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  • Top 10 Mobile Phones Most Prone to Faults - Mobile Phone Insurance
    having a fault are as follows Samsung Galaxy S III HTC Desire S Nokia Lumia 610 iPhone 4 BlackBerry Bold 9900 iPhone 4S Sony Xperia S BlackBerry Curve 9220 Samsung Tocco Lite 2 LG Nexus 4 When looking at the phones that historically were least frequently reported as having faults the site found the iPhone 3GS to be amongst the most reliable along with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 in at second place The site data also revealed that users with white coloured handsets were more likely to experience handset breakdowns or faults than those with black or silver coloured phones yet the reasons why remained unclear Jason Brockman Director at MobileInsurance co uk said the following We ve already looked at the phones that get accidentally damaged the most but that tends to be down to the user Breakdowns and faults with the handset itself often can t be avoided so we wanted to let people know which phones most commonly experience faults so that they can avoid them It seems those looking for reliability need to forget about having the most modern phone and revert back to trusty older handsets like the iPhone 3GS Perhaps that s where I m going wrong as I ve never been the proud owner of an Apple phone If you have a phone that s prone to faults like one of those 10 in the list be sure to get your handset a decent insurance policy We cover handsets up to 12 months old and as part of that cover we insure against phone faults and handsets breaking down effectively picking up where the manufacturer s warranty ends Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Best Insurance Provider What s Covered Accidental

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/top-10-mobile-phones-most-prone-to-faults/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Reaction: Do I have to be beaten up to claim? - Mobile Phone Insurance
    not cover you when you wave your mobile in the air at concerts and it s taken or taken from you as you re chatting on your phone walking down the street It is your duty to be vigilant and sensible with your phone always be mindful that it will be a target for thieves and criminals You wouldn t walk down the street holding a bundle of notes for all to see would you We are not alone We have looked at some of the other providers of mobile phone insurance including Lifestyle Services Group which operate most of the banks inclusive cover and Protect Your Bubble although they have different wording they too have clauses which cover this type of incident More inaccuracies in the article Other claims on the site are also factually incorrect the What Should Mobile Phone Insurance Do section it states one of the specific things insurance will cover you for is mislaying it in a public place this is not true Again all insurers specifically exclude incidents such this as a grounds for claim favouring that genuine loss is covered but if you place your phone down in a public place and forget where you put it or it s taken then this is not deemed reasonable care for your mobile and a claim will be refused Outrage that Mobile Insurance Complaints are going up Insurance claims are going up therefore the number of complaints are going up All Insurance companies are more resistant to paying out on claims in favour of reducing premiums which in turn will lead to claimants filing a complaint So it stands to reason that the number of complaints about mobile insurance is going to go up Incidentally it s only in the last year that Mobile Phone

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/reaction-do-i-have-to-be-beaten-up-to-claim/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Top 10 Mobile Phone-Related Pet Hates - Mobile Phone Insurance
    Annoying ring tones Thankfully the Crazy Frog has crawled back under his lily pad and it s now less common to hear the annoying ding ding shrill belting out of a handset However there are still a fair few annoying ring tones about If you re one of those people with a hilarious gimmicky ring tone change it and do it quickly There s nothing wrong with the classy ring ring of the iPhone or BlackBerry most handsets offer this option It does the job and you re less likely to annoy everyone around you So what if 10 people reach for their pocket when your phone rings because everyone from here to Timbuktu has the same ring tone that s how we like it Miss Mr Popularity We don t care if you have 150 more friends than us on Facebook or even in real life What we do care about though is if your text email social media alerts are sounding ever 3 5 seconds If you re getting frequent messages in whatever format keep your phone on silent or vibrate Constant alarms can be annoying Is that my alarm There s not a lot you can do about this one but we re going to point it out anyway If you ve ever experienced that unexplained rage at hearing a stranger s ring tone only to realise it s because that very same noise is what wakes you up each morning you ll know it s not nice Having a ring tone that s likely to be other people s alarm tone each morning on their handset is likely to attract looks that could quite genuinely kill How do you get around this predicament then Well if the whole nation makes their own custom alarm tone maybe by singing into their voice recorder everyone will be happy Simple right Unwelcome meeting attendee Important business meetings are not the place for mobile phones that aren t set to silent It s common courtesy to keep your phone switched off or on the quiet function at least whilst you re discussing the matters at hand If you forget to do this and your best pal decides it s a good time to call you to tell you all about their latest bargain you ll be in the company dog house That ll be 10 please There s been a lot in the press recently about shop workers getting irritated when they re trying to serve a customer who is mid conversation on the phone Like some of the earlier pet hates mentioned in this post it s just bad manners Tell the person you re talking to to hold on for a moment whilst you pay for your goods and carry the conversation on afterwards Hands free Have you ever wrongly assumed someone was talking to you because you couldn t see their mobile phone That s probably because of some small gadgets shoved in the person s ear

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/top-10-mobile-phone-related-pet-hates/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Mobile Phones to be Unbreakable with New Force-Field Protection - Mobile Phone Insurance
    scenario in which the handset s condition was put in jeopardy With this new force field style protection a small sensor is attached somewhere on the mobile phone but this is invisible and doesn t detract from the overall appearance of the handset If the sensor recognises that a phone is being dropped thrown or is dangerously close to some form of liquid the force field a barrier made up of energy particles to protect the device is activated which subsequently protects the handset from any kind of accidental damage This is thought to be a world first in the mobile sense The force field sensor is not transferrable onto humans animals or any object above a certain size that size being of the largest mobile phone in existence so people cannot use the sensor to protect themselves against falls drowning or any other kind of unfortunate and probably self inflicted through stupidity event Images of the force field mobile phone protection developed by www MobileInsurance co uk in action can be found here The force field will officially be launched in the near future and no price information is yet available Jason Brockman Director of MobileInsurance co uk said the following We re a mobile phone insurance company and with accidental damage being a top reason for claims we realise that our new force field protection device might well put us out of business After all who will need a mobile phone insurance policy if they know they can t break their handsets accidentally We re hoping and praying for an increase in phone thefts and losses so that people still need us Maybe we shouldn t launch this after all Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/mobile-phones-to-be-unbreakable-with-new-force-field-protection/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The Underground World of Mobile Phone Theft - Mobile Phone Insurance
    create an infographic all about stolen mobile phones in the capital As there are plenty of cases of mobile phone theft and loss on the tube we thought we d highlighted the various lines and journeys on which you need to be on your guard Hey we re here to help We ve also put together a list of tips to remember when using your handset on the underground in the big smoke So without further ado here s all the information you ll ever need about using your mobile phone on the London Underground with things to watch out for and everything in between Enjoy Infographic created by MobileInsurance co uk One Response to The Underground World of Mobile Phone Theft Insure Your Phone With Mobileinsurance co uk Optimus PM UK Posted on 5 March 2014 See more at http www mobileinsurance co uk blog the underground world of mobile phone theft sthash bb9gJMbR d 8230 Reply Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Best Insurance Provider What s Covered Accidental Damage Liquid Damage Theft Unauthorised Calls Breakdown Worldwide cover for up to 90 days Include loss for 1 month We can offer policies on these brands iPhone Insurance Blackberry Insurance HTC Insurance LG Insurance Motorola Insurance Nokia Insurance Samsung Insurance Sony Insurance What do people say about MobileInsurance co uk I ve lost two phones in as many years so mobile phone insurance is a must for me Lorraine T Great Yarmouth My last iPhone went swimming with me and cost 375 to repair so mobileinsurance co uk should work out cheaper for me James L Middlesbrough I m really glad I had the cover as I dropped my blackberry within a week of getting it Gemma

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/the-underground-world-of-mobile-phone-theft/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Most Broken Mobiles Damaged Within First 3 Months of Owning - Mobile Phone Insurance
    the first 3 months of owning them All respondents were then asked if the phone that they were currently using had been a Christmas gift to which just fewer than a quarter 23 said yes These people were asked if they d experienced any problems with their handset in the short time since Christmas for example it had become broken in some way or was lost or stolen 51 of them said yes that it had further emphasising the point that most handset owners experience issues within the first 3 months of ownership As respondents were only asked to take part in the poll if they d experienced a broken handset in the past two years MobileInsurance co uk asked Was your handset insured at the time of the problems you experienced such as a break loss or theft To this question less than 1 in 10 9 said yes Furthermore when asked if they were aware that most insurance policies could only be taken out on handsets that were less than a year old 65 of those taking part said no they thought they could insure a handset at any time Jason Brockman Director at MobileInsurance co uk said the following about the study To see that more than half of handsets given as gifts at Christmas are already broken or have already been lost or stolen is a big shock indeed Most people are usually careful with their handsets in the initial weeks wanting to keep their shiny new toy in tip top condition After a little while though phone owners tend to get careless Most people assume you can insure a handset at any stage of owning it but it s difficult to find anyone willing to offer an insurance policy on a handset that s over a year old Get insurance out early when you first get your phone to insure you re covered in all scenarios and at all times Don t leave these things to chance Full Survey Breakdown 2 579 mobile phone owners in the UK each over the age of 18 asked only to respond if they d experienced a broken phone in the past 2 years 1 When your handset either past or present became broken for the first time how long had you had it for 3 months or less 37 4 6 months 25 7 9 months 29 10 12 months 4 Over a year 5 2 Was your handset insured at the time of the problems you experienced such as a break loss or theft Yes 9 No 91 3 Was the mobile phone you currently use a Christmas gift that you received Yes 23 No 77 If yes please continue to question 4 Otherwise skip to question 5 4 Have you experienced any problems with your handset in the short time since Christmas Yes 51 No 49 5 Are you aware that most insurance policies can only be taken out on handsets that are less than a

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/most-broken-mobiles-damaged-within-first-3-months-of-owning/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Want to protect your mobile phone? Don't use it in the house! - Mobile Phone Insurance
    Room 11 Bedrooms 9 What else do we know about accidental phone damage in the home Well men are more likely to accidentally beak their mobile phones at home than their female counterparts Also if you have an iPhone you re more likely to break your mobile phone at home than any other handset owner Aside from in and around the house there are plenty of other places that are danger zones when it comes to mobile phone damage Here we list the top places to be on your guard Theme parks Zoo Safari Parks High Street Supermarket Petrol Station With liquid damage also a top reason many handsets meet their bitter end we also investigated which fluids are the guiltiest when it comes to mobile phone accidents According to our claims data the liquids most commonly associated with mobile phone damage are as follows Beer Bath water Toilet water Drinking water Coco Cola So really to make sure your phone is kept safe and sound you need to avoid any kind of fluids especially beer never use your handset in the home especially in the bathroom or on the driveway and avoid theme parks and zoos at all costs Easy really On a more serious note thought accidental mobile phone damage can really happen anywhere The only way to protect your handset is to make sure you have a decent mobile phone insurance policy in place to cover you for all possible scenarios Also make sure that if there are protective cases available for your handset model you invest in one they really can help prevent a lot of damage Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Best Insurance Provider What s Covered Accidental Damage Liquid Damage Theft

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/want-to-protect-your-mobile-phone-dont-use-it-in-the-house/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Average Britons Spends Almost 34 Entire Days on Mobile Phone per Year - Mobile Phone Insurance
    from the age of 18 taking life expectancy into account that means that Britons spend 1 414 days 3 9 years in their entire life using their mobiles Despite spending so much time with their handsets 79 of the total respondents admitted that they didn t currently insure their mobile phone Furthermore 86 felt they couldn t live without their mobile phone All respondents were asked what they used their mobile phone for the most to which the answers were as follows Browsing the internet 24 Sending texts 21 Making phone calls 17 Using apps 15 Emails 13 Taking pictures 6 Other 4 Jason Brockman Director of MobileInsurance co uk said the following I was amazed to see how much we use our mobile phones over the course of a year and even our whole adult lifetime To see that we text call browse the net use apps take pictures and more for almost 4 years in our lifetime is astounding We are clearly a nation of mobile phone addicts which is why it s so surprising that so many still fail to insure their handsets If you think you can t live without it make sure it s protected ENDS Full Survey Results Poll 2 314 mobile phone owners aged 18 or over from around the UK 1 How much approximately would you say that you spend using your mobile phone each day Please take into account making calls sending texts using the internet apps taking pictures on your phone and any other features the handset offers that you might use Average answer 1 5 hours 90 minutes x 365 days a year 32 850 minutes or 547 5 hours or 22 8 days a year 2 What do you use your phone for most Browsing the internet 24

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/average-britons-spends-almost-34-entire-days-on-mobile-phone-per-year/ (2016-04-25)
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