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  • | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    very nice income of 300 per week working from home This is a perfect situation for me because it means I can be a home mum and still have my own dependence I will be telling my friends about your site Emma from Nottingham Small Business Banking Initatives Deemed Inadequate This time last year the British Bankers Association saw fit to launch the Business Finance Taskforce in a desperate hope to repair the damage done by the recession to the relationship between small businesses and banks A significant percentage almost a quarter of small businesses felt that the key to developing a good relationship is to offer more choice and flexibility These sentiments were later echoed by Alex Jackman the Senior Policy Adviser to the BCA when he claimed that much more needs to be done to get cost effective finance to the businesses that need it most What small businesses need is a discretionary system that allows them to deal directly with their local bank manager This would ensure that small businesses can negotiate terms that are suitable for their current situation and banks can provide those terms in a way that benefits them Currently banks erroneously take a

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  • | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    have my own dependence I will be telling my friends about your site Emma from Nottingham Population Exceeds 7 Billion So Does Your Potential Market In October 2011 the world s population finally surpassed the seven billion marker marking a significant step towards overpopulation Overpopulation however is not all doom and gloom it is a sign that the world s markets are growing This doesn t mean that people are getting richer it simply means that there are more people to sell things to Capitalising on this growth will define whether a business begins to turnover trillions rather than billions However the real inspiration in the population growth figures is how quickly in the grand scheme of things the population has grown In the late 1800s the population was around 1 billion in 1927 it was around 2 billion and in 2011 it is 7 billion This might seem like a long time but in the timeline of history it isn t Considering that humans have existed for 200 000 years and have been in their present form for 50 000 years the fact that the population has multiplied by 7 in only 120 years is remarkable This provides many useful analogies to the world of business how quickly a business can grow turning big profits into bigger profits and the power of reinvestment However the figure s utility is largely in providing hope to small businesses Hope that with a market as big as 7 billion people they should be able to target a fraction of that market and make some money One small business that has been buoyed by this news SOLTD has expressed the hope that this news brings Well knowing that so many people are out there certainly makes it easier for us to come up

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/population-exceeeds-seven-billion.html (2016-02-12)
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  • The Card Fee Battle Saga - Is it Really a Victory for Small Businesses?| MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    Battle Saga Is it Really a Victory for Small Businesses Small businesses have long suffered at the hands of banks that have imposed service charges when customers use their debit cards to pay for goods A ruling made in the US Senate on Wednesday however has brought some relief for retailers fearful of losing custom as a result of excessive card transaction fees The ruling postpones the introduction on a cap for fees imposed on businesses when customers pay using their debit cards The cap secures charges at 6 12 cents as opposed to the 63 cents some banks were planning on charging However the banks will seek to recover their losses elsewhere to offset some of the predicted 6 6 billion loss that the new regulation may cause The Bank of America has recently announced it will charge 5 a month to cardholders who wish to use their card to pay for items in store with other major banks following suit with similar charges This marks a win for small businesses who campaigned at Capitol Hill to protest any proposed postponement of the cap They argued that the money saved could be used for reinvestment and the creation of jobs in an ailing economy As true as this may be there are two possible flaws to this victory The first is subtle but possible as was suggested earlier banks will not merely accept losses of 6 6 billion They will instead seek to recoup those losses from the customer directly The proposed charges to the customer for the use of debit cards for transactions will inevitably put some people off using their debit cards in store Even though the charge is only going to be 5 a month there are many who will resist either as a matter of

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  • Appreciated Employees are Better Employees| MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    am now making a very nice income of 300 per week working from home This is a perfect situation for me because it means I can be a home mum and still have my own dependence I will be telling my friends about your site Emma from Nottingham Appreciated Employees are Better Employees Everyone enjoys positive feedback it makes employees feel appreciated and valued Everyone also works better when they feel appreciated and valued Most people will think that if their work isn t recognised there s no point in doing it Herein lies some danger in a recession companies will think that they can treat their employees badly simply because there are no alternative sources of employment Whilst this may well be true and whilst they may retain their employees despite the poor treatment they will not be getting them at their most efficient In this sense the employer is wasting money and time by treating their employees badly To this end it s wise for employees to always remember that even during a recession they ll get more from their employees by treating them well This is particularly true if your employees are customer facing as if you

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/appreciated-employees-are-better-employees.html (2016-02-12)
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  • The Power of Recycling| MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    can be a home mum and still have my own dependence I will be telling my friends about your site Emma from Nottingham The Power of Recycling It s admittedly old news that recycling has the potential to save businesses money and promote them positively in the eyes of the public but every so often a tale of intuitive and clever recycling highlights strengthens the arguments for re using old materials Enter young entrepreneur Jimmy Tomczak who has created a range of footwear made entirely from advertising board vinyl with his company Paperfeet The passion for creating such pieces came from nature and inspired him to create minimalistic liberating pieces of footwear that protected his feet from sharp or abrasive debris on the floor whilst giving him the sensation of walking barefoot The best part however is that in creating his pieces inspired nature he isn t doing anything to harm nature He s reusing the vinyl from old advertising boards which means that the footwear appeals to not only those who enjoy walking without the suffocating feel of traditional footwear but also to those eco warriors that have grown exponentially in recent years And this is where recycling has

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/the-power-of-recycling.html (2016-02-12)
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  • The Rise of the Distributed Workforce| MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    you have listed and I am now making a very nice income of 300 per week working from home This is a perfect situation for me because it means I can be a home mum and still have my own dependence I will be telling my friends about your site Emma from Nottingham The Rise of the Distributed Workforce Once upon a time the workforce of a company was centralised in its offices usually demanding employees to attend full time Now however there is a different pattern of employment emerging Employees can expect to enjoy or perhaps loathe working from home on a regular basis Some even enjoy working from home completely as the market for a remote workforce grows The advantages to both are obvious the employee gets to work from the comfort of their own home whilst the employer saves money on office space However the detriments are equally as clear employees need to be highly motivated to work at home and need to be free from distractions children pets and TV are amongst the worst The employer also relinquishes a large amount of control over the employees unable to manage them properly What the employer gains in savings they may lose in efficiency Nevertheless according to a 2011 survey by the ManpowerGroup suggested that 28 of employers would look to a remote workforce to account for a local talent deficit The survey shows that when local talent is insufficient companies will branch out and use a remote workforce to help strengthen their workforce Of the companies that had used a remote workforce the majority seemed happy with their choice citing flexibility in working times reduced running costs and ease of management Although they have less control over the individual employee management is streamlined as the employees selected

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/the-rise-of-the-distributed-workforce.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Standard Life Profits | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    6 billion pounds locked in savings and deposits and around 11 3 billion pounds in mortgage loans had bettered its lending in the previous year but its pre tax profits had decreased to 32 million pounds Mr Crombie who will turn 60 in 2009 is due for retirement but Standard Life unfortunately does not seem to have anyone ready to replace him Standard Life s health care division too was not performing up to its expectations Mr Crombie said that the Banks profits had been restrained due to difficulty in funding and their health care division was in the midst of major IT investment and development He was confident about the profits over the long term in the health care division but was not as optimistic about its banking arm saying that if he could not explore ideas in increasing profits then he would be open to think about alternatives for the business Standard Life has posted a 43 rise in profits and that adds up to 881 million pounds for the year 2007 and has declared its first full year dividend of 11 5p Its Health care division had increased its profits only by 1 million pounds to 13 million pounds But its main insurance arm did exceedingly well by posting a 606 million pound profit figure due to an increase in sales of its life and pension policies and adoption of the European Embedded Value Accounting measure which is used by most of the insurance companies Its margins on new business also rose to 2 1 even as Standard Life surpassed all its internal targets Just like the rest of the industry Standard Life too saw a lot of withdrawals by nervous and desperate customers who were caught up in the inflation cycle or were simple to nervous

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/standard-life-news.html (2016-02-12)
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  • Bank of England pays 10 Billion Pounds | MakeMoneyReviews.co.uk
    in an additional 100 billion pounds in the money market as the US Federal Reserve believes that the problems caused by the sub prime crisis have now spread their tentacles in other markets as well So even though the Bank of England has slashed its interest rate to 5 25 and held it there the US Federal Reserve has already slashed its rate to 3 with another 25 decrease expected in the coming week in a bid to stop the fall of the US property market The slump in the US market seems to have negatively affected Britain too which is in its worst state after the nineties crash This the 3rd time that the Bank Of England has had to pump in money after doing the same in December 2007 and again in January 2008 since the inter banking rates were again rising upwards The housing market too is in its worst state as compared to the previous 9 years with homebuyers taking only 50 300 new loans in January 2008 This is half the number of loans given in August 2008 The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has already cautioned that the economy has slowed down since the start of this year With food energy and fuel prices increasing at an alarming rate Chancellor Darling will face a tough time in presenting a balanced budget since Britons will not be in any state to bear the brunt of any additional tax hikes or subsidy cuts As it is Chancellor Darling might be forced to tone down any forecasts on growth in the forthcoming budget The move by both the countries to pump in additional money in the markets was taken in positively with the FTSE 100 rising by around 140 points to 5 783 4 and

    Original URL path: http://www.makemoneyreviews.co.uk/news/bank-of-england-news.html (2016-02-12)
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