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  • Mekuti Collars: perfect fitting and go with your Mekuti Dog Harness
    5 90 Medium 20in max 6 40 Large 28in max 6 90 Colour Black Red Royal Blue Purple Cedar Green Gypsy Navy Gypsy Quantity These fully adjustable collars have been made with the seams on the outside to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog The plastic clip will not dis colour the coat nor pull out the fur Sizes Small up to 12 Webbing 5 90 Softex 6 90

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  • Mekuti Body Wraps for dog anxiety & sound sensitivity
    or thunder for example The sense of security given by the wrap also brings confidence allowing them to release habitual responses and behavioural patterns allowing them to observe the world around them and respond rather than react to stimuli An elasticized strong bandage that has the versatility to be adapted to your animals needs PLEASE NOTE if you have a dog who seems disconnected from their rear end two wraps can be joined together to make a full wrap i e one that goes around both front and rear ends This can also help dogs with hip displacia and general stiffness used for short periods only You can use just one body wrap for a half wrap around the chest ribs It is not advisable to leave an animal un attended whilst wearing a wrap The manufacturing process of the elasticated body wraps is not exact and lengths may vary by up to 30cm You will always be able to complete a Half Wrap with one but may need two wraps together to do a Full Wrap FREE factsheet Coping with sound sensitivity DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED IN A WRAP If you need to leave them or if you want to take your dog for an extended walk then the T Shirt or a HotterDog Jumper may be used as safer options CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS My 10 year old collie was terribly distressed during thunderstorms or fireworks At first I was sceptical that such a simple idea could work but with the TTouch Body Wrap on he s a different dog and slept through a recent storm for the first time ever Even when next door s house was hit by a thunderbolt it was miraculous everyone else was terrified but he just settled down to sleep This Body

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/bodywraps.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti Calming Bands can help with excessive barking, emotional responses and general confidence.
    28in 9 95 Large 28in 36in 9 95 Ex Large 32in 40in 11 95 Quantity IMPORTANT The Mekuti Calming Band does not restrict movement or keep the mouth closed The dog will be comfortably able to pant and drink but will still be able to bark and bite They are not designed to be used as a head halter with a lead DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED with a Calming Band on How it Works Calming Bands are used to bring an animals awareness to their mouth Within the system of Tellington TTouch TM mouth work is utilised to activate the limbic system the part of the brain that looks after the emotions The elasticized noseband gently creates that contact whilst also changing their awareness e g barking can be a habit see dog or postman bark during a barking episode the calming band gently brings their awareness to their muzzle and thus interrupts the barking by taking their attention away from the stimulus By allowing them to be aware of habitual responses and behavioural patterns they may change them and begin to observe the world around them and respond rather than react to stimuli Customers tell us that their Calming Band is useful both outside where they note their dogs become less reactive to other dogs and people and inside especially when visitors arrive CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS I really didn t expect this to work but it has I received this 5 days ago and immediately started to put it on my very yappy sheltie every time we went out for a walk From the very first time I noticed a difference Before he would start barking at any dog as soon as he could see them and when they got closer his aggression made the other dogs aggressive

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/calm_bands.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • T-Shirts from Mekuti can help with anxiety and sound sensitivity - excellent for firework fright and contact allergies.
    00 black only 26 to 28 16 00 black only 28 to 30 19 00 black only 31 to 34 19 00 black only Size T shirt Extra Small black only 13 00 T shirt Very Small black only 13 00 T shirt Small 13 00 T shirt Small Medium black only 16 00 T shirt Medium black only 16 00 T shirt Medium Large black only 16 00 T shirt Large black only 19 00 T shirt Extra Large black only 19 00 Colour Black Camo Brown Quantity This snug fitting T Shirt for dogs gives your dog a cuddle and can particularly help nervous dogs a bit like swaddling clothes for a baby These are so useful and effective especially during the firework seasons at Bonfire Night and New Year celebrations How it Works As stress levels fall the dog finds it easier to breathe and cope with any fear or apprehension By lightly touching the skin along the back and around the belly the T Shirt encourages the release of hormones credited with creating feelings of calmness and closeness All it needs is a gentle touch much like what comes naturally to everybody when we see someone in distress The Extra Small and Extra Large are available in both the Black and Camo colour a sort of dark green brown This well made t shirt is shaped to fit your dog snugly but not tightly The t shirt can also be used to help with contact allergies grass seed etc FREE factsheet Coping with sound sensitivity Measure in circumference around the rib cage just behind the front legs CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS She also has the T shirt which she loves wearing She doesn t seem to want to take it off and loves all the compliments V Howe

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/tshirts.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Neem products for you and your animals. Useful for treating lice, fleas, ticks etc.
    only product manufacturers we have found to have mastered the smell of neem making it pleasant to use and they continue to develop and improve products in response to feedback from users and customers worldwide Neem and turmeric are natural non patented substances and have been used to relieve many conditions in humans and other mammals for over 2000 years Neem is non toxic to mammals and is reported to be effective in controlling over 600 types of pest Please note Neem causes temporary infertility which reverses after a few weeks so use with caution if you are planning a mating IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO TAKE NEEM INTERNALLY DURING PREGNANCY OR PLANNED PREGNANCY AS IT IS A POWERFUL CONTRACEPTIVE Normal cycles return within 5 weeks of finishing treatment Unfortunately we cannot export Neem products outside of the UK Reported Key Benefits of using Neem with animals include Natural repellent for Natural Healing aid Fleas Ticks Mites Skin Ear Flies Mange Lice Minor Cuts Grazes broken Skin Skin Irritations Itching Insect bites or Allergies Sore or Cracked Pads Worms Digestive Upset Arthritis Arrythmia Hair Loss Click here for further information at the bottom of this page PLEASE NOTE Actual packaging may differ from the pictures shown AVAILABILITY Unfortunately our UK supplier is no longer fulfilling Trade Orders and we will not be able to re stock our popular Neem products once they run out We are very sad at their decision but it is beyond our control Unfortunately our UK supplier is no longer fulfilling Trade Orders and we will not be able to re stock our popular Neem products once they our out of stock We are very sad at their decision but it is beyond our control Pure Neem Oil Relieving many skin problems cracked pads blisters and

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/neem.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti Fake Hands are a practical, safe and useful tool for assessing rescue or touch sensitive animals
    and helping to assess animals in rescue or general training to help close and safe handling FAKE HAND rubber hand left only on a dowel with padded arm Mekuti Fake Hands are an essential tool for all Rescue Centres and animal behaviour practitioners They are designed to give a nervous or wild animal an opportunity to learn new ways of coping with both touch and people Our hands are constantly giving off information e g heat cold and even static which can be sensed by the dog The Mekuti Fake Hand is neutral You are able to touch the animal whilst remaining in full view of them nervous animals can react more fearfully when they feel crowded and the hand gives them the space to think and breathe How many times have you worked with a potentially aggressive animal and worried about being bitten With the Mekuti Assessor Hand you can be close to them and feel confident that if you do go further than they can handle the only bite marks will be in the rubber They will pick up on your confidence and feel more comfortable with you there You will also not be tempted to pull the

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/assessor_shop.htm (2016-02-08)
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  • Mekuti Training Books: Dog behaviour training and gentle calming techniques. TTouch and Natural Nutrition for dogs and cats.
    on walks How to use BAT preventatively for puppy socialization This is a comprehensive guide suitable for anyone who needs help with a reactive dog as well trainers rescue staff having regular Notes for Pros in side bars for those using BAT to help with other people s dogs and a special chapter for professionals using BAT with clients This book also features lots of great illustrations to help explain the processes and observations Author Grisha Stewart 212 pages Black White Dogwise Publishing Clicker Training for Dogs hardback 8 99 Quantity Positive reinforcement that works Clicker training is the revolutionary method of training that is kind effective fast simple and fun Written by Karen Pryor the world pioneer of the clicker this book is an ideal introduction that shows you how to teach your dog General obedience moves To come when called Not to pull on the lead Target training To carry items and to put them away Tricks and Games Once you ve mastered the basic principles of clicker training you can use it for problem solving and for expanding your dog s training with the clicker anything is possible Author Karen Pryor 110 pages full colour Interpret Publiching Clickers sold separately The Truth About Wolves Dogs 14 99 Quantity A comprehensive myth buster of the dominance dog training theory and why we shouldn t blame the wolf This highly original and unique book encourages the reader to challenge old traditions and misconceptionss about their canine companion and question the advice given by out of touch and out of date dog trainers This enlightening book will help owners throw out old ideas that can actually damage their relationship with their faithful friend and allow them to begin working with their dog in an atmosphere of trust love and mutual respect Beautifully illustrated throughout and complemented by superb photography of animals in their natural state which will take the reader on a journey of discovery The author Toni Shelbourne is a successful TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner This book is a result of her ground breaking work with a pack of socialised wolves for ten years developing a unique insight into their behaviour Extract Have you ever worked with a dog trainer and felt uncomfortable about the information given Did you witness something happen to your dog at the hands of the pr ofessional which made you squirm Have you been presented with a long list of dos and donts which you are told you must follow to the letter because if you don t your dog will become the alpha in your family Have you been excluded from training class told your dog is untrainable and made to feel inadequate or a bad owner Worst of all did you feel like you were breaking trust with your faithful companion by following these rules Maybe at this point you simply decided not to carry on with the dog trainer s instructions because they just did not sit right with you And

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  • Spotterdog, high visibility bandana for your dog.
    Anxiety Barking Chewing Cold Wet dogs Feet dragging Gait Irregularities Hand shyness Pulling on the lead Sound sensitivity Training Travel problems Post Packing rates Go to top of page Please note all prices shown include VAT Value Added Tax Page Updated 24 04 12 2010 Mekuti and Rachael Greenland Spotterdog NEW ish An inexpensive and effective high visibility bandana for your dog Spotterdog Hi Viz Neckerchief OUT OF STOCK We

    Original URL path: http://www.mekuti.co.uk/spotterdog.htm (2016-02-08)
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