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  • License To Party - Maximillion
    the danger of getting blown up of course Dr Yes Even with a little theming and an appropriate dress code black tie of course you ll feel like James Bond Anything you add to that will increase your clearance level From giant golden guns through original movie posters to an ice bar you dream it we ll make it happen The Theming Is Not Enough If playing Bond yourself is too much leave it to the real deal Or at least a look a like And what does a James Bond need Martinis And how does he need them Shaken not stirred Add in a Mixology workshop and learn how to make them just the right way To make Commander Bond look less lonely you could add a couple of Bond girls to be by his side Being the world s best secret agent means having the responsibility of controlling those menacing villains to keep them at bay you can always use them as knife throwing targets Casino Royale If engaging in Bond s favourite hobby without the fear of losing your shirt is a dream of yours add in a couple of Casino tables and create some friendly competition between the participants Pictures Are Forever Want to have something to relive your unforgettable memories with A Bond themed photobooth has proven to be a hit amongst participants With an extensive selection of props the sky is the limit Choose your props choose a background and strike a pose or 4 Maximillion offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor team building activities conferences and private parties to suit different group sizes objectives and budgets in Edinburgh Scotland throughout the UK and beyond Please Click here for more event and team building ideas make an enquiry or contact one of

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  • July Product Focus - Create & Paint - Maximillion
    collaborating with other teams all canvases will come together in the end to form the big picture But will the collaborative thinking be represented in the final canvas or will lines get blurred and messages become lost What we do differently The format of this event can be adapted to suit a fun day of teambuilding as well as being facilitated to bring to life key business and organisational themes and messages Whether the event is facilitated or not Create and Paint brings people together to creatively explore their role work on their communication skills and contribute to a sense of a shared identity An example of a bespoke Create and Paint was when Maximillion was selected by one client to assist 70 senior and middle managers in articulating their new vision and values through a fun participative and engaging team based organisation development intervention Based on the brief provided Maximillion successfully proposed a bespoke version of our Create Paint format in which teams undertook a collaborative process that resulted in the production of giant canvas artworks which reflected the new vision and values for the business For more information on this project please click here The event can also be used for product venue launches and promotional purposes A recent example of this was for the Carlowrie Castle industry launch event in June 2015 when we created a bespoke canvas made up of 49 smaller canvases upon which the outline of Carlowrie Castle was initially sketched On arrival at the Castle each guest was invited to contribute to the final collaborative masterpiece by applying their own artistry to each smaller canvas using the arts and crafts material provided so that the resulting composite canvas had a little contribution from each guest Please refer to the supporting picture for the

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/july-product-focus-create-paint/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Turnberry Adventures gears up for the Summer Season! - Maximillion
    family groups corporate or team building our Activity Centre located on the 5 star Trump Turnberry Resort has the perfect package from single activity options through to full multi activity day sessions Junior Quad bikes Archery Air Rifles and Water Zorbing can be enjoyed by participants from 8 years and above with our Quad Bike Safari from 13 and Clay shooting from 14 Two options which are very popular with family groups or team building away days are our Highland Games format or our Wildgoose Scotland GPS enabled Turnberry Explorer Treasure Hunt Our Highland Games includes some traditional elements of Scottish Games such as Tossing the Caber Putting the Stane shot putt Tug o War and Farmer s Dash as well as Haggis Hurling and Welly Wanging which provide fantastic photo opportunities Banter and competitiveness come as standard Our Turnberry Explorer GPS Treasure Hunt will see you using our unique Wildgoose GPS App and the latest iPad minis Turnberry Explorer will take you on an exciting journey of discovery Your team building challenge is to locate the GPS hotspots and navigate around the Turnberry Estate cracking clues solving problems and undertaking challenges in order to earn as many points as possible Only when the GPS verifies you are in exactly the right location will your team be able to activate the hotspot A live scoreboard keeps you updated on not only your score but everyone else s Like a car s Satnav your position is always marked on the Google mapping meaning you can t get lost Not only that you can see all the other teams positions and track them as they move around the area helping with your team tactics Another development in the pipeline at Turnberry Adventures is our new 4 4 Off Road course Currently under

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/turnberry-adventures-gears-up-for-the-summer-season/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Corporate Events Industry News • Maximillion
    wide web is the launch of our brand new Maximillion website The new website has been designed to be Read More MadMax Adventures November 4 2014 News A new website is coming As part of our MadMax Adventures revamp we have a brand new website making its way onto the world wide Read More Maximillion acquires the IP of Roselle Events November 4 2014 News Maximillion has acquired the IP of Roselle Events following their liquidation earlier in this year Roselle Events was incorporated in 2001 and at their height Read More Team Effectiveness Programme October 28 2014 News Given the journey many organisations have been on over the last year what shape will your team be in when the road starts to open Read More Q How do you facilitate a group of team building specialists October 21 2014 General Team Building A One nail at a time In January the Maximillion team decided to take a bit of our own medicine taking some time out for Read More Questions for Sarah Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 September 10 2014 General Team Building Maximillion s Director of Ops Sarah had the pleasure of being selected to be one of the

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/news/page/10/ (2016-02-16)
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  • The Goose Is Loose at the Zoo! - Maximillion
    majestic Mansion House a striking 18th Century baronial mansion set in the heart of the Zoo or expand into the 180 seat lecture theatre and break out rooms of the nearby modern Budongo Lecture theatre situated in the Chimp Enclosure With the combination of a fantastic setting and top class facilities this really is the perfect venue for your next team building event which we of course are hoping will be the Edinburgh Zoo Explorer Tell me more If you are looking for something really unique for your next team building event then the Zoo Explorer offers just that With fabulous surroundings and inhabitants ranging from pandas to penguins we were definitely not short of inspiration when coming up with interesting challenges for this latest Wildgoose Scotland game How it works How it works The Edinburgh Zoo Explorer like our other Wildgoose Scotland GPS challenges requires participants to compete in teams as they navigate their way around GPS hot spots marked on an interactive zoo map on one of our fully loaded iPad minis The game makes great use of the fantastic space available as teams complete a variety of tasks including hilarious photo and video challenges The goal is to earn as many points as possible as teams work against the clock during this themed trail Our live scoreboard penalty points for incorrect answers and exciting timed challenges add a real time competitive twist to this game The game culminates in a prize giving for the whole group with prizes for the winners and losers and hilarity for all involved when the photos and videos are shown to the whole group A word from Compass Group at Edinburgh Zoo If you are looking for a truly unique venue with exciting team building activities then Edinburgh Zoo would be ideal

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/the-goose-is-loose-at-the-zoo/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Team Building Tips: Industry Experts Reveal Their Number 1 Tip
    the energy of the outdoors you will also enhance your team s creativity motivation communication and connection Your team building day will benefit from the positive impact natural open space has on our psychological emotional and physical wellbeing What s more it s fun to get outside Do something different and your team will thank you for it Caryn Skinner Helena Sharpstone Sharpstone Skinner We would say Trust is the fundamental part of teams working well We like the Trust equation It encourages individuals to think about being credible and using their expertise for the good of the team always delivering what they agreed to when they agreed to do it and being interested in their team mates as human beings This is all done with the self orientation spirit rather than other orientation it means being resilient and self reliant through tough times or mistakes instead of looking to blame others or lean heavily on others to build you back up Nelson Ferreira nelson ferreira com I believe that it s very important to actually engage with people s feelings even more than just with the practical outcomes of that activity The most transformative moments I ve experienced where the times when a deeper human connection was achieved only that unlocked a love for art that creatively sprouted AFTER the team building session Putting this plainly my role is to enable future artists I believe that creativity is the natural way of existing to deal with uncomfortable emotions By taking care of them while they re artistically on the edge they learn from me that they can also overcome and survive their fears Fear is usually a learnt behaviour that can be deconstructed Rob Edmond robedmond com Always be fluid and ready to adapt on the ground in case the need arises When in the thick of an event things often change like a major shift in the dynamics of the group or maybe some group members become noticeably more tired than others or maybe the weather that is always a big one there are a whole host of things that if identified at the time and adapted upon can turn a good day into a great one for all Even with the best laid plans and ironed out format it is good to have a couple of Plan B s and C s up your sleeve a change of tempo if they are flagging an impromptu break to fight off some fatigue maybe a mini challenge to spice things up or to fill some time if they get through tasks too quick a change around of teams or even a new rule which you introduce which solves an issue well before it becomes a problem If you can see whatever it is coming and make the changes before it happens then you are all in for a really great day Jane Cordez The Lead Training Academy There are many functions to Team Building but in reality it depends

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/industry-experts-reveal-their-number-1-team-building-tip/ (2016-02-16)
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  • How to become a great explorer? - Maximillion
    to become a great explorer How to become a great explorer May 26 2015 General Team Building News Wildgoose Scotland partners with the National Trust of Scotland Become a Great Explorer at the David Livingstone Centre Wildgoose Scotland are delighted to announce our latest project a public treasure hunt at the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre Using your own handset or device explorers navigate themselves around the fantastic site at the David Livingstone centre Featuring indoor and outdoor hotspots trivia interactive challenges photo tasks and lots of other activities our David Livingstone Explorer will have you following in Livingstone s footsteps in no time For example did you know that David Livingstone survived a lion attack Or that he walked 30 000 miles during his Expeditions in Africa Learn about navigation tools wildlife medicine African culture history and the David Livingstone story on your journey Head to the following website for more details and a survival guide for your visit back to blog Back to top Edinburgh Office Unit 2 Newbridge Industrial Estate Edinburgh EH28 8PJ edinburgh maximillion co uk Tel 0131 333 0066 Tel 0131 333 0066 Get Directions London Office 20 22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU london

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/how-to-become-a-great-explorer/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Summer Product Focus - Maximillion
    competitiveness It s hilarious to watch hysterical to play and inhibitions are willingly shed as the unique atmosphere takes hold Tell me more This is a big outdoors production that works with groups of between 40 to 240 The games are in the style of the old school TV show but with a contemporary twist ensuring a great team event A professional Compère supported by an experienced and uniformed event team comprising a Referee and a crew of water bucket wielding games instructors leads the event with a sound system belting out all the musical encouragement you need How it works Teams are taken through a mass warm up activity led by the Compere before being put through their paces on our massive inflatable games Up tempo music and the addition of props and costumes will keep your teams motivated as they battle their way through up to six giant inflatables We also include Whacky Races and School Relays in the Knockout Games Arena to make sure all participants are taking advantage of all the points scoring opportunities that the event provides With Compere commentary and light hearted banter provided throughout this activity is guaranteed to keep energy high and competition fierce with ultimate bragging rights for the winning team at the end of the day What we do differently Unlike other It s A Knockout event providers Maximillion ensures that the experience isn t just a thinly veiled spectator show with all participants fully involved and engaged all the time whether competing in a game or trying to knock their opponents off track We also use giant inflatable games suitable for team on team action not the smaller scale one on one games that you have to wait in line to take part in The end result A Knockout

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/summer-product-focus/ (2016-02-16)
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