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    Safety Directorate to suspend registrations of aminopyralid based products from June 2008 so that we could evaluate the best way forward Additionally we re called all product We are working with many interested groups to help better inform farmers and their advisers about this issue We are putting further safeguards in place to reduce the chances of such incidents re occurring Human and Animal Health Q Is food from affected crops safe to eat Yes Assessments reviewed by CRD previously PSD indicate that the levels of residues found in affected crops do not have any implications for human health For more information see the CRD website http www pesticides gov uk garden asp id 2480 Q Is it safe to drink milk from cows fed treated silage Yes Assessments of aminopyralid residues in milk are part of the independent approval process the product could not have been approved without satisfying the regulatory authorities Q Is it safe to allow horses or other livestock into fields treated with aminopyralid Yes but you must follow all labelling and safety literature including Keep livestock out of treated areas for at least seven days after spraying Where you have been spraying for ragwort keep animals off the pasture until the weeds have died and become unpalatable or have been removed Q Is it safe to allow pets into fields treated with aminopyralid It is safe to allow pets into the field once the spray has dried Affected Plants Q Will all my plants be affected by aminopyralid residues No Sensitive plants include peas beans and other legumes carrots sugar beet potatoes tomatoes lettuces and spinach Dahlia corms and a few species of rose are also affected Q What are the symptoms of aminopyralid damage on sensitive plants Symptoms are expressed as cupping of leaves stunting of plants and curling of the growing point giving it a fern like appearance Q What level of aminopyralid is harmful to sensitive plants crops This will depend on the species but aminopyralid can affect them at very low levels Q I have used manure in my garden and some of the species listed above have been affected while others have not Is aminopyralid the culprit If peas beans or potatoes the most sensitive crops are not affected it is unlikely that aminopyralid is to blame Q Will my dahlia corm be OK next year if I plant it in an affected allotment Assuming that any affected manure has been thoroughly incorporated this year it should be safe to plant any crop Q How can I test for aminopyralid residue in my manure The simplest and quickest option is to ask your manure supplier the following questions Did their animal manure come from a farm or equine business where the herbicide products Forefront Pharaoh or Banish have been previously applied If the answer is no then the animal manure should be free of aminopyralid Were the animals that produced the manure fed on forage eg Hay haylage or silage

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    and resulted in damage to some sensitive crops Manure from horses or farm livestock is a wonderful soil conditioner and natural fertiliser and we do not want gardeners and allotment holders to be afraid of using it This is why we have created the manurematters website to provide guidance and advice for its future use Please select the most appropriate link on the left to find out how this issue may affect you and how to minimise the chance of any problem occurring What is Dow AgroSciences doing At Dow AgroSciences we have Voluntarily suspended sales of aminopyralid products until we and the Pesticides Safety Directorate PSD are satisfied that all is being done to negate these sorts of incidents happening again Collaborated with a number of organisations to improve the stewardship of aminopyralid herbicides We have put an information campaign in place to ensure that everyone involved is aware of the potential problem with manure coming from animals fed forage that has been treated Is aminopyralid dangerous No The Pesticide Safety Directorate the Government agency responsible for the approval of pesticides in the UK concludes that there are no ill effects to human and animal health from food grown from land that may contain aminopyralid residues Weed killers or killer weeds Aminopyralid based herbicides were developed to help grassland farmers control and eliminate a number of troublesome and potentially dangerous perennial broad leaved weeds from their fields Although some people are worried about the use of herbicides the weeds they eliminate are also a concern According to the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA the Weeds Act of 1959 mandates the control of five injurious weeds that threaten grassland health Common Ragwort Spear Thistle Creeping or Field Thistle Broad leaved Dock Curled Dock Of these five weeds

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