magnifiers
    Measuring Scale Loupe 7x Professional magnifying loupe with high strength metal body and dual scale measuring reticle for quick precise gauging of minute articles or text The reticle is built into the base of the magnifier and contains both a 16mm metric scale rising in 0 1mm increments and a 0 6 inch scale with 01 inch min marks With this kind of magnifier both scale and subject are magnified together making it possible to determine precise sizing of text and other very small objects In this case a superb quality four element fully coated glass lens allows for bright high contrast and pinpoint magnification up to 7x original size The lens incorporates an adjustable focus for extra precision and can be used with or without spectacles because of the 12mm long eye relief at the top Scale magnifiers like this are widely used for analysis in testing laboratories and food and health standards agencies as well as for quality control in electronics engineering and industrial inspection environments and checking forgeries in the coin and stamp world Supplied with soft protective case and cleaning cloth SAVE 10 ON NORMAL LIST PRICE OF 49 95 OUR PRICE 39 95 Illuminated Jewellers Loupe High quality illuminated jewellers loupe with powerful precise 21mm triplet glass lens which magnifies small objects 10 times 10x their original size Below the lens a ring of bright white LED lights provides all round even illumination of fine detail for gemstones jewellery hallmarks fine art forensics fibres and metals Durable all metal body incorporates hook for neck cord or chain not supplied Includes 3 long life LR927 button cell batteries and a key to open the battery compartment if required OUR PRICE 28 95 Linen Tester A folding magnifier with 1 26mm glass lens and metric imperial measuring gauge The body is made from metal making it exceptionally durable as a solid working tool on the desktop Achieves pinpoint magnification up to 6x Ideal for checking fabric artwork photographs and print Also suitable for overprinting as a high quality corporate gift Supplied with protective case OUR PRICE 12 95 LED Inspection Stand Magnifier Loupe Extraordinarily powerful 8x magnification desk inspection loupe Durable all metal body excellent fixed focus 30mm glass lens and three bright LEDs for even highlighting of subject Base of loupe has a 45mm opening and a clearance focal length below the lens of approximately 20mm Place loupe directly on page or over flat or miniscule objects and see detail not immediately visible to the naked eye A clever fold out rule helps measure dimensions and scale if required Great for checking authenticity of documents hallmarks coins stamps biological samples forensics fibres textiles antiques and artworks Takes up 60mm x 60mm footprint on desktop overall height just 45mm Supplied with protective case and batteries OUR PRICE 25 00 LED Headband Magnifier UK only High quality lightweight head loupe with LED light for hands free use Includes four surface hardened lenses 1 0x 1 5x 2 0x

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Magnifier Lamps
    to suit their needs by virtue of a highly versatile selection of supplied accessories These include a power adaptor for mains use and a battery box for cordless use plus a clip that enables it to be converted easily to a clip on table top lamp It s even possible to shorten the height of the pole and turn it into a free standing desk lamp too if required Requires simple construction illustrated instructions are provided Delivery method courier OUR PRICE 99 95 Wideview Magnifier Lamp UK only An industrial strength metal bench magnifying lamp with a huge high quality glass lens measuring 7 5 x 6 2 approx 1 75x magnification The extra large lens creates a huge viewing area which means that it does not have to be moved around so much thereby saving time and strain for professional and home users alike Comfortable shadow free light is provided by a 28 watt circular energy saving tube and it has an in built electronic ballast for energy efficiency The long arm length 33 when fully extended allows the lens to be stretched across and over larger work surfaces too It is frequently used on production lines for quality control and component inspection in labs for forensic examination and scientific analysis and in art or craft studios for painting and other creative work Protective sun cap stops lens getting dusty when not in use Supplied with mountable bracket for table or work top use Mostly metal construction durable gloss white finish with Pro Joints for improved flexibility and positioning Despatch method courier Wideview Rectangular Magnifier Lamp 119 95 Table Base 49 95 Spare tube 28 watt 11 99 Floor Stand 69 95 Wall Bracket 19 99 NEW Economy Slimline Daylight Magnifying Lamp UK only This keenly priced daylight magnifying bench lamp is great for artists craft lovers model makers and readers on account of its long reach extending arm for extra flexibility and dust cover which protects the round 5 inch 125mm lens when not in use Supplied with an energy saving 16 watt fluorescent tube which provides excellent daylight colour rendition and low heat emission Elegant slimline design with an attractive soft white finish that looks good in home studios and other work environments An optional Floor Stand enables the lamp to be wheeled and positioned to the most convenient spot perhaps alongside a comfortable armchair or a crowded workbench Choose either a Wall Bracket or Bench Bracket to affix the lamp to a wall or table if required Magnifying Lamp 1 75x 79 95 Floor Stand 69 95 16 watt spare daylight tube 9 95 Wall Bracket 19 99 Screw down Bench Bracket 15 95 Cordless LED Desk Magnifying Lamp An ultra bright ultra portable cord free magnifying lamp with a flexible gooseneck arm which allows the 4 100mm 2x power lens with 6x bifocal insert to be positioned to suit for most reading writing and hands free tasks It has also proven to be the perfect

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Magnifying Mirrors
    when shaving or applying make up NEW Double Pedestal Mirror 7x Smaller free standing vanity mirror with chrome finish and adjustable flexi neck arm It features two 12 5 cm 5 inch mirrors at either end one offers a true sized image of your face Turn it upside down and there is a 7x magnification mirror for applying make up plucking eyebrows or inserting contact lenses The flexible arm allows either mirror to be positioned at different angles to suit your requirement The neck even unscrews from the two mirror ends making it perfect to pack away for weekends or flights as it weighs just 417g When constructed the maximum height from top to bottom is 29cm so it sits neatly on a bathroom or bedroom worktop without taking over from everything else around it OUR PRICE 36 95 NEW Compact Mirror 5x This beautiful pearl coloured compact mirror with gold trim is inlaid with Swarovski crystal elements and features a 5x magnification mirror on one side and a true image mirror on the other Measuring 10 5cm 4 in diameter it s the perfect personal accessory for a handbag or overnight bag and comes with its own pouch to prevent the case from being scratched by keys or purse clasps OUR PRICE 27 95 NEW Travel Mirror 10x A larger sized travel mirror 10 x 8cm which folds flat for easy storage and transportation On one side a powerful 10x view is perfect for tweezer work or checking any facial blemish without having to use reading glasses On the reverse side a true view image is ideal as before and after facial check also depicting how others will see you Made from lighteight Perspex it weighs only 96g and can rest on a self supporting base or be used

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Light-up Reading Glasses
    the page or subject thereby making reading more comfortable especially in low light conditions Supplied with protective case and four CR927 button cell batteries plus one FREE extra set of batteries Please refer to our chart below to select magnification as a very rough guide rule the older you are the higher the strength you will probably need WHICH STRENGTH FOR ME Age 40 Age 50 Age 60 Suggested lens 1 00 2 00 3 00 Please remember that the lenses in reading glasses are the same so they are best suited for short term use If in doubt always check with your local optician 1 00 dioptre 14 95 2 00 dioptre 14 95 3 00 dioptre 14 95 NEW Illuminated LED Reading Glasses Black Illuminated reading glasses in smart piano black finish Light up LEDs at the flick of a switch to shine a little extra light on books or reading material Also helpful for craft tasks especially in low light where exra concentration is required Supplied with protective case and four CR927 button cell batteries plus one FREE extra set of batteries Please refer to our chart below to select magnification as a very rough guide rule the older you are the higher the strength you will probably need WHICH STRENGTH FOR ME Age 40 Age 50 Age 60 Suggested lens 1 00 2 00 3 00 Please remember that the lenses in reading glasses are the same so they are best suited for short term use If in doubt always check with your local optician 1 00 dioptre 14 95 2 00 dioptre 14 95 3 00 dioptre 14 95 NEW Illuminated LED Reading Glasses Pink Read in more comfort with these striking Pink reading glasses with built in LED light for extra illumination Ideal for

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