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  • Home Page
    and we can deal with many things that you might expect to have to be referred We also have referral vets visiting the practice this will save you money and save your pets the stress of travelling a long distance See more on this subject in our Facilities page FIRST AID AND EMERGENCIES There are some times when you don t know if you need the services of a vet but would like some advice about what to do First Aid treatment and a bit of reassurance can often be enough to calm you and your animal and therefore avoid costly Out of Hours treatment Try this useful link Emergencies and First Aid which gives sensible advice about dealing with most emergency situations We hope you find this information helpful but always remember that it is better to seek specialist help than allow a pet to suffer If you think it is necessary RING THE VET OUR OUT OF HOURS SERVICE IS PROVIDED BY VETS NOW IN DERBY A DEDICATED EMERGENCY SERVICE AND RCVS ACCREDITED EMERGENCY SERVICE CLINIC MAP We are people who love animals Most of the staff live in multi pet households and understand how easy it is to panic when a pet is or seems to be ill or in pain We worry about our animals just as you worry about yours and because of this we always try to explain things very clearly when you come in for a consultation If you do not understand what we mean please ask us to explain again we are only human and can sometimes think we have been clear when we haven t In some cases we have information which you can take away and read at home to help you understand your pet and its health If you

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  • Animal Care
    that even the more usual pets such as cats and dogs may not thrive on the same diet you choose for yourself Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Vegetarian owners who wish their cat to stop eating meat cats have a body which depends on a substance which is only found in meat This substance can not be obtained by dietary supplements or in any other way A Vegetarian cat is a cat who is slowly dying Pets also need exercise Once again the amount and type of exercise is dependent on the species tortoises don t need the same sort of exercise as dogs do However exercise needs can also vary according to the individual Some humans enjoy exercise and some don t some people put on weight very easily others don t Individual animals vary from the norm just as we do Almost all animals except dogs regulate their own exercise but dogs are pack animals and need someone to organise their life for them If you are a dog owner it is up to you to make sure they get enough exercise to stay healthy Dogs also have the greatest need for companionship This is not suggesting that any other pet will thrive on being ignored because they won t but dogs become very anxious if they feel isolated and this can result in behaviour problems If cats don t get the sort of interaction they want with their humans then they are likely to wander off and find some humans they like better This is not usually an option for a dog because of their tendency to feel nervous if they are not part of a group This section is divided into 4 parts Cat Care Dog Care Care of other pets and Care

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  • Facilities
    Room Air conditioned Consulting Room 2 Air conditioned Kennel Room X Ray Room Dental and Pre Op Theatre Air conditioned Operating Theatre Rear Car Park Access to our car park through New Ming Court car park Parking spaces as seen

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  • Contact and Maps
    TELEPHONE NUMBER OUR OUT OF HOURS SERVICE IS PROVIDED BY VETS NOW IN DERBY A DEDICATED EMERGENCY SERVICE and RCVS ACCREDITED EMERGENCY SERVICE CLINIC We now open as normal on Bank Holidays except Christmas Day Boxing Day and New Year s Day We do not charge extra for Bank Holidays because our wonderful staff work these days for normal pay 20 22 CAMPBELL STREET BELPER DE561AP Telephone 01773 822591 Whether

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  • History & People
    are very fortunate that Dom with all her experience has joined us It is even nicer because she has been a friend of the family of Roger s wife Mary for more years than we are willing to disclose but we will say that it is since Dom was 11 By 2007 due to hard work and a certain amount of good luck Marshall and Till was still developing but the two surgeries were finding that clients requirements were becoming increasingly different between Derby and Belper We found that moving staff between the two surgeries had become a disadvantage rather than an advantage and so we split the two surgeries in order to better serve the needs of our Belper clients A year later it was decided to concentrate solely on the Belper surgery and sell the Derby surgery The Belper surgery retains the name Marshall and Till The old Derby surgery has been renamed and is now a separate business in which neither Roger nor Matthew have any interest In 2008 we were joined by Katherine Reynolds now Baines by marriage in August 2012 as an assistant veterinary surgeon and in 2010 she repeated Roger s early meteoric rise through the ranks when she became a director of the company October 2012 sees the retirement of Roger and Mary leaving Katherine as the ultimate authoritiy at Belper supported by Dom as Practice Administrator and of course the rest of the able staff Belper Surgery This surgery is now staffed by three Veterinary Surgeons three Veterinary Nurses two Receptionists and Dom our Practice Administrator Dom Our Vets are Katherine Vanessa Miller who has worked for Marshall and Till almost as long as Roger did and Louise Kirk Katherine Mrs Katherine Baines neé Reynolds joined us in July 2008 from the University of Liverpool She was brought up in Melton Mowbray rather like Belper she says but a tad South and a tad East but has now happily adapted to living in Belper She has a knack of attracting and solving unusual cases She is interested in Veterinary Acupuncture and is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group She became a director in October 2010 and got married to a Belper lad in August 2012 Find out about M T Acupuncture here Vanessa Mrs Vanessa Miller has a particular interest in dermatology problems of the skin She has been with us since she qualified from Bristol in 1978 although she has only worked part time for some considerable years we let her have two days off every week She is a Past Chairman of The British Veterinary Dermatology Study Group Vanessa has also developed a particular expertise with rabbit dental work Louise Miss Louise Kirk joined us in July 2015 replacing her predecessor Jason Bestwick Like Jason she has spent many weeks here seeing practice during her university career Having graduated with Distinction during summer 2015 we were lucky enough to be in

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    exposed to noise and flashes Cats and dogs should be kept safely inside some animals will enjoy watching the lights through the safety of the window but many do not If your animal is disturbed by the lights then draw the curtains and make sure the room is brightly lit so that there is very little change in lighting level when a firework goes off Even if your animal enjoys the flashes they are unlikely to enjoy the noise animal hearing is more acute than ours so something which is loud to us is probably painfully loud to them To help them deal with the noise it is sensible to try to reduce the contrast between the time the firework is exploding and the time of silence between explosions Put on the radio or the television a noise with which your animal is familiar and have it on quite loud This will even out the noise level and make the explosions less of a shock to your pet Animals who are kept outside in pens or hutches should be moved into sheds if possible and the same lighting and noise levels should be provided as for animals indoors AS LONG AS this itself will not cause distress to your pets If you can not move your outside pets to the inside for the duration of the firework session then try to cover their hutch or pen with something thick which will absorb mute the flashes and bangs Try to make sure that you have taken precautions to help your pet deal with fireworks BEFORE the fireworks start If you only react once the bangs and flashes are happening you may accidentally reinforce your animal s fear they may think you are frightened too If your DOG is not reassured by

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  • RCVS Accredited
    to take the service it supplies to its clients very seriously When the practice becomes accredited the RCVS provides leaflets to be handed out to clients below is the information taken from the leaflets We are a Small Animal General Practice There are three levels of accreditation The lowest level is called Core Standards and signifies compliance with a range of legal and health and safety requirements If your standards

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  • Terms & Notes
    a selection of advice forms produced by the surgery Fleas worms contains our comparison chart of current flea and worming treatments available from the surgery Surgery is a page about what you need to do with your pet before it

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