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  • Newsletter Winter 2015
    to the surgery SERVICE CHARGES Unfortunately owing to rising costs in overheads etc we have had to take the decision to increase our Service charges slightly We have always tried to keep our prices as low as possible and have not actually increased them for over 4 years but we have now reached the point where we have no alternative SCHEDULE 3 DRUGS NEW PRESCRIPTION LAWS The government has instigated new laws regarding the ordering of drugs known as Schedule 3 This includes epilepsy drugs and opiod based pain relief ie Tramadol Epiphen Phenoleptil This means that when we place an order with our supplier rather than it arriving the following day we now have to post the prescription as opposed to being allowed to fax it thereby delaying the despatch from our wholesaler Due to this unfortunate development we would like to request that when ringing the surgery to order a repeat prescription for this type of drug one week s notice be given to ensure the drugs are ready for collection Your co operation is greatly appreciated A WOBBLY MOMENT You know that feeling when you ve just got off a roller coaster ride or suffered from sea sickness and the blessed relief when your stability returns and your head stops spinning Pets have a similar stability control system nerves running between the brain and the inner ear which signal to the brain to maintain equilibrium when sitting up or down jumping and running in circles This is known as the Vestibular System responsible for the balance function If a problem occurs and causes this system to malfunction this is known as Vestibular Disease The symptoms can come on quite rapidly and cause extreme dizziness and disorientation The signs can include head tilt circling staggering vomiting eyes flickering

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    Veterinary Surgeons

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  • Terms & Conditions
    fees attendance at court phone calls home visits etc In cases where a cheque is returned by our Bank as unpaid or any Credit Card payment is not honoured or any Cash tendered is found to be counterfeit you will still owe us the original sum and further charges will be added in respect of bank charges and administration costs together with interest on the amount owing INABILITY TO PAY If for any reason you are unable to make payment as specified we ask you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with a member of staff Please note that any instalments or part payments can only be arranged with the express permission of Miss Reynolds PET HEALTH INSURANCE We strongly support the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or accidents Please be aware that it is your responsibility to pay us and then reclaim the fees from your Insurance Company COMPLAINTS We hope that you never have cause to complain about the standards of service received from Marshall Till However if you feel that there is something you wish to complain about please talk first to the veterinary surgeon involved Then if you are still not satisfied please write to Mrs Ward Practice Administrator OWNERSHIP OF RECORDS Case records and similar documents are the property of and will be retained by Marshall Till Copies with a summary of the history will be passed on request to another veterinary surgeon taking over the case OWNERSHIP OF RADIOGRAPHS AND SIMILAR RECORDS The care given to your animal may involve making some specific investigations for example taking radiographs or performing ultrasound scans Even though we make a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting their results ownership of the resulting record for example a radiograph remains with the

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  • Cat Care
    hope you find them useful FIRST AID AND EMERGENCIES There are some times when you don t know if you need the services of a vet but would like some advice about what to do First Aid treatment and a bit of reassurance can often be enough to calm you and your animal and therefore avoid costly Out of Hours treatment Try this useful link Emergencies and First Aid which gives sensible advice about dealing with most emergency situations Try this too Basic First Aid NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE PARACETAMOL IBUPROFEN OR ASPIRIN TO YOUR CAT Under some circumstances very low doses of aspirin are used in cats BUT NEVER ADMINISTER IT TO YOUR CAT UNLESS SPECIFICALLY TOLD TO DO SO BY YOUR VET There are safe painkillers and anti inflammatories for cats but none of them are human drugs and none are available over the counter We hope you find this information on Emergencies helpful but always remember that it is better to seek specialist help than allow a pet to suffer If you think it is necessary RING THE VET BASIC CAT HEALTHCARE GUIDE click here A TO Z OF CAT AILMENTS 1 This site is provided by the FAB All cat owners should consider joining or making a donation to the Feline Advisory Bureau The FAB is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge to help us all care better for our cats info for cat owners A TO Z OF CAT AILMENTS 2 diseases by name diseases by body organ system surgery anaesthesia ABSCESSES One of the commonest causes of illness in cats is abscesses resulting from bites ACUPUNCTURE Katherine Baines is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists and the Western Veterinary Acupuncture Group Find

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  • Dog Care
    spot ons available from supermarkets and pet shops are pretty ineffective and at best may only deter fleas and certainly won t control a flea problem Talk to us We have also included links about dogs in health and disease and we hope you find them useful FIRST AID AND EMERGENCIES There are some times when you don t know if you need the services of a vet but would like some advice about what to do First Aid treatment and a bit of reassurance can often be enough to calm you and your animal and therefore avoid costly Out of Hours treatment NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE IBUPROFEN TO YOUR DOG Paracetamol and aspirin may be used in certain circumstances but only give them under veterinary advice There are many effective pain killers and anti inflammatories for dogs but none of them are human drugs and none can be bought over the counter Try this useful link Emergencies and First Aid which gives sensible advice about dealing with most emergency situations Try also Basic First Aid INHERITED DISEASES OF DOGS Certain breeds of dogs are subject to hereditary diseases The British Veterinary Association runs three schemes to help dog breeders improve the hip elbow and eye health of various breeds by screening breeding dogs and bitches for signs of hereditary disease The information in the following links is useful not only for breeders but for people choosing new puppies and wishing to do all they can to avoid these diseases EYES ELBOWS HIPS More general information on hereditary disease and choosing a suitable breed of dog is available below HEREDITARY DISEASES OF DOGS BASIC DOG HEALTHCARE GUIDE click here A TO Z OF DOG DISEASES by name by organ body system surgery anaesthesia ACUPUNCTURE Katherine Baines is a member of

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  • Care of other pets
    made since Some sites are American and you should take any details about drugs said to be useful with a pinch of salt and be aware that some drugs which are legal in America are not licensed in this country ARACHNIDS British Arachnology Society BUDGERIGARS budgerigar society CHINCHILLAS national chinchilla society FERRETS national ferret welfare society ferret dentistry GERBILS national gerbil society GUINEA PIGS guinea pig links HAMSTERS national hamster

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  • Care of Wildlife
    pet is in a good position to understand how much worse it is for a wild animal or bird to have to deal with a human being In many cases this stress results in shock or delayed shock which is sufficient to kill the creature we are trying to save Please use the links below to help you decide how best to deal with the situation you find yourself in

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    seriously ill in the 50 s as a result of meningitis caught from a bovine cleansing but almost miraculously and unexpectedly made a full recovery as a result of the new fangled antibiotics he built the practice into a busy 5 man practice finally taking a partner in 1978 He was a keen supporter of the new Royal Animal Nursing Auxiliary scheme one of his nurses qualifying in the first batch of RANAs You might think that enough achievement for one lifetime but Walter was very active in many areas of Derby and ultimately Derbyshire life A keen sportsman in his early days he was a fearless member of the newly re formed Derby Tigers Rugby Club often dashing from rugby field straight to farm field He was a Church Elder in the United Reformed Church a moving force in the Derby Caledonian Society a founder Chairman and President of The Derby Club a Justice of The Peace a Tax Commissioner a Past president of Derby Rotary Club and founding father of Derby South Rotary Club a keen Freemason being Master of Tyrian Lodge in its bicentenary year and a prominent local politician for many years He was Leader of Derbyshire County Council from 1977 to 1982 Chairman of East Midlands Airport Authority at the time it was developing from a minor local airport into a major freight hub and regional passenger airport and Chairman of The Independent Airports Authority He was appointed an Officer of The Order of The British Empire for services to local politics in 1982 a fitting tribute to a man whose integrity shone like a beacon through local politics He will be sadly missed not only by his daughter Sheena his sons Gordon and Duncan and their families but by all whose lives he touched

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