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  • Links : Ships Figurehead & Maritime Carver: MARITIMA WOOD CARVING ::: sculpture, research, tafferels
    Links Maritima Woodcarving are members of the Boatbuilding webring Prev Next Random List For listing of shanty festivals www shanty co uk The Richard Hunter figurehead archives www figureheads co uk Richard Sibley The specialst on tall ship photography For the best images of tall ships visit www tallshipsgallery co uk Lilian Shaw Stained glass artist Paintings and pastels email lilianpshaw gmail com www lilianshaw co uk Götheborg Replica ship

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  • figurehead
    replica that modern day safety requirements will allow for a ship to sail unaided around the world To this end I was originally commissioned to research and then produce designs for the stern decorations quarter galleries and figurehead This led to a period of six years as woodcarver to the Swedish Eash India Company carving all decorations for the ship The lion figurehead stands at 15 feet tall and started

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  • Ship figureheads
    Oskarshamn on the east coast of Sweden in 1939 as a three masted Bermudan rigged ship she was converted to a motor vessel in 1954 and her Hermione The original 32 gun French frigate Hermione was constructed at Rochefort in 1779 and famously carried General La Fayette to America in HMS Chesapeake Chesapeake was a 4th rate steam frigate built at Chatham in 1855 to replace the earlier Chesapeake which was captured from the Americans at Boston HMS Poictiers HMS Poictiers was built in 1809 at the yard of John King at Upnor on the Medway She was a third rate 74 gun ship and served initially off the HMS Vengeance Built at Pembroke Dockyard in 1824 as an 84 gun ship of the formidable class The ship was finally broken up just before the First World War In 1925 Jenny Lind The original figure which is believed to have come from the American clipper ship Nightingale had in the course of time lost one arm and had the Pelican of London The 115ft Pelican was buit at Le Havre as an Arctic trawler shortly after the First World War The fine lines of her hull made her a perfect

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  • ship figureheads
    method and using the same materials as if the figure was to go to sea those on display represent contemporary figures or are Fortuna The carving taking shape is a ship s figurehead representing the Greek Goddess Fortuna daughter of Oceanus From her hand were delivered riches Nelson In the 1800 s the two leading families of ship s carvers employed by the navy were The Hellyer s of Portsmouth

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  • in the Crimea where she fired the last French Figurehead This figure is unusual in that it was carved from one solid piece of wood The centre was then hollowed out to remove stress in the timber thus Goole This beautifully carved figure was found in the bed of the river Humber Initial analysis was carried out by the York Archaeological Trust before Neptune The figure was originally carved from

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  • name boards
    the hull shape All my lettering is hand carved to produce an artistic quality that is far beyond the capabilities of commercially routered lettering Here are a few examples of past commissions and guide prices Displaying 1 to 2 of 2 products Product Image Item Name A selection of boards Click on the image to see selection A simple shaped board including carving 7 letters would cost approx 80 Add

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  • maritime sculpture
    three sisters I chose as a theme the three Ellen Approximately 2 feet tall carved in steamed beech Empathy Girl and pony an emotive moment captured in wood Fisherman Approximately 14 inches long carved in pine Jessica Approximately two feet tall carved in Honduras mahogany Letting go Letting go figure approx 20 inches tall in Swiss Cherry mermaid Mermaid mermaid carved in pine with copper foil work hair by the

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  • trailboards
    is one of the last West Country trading ketches still sailing having under gone a total restoration Flower of Caithness The production of trailboards for this Mathesson designed schooner require a mould to be made of her bow then steam bending and laminating the Gratia Built by Camper and Nichoson in 1900 as Bertha the trailboards were carved directly into her stem After a collision with a fishing vessel the

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