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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Lightboxes, Reading & Task Lamps
    connection to Computer Laptop or other suitable recharging device Size 270 x 51 x 53mm OUR PRICE 59 95 NEW Flatscreen Lightbox UK only This elegant flat screen lightbox projects crisp white light up onto plans X rays drawings stencils embosses and more thereby increasing contrast and enhancing definition Ideal for professional home and hobby use Available in A4 and A3 sizes it Mains powered Low heat emission A4 Lightbox 69 95 A3 Lightbox 99 95 NEW Folding Hobby Task Lamp UK only This exceptional value folding task lamp is truly a handy source of directed light in the home office or classroom Standing just 25cm high it has a built in carry handle which enables it to fold down to a compact easily portable size The lamp switches on automatically when it is unfolded and is mains powered with a 1 5m cable A low heat shadow free 13 watt energy saving bulb makes it a comfortable work hobby or reading light over sustained over sustained periods Folding Hobby Task Lamp 39 95 13 watt tube 9 95 Daylight Reading Lamp UK only An RNIB approved table lamp ideal for general reading and drawing as well as other more specialised tasks that might be enhanced by better lighting The light comes from an 11w energy saving tube supplied which provides the same strength as a 60w standard bulb but with more comfortable flicker free daylight illumination The head is fully adjustable in any direction and spreads a soft natural light evenly across the work surface Supplied with both base and clamp for use at any table desk or worktop Available in Black or White UK only Weight 5 9kg 13lbs height up to 55cm 21 inches NORMAL RRP 104 00 OUR PRICE 89 95 Black UK only 89 95 White UK only 89 95 11w energy saving daylight bulb 12 99 Portable Twist Lamp UK only You can twist the night away just about anywhere with this portable desk lamp which incorporates the bright idea of an easy twist shade enabling the light to be rotated and directed just where you need it The 13w energy saving daylight tube provides soothing illumination and perfect colour rendition across your work area making it an ideal lamp for extended craft use It even has an integrated handle so it can be carried easily from one area to another When not in use it folds away neatly and a separate case for travel or storage can be purchased if required Contemporary Satin Silver finish Mains operated supplied with 13w daylight tube Available UK only SAVE 5 ON NORMAL RRP 75 00 Portable Twist Lamp 69 99 13w energy saving daylight tube 14 95 Carry bag for Twist Lamp 11 00 NEW LED Pro Task Lamp with dimmer switch This lovely looking professional long reach lamp has 84 white LEDs to cast extensive white light over large areas For complete control a built in dimmer switch allows the user to adjust the level

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Opera Glasses
    Glasses also known as Theatre Binoculars or Galilean Binoculars are timeless gifts for lovers of opera theatre ballet music and sport They feature optical grade glass lenses of 3x magnification the optimum magnifying strength for minimal image shake during performances NEW Phantom Opera Glasses 3x25 These beautiful compact Opera Glasses use a Galilean optical system to keep the focal distance down thereby making them suitable for close up viewing in small and mid sized event venues such as theatres concert halls and opera houses Their 25mm optical grade glass lenses offer 3x magnification while a central focusing ring allows for some adjustment for those with weaker eyesight Made from light but strong aluminium alloy in elegant Black Gold finish to harmonise with the smartest evening wear Soft case supplied for extra protection OUR PRICE 99 95 NEW Inferno Opera Glasses 3x25 Superb quality Opera Theatre Glasses with 25mm glass lenses offering 3x magnification Striking ornamental design finished in rich Burgundy with Gold trim Made from aluminium alloy for a lifetime of leading performance at the theatre opera and ballet Galilean Optic and central focus for full user control Soft case supplied OUR PRICE 99 95 NEW Swan Opera Glasses 3x25

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  • FAQ
    find magnification strengths between 2x and 7x to be adequate Some people like to have more than one to cover different magnification tasks For example you might find a large 2x hand held magnifier would be enough for everyday reading but a more powerful 5x illuminated model might be needed for fine print food labels and financial tables Add in your coin collecting hobby and that old watch you keep meaning to fix and a more powerful 10x loupe might also become quite useful 7 CAN YOU SUPPLY 500 CREDIT CARD MAGNIFIERS PRINTED WITH MY COMPANY LOGO FOR A PROMOTION Yes Please refer to our Business Gifts section for guideline pricing and artwork requirements Magnifiers are ideal for giveaways and promotions because they have a high perceived long term value so they are rarely thrown away This means that your brand logo or message will be visible to the recipient for many months or years to come 8 DO YOU SUPPLY REPLACEMENT BULBS These are available for some illuminated magnifiers magnifier lamps and task lamps though LED models do not need spare bulbs because the LED light lasts almost indefinitely 9 MY GRANDMOTHER S FAVOURITE MAGNIFIER IS BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR SHE HAS HAD IT FOR YEARS AND CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT CAN YOU HELP We probably can To help us identify if the model still exists please tell us what it looks like the lens diameter and if there are any markings or references on the body If it no longer exists please don t worry because newer lens technology and advances in product design mean we will probably be able to help you find an even better one 10 WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST HAND HELD MAGNIFIER We have two hand held magnifiers with 5 inch 125mm diameter lenses our Jumbo Magnifier or Jumbo LED Magnifier 11 I FIND IT DIFFICULT TO HOLD A MAGNIFIER DO YOU HAVE ONE THAT RESTS ON THE PAGE We suggest either our Brightfield Dome Magnifier or Bar Magnifier These are flat field magnifiers that sit directly on the page Made from clear acrylic they attract plenty of ambient light to make reading more comfortable You might also wish to consider our Eschenbach Vario Plus a superior quality illuminated hand stand magnifier with a lens that can be either hand held or rested on the page if required If you choose one of these please remember to order handle and lens separately We would recommend the LED handle for best results 12 WHAT IS A GOOD MAGNIFYING GLASS WITH A LIGHT SOURCE AND HIGH MAGNIFICATION FOR DELICATE ELECTRONICS WORK How about our Desktop Magnifier Lamp which incorporates a miniature 4x spot lens for fine detail inside a large 1 75x glass lens It has a daylight bulb to simulate natural light and is ideal for projects where you may need both hands free 13 WHICH MAGNIFIER WOULD BE MOST SUITABLE FOR A 7 YEAR OLD CHILD LOOKING AT INSECTS We would recommend our COIL Windsor

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  • Look Out!
    are used These include The Daily Telegraph Woman s LONDON BOOK FAIR Magnifico s debut at the London Book Fair was bright but somewhat inauspicious Such is the price for late booking Our tiny stand certainly boasted the industry s SHERLOCK HOLMES STAMPS MYSTERY PACK Ask people to name something they might associate with a magnifying glass and it s likely Sherlock Holmes or stamps might rank high in their

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  • Magnifico - Trade Enquiries
    with superb products attractively priced and packaged sometimes with in store merchandising displays Where appropriate we can also supply product images All images on this web site are subject to copyright Name Organisation Address Post Code ZIP Telephone Fax Email Hand Magnifiers Illuminated Magnifiers Page Sheet Magnifiers Text Magnifiers Reading Aids Hands Free Magnifiers and Stands Desk Inspection Magnifiers Magnifier Lamps Magnifying Mirrors Light up Reading Glasses Lightboxes Reading Task

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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company)
    21 days If there is any delay you will be notified by e mail or phone If the delay is unacceptable you can cancel your order without penalty All goods are subject to availability but we also reserve the right to refuse to supply you with goods We will not be liable for any compensation damages if we do not supply you If we cannot supply you with an item we will refund you in full Tax Charges All orders include 17 5 VAT in accordance with current EC fiscal law You may be liable for any local or importation taxes due on your purchase Credit Card Security When shopping with Magnifico you can rest assured that your transactions are secure We know of no documented cases of credit card fraud using our shopping system over the Internet All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when the order is placed using 128 bit encryption They are only decrypted after they reach our computer They are not held in clear text on any web site Howevever if you are still concerned about on line card security then we also accept payment by cheque or postal order see Making a Purchase Guarantee We offer a money back Guarantee under the following circumstances Goods Damaged or Faulty if the goods you receive have been damaged in transit or are found to be faulty we will replace or refund your purchase in full This includes your costs for returning goods to us up to a pre agreed level Goods Not Required if you simply do not want the goods please return the item s in their original packaging condition We will send you a cheque for the value of your purchase less a handling charge of 20 UK orders or 25 worldwide

    Original URL path: http://www.magnifyingglasses.co.uk/info.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) Online Catalogue
    and sheet magnifiers have flat fresnel lenses made up of fine concentric grooves which focus and direct light towards the centre They are light inexpensive and easy to store and popular because they allow the user to view much larger areas than normal magnifying glasses We have the most comprehensive range of fresnel magnifier sheets covering all sizes from credit card up to full page Text Magnifiers Reading Aids With our text magnifiers or reading aids there s no need to squint at the small print Clever or award winning magnifiers like the Linereader Bar Magnifier or COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier make hard to read words and lines stand out and are essential low vision tools for people who struggle with concentration or who have conditions like myopia and visual dyslexia Hands Free Magnifiers and Stands Not all magnifiers have to be held Sometimes it is easier for the user to have both hands free Our selection offers magnifying stands for various hands free applications including model making sewing reading and crafts Desk Inspection Magnifiers Desk and inspection magnifiers are spot on for precision work Our range includes various high quality loupes for close up analysis in the laboratory field office or home any place where fine detail needs to be seen Why not take a closer look Magnifier Lamps Why work in low light when a magnifying lamp could make your task easier and more enjoyable We offer a selection of lamps with daylight or tungsten bulbs to cover most home hobby and professional applications Magnifying Mirrors Give yourself an admiring glance with one of our magnifying mirrors Our selection includes lightweight travel mirrors smart compacts and larger cosmetics mirrors They are ideal for those who wear contact lenses or glasses as well as anyone with normal vision who

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  • Don't Squint At The Small Print
    the first time consumers have been lulled into signing for finance insurance or subscriptions only to be advised later of a hostile clause in the small print Hence it is encouraging to hear that the Office of Fair Trading will conduct an investigation to see if consumers are being misled by small print and jargon in contracts This is something Magnifico has supported for some time In 2008 we were invited to the Houses of Parliament by the Plain English Campaign to support the launch of a private member s bill by Labour MP Nick Palmer calling for small print in contracts to be made bigger to make it easier to read for elderly people The bill ran out of time before it could become law but it s good to see this issue now apparently back on the agenda Meanwhile we cannot argue with the Daily Telegraph which recommends its readers to raise your magnifying glasses and get reading On the subject of finance related small print we find a certain irony in the number of customers who want to order from us over the phone but find it very difficult to read the 3 digit security number on

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