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  • Conoco Phillips - Maximillion
    annual conference The outputs of the morning conference were captured live by our Conference Artist in a Conference in Pictures session This was followed by a bespoke participatory activity in the afternoon Customer is King specifically aligned to the theme of Customer Focus and incorporating elements of creativity with a competitive edge This was the first year that the UK Marketing incorporated team development activities into their conference Event Detail Venue Ardencote Manor Hotel near Warwick Style Conference facilitation large group team development Format Morning A Conference in Pictures incorporating live corporate cartooning support Afternoon Beach Ball Bingo conference energiser followed by Customer is King Dealing the Customer a Winning Hand dimensions of customer expectation perception Group size 90 participants Duration Full Day Objectives The main aims of this event were to cover A focus on creativity Building team relations and awareness of others Encouraging cross functionality The inclusion of as many people as possible Raising awareness of and promoting issues relating to Customer Focus and providing opportunities to link the learning generated back to the workplace Outline To maximise the impact of the morning conference presenter thoughts ideas and actions were captured and pictorially represented through metaphor by our conference artist Rather than recording the information of the presentations in the form of words and bullet points the outputs were captured real time in an extraordinary display of live quick fire drawing A gallery of 25 30 flip chart page images of the main issues and themes was built up around the venue walls as the event unfolded When the Gallery was complete post it notes were made available Delegates were invited to do a Gallery Walk write their feedback onto the post its and stick them to the appropriate poster Conversation was stimulated and views and ideas shared

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/global-petroleum-company/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Scottish Widows Investment Partnership - Maximillion
    business objectives while still being fun and encouraging participants to interact playing to each other s strengths Maximillion designed a half day intervention in the style of TV s Dragon s Den which met the brief perfectly Event Detail Date 2nd May 2011 Venue Archerfield East Lothian Format Themed team development activity combined with facilitation to ground key learning points Guests 8 Objectives Give the new senior team the opportunity to get to know one another better Encourage participants to be more creative in their thinking Challenge teams on the commerciality and soundness of their business planning Outline Teams were tasked with designing a new product choosing from Children s toy Item of clothing Food product Pet accessory Electronic accessory DIY product What they did Participants were encouraged to be as creative in their thinking as possible while also focusing on key considerations such as Design Manufacture Distribution Marketing Pricing The teams were provided with a raft of resources and materials to enable their research activity into the potential market for their product Teams had to build key elements of their research into their final pitches to ensure a level of face validity and rigour to the process The Dragons selected for the success and credibility they have achieved in their own business areas observed and interacted with teams during the planning stages to help facilitate the process A total of 250 000 of funding was made available to the winning team which was decided after the teams had made their pitches and were tested on the soundness of their business plans during rigorous face to face questioning sessions with the Dragons Following the event the Dragons compiled a document with their observations and feedback which is being used for the ongoing development of the team Event Feedback The design

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/financial-services-sales-marketing-senior-management-team/ (2016-02-16)
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  • F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. Switzerland - Maximillion
    percussion workshop Timings 5 hour afternoon event 13h00 to 18h00 Guests 45 participants Objective Its aims were to create the sense of One common mission to achieve a feeling of One team You have the power to make the changes you want to see You have the power to move things forward Outcomes Members leave with an understanding of how we need to work together as a team set of desired behaviors attitudes to achieve our common Mission Members get to know each other in a more informal context building a first sense of we are one team and thus breaking some of the silos Have Fun as a team People leave feeling inspired energized One Mission activity Retrospective Creating and agreeing a common future direction Setting behavioral goals to contribute to business achievement Determining the actions which will ensure effective implementation Retrospective enables participants to travel to the future and capture some of the retrospective learning and use it before they actually tackle the tasks at hand The event involved teams contributing to the making of a Retrospective magazine style themed video production which celebrates the achievements and successes of the project team over a given period Broadcast standard filming equipment and same day editing technology and techniques were incorporated by our professional videography team Themes in the form of key questions were given to each of the six groups which they needed to work on interpret and incorporate into the video production A 10 15 minute fast edit video was shared at the end of the day with the team during the post event drinks reception The video as such was not an end in itself While providing a sense of accomplishment seeing the final production on screen key to the activity was the How we worked together

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/f-hoffman-la-roche-ltd-switzerland/ (2016-02-16)
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  • City of Edinburgh Council - Maximillion
    input sessions from Service management and opportunities for discussion and review Guests 624 participants a multidisciplinary mix of Service operatives and management Duration 26 x one day events Objectives The team development objectives were aligned with the Aiming to Excellence pledges and key messages Deliver one day team building events to sensitise staff to the need for change and raise awareness of individual and collective contribution to the delivery of an efficient and cost effective service Engage staff with key Service pledges of teamwork everybody taking responsibility being the best being an ambassador to the Service being passionate about service keeping promises Outline The day started with an initial Management positioning presentation which explained the rationale for programme created the context and set ground rules Each group working as independent sub teams then rotated around four outdoor activities which were selected to get the participants thinking about teamwork the process of change and thinking outside the box Activities were overseen by a Waste Services Manager Facilitator and reviewed in light of the organisational context In the afternoon the focus shifted and the whole group worked together on a Kinetic Connections task which was selected as a strong metaphor for organisational working It assisted in breaking down barriers between individuals or teams drawing teams together to achieve a shared goal With little information and no initial direction only the combined efforts of every individual member of the group made the achievement of the task possible Success was achieved if all tasks were completed to specification and on time it was not competitive and needed co operation collaboration and a silo busting approach Through the regular activity time outs and the final review phase the group was encouraged to make links to the values and objectives of Edinburgh Waste Services and key

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/city-edinburgh-council/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Chivas Brothers - Maximillion
    1 hour workshops per day combining the internal training with the facilitated juggling session The suite of events will be followed by the UK wide event in June 2012 This day will involve a mass juggling competition a best practise exhibition a video stand with the CEOs message and an area for people to complete a quiz and enjoy some refreshments Event objectives To educate all employees encourage and raise awareness of the roles they play in encouraging responsible drinking Communicate key messages within the organisation regarding responsible drinking To create a convivial moment for employees through an activity based shared learning experience provided by Maximillion Event format In each 1 hour workshop session participants were provided with a 30 minute training presentation by the Chivas Brothers Internal Communications team During the training the idea of juggling was introduced i e the right choices regarding responsible drinking are sometimes difficult to make because people are juggling so many different pressures on a day to day basis peer pressure stress etc Attendees were then invited to have 30 minutes of hands on juggling tuition and coaching by the Maximillion Circus Skills Facilitation team using a set of branded juggling balls The Facilitators ensured that the key messages of the internal training were reflected in the scope of the juggling session Learning to juggle is about making a commitment It s a great way to start a conversation and engage with people It s also a skill that can be taught to others from one s own personal experience Lead Facilitator David Harrison has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with corporate groups both large and small and at all levels from senior management He was effective in making the link between the scope of the presentation the juggling intervention and aspects of personal and team development adding value as well as fun and energy to the sessions beyond just the juggling instruction At the end of each session employees were asked to go away and communicate the responsible drinking message with friends and family They were also asked to practise their juggling skills before the main event in June Outcomes David says Key to the success of the project was the combined ability of ourselves and the client to adapt to changing situations not only site by site but also as the project evolved For us the different sites and composition of the employee groups always presented a new challenge On the first large group we delivered to the format which had worked so well for smaller groups had to be changed because of a the number of people involved and b the size of the room meant people weren t standing shoulder to shoulder After the Kilmalid events I consciously made a point of always engaging participants as they came into the room not only to gauge the feeling but to demonstrate that were friendly and approachable Our client recognised that word would get around and rather than keep things

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/chivas-brothers/ (2016-02-16)
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  • EDF Energy - Maximillion
    These were delivered by members of the Maximillion Lead Facilitation team and included inputs from selected past year graduates To ensure organisational relevance the programme was designed around the organisation s existing competency areas of Teamwork Building Relationships Developing Self The week culminated in personalised one to one review and planning sessions where time was set aside for participants for personal reflection and where they used the facilitation team as a sounding board to plan their development Event Detail Venue Lodore Falls Hotel The Lake District Cumbria Style Team based personal development Format Internal business presentations facilitated workshops and input sessions whole group and sub team indoor and outdoor activities and experiences One to one review and development planning sessions Guests 57 participants plus 14 managers and staff of EDF Energy Duration 5 consecutive days Objectives Smooth the transition from academic study into a professional workplace context Stimulate personal development through teamwork collaboration positive interaction generating individual team learning opportunities and creating workplace associations Bring the group together under a shared agenda and a set of common goals and organisational competences to encourage and develop leadership communication collaboration creative thinking problem solving and personal influencing skills Strengthen relationships in a fun safe environment while providing a memorable experience Programme outline The main appeal of the programme was its diversity and its ability to provide a dynamic and engaging platform upon which the participants could Explore personal strengths and development areas Share experiences and increase self awareness of their contribution in a team context Reflect on how actions and behaviours can impact on individual and team effectiveness and performance Outcome The key one for all was increased self awareness of and a gauge for measuring individual performance and contribution in team based situations The programme provided an ideal opportunity for the

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/british-energy-part-edf-energy/ (2016-02-16)
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  • YPO - Maximillion
    were instrumental in organising over 11 separate family university events for the group s which was launched by a grand Opening Ceremony at the Gleneagles Equestrian Centre YPO parents and children ages 6 18 were encouraged to strengthen their relationships as they develop communication team building and listening skills together over the week long programme managed by Maximillion Event detail Format Style Opening ceremony Venue all seated arena Gleneagles equestrian centre Group size 750 Duration Afternoon Objective The organisation wanted to set the tone for their week long trip called the Clan Enlightenment by providing a show piece introduction involving all guests and families A grand ceremony was requested to include speeches from key members of the organisation including the joint Chairmen Outline The ceremony was held within the Equestrian Centre at Gleneagles and included a full stage set and AV equipment with two podiums Lighting was provided to enhance the overall look and feel and a professional compere was employed to lead the proceedings The various displays included two full pipes and drums bands horseback jousting competition display comedy sketches Outcome The Opening Ceremony proved to be an enormous success with guests still talking about it long into their 18 day stay Feedback You outdid yourselves as YPO s event management team for the 2002 Family University We enjoyed working with your team on various university programs including youth leadership off sites and socials which we believe to be considered the most challenging parts of a university The one thing that has become obvious to both the committees and our attendees is that Maximillion consistently offers professional high quality event management services as well as a keen understanding of the ins and outs of a YPO university Your team is easy to work with creative and in our opinion

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/ypo-young-presidents-organisation/ (2016-02-16)
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  • SCCYP Conference - Maximillion
    have worked with Home Reviews Case Studies SCCYP Conference SCCYP Conference In 1991 our country signed up to an international agreement the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child This is a set of promises to do certain things to make life better for children and young people SCCYP s job is to make sure those promises are kept Event Detail Venue The Hub Edinburgh Format One day conference Guests 100 150 Objectives To explore the barriers to legal reform Discuss the need for public awareness and support for parents To raise awareness gather information for SCCYP and pull key professionals together to talk about the issues To progress the public education agenda Outline Pre event marketing Delegate registration management Response handling Bespoke audiovisual production Venue management Delegate management Exhibitor management Speaker management Onsite event management Who was it for The conference was attended by 100 150 delegates Feedback I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lucy and everyone at Maximillion we really enjoyed the event and the feedback we have had so far has been very positive Thanks again for all the hard work put in by Maximillion Back to top Edinburgh Office Unit

    Original URL path: http://www.maximillion.co.uk/reviews/case-studies/sccyp-conference/ (2016-02-16)
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