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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News Arnold Sinfonia
    baton of its Music Director Kevin Hill The Arnold Sinfonia is named in honour of Sir Malcolm Arnold Composer Patron of the Haverhill Sinfonia from 1996 until his death in 2006 The orchestra believes that through his music Sir Malcolm has left us is a wonderful and inspiring legacy that will captivate and stimulate audiences far into the future In addition to performing music by Sir Malcolm Arnold their programmes

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News British Music Festival
    about his grand design for St Petersburg I asked how he was going to pay for his ambitious Festival With difficulty was his reply and so I volunteered to act as fundraiser or in a rather grand way as Producer of the Festival and Rudi became Artistic Director In truth we overlap in certain areas including ideas for the music to be played Rudi had already set his stall out to support certain composers in need of wider recognition in the UK let alone Russia and these included John Ireland and Gerald Finzi On a visit to St Petersburg last September I realised the only British work being performed in the entire orchestral season the city has two opera houses and half a dozen professional orchestras was Elgar s Cello Concerto There was no evidence of Britten or Tippett nor various fashionable moderns We therefore could work off a blank canvass for ideas of repertoire as it seemed no one would have any preconceived notions There were to be orchestral and chamber concerts and modern composers would be represented throughout The list of names included Ireland Vaughan Williams Elgar David Matthews Matthew Taylor James Francis Brown Our mutual love for Sir Malcolm Arnold s extensive output made it easy to consider how best to represent his genius before audiences not familiar with his music Hence our choice of works from three important strands from his catalogue a symphony Symphony No 5 a popular orchestral piece Set No 2 from the English Dances and the wonderful Second String Quartet Rudi and decided on this piece sitting in the Irish Pub opposite the Mariansky Theatre reflecting on Arnold s use of an Irish jig in the second movement Arnold along with Elgar who also has orchestral and chamber music in the Festival

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News The Three Musketeers
    be in the throes of a terrible breakdown never took things further In 2003 when Paul Harris and I were researching our Arnold biography David Drew gave us the full story of his aborted Musketeers The idea of combining Dumas and Arnold seemed so inspired that a little later I suggested to David that although the sketches were probably too fragmentary to be developed usefully a composite score from Arnold s vast output of published works might well be possible To put this theory to the test I played David piece after piece I soon discovered an immediate glint in his eye meant Yes the lack of a glint No Most encouragingly the Yes s swiftly outweighed the No s and it was not long before we were sounding out David Nixon famous for his achievements in narrative ballets David although as ever hugely busy was so interested that we were soon sitting round the Drew dining table like the Three Wise Men listening to more and more Arnold our host entertaining us from time to time by going into his dance the cheeky Galop from the 2nd Brass Suite which alas in the end didn t quite make the cut With NBT s David it was not so much a question of glints as thoughtful far away looks Yes and puzzled gentlemanly silence No Both Davids of course knew exactly what would and wouldn t work in the theatre It was clear that even at this early stage a new Nixon ballet was already taking physical shape in his mind s eye As soon as a rough working score had been agreed John Pryce Jones and John Longstaff came along They listened carefully liked what they heard and the project moved on The score grew organically before and during rehearsals there were some further changes When for example David wanted extra input for the washerwomen in Act One he and John Longstaff admitted one of the well known English Dances which in deference to MacMillan s Solitaire we had previously excluded Another late and inspired decision was the use of the Vivace from the Second Symphony for the cat fight between Constance and Milady And so in Bradford a new work was born and one which clearly offers a highly talented company a real show piece for their skills Such is the tireless invention of David Nixon s choreography gloriously romantic one moment thrillingly daring the next that it is almost impossible to pick out favourite sections But I ll offer the five I would most like with me on a desert island the virtuoso celebrations to the rousing Duke of Cambridge March after the four heroes and Constance have overcome the forces of evil in Calais Buckingham and the Queen dancing behind closed doors to their own highly lyrical theme tune D Artagnan and Constance shyly expressing their love in a ravishingly beautiful pas de deux at the end of Act One what a curtain Buckingham and Milady

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 Officiall Website News 2006 Arnold Festival
    was David Mellor QC The first prize for the 2006 Arnold Concerto Day was awarded to Prema Kesselman for her outstanding performance of the Concerto for Flute No 2 Op 111 1972 This work was composed during the period 1972 1977 when Malcolm Arnold was living in Ireland Written for his great friend and fellow LPO player Richard Adeney the concerto shows the influence of another important musical friendship that of Shostakovich whom Arnold met in 1957 As part of her winning prize Prema Kesselman will be the soloist in a concerto performance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Tolga Kashif on Sunday 3 June at the Royal Derngate This will give the public another opportunity to hear the sheer artistry of this truly wonderful young player Prema Kesselman is an active soloist chamber and orchestral musician performing throughout the USA Canada and Europe She graduated from Temple University Boyer College of Music in Philadelphia PA with a Bachelor of music in Flute Performance where she also won many prestigious prizes and awards Prema is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Flute Performance Studies at Trinity College of Music London Throughout the Arnold Festival weekend concerts of orchestral and band music were programmed as well as talks from a range of Arnold aficionados including Annetta Hoffnung talking about the composer s relationship with her husband cartoonist Gerard Hoffnung Arnold s biographer Paul Harris and Piers Burton Page who introduced his film Contrasts The festival reached its climax with a special gala concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Barry Wordsworth The performance featured the world premiere of the recently discovered Burlesque for horn and orchestra with soloist Martin Owen Principal Horn of the RPO After a period of closure for well over a year the newly refurbished

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News Burlesque for Horn and Orchestra World Premiere
    it was probably intended for performance by Charles Gregory the first horn in Arnold s then orchestra the London Philharmonic and significantly just before the composer enlisted in the Royal East Kent Regiment Originally thought to be a draft for a film score the manuscript was discovered among a pile of other sketches during one of my many visits to the composer s home in the winter of 2001 Many of the pages of the ink full score had separated were out of order and interleaved with a pencil short score but once I had located the title page the re assembly of the full score was relatively simple I never found the the last two pages of the full score but these were reconstructed from the complete short score by Philip Lane who also edited the work for its world premiere to be given by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Arnold Festival on October 22 2006 The score showed signs of incompleteness and haste there were several passages with indications of filling in to be completed plus many amendments in red crayon and pencil Arnold s call up may well have put an end to his initial burst of creativity that summer However the listener can quickly detect that the Burlesque enters the sound world of Arnold s earlier comedy overture Beckus the Dandipratt Op 5 1943 with typical fortissimo outbursts alongside moments of pastoral serenity and a distant fox hunt There are surprisingly few thematic connections with the later first Horn Concerto admittedly the orchestration is identical piccolo double woodwind timpani and strings and both have no key signature being largely modal throughout The rising and falling scale passages in the Burlesque s middle section which accompany the horn s cadenza like fantasia on the opening theme

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News Decca Arnold Edition
    Op 22 27 16 4 Allegro 09 51 5 Andantino 09 30 6 Vivace con fuoco 07 55 Lengnick P1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD Symphony No 2 Op 40 29 33 7 Allegretto 06 17 8 Vivace 04 14 9 Lento 12 52 10 Allegro con brio 06 10 Paterson P1994 Conifer Records Limited DDD TOTAL PLAYING TIME 77 06 CD2 Symphony No 3 Op 63 31 08 1 Allegro 11 10 2 Lento 13 07 3 Allegro con brio 06 51 Paterson P1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD Symphony No 4 Op 71 37 24 4 Allegro 12 38 5 Vivace ma non troppo 04 57 6 Andantino 11 45 7 Con fuoco 08 04 Paterson P1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD CD3 Symphony No 5 Op 74 30 43 1 Tempestuoso 08 44 2 Andante con moto 11 11 3 Con fuoco 04 42 4 Risoluto 06 06 Paterson P1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD Symphony No 6 Op 95 26 41 5 Energico 08 59 6 Lento Allegretto Lento 10 54 7 Con fuoco 06 48 Faber Music P1993 Conifer Records Limited DDD TOTAL PLAYING TIME 57 24 CD4 Symphony No 7 Op 113 37 40 1 Allegro energico 15 54 2 Andante con moto Sempre crescendo e accelerando Molto vivace Lento Derek James trombone 13 54 3 Allegro Allegretto Allegro Allegretto Vivace 07 52 Faber Music P1991 Conifer Records Limited DDD Symphony No 8 Op 121 26 27 4 Allegro 11 45 5 Andantino 08 55 6 Vivace 05 47 Faber Music P1991 Conifer Records Limited DDD CD5 Symphony for Brass Instruments 22 49 1 Allegro moderato 07 17 2 Allegro grazioso 04 23 3 Andante con moto 05 22 4 Allegro con brio 05 47 Faber Music P1979 Decca Music Group ADD Symphony No 9 Op 128 48 50 5 Vivace 08 48 6 Allegretto 10 01 7 Giubiloso 06 13 8 Lento 23 48 Novello P1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD TOTAL PLAYING TIME 71 39 VERNON HANDLEY Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Symphonies Nos 1 2 5 8 Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Symphonies Nos 3 4 Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Symphony No 9 BBC Concert Orchestra Symphony for Strings Philip Jones Brass Ensemble Howard Snell Symphony for Brass Instruments Volume 2 17 CONCERTOS CD1 Concerto for Two Violins Orchestra Op 77 15 27 1 Allegro risoluto 05 47 2 Andantino 06 55 3 Vivace 02 45 Faber Music Kenneth Sillito Lyn Fletcher violins P1989 Conifer Records Limited DDD Concerto for Viola Chamber Orchestra Op 108 20 03 4 Allegro con spirito 07 27 5 Andante con moto 10 08 6 Allegro vivace 02 28 Faber Music Rivka Golani viola P1992 Conifer Records Limited DDD Concertino for Oboe and Strings Op 28a arr Roger Steptoe 08 51 08 51 7 Leggiero 02 48 8 Andante con moto 04 18 9 Vivace 01 45 Lengnick Nicholas Daniel oboe P 1996 Conifer Records Limited DDD Concerto for Flute Strings Op 45 10 41 10 Allegro energico 04 04 11 Andante grazioso 04 39

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 News The Three Musketeers
    for his choral music yet the John Clare Cantata is a little gem highly engaging and often beautiful with hints of Benjamin Britten It was written in 1955 just before his enormous success at the Proms with the tone poem Tam O Shanter Another great success was his two sets of English Dances 1950 51 perhaps more responsible than any other of his compositions for establishing his name before the general public We hear the second set here in the more unusual version for piano duet arranged by the composer Franz Reizenstein Though in the tradition of English works by the likes of Holst and Vaughan Williams Arnold did not draw on actual folk music the tunes are all his own 1951 was also the year of perhaps his most performed instrumental work the Sonatina for Clarinet Hugely extrovert and tuneful it was given its first performance by Colin Davis in his pre conducting days Jack Thurston though was the real inspiration behind it Arnold s long time friend he was also the recipient of the marvellous First Clarinet Concerto When asked about the gorgeous slow movement Arnold once explained enigmatically I didn t want it to sound like Bartok Arnold would always choose his friends to play for him in his film sessions and he would always make sure that there was a lot for them to do In 1954 he wrote the music to a British comedy You Know what Sailors are Thurston was again central to Arnold s thinking as there is a wonderful and extended scene which features one of his most tongue in cheek creations Scherzetto for clarinet and piano Whether or not the film will live on this little gem is surely destined to become a jewel in the clarinettist s repertoire of encore pieces The previous year saw the composition of the Sonatina for Recorder the last of his four wind sonatinas which hints at earlier times with its gentle and melodious Chaconne and concluding Rondo The recorder is also soloist in Solitaire a piece that has quite a history It began life as a piano solo for a TV commercial for a particular brand of cigarettes in the event it was not used Arnold then arranged it to be whistled by his friend John Amis for a radio programme Here the recorder takes on the John Amis role The earlier piano version Theme for Players is also included Arnold began writing for piano as early as 1937 when the sixteen year old presented his mother with short pieces as birthday and Christmas presents The earliest piano piece here is The Dream City a delightful miniature composed on December 24th 1938 making its purpose quite clear Flamenco owes its origins to the silver screen the 1952 film It Started in Paradise an unusually plush Lana Turner esque production that was very popular in its day Constance s Sad Dance is one of a series of sketches Arnold wrote for a proposed ballet version

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  • Sir Malcolm Arnold CBE 1921-2006 - Reviews Andrew McGregor BBC Radio 3
    startling emotional extremes early indications of Arnold s bipolarity and alcoholism The Second has a sunnier disposition spiced with humour there s the deeply personal Third the vivid social commentary of the Fourth the requiem for friends that s the Fifth the contrasting brevity of the unsettling Sixth through to the violent despair of the Seventh written in Dublin while Arnold s demons were at their most destructive Optimism and crushing hopelessness collide in the Eight 1978 and then there s silence until the Ninth Symphony 1986 a stark often skeletally scored post Mahlerian vision powerfully expressive in a performance from Vernon Handley and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra The Symphony for Brass Instruments is Arnold and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble at their very finest and the Symphony for Strings makes 11 in case you were wondering Volume 2 offers 17 concertos Decca 476 5343 4 CDs just over half of Arnold s output generous gifts for artists he admired and counted as friends Most are from the Conifer series with Mark Stephenson highlights are Michael Collins in the Clarinet Concertos Richard Watkins in the Horn Concertos and from Sony Michala Petri in the Recorder Concertos Arnold wrote for her There are two Decca recordings as well the Guitar Concerto with Eduardo Fernandez and the Harmonica Concerto with Tommy Reilly neither eclipsing the dedicatees but all inspired by Arnold s melodic flair and brilliant wit Humour laces the next box Orchestra Brass and Piano Music Decca 476 5348 4 CDs There s Arnold s first recording from 1947 Beckus the Dandipratt conducted by Van Beinum with the composer leading the LPO s trumpet section There s Tam O Shanter plus the insanely funny contributions to the Hoffnung Music Festivals with hoovers and floor polishers and the extension for Saint Saens

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