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  • Mekuti Request a brochure page
    Street Address Street Address Line 2 Town or City County Post Code United Kingdom Country PLEASE NOTE we can only send our Product Brochure to addresses in the UK E mail How did you hear about Mekuti Send Should be Empty What other people say about Mekuti and our products What the professional says Pulling on the lead is a highly rewarding behaviour and one that is often well established before puppies come to class The balance harness together with the double ended lead is a gentle approach to teaching a dog how to be in control of its body without causing pain and physical harm to the tender neck area In my experience as a behaviour counsellor I have found that neck pain resulting from pulling on the lead can result in a dog demonstrating on lead aggressive behaviour Once owners have been shown how to use each of the lead attachments independently and give clear signals to the dog they find that very quickly their dog will start to respond to the lightest touch and there is no need for any further tension on the lead One of the most frequent comments I get about the balance harness is how much calmer dogs are when walked in them and how very quickly walking the dog changes from a battle to a pleasure Sarah Marsh CABP COAPE Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1 Bucks More Clients Your service was excellent I ordered lunchtime one day and received my goods the very next day Mrs Hopkins Dylan did so well this year he had the herbs from Dorwest and with the T shirt he did absolutely fantastically with the fireworks Last year was so awful for him so I am really pleased Dylan is 13yrs old we rescued him as a 1yr

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  • The Mekuti Balance Dog Harness: stop your dog pulling on the lead.
    Harness with neck clip and Lead 40 00 What size do I need Colour BLACK ONLY Lead Length Option Standard length LONG 3 metre lead adds 4 45 LONG 3m lead is available only for M L and XL harnesses Quantity Please note all prices shown include VAT Value Added Tax is for the UK and EU countries this will be deducted if the goods are exported to non EU countries The Mekuti Balance Harness Set further details The Mekuti Balance Dog Harness Set comes with a Double Ended Lead in a colour that goes with the harness The Mekuti Double Ended Leads that come with the Set are designed specifically to be used with the size of harness they relate to for comfort of the dog and the dog walker as there are different lead lengths and widths for different size harnesse Our standard Double Ended Leads are made from SOFTEX a padded material which is really comfortable to use doesn t get slippy in the rain and is strong enough to hold any dog They can also be easily used as a regular lead by clipping one of the trigger hooks to one of the extra rings along the lead to make a loop handle of varying lengths Many of our customers who have had sore hands or painful shoulders are delighted as to how reassuring these leads are to use You can also buy the Harness only by itself You can buy the harness by itself by clicking on this text if you already have a suitable double ended lead PLEASE NOTE in order to promote balanced walking and to stop your dog pulling the harness MUST be used with a suitable double ended lead This lead also needs to have the clip feed through a metal ring 1 in diameter On the Mini harness this ring is only 1 2 Fully adjustable for the best fit The Mekuti Balance Harness is FULLY ADJUSTABLE within the size range you choose for your dog It can be adjusted on the Neck Straps the Chest Strap and the Barrel Straps around the ribs to make the perfect fit for any breed type size or shape of dog To find the correct size for your dog measure around the rib cage Colours Small Medium and Large Harnesses are vailable in 7 different colours See colours below Mini Harnesses are available in Black or Red and the Extra Large Harnesses are only available in Black Please also note that the Harnesses and Leads are made from different material so they Co Ordinate in colour rather than exactly Match Return to where I was Colours available Harness material colour Co ordinating Lead Colour Black Black Red Red OR with Red Navy option Purple Purple Cedar Cedar Navy Royal Blue Royal Blue OR with new Royal Emerald option Navy Gypsy Red Navy OR new Navy Blue option Green Gypsy Royal Emerald or Emerald Please note that colours shown are only an indication New

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/harness_shop.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti - Product Reviews
    taken out of action due to it being infiltrated by spam organisations We hope to re establish this popular feature in the very near future In the meantime please feel free to email your comments to info mekuti co uk

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/reviews.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Fleece dog jumpers to help dogs stay warm, clean and calm.
    ve not experienced Meg overheating in hers Who would benefit from a Jumper Anxious or sound sensitive dogs Elderly stiff or arthritic dogs Working dogs for recovery Show dogs Thin coated dogs Post operative recovery Relaxing calming and easy to maintain The HotterDog Jumper comes with Meg s personal recommendation she s been warm dry and so relaxed as it also appears to have the same calming effect as theEquafleece t shirt and the TTouch Body Wrap Conveniently her jumper also washes up an absolute treat drying in no time at all and she looks pretty smart too TOP TIP Put the jumper on the one that gets mucky in the first place the jumper is easier to clean HOTTERDog Fleece Jumpers Go to the top of this page for more information Drying off your dog in record time Our dog Meg is blessed with a coat that doesn t hold gallons of water or mud it just seems like it when she leaves a trail all over the sofas but it still holds the damp even after a rub down with a towel She is also prone to being cold The problem came to a head over the New Year when she got drenched and had to wait in the van while we were visiting parents She got SO cold that it took her a few days to recover I vowed to find something that would Keep the worst of the rain off Keep her warm Be wearable indoors and out Not make her look fancy Fit properly how many coats slip Be strap free Have good body coverage without interference of bodily functions Be comfortable I ve found it The Hotter Dog Jumper Made from premium grade medium weight EquaLX fleece it s claimed to maintain its velvety texture without pilling Read what some of our customers have said The jumper is great my staffie who is scared of fireworks heard some on the TV twice today normally he would be scared for the rest of the day listening and waiting for more but as he was wearing his jumper at the time he was absolutely fine and did not seem to be bothered at all by the noise he once hated F Cox With the snow outside I put their jumpers on and they loved them they are such nice quality and cosy The dogs are sleeping beside the roaring fire with their jumpers on very snug and very happy thanks for such a great product for two oldies From a greatful Labrador and Westie and human companion Mrs S Bishop Many thanks received the next day fantastic service can t wait for it to rain so she can wear her jumper Patricia I just had to let you know that I am delighted with the HOTTERDOG SWEATER that I received this morning it fits my dog perfectly Thank you for such prompt delivery I ordered it very late on Sunday evening and received it first thing

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/hotter.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • CarPet Fluff removing tool for your carpets, rugs and upholstery.
    top of page Please note all prices include VAT Value Added Tax Page Updated 30 07 15 2016 Mekuti and Rachael Greenland CarPet An inexpensive and effective pet hair removal tool for your Clothes Furniture and Car Upholstery We keep one in the car to do the quick once over before going visiting which helps to reduce the Yeti Look and keep our friend s houses less contaminated CarPet Pet

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/carpet.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti Double-Ended Dog Leads made from Softex: to go with the harness or used as a normal lead.
    more freedom for your dog NOTE You can buy a lead and harness together and save 1 Softex Double Ended Leads Standard width features a smaller trigger hook on one end generally used with the Small and Medium sized Mekuti Balance Harnesses The 1 option features large clips on both ends and is generally used with the Large Mekuti Balance Harness Mekuti Double Ended Leads can clip to rings on the lead itself to form a HANDLE and used as a regular lead Choose from 2 metres long wide 19mm small and large trigger hook for a general purpose lead 2 metres long 1 wide 25mm large trigger hooks at both ends for bigger dogs 2 5 metres long wide small and large trigger hook for smaller dogs to prevent you from stooping 3 metres long wide small and large trigger hook for use as a long line or training lead allowing more freedom for the dog when both ends are clipped to the Mekuti Balance Harness 3m metres long 1 wide large trigger hooks at both ends for use as a long line or training lead on bigger dogs and suitable for use with the Large Mekuti Balance Harness Please Select Required Length 2 metre 11 35 2 metre 1 wide large clips 14 50 2 5 metre 12 40 3 metre 15 80 3 metre 1 wide large clips 18 95 Colour Black Purple Royal Blue Royal Emerald stripe Red Red Navy stripe Emerald Cedar Navy stripe Navy Blue NEW Quantity Emerald Leads unfortunately the 2m 1 version of the Emerald lead is not currently available We do still have Emerald available in the LONG 3 metre length 2m Softex with Large Clips 2 metres long narrow width An alternative to the standard lead which comes with the

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/leads.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti Leg Wraps to help dog with agility, spine and joint problems..
    Brings awareness to the legs and feet Helps agility dogs from hitting jumps Feeling grounded NB Sold in pairs Colours may vary but we usually only have BLACK in stock Leg Wraps pair Small Medium Large 4cm 9cm 1 5 3 5 5cm 13cm 2 5 12cm 16cm 4 75 6 25 Size Please Select Size Small Cats ndash 8 80 Medium Small Dogs 8 80 Large Large Dogs 8 80 Quantity All prices include VAT How it Works These simple neoprene and velcro straps are wrapped around front or hind legs or both to gently bring the animals awareness to the limb and the foot and their use of them An agility dog that keeps knocking jumps down will be able to work out where its feet are in relation to the jump or the ground and make the necessary adjustments Anxious animals can lose their contact with the ground which can only add to their unsteadiness mentally If you have a nervous or worried dog try this using the back of the hand only and WITHOUT LEANING OVER THE DOG gently stoke down their leg towards the foot Do they move either it or themselves away from your

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/legwraps.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti promotes the use of clicker training for all animals.
    box when you order We cannot guarantee to have one in stock but we will do our best to match your choice Price 2 95 Quantity Clicker Training for Dogs hardback An excellent introduction to Clicker Training Price 8 99 Quantity This book is about a gentle humane hands off system of training that allows your pet to take a full and active part in the process Clicker training is

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/clickers.htm (2016-02-08)
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