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  • UK Builders Facew Crumbling Market | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    to end up in a financial rubble There are some builders who are contemplating selling off excess land in their possession to inject some cash into their sale starved business Some firms like Barratt has a high debt of 1 7 billion pounds after taking over Wilson Bowden for 2 2 billion pounds in the previous year Many analysts are questioning the decision of Barratt to take over another firm which incidentally happened just before the mortgage crisis shook the UK Barratt however denies that it might fall foul of its lender banks and is instead concentrating on reducing costs and purchasing fewer plots in a measure to ride out the crisis So since many UK house builders have now decided to go in for fewer projects in a bid to survive in the market the completion rate of all new flats is getting slower even though the government has unsuccessfully tried to prop it up Even major builders such as Taylor Wimpey have been facing a rough long patch after it had to go in for a 283 million pound write down after its properties in the US had been re valued to a lower value So even as its Spanish venture is facing rough weather it has started offering its UK customers a complete home shifting package which includes up to 1000 pounds in legal costs stamp duties and even packing and moving services Mr Peter Redfern the chief executive of Taylor Wimpey said that they could be scaling down the construction of new homes by around 15 as compared to the previous year but also added that he was satisfied with the company s results and also reiterated that the stock market too had reacted favorably in his company s efforts to get the most out its

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  • Shareholder Criticizes M&S Board Decision | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    Legal and General which has a 5 stake in the company and who have now gone public in letting its displeasure known at this decision and even calling it an unwelcome announcement The head of equities at Legal and General Mark Burgess quoted As set out in the combined code we believe strongly in the separation of the roles of chairman and chief executive believing this allows a much needed balance in the boardroom and prevents the potentially damaging concentration of power Sir Stuart will assume his post in June and this move could signify a move towards future appointments from its own list of internal aspirants in the future when Sir Stuart steps down in 2011 Sir Stuart seemed to be happy with the changes made to the executive committee saying that more hands were always welcome in the current economic climate even as their retail director since 30 years Guy Farrant would be stepping down Steve Esom will be taking over as director of food whereas Ian Dyson would be promoted to group finance and operations director and could shoulder some of the additional responsibilities which could be added on to Sir Stuart by managing the everyday operation of their retail operations Steve Esom executive food director and Kate Bostock executive clothing director will also be joining the board However Lord Burns has supported this shuffle and even insisted that shareholders should welcome this move at the same time adding that it would allow M S to retain Sir Stuart while the development of the next generation of leaders could be initiated Lord Burns also claimed that the re shuffle plans had the backing of 4 major shareholders of M S He also added that for Sir Stuart it was just a matter of balancing his time between

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/m-and-s-sales-news.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Ecofin Spreads Its Fins To Net Tax Havens | Make Money Online Fast | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    the taxes which they feel is due to them while the other is to check out whether the funds parked in these accounts have been acquired through legal means or through illegal businesses such as drugs organized crime etc Hence various governments are itching to get their hands on this money which could be saved up by terrorist groups such as Al Qaida or rogue dictators of various countries In fact the former managing director of the IMF Mr Michel Camdessus thinks that around 1 trillion pounds or roughly around 2 of the world s GDP could be hidden in these secretive accounts and these were amounts that would not have been declared even in the own countries of these dictators or groups since they were entirely illegal amounts There are many safe havens such as Switzerland the Channel Islands and Andorra among many others but the present focus is on Liechtenstein Andorra and Monaco With countries such UK losing around 23 billion pounds and Germany losing around 30 billion Euros every year as taxes these tight strung finance ministers have decided to fight back and stop the flow Germany has already tightened the screws on its rich and famous after obtaining around 900 names of its citizens who had transferred money to LGT which is the biggest bank in Liechtenstein Even in the UK the Revenue department has managed to snap up details of around 100 individuals who have managed to evade payment of taxes totaling 100 million pounds England Ireland and other countries are too following Germany in a bid to end the Tax leakage once and for all and Mr Alistair Darling is aggressively pursuing Monaco by indicating that he would put a levy on any funds transferred to that country The Government is also planning to

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/ecofin-spreads-fins.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Water Prices Rise | Make Money Online | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    s largest water supplier Thames Water will be increasing their rates by 3 8 while Southern Water will be raising rates by 7 8 while Dee Valley Water will be raising their rates by a steep 9 4 over their existing rates In fact even though the inflation rate is 4 3 Ofwat has admitted that they have raised the water rates by an average 24 during the last 5 years and this year too has seen the rise to be over the inflation rate This rise means that the average water bill will increase by 18 pounds per year and the total yearly bill will be around 330 pounds Adding insult to injury is the decision of around 250 councils in Britain which has decided to increase the council tax bills by 3 9 which even if by its own claims is the lowest increase in the last 14 years but still above the inflation rate This forced decision to raise the taxes only marginally due to the pressure applied by the government in order to control the inflation rate could have a negative impact on their spending as per the council heads The average band D bill will now go up to 1 374 pounds and for pensioners it could add up to a third of their pension Add the additional water and other burdens and older people will face a trying time just to keep their expenses in tune with their pensions The chief executive of Ofwat Regina Finn said that the rate increase was necessary in order to provide better quality water and sewerage services for the present and even for future generations and would also need to be done keeping the environment in mind There is anyway no hope for the general public to escape

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/water-prices-up.html (2016-02-12)
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  • What's "Next" As Its Shares Slide | Make Money Online Fast | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    Mr Wolfson emphasized that the current year could be quite tough for the whole clothing sector and due to spending pressures on the customers and that there could not be any secret formula to escape that fact So even as Mr Wolfson reiterated that he would not be lowering his products prices just to post decent sales figures he would also try to bring about a balance in his costs and stocks and would start off with realistic targets He was confident that their robust business model would help them in facing any storms in the market The downfall of its shares to 11 08 pounds which was at a 4 year low and was less than half of its value during the previous year has meant that its high ranking executives would most probably not be taking home their 13 million pound total bonus package Even though profit figures were higher at 498 million pounds on increased sales figures of 3 3 billion pounds and dividend increased to 55p Mr Wolfson s pessimistic views seem to be based on the recent turn of events affecting not only the US and the UK but also slowly spreading to the rest of the world Its earning per share was also up by around 15 due to the fact that the company regularly bought back its shares and till now had purchased around 46 of its shares back from the market All this could change as market analysts predict that declining profits in the current year could hamper its buyback scheme and also choke the company s cash flow by around 50 million pounds Mr Wolfson was however confident on the company s new fashion launches including its signature range He also said that the company would continue to open new stores

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/next-shares-slide.html (2016-02-12)
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  • HBOS Pulls FTSE 100 Down | Make Money Online | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    jittery investors seem to be reacting with panic at any news that involves banks or hedge funds The Bank Of England stated that no bank had requested for any emergency funds or had asked to arrange a meeting with it It also brushed off rumors that Governor Mervyn King canceled the trip to the Far East and that its employees were denied leave on Easter weekend since the Bank was facing problems After past experiences the Bank of England seems to have got its act together and has moved quite quickly to douse out any rumors The crash of HBOS shares has also alerted The Financial Services Authority FSA which has now launched an investigation into possible foul play by probing as to whether someone had illegally gained profits by orchestrating such a crash The FSA has given out a strict warning to traders that persons trying to make a killing in the market by starting false rumors and then trying to cash into the fallen market will not be tolerated Other banks too felt the effects of the rumor and banks such as Alliance and Leicester Lloyds TSB among others also saw their shares drop significantly But HBOS had to bear the brunt of the rumor and HBOS quickly responded by saying that There is not a shred of substance whatsoever to any of these malicious and unfounded allegations that have affected UK banks this morning The bank also stated that its liquidity was backed up by large deposits and drew attention to the fact that just a week back the bank had collected 750 million pounds in its offer which was oversubscribed twice Support for HBOS came in from other quarters as well with David Buik a seasoned stock market player stating that he had been familiar with

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/hbos-pulls-ftse-down.html (2016-02-12)
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  • BA Share Prices Fall | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    to settle for around 7 With crude prices briefly touching the 105 mark before settling down to 103 and with predictions that in future the prices might not reduce due to Opecs reluctance to increase oil production to match the demand the airline along with all other airlines will have to bear the brunt of these unwanted costs With the economies of developing countries such as India and China showing no signs of slowing down in spite of higher fuel prices the level of price increases will be much higher than the decreases as the year goes by The current years profits at around 10 will translate into an 870 million pound operating profits for BA on their total revenues of 8 7 billion pounds which mostly resulted from earnings made during the previous summer With analysts predicting higher sales of around 9 1 billion pounds in 2008 09 the lowered profit margins of around 7 might result in a 635 million pound profit which could mean that BA would witness a fall in its profits by around 25 Their fuel bill itself would increase to around 2 5 billion pounds in the current year which could mean an increase of 450 million pounds as compared to the previous year This increased factor along with the high bill of around 200 million pounds to move into Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport will negate much of the increased business which BA would be hoping to achieve from its Heathrow Operations The move into Terminal 5 will also bring in an additional 35 million pound wage bill which will be due to an increase in staff which the airline had not considered in its budget and which it might have to let go in the coming months So BA has watched around

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/ba-share-prices.html (2016-02-12)
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  • ITV Grade Improvement | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    the scandal in voting in TV and the cheating in game shows in the previous year Even the profits before tax were down from 288 million pounds in the year 2006 to 188 million pounds in 2007 So even though some shows such as the Drama Kingdom and I m a Celebrity Get me out of Here managed to entice more viewers to the advertisers ITV s income from other premium shows went south by 58 million pounds as compared to 2006 However according to Mr Michael Grade ITV was aiming to improve its performance in the current year and maintained that ITV s plan for a turnaround which was announced in September 2007 was on track ITVs other shows such as Primeval and Britain s got Talent also lured in more viewers and so did their other channels such as Citv the kid s station as also ITV1 However it was much below the 1 2 billion pound income projection which ITV had set upon to generate by the year 2012 In fact income declined to 564 million pounds as independents had to be roped in for new shows and outside commissions were also cut due to a high turnover by high ranking staff ITV also noted that there was still a possibility for their content division to improve and that their income had gone down since ITV and other channels in the UK could not get sufficient and consistent commissions Mr Michael Grade described the past year as the turning point for ITV and also that due to their better on screen performance they had busted the myth that ITV was heading south This statement was backed up by at least the stock prices of ITV which went up by 0 9p to touch 67 4p in spite

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/itv-grade-improvement.html (2016-02-12)
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