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  • At the beginning of 09 the gloom descended… then came teambuilding - Maximillion
    depth consultation led by Mike This took place over June 2009 and a common understanding with the project sponsor of expectations and clearly defined outcomes was established Through this iterative and highly responsive approach we were able to align their business issues with a stimulating and participative programme of sessions and activities The event was positioned to acknowledge the efforts of staff over the period of change help the teams within the group function to understand each other better and gain a firmer steer on business direction We asked participants to do some pre event prep and managed participant expectations in advance through clear pre event communication Due to the potentially sensitive nature of aspects of the event this was further reinforced on the day by agreeing up front the ground rules for participation The day comprised a central line in the sand internal business address complimented by customised workshop sessions and team development tools such as Opening the Windows using the Johari Window tool to share knowledge to mutual benefit across teams as they recognise overlaps and potential opportunities The Good the Bad and the Ugly getting teams to focus on what has been achieved during the recent past and take pride in this In addition experiential activities such as Human Top Trumps Business Balls a specifically designed activity to introduce the concept of overloading and prioritising work and a facilitated Kinetic Connections whole group simulation were incorporated to reinforce one of the client s requirements of having fun with purpose Returning to Mike s February blog comment that the value to the business of well targeted and designed team development interventions is well proven the success of the day was very much echoed by the feedback provided by the client This type of intervention also underlines the benefits

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/beginning-09-gloom-descended-came-teambuilding/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Ceilidh dancing in Colombia - Maximillion
    Colombians are law abiding and respectable Strangers in the street unused to seeing many Europeans asked what my friends and family thought about me coming to Colombia and what their impression of Colombia was They re painfully aware of their bad press Now comfortable and familiar with my surroundings I started work at the day centres Colombian pupils go to school either in the morning or in the afternoon leaving disadvantaged children vulnerable for half the day with no one to care for them Living with their families in cramped run down accommodation these children are also exposed to the temptations and dangers of the city streets Local university students wanted to address this issue and set up two day centres The day centres located in the heart of the city and high up the mountainside provide a safe haven and are run by dedicated and caring co ordinators who organise activities and teach kids about respect hygiene and the value of education They are supported by volunteer psychologists nurses and social workers as well as supermarkets which provide enough food to ensure that each child has at least one square meal a day With the day centres closed for holidays I spent Easter week at an orphanage which has been set up by a local lady Usually packed to the brim with 70 youngsters the majority had returned home to their families there are few actual orphans rather children whose parents are unable or unwilling to look after them We looked after the 15 or so who remained taking them on day trips and running themed sessions and workshops Overseas volunteers play an important role in widening the kids horizons raising their awareness of the world beyond the Andes by giving them an insight into different cultures customs and

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/ceilidh-dancing-colombia/ (2016-02-16)
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  • FIFA 2010 South Africa - insights into approaches to effective team working - Maximillion
    I was in Cape Town recently and spent half a day at the stadium being constructed for the 2010 World Cup This is the first time that Africa has hosted such a world sporting event and South Africa is acutely aware of the pressure not least to show what Africa as a people is capable of when all that Europe seem to hear coming out of it is about corruption civil war and nepotism the main causes of the more human tragedies there The project is truly multinational with sub contractors from all over the world contributing for example the hi tech outer skin roof and the IT but with South Africans firmly in control There are multiple customers sometimes with competing interests Cape Town City Council FIFA and Stade de France who will manage the legacy There is also an immovable delivery date the games WILL take place from next June 11th No pressure then Talking to senior project managers a number of good teamworking behaviours were evident that while nothing new are contributing to the project being on time and with a lot to tell us about cost management I believe these less tangible factors can apply to any team and could be highly cost effective Share information This is crucial when expertise and components are coming together from all over the world So often in our teams knowledge is power especially where there is an us and them dynamic and this is highly dysfunctional In Cape Town it s the openness that ensures the engagement of all In my experience organisations boost their productivity significantly through effective role modelling in this area Tools such as Maximillion s Kinetic Connections make these points well Keep a sense of perspective It can be difficult to remember we re on the same side with the same goals Conflict is inevitable and I believe some conflict is healthy so when an impasse is reached step back and step up for a different view Even little things like taking a coffee break give people time to reflect Having a facilitator run the process will leave you free to focus on the content or on a larger scale team development events are a powerful way of creating new perspectives on a team s goals and performance Keep it human There may be battles in the many construction and finance meetings but senior managers work to understand each other as people outside the confrontations that occur in all projects Whatever you think of Gordon Brown he was genuinely touched by David Cameron s recent personal misfortune and was not afraid to show it Team performance tools can help us understand how each of us ticks Keep a sense of humour A well developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life I saw several examples of how managers used humour to keep it human and to joke about their past and forthcoming difficulties

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/fifa-2010-south-africa-insights-approaches-effective-team-working/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Any more Stupid questions? - Maximillion
    times but retains an unhealthy enthusiasm to see it again has agreed to introduce the evening with a prediction of how the Scottish climate will change in ten twenty or thirty years I wonder how my simplistic hypothetical graph will stand up to his scrutiny The debate will be spearheaded by a panel of four experts Philip Riddle Chief Executive of Visit Scotland who has his very own Scenario Planner so he should be pretty well briefed on what the future holds for us Tom Brock CEO of the Scottish Seabird Centre and in his spare time is Chair of the Sustainability Implementation Group Robin Worsnop MD of Rabbies Trail Burners and Chair of the Tourism Innovation Group Keith Geddes Deputy Chair of Scottish National Heritage Far from being a piece of over dramatised fictional hearsay the film s do nothing consequences are the reality unanimously accepted by scientific community and now our government I recently attended a Friends of the Earth seminar at Edinburgh University headlined by Lord Adair Turner wearing his Committee on Climate Change hat He is more easily recognised by some in his FSA hat The CCC would seem to accept Sir James Lovelock s preeminent scientist early and insightful prediction that by the end of the century the Earth s temperature will have risen by 8 80 of the population will have died and only the polar extremes will be habitable Lord Turner explained that we now have a 50 chance of restricting global warming by 2 and to achieve this we need to reduce green house gasses by 80 by 2050 Even if we achieve this ambitious reduction there will still be a 10 20 chance of 3 or higher temperature increase which would result in widespread global damage to life Scotland is now

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/stupid-questions/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Learning in a Virtual World - Maximillion
    today has moved from the single player game installed locally on your own PC to multi player games with your opponents or partners possibly spread all over the globe So it can be with games based learning One of the earliest GBL markets to be developing is the area of team development and personal development using virtual environments especially where clients have dispersed workforces possibly on a global scale and the opportunity for them to get together in a real world to build an effective team is quite limited both in budget and disruption to the workplace One solution is team building events in a virtual world where all that is needed is an average corporate PC and connection to the world wide internet Infiniteams is a suite of mini games which can be played in this way The games can be built into several different types of team building events from short lunch and learn sessions to full day adventure exercises Combined with facilitation the experience can be related back to business objectives and action plans can be developed for the team to follow up My view is notwithstanding the difficult times we are in today with the credit crunch and the pressure on costs in the corporate and public sector we believe that organisations will continue to spend possibly more so on their management and field customer facing employees in developing their ability to handle situations in a tough market However we also believe they will seek new ways of doing this with less time out of the office more short sessions possibly remote collaborative sessions and games technology based learning could be the answer There is no doubt that serious learning using GBL technology is beginning to get traction in the market place and will grow faster

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/learning-virtual-world/ (2016-02-16)
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  • New inflatable marquee for outdoor team building events - Maximillion
    removable see through windows this magnificent structure creates a fantastic central point for corporate events and outdoor team building The marquee works particularly well to support and enhance events such as Graffiti Highland Fling Family Fun Day Team Works Out The marquee can also be hired out separately of Maximillion organised events Want more info on our new marquee Contact us now Read more about Maximillion s corporate events back

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/news/new-inflatable-marquee-outdoor-team-building-events/ (2016-02-16)
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  • What's up? Staff updates. - Maximillion
    Goodbye Roy Finance Manager Roy Rennie left Maximilllion last month to take up an accountancy position with British Energy in Tranent We wish Roy all the best in his new role and hello Ramu Roy has been replaced by Ramu Kumarappan who has joined us from Farne Salmon and Trout and works Monday to Thursday Hailing from Malaysia Ramu enjoys Formula 1 playing hockey watching definitely not playing rugby and time with his two children Welcome back Lucy Lucy McLay C I Account Manager is back at work on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays after maternity leave Baby Eden is now happily settled into nursery as Mum adds her creative touch to your conference and incentive enquiries Many congratulations to Kristy and Kelsey on the birth of Sullivan Sully decided he wasn t for waiting appearing 6 weeks early on 26th February weighing 5lbs After a few weeks TLC in hospital he s now strong healthy and at home Jonathan who proposed to Joan on top of the Matterhorn Plans for a Northern Irish wedding are now well under way Sean and Sally who met on a Raleigh International expedition to Sabah and recently got engaged while underwater diving on holiday

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/news/whats-staff-updates/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Are you an Effective Leader? - Maximillion
    with non strengths focussed leadership The book takes as examples four successful leaders from diverse sectors Wendy Kopp founder and CEO of Teach for America Simon Cooper President of The Ritz Carlton group Mervyn Davies Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank and Brad Anderson CEO of huge US electronics chain Best Buy and analyses through their StrengthsFinder TM profiles and detailed personal interviews what it is that makes them exceptional leaders It moves on to discuss what strong teams have in common Conflict doesn t destroy strong teams because strong teams focus on results Strong teams prioritise what s best for the organisation and then move forward Members of strong teams are as committed to their personal lives as they are to their work Strong teams embrace diversity Strong teams are magnets for talent The authors discuss understanding why people follow for someone to be a leader obviously they need people to be followers and through their research with 20 000 followers Gallup found the most commonly mentioned words describing what leaders contribute to the followers lives Trust Compassion Stability and Hope Given the recent banking crisis and furore over bonuses and pensions these words have a certain resonance The second half of the book demonstrates how to take the StrengthsFinder TM assessment via the Gallup website each copy of this book contains a code to allow access a guide to the 34 Strengths themes see below and considerable detail on how to manage with your own strengths When you take the assessment via the code contained in the book you will receive a highly customised Strengths based Leadership Guide listing your top five themes of strength and suggestions for leading with each theme If you have already taken the test through the book Strengthsfinder 2 0 you are able to

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/general-team-building/effective-leader/ (2016-02-16)
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