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  • Garden and Conservatory Ceramics from Dorset based Kate Mellors
    pieces that blend with and enhance the atmosphere of the garden The collection includes ceramic lanterns birdbaths fountains tables and a wide range of urns and planters Many of her influences have come from the Far East and Africa The ceramics are glazed to give a rugged stone like texture which can range from subdued stony blue to greenish brown in colour You can buy Kate s garden ceramics by
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/ (2016-05-02)

  • Garden planters from Kate
    are fully frostproof The subtle mottled glaze contrasts agreeably with foliage colour to show plants to their best effect You can buy Kate s ceramic garden lanterns by either requesting a catalogue and order form or by phoning 01297 678217 Click the lanterns to view larger L4 Sakura 102x46cm 643 L1 Kogarashi 120x48cm 643 L2 Yozora 100x43cm L3 Tsukiakari 98x40cm 528 L5 Nishi 80x40cm 379 L6 Tsukimi 43x35cm 277 L7
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/lanterns.htm (2016-05-02)

  • Other garden and conservatory ceramics from Kate Mellors
    by either requesting a catalogue and order form or by phoning 01307 678217 Click the photographs to view larger Table O1 53x53cm 478 Stool O2 33x30cm 199 Bird Bath O3 59x42cm 370 Ribbed Urns O5 40x26cm 130 O6 45x34cm 175 Rounded Urns O8 40x26 114 O7 45x34cm 155 Water Dish O9 8x35cm 40 Stepping Stones O11 Plain 1x34cm 23 O10 Decorative 1x34cm 30 Small Table O12 48x33cm 196 Contact Us
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/other.htm (2016-05-02)

  • Ceramic garden planters from Kate Mellors
    Kate s garden ceramics by either requesting a catalogue and order form or by phoning 01297 678217 Click the planters to view larger Ribbed Planters P1 42x42cm 192 P10 32x39cm 81 Large Round Planters P4 29x40cm 85 P6 33x39cm 74 P3 17x30cm 39 P2 17x21cm 26 P11 14x17cm 20 Square Planters P8 43x42cm 162 P5 31x30cm 75 Wall Planter P7 40x42cm 77 click left photo to view larger Contact Us
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/planters.htm (2016-05-02)

  • Kate Mellors pottery workshop
    clay Kate throwing a water basin When the pot is completely dry the glaze is applied It is then fired in a 30 cu ft propane gas kiln The kiln is left on low overnight and fired up slowly and evenly the next day for about twelve hours until it reaches 1280C When the kiln is cool the following day the ceramics can be taken out The pottery is made
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/workshop.htm (2016-05-02)

  • Ceramic garden fountains from Kate Mellors
    bought cheaply from garden centres or DIY superstores For more information about pumps see below You can buy Kate s garden ceramics by phoning 01297 678217 Water Basin F4 with hidden base 44x32cm 320 Click the photograph to view a larger image Pump details The pump should be installed in accordance with current IEE regulations incorporating a circuit breaker An outdoor socket close to the water feature is recommended so
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/fountains.htm (2016-05-02)

  • Useful resources about garden and other ceramics
    uk www artinclay co uk www studiopottery co uk www craftscouncil org uk www somersetguild co uk Contact Us For more information either email us at or telephone 01297 678217 Rosemead Marshwood Bridport Dorset DT6 5QB If you would like
    http://www.mellors-ceramics.co.uk/pages/links.htm (2016-05-02)

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