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  • Conference Archives - Maximillion
    Event Management Team Development Challenge Events about reviews city locations venues galleries news contact us No Results Back to top Edinburgh Office Unit 2 Newbridge Industrial Estate Edinburgh EH28 8PJ edinburgh maximillion co uk Tel 0131 333 0066 Tel 0131 333 0066 Get Directions London Office 20 22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU london maximillion co uk Tel 020 7788 7912 Tel 020 7788 7912 Get Directions Privacy Policy Sitemap

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  • Global Team Building - Maximillion
    one day whilst others have benefited working together over three days Group sizes have been from 8 to 84 Our tools range depending on needs but for many teams an objective for effective team building is identified and we use Belbin Team Profiling reports and methodology Our facilitation methods encourage interactive working with practical actions from each session Leadership teams strategy and culture exercises are designed and used with the groups Who took part We have worked with teams across t hree continents in the following locations and have travelled over 91 260 miles in the last 3 years Europe Middle East China Southeast Asia Latin America What they said On behalf of the whole team we really appreciate your efforts and professionalism The training was very clear and every one enjoyed it very much Looking forward on having the debrief call with you and hope to see you again in the area MENA Area Medical Director Victoria is an excellent trainer and training facilitator She is able to bring good insight feedback and recommendation to any training workshops from her wealth of experience and her sharpness in picking things up She puts in a lot of efforts in preparing for her workshops and is also very flexible to adapt them to meet the needs of her clients Her workshops were well organised very engaging and relevant I had the privilege to work with her for a couple of workshops in China and have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone Head Clinical Operations ROPU TCM Victoria thank you so much for the great workshop in Santiago In such a short period of time we were able to achieve great results with my team Great job Regional Head of Clinical Operations Latin America Victoria Russel conducted a very successful development

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  • My favourite event of 2015 - Maximillion
    Trump Turnberry The client GE Aviation was looking for something that was different and added a competitive edge The Air Rifle shooting definitely brought out the competitive side with a joint award going to two top marksmen whilst the Falconry provided an elegant different experience in some glorious west coast sunshine GE Aviation left us some fantastic feedback Read it here Thomas our Wildgoose Scotland Manager s favourite project was building and delivering the Ballantine s Edinburgh Explorer The brief involved bringing a historical story to life throughout the streets of Edinburgh and gamifying the life of whisky pioneer George Ballantine it was a really great project to work on Ballantine s is a really strong brand and had loads of interesting content to work with The hunt also included a trip to National Register House and the participants were a great laugh Read about its success here Sandy our Learning and Development lead comments that It was a real pleasure to be involved again with the University of Edinburgh Business School this year for the Building High Performing Teams residential programme for their full time MBA cohort a highly motivated group of students from across the globe The programme comprised a tried and tested mix of indoor and outdoor experiential team based elements combined with facilitated scenarios and workshops and input sessions which related to the implications and applications of Belbin Team Roles from a personal inter personal and course related perspective Oh and not to forget one of our great GPS enabled Checkpoint Challenges Although we were lucky with the weather on Day Two this year note to self to remember the anti midge spray for the 2016 programmes UEBS again provided some great feedback Read it here For Jonathan the muscles behind Maximillion s operations his favourite

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  • Our New Year's Resolutions - Maximillion
    edge a little When and how Watch this space Glen I am going to rinse and repeat one of my favourite quotes of all time We will chase perfection and we will chase it relentlessly knowing all the while we can never attain it But along the way we shall catch excellence Vince Lombardi I intend to chase perfection in the hope I catch excellence along the way Sandy As of 8th Feb 2016 I will be a Sheep in the new Chinese year of the Red Fire Monkey According to Master Tsai on the Chinese Fortune Calendar web resource Sheep is connected to a farmland of the summer Monkey is connected to the wind of the fall The duty of the farmland is to grow plants and crops The plant needs the help of wind to spread the seed The wind of the fall can help crop to ripen Therefore Monkey is a good job helper to Sheep Sheep and Monkey are good partners of the cooperation Monkey can help Sheep to fulfill their business goal When Sheep meets Monkey a shy Sheep will prepare to get in the spotlight John With just 33 munros left to climb I am warming up for a new challenge to preoccupy myself in the coming years My challenge will be to climb all fifty of the principal 4000m peaks in the Alps within the next ten years An average of five a year does not sound much but you can often go to the Alps for a week and be lucky to climb just one given prevailing snow and weather conditions So this years resolution is to embark upon that challenge and add five to my running tally of eight Thomas My resolution is to toughen up I have 3 long distance

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/news/our-new-years-resolutions/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Review of the year 2015 - Maximillion
    of the year We welcomed Danielle Kydd to the team in March and she has been a valuable asset learning the ropes very quickly and adding value to every event Furthest we travelled Ackergill Tower in Wick provided the idyllic setting for a Highland Games and Bond evening for a group from France Certainly made a pleasant change from driving to Manchester Birmingham or London Strangest phone call Searching for a replacement dwarf for a circus themed event Biggest disappointment Coach arriving 1 5 hours late to collect the clients with no apology they had been held up on an earlier transfer We have worked with a wide range of suppliers and venues to help deliver all our events over the year and must express our thanks to them for working with us to help deliver memorable events for the right reasons for all our guests What will 2016 bring Glen is our Activity Centre Manager and since joining the company in March he has been driving forward our MadMax Adventures and Turnberry Adventures offerings Glen says Contemplating a review of the year normally evokes thoughts of financials or percentages and whilst we enjoyed an all time record month in June with our Quad Bike Safari remaining our most popular activity I felt that some more random factoids may be of interest So in no particular order 2015 has seen MadMax and Turnberry Adventures Welcome over 2 900 intrepid adventurers Host 90 4 4 Off Road trails in our Landrover Defenders Run over 235 hours of Quad Bike Safaris approximating 950 miles Have over 13 000 arrows shot in our Archery ranges See 22 300 clays shot We look forward to another fantastic year and some more impressive factoids next December Thomas is our Wildgoose Scotland manager extraordinaire and he comments 2015 has been a great year for Wildgoose Scotland with loads of interesting new games content and event styles We kicked off the year with a big event for Calderys in Lisbon and later in the year ran an Amsterdam City Explorer We created several bespoke challenges including a partnership with the National Trust for Scotland on a public David Livingstone Centre game the Ballantine s Edinburgh Explorer and a unique GPS enabled 4 4 off road driving challenge in Land Rovers through the Perthshire hills We ran over 60 events 8 featured over 100 participants and several were used to support our Checkpoint Challenge format Our greatest achievement of 2015 was that over 90 of participants were blown away or their expectations were exceed by their Wildgoose experience We re hoping to better that in 2016 so watch this space Sandy is our Learning and Development lead who also provides us with some brilliant facts A solid year for Maximillion L D as we strengthened existing relationships with UEBS Axis Shield and Boehringer Ingelheim re engaged with previous clients like NFU RBS Group and GE Oil Gas whilst enjoying projects with new L D clients including Bett Homes

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  • Guest Blog: Stephen Jardine - Maximillion
    of the past decade it is food and drink Ten years ago eating options at outside events involved a simple choice hot dog or burger For inside gatherings the options were little better and rubber chicken was a firm favourite on many menus If you were really smart you would eat before you left home How times change Scotland has been going through a food and drink revolution and eating options at corporate events reflect that I host a lot of conferences and award events and the quality of the eating experience has quite simply been transformed From canapés to buffets to sit down dinners the difference is clear for all to see Local suppliers are named on menus and what appears on the plate looks like the food you would expect in a restaurant rather than in a school dining hall Part of this is customer expectation People just won t put up any more with beef like shoe leather and soggy carrots Our expectations inform our demands On top of that event organisers recognise a great food and drink experience can make or break an event I ve attended glittering gatherings which were badly let down by food that leaves a bad taste in the mouth But I ve also been to ordinary events where clever exciting food and drink options raise everything to a different level Think about events you ve been to recently When asked how it was your response will often be built around the food Fantastic really good meal or Awful food was dreadful and ran out early In my book you can always cut back on the fireworks or spend a bit less on the flowers but when it comes to food and drink every penny is well spent to help transform an

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/event-management/guest-blog-stephen-jardine/ (2016-02-16)
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  • 10 Office Team Building Activities (using only pens and paper) | Maximillion
    first These are the kind of scenarios you d pose to your friends after a few drinks perhaps but who s to say they can t be effective in team building Instructions 1 Write a list of 11 controversial figures e g a doctor a priest a pregnant woman etc that are on a boat which is slowly but surely sinking 2 There is only one lifeboat The teams must then list in order of importance which of the people should go on the life boat 3 BUT because they are running out of food and water the less important people will be left behind 4 Assign a period of time around 10 minutes for them to work out the problem 5 After the time is up discuss the lists in depth and include everyone within the teams Some examples of questions you could ask What was the biggest problem you experienced How did you resolve these issues If you could have listed in differently would you have Why did these problems occur 6 To complete the ask now ask the teams to list three things they would have done differently and discuss these changes further These kind of team building tasks are all about bringing your groups together and making them work and think as a team whilst improving communication and having a little fun at the same time What are the desired outcomes Back to options menu 5 Admiration Keeping individuals motivated and feeling positive about themselves and the work they re producing is key to a happy team and vibrant working atmosphere Learning more about your team and what they admire about people is a proven way to spark discussion amongst teams and for managers and team leaders to learn more about their teams on a personal level Instructions 1 First things first each person in the group writes down the words I admire people that 2 Ask the group to think of any person in the world they admire and why give each person 2 minutes to think of their answer 3 Ask a few people in the group to share their answers starting with the introductory sentence 4 Now ask each person to draw a line through the introductory sentence and insert I am powerful when I and ask the volunteers to read their answers again These kind of team building tasks are all about bringing your groups together and making them work and think as a team whilst improving communication and having a little fun at the same time What are the desired outcomes Back to options menu 6 Open the Treasure Chest Open the Treasure Chest is an effective method to discover the things that truly matter to individuals This task aims to find out more about your teams goals and achievements whilst promoting solution orientated thinking and therefore putting this in to practice in the workplace Instructions 1 Ask each person to write down everything they want in their life this can

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  • Corporate Events Industry News • Maximillion
    the year are a great way for employers to show their appreciation to their staff and for everyone Read More Modern workplace learning in England May 15 2015 Event Management Team Development Skills shortages are a major obstacle to business expansion and more and more companies are looking for new ways of working with the education sector Read More Social Media The Best Marketer For Your Events May 8 2015 Event Management Love it or hate it we all now know social media is here to stay and is playing an increasing role in our daily lives Read More Wildgoose Scotland and the Scotch Whisky Experience April 28 2015 News Our partnership with the Scotch Whisky Experience continues with the exciting opportunity to take part in our Whisky Adventure during the month of May 2015 Read More The Greenest Gold April 27 2015 News Maximillion are delighted to have secured our fourth consecutive Gold Award from GTBS Maximillion joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme in 2007 when we were accredited Read More New Additions to our Highland Games at MadMax April 27 2015 General Team Building News The Highland Games A traditional Scottish sporting event which originates from human games

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