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  • When Mobile Phone Cases Become Art - Mobile Phone Insurance
    5 cases were displayed at the 2013 International CES Conference in Las Vegas Everybody expects to see cool new designs for cases at these kinds of events but Rearth well and truly pulled out the stops by framing the merchandise with art as a backdrop The artwork wasn t for sale but such a masterstroke of marketing and creativity would definitely have made a significant rise in the sales of the cases which couldn t have been displayed in a more awesome way It seems you can be protected and be very cool at the same time It makes you wonder what other mobile phone cases could be highlighted by incredible art Super Mario cases surrounded by a giant mushroom James Bond cases with the Scottish Highlands and Skyfall in the distance There are certainly some great ideas out there and we tip our hat to all the artists and creative teams involved mage Source Diaryofasmartchick com Image Source Everyjoe com Image Source Mashable com Image Source Mashable com Image Source Mashable com Image Source Mashable com Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Name required Email will not be published required Website Comment Best Insurance Provider What s Covered Accidental Damage Liquid Damage Theft Unauthorised Calls Breakdown Worldwide cover for up to 90 days Include loss for 1 month We can offer policies on these brands iPhone Insurance Blackberry Insurance HTC Insurance LG Insurance Motorola Insurance Nokia Insurance Samsung Insurance Sony Insurance What do people say about MobileInsurance co uk I ve lost two phones in as many years so mobile phone insurance is a must for me Lorraine T Great Yarmouth My last iPhone went swimming with me and cost 375 to repair so mobileinsurance co uk should work out cheaper for me James L Middlesbrough I

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/when-mobile-phone-cases-become-art/ (2016-04-25)
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  • 10 Predictions for Mobile Phones of the Future - Mobile Phone Insurance
    the not so distant future as Samsung is thought to be launched its range of bendy phones this year The flexible form of the handsets is all apparently thanks to organic light emitting diodes OLEDs and it will make breaking handsets a whole lot harder Free for all Whilst paying for handsets won t ever be a thing of the past we do predict that texts and calls will become completely free At the moment various apps already mean that phone owners can message one another for free internet access providing and Face Time on the iPhone plus Skype allow free calls If our earlier prediction of free internet for all comes to fruition then using a phone will be totally free after paying out for the handset No bills Ever Really Smart Phones In the future we think phones will be capable of acting as a second brain for you storing memories sounds and sights from different scenarios you ve been in Whether it s a meeting or a family birthday party we think phones will become ridiculously clever in that they ll store anything they pick up and you ll be able to refer back to this data at any time just like your memory except maybe even more reliable Currency In the cashless future let s face it actual coins and notes won t be hanging around for long your phone will become your personal pocket sized bank You can already access mobile banking and contactless mobile payments have been made possible so soon we think you can kiss goodbye to actual money and even bank and credit cards Your phone will take their place Your best friend With Siri already providing hours of fun and a very useful function on the iPhone 4S we think phones will eventually have their own personalities You ll talk to your handset and tell it all your secrets and it ll be your reliable PA Cosy hey Home help Phones of the future will no doubt act as a one for all remote They ll control everything in your house from the temperature to the light settings and shutting the blinds at night They won t tuck you in well they might but they ll do a hell of a lot more than they do now What phone Gone will be the days when people could comment on the shiny appearance of your lovely new iPhone 5 Phone insurance companies like us will probably be made redundant because phones will be nothing more than a microchip in your brain Scary thought Yes Possible Perhaps Mind Readers OK so it s a long way off yet but mobile phones of the future will surely be able to reader our minds so that we can type a text message using just our lovely old brains No more BlackBerry thumb from texting or repetitive strain injury from the constant unlock swipe of the iPhone Hurrah So that s it a small insight into

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/10-predictions-for-mobile-phones-of-the-future/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Have Mobile Phones Ruined Modern Relationships? - Mobile Phone Insurance
    the screen to the detriment of all those around them It may sound extreme but the study in Texas from Baylor s Hankamer School of Business is adamant that the addiction to the instant messaging world has been driven by consumerism making people more materialistic and less involved in relationships It sounds like the plot of a 1950 s sci fi movie but Dr James Roberts from the school puts forward an intriguing case Mobile phones are a part of our consumer culture They are not just a consumer tool but are used as a status symbol he said At first glance one might have the tendency to dismiss such aberrant mobile phone use as merely youthful nonsense a passing fad But an emerging body of literature has given increasing credence to cell phone addiction and similar behavioural addictions Do You Suffer from Nomophobia There is even a term Nomophobia given to people who experience anxiety when they have no access to a mobile phone The name was created in 2008 by British researchers and will sound insane to anyone over the age of 25 who likely would have grown up without the use of a mobile phone or at least a very brick like primitive version where the most technologically advanced element was a game of Snakes More recent studies have revealed that young adults between the ages of 19 and 29 send an average of 109 5 texts per day Let s do the math That s around 3 200 messages a month or approximately 40 000 a year That s a whole lot of status updates and where are you texts It has to be said that the mobile phone phenomenon has grown significantly and continues to grow But these studies should be taken with a pinch

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/have-mobile-phones-ruined-modern-relationships/ (2016-04-25)
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  • The Pros and Cons of Watching Movies on a Phone - Mobile Phone Insurance
    for the eyes If you sit towards the back of the cinema or watch a film on anything that isn t a 52 inch Plasma screen at home a mobile phone isn t that much of a different experience It is still a personal experience maybe more so because you will probably be wearing headphones while you watch the film and one that you can enjoy without sitting in an IMAX theatre with 3D specs on Some films actually benefit from a small intimate experience A horror film like Paranormal Activity will definitely benefit from it Just try not to scream and give any neighbouring passengers a heart attack It Depends on The Film There is no point watching a film like Avatar on your iPhone and expecting it to be the same experience that you had at the cinema This is just not realistic expectation Watching a movie on a smartphone should be used as a cool way to kill time or as a bit of fun If you re a huge film fan who wants the best experience watch it at the cinema or on your big screen TV An amateur or low budget filmmaker can use smartphone technology to make a film and lower budget films benefit hugely from the likes of Vimeo and YouTube to get them out into the world and find an audience And we all know where the majority of people are watching Vimeo and YouTube films Smartphones For an intimate experience a smartphone movie experience shouldn t be sniffed at The more smartphone technology improves the better quality the images of movie experience will be on your phone With tablets and computers constantly improving their quality too technology is offering the opportunity to watch movies in entirely different ways that are new

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/the-pros-and-cons-of-watching-movies-on-a-phone/ (2016-04-25)
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  • 5 phones we won't touch with a bargepole - Mobile Phone Insurance
    latest in mobile technology Le Million Piece Unique was distributed in a very limited edition of three pieces worldwide and is only available on special request 3 Diamond Crypto Smartphone 827 060 RRP Designed by diamond encruster and Austrian jeweller Peter Aloisson and running on Windows CE the Diamond Crypto Smartphone features 78 diamonds gold ebony gemstones and platinum Those with enough cash to buy this mobile will own more a piece of jewellery than a handset but it does have an MP3 player touch screen and organiser Russian manufacturer JSC Ancort will expect a hefty fee for this blinged up phone though 4 Nokia Lamborghini 880 Sirocco If you have to ask the price you can t afford it When you can t track down the price of a mobile phone you know that means it s expensive It s like standing outside the shop window of a designer jewellery store where there are no prices displayed you just know your bank balance would be in trouble if you stepped inside Car manufacturer Lamborghini partnered with Nokia to offer a handset for those infatuated with the Italian car brand With the Lamborghini emblem engraved on the front and back there s no mistaking that this is a luxury handset Only 500 were ever made especially for the Lamborghini customer so its limited edition status came at a price With built in Lamborghini wallpapers screen savers and ring tones it s surely something all Lamborghini owners would love to get their hands on And let s face it if they can afford that kind of sports car they can probably afford this phone Its scratch resistant sapphire coated glass casing and high technological functions make this a must have but unaffordable phone 5 Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme 1 987 702

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/5-phones-we-wont-touch-with-a-bargepole/ (2016-04-25)
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  • When your mobile phone insurance won’t save you... - Mobile Phone Insurance
    taken a peak at the messages on your mobile phone whilst you ve been in the shower bath asleep other and discovers what can only be described as evidence of your infidelity They promptly throw the handset which at the time doubles up as a handy weapon at your head but luckily it misses and hits the wall where it breaks on impact Well you guessed it you made your bed so lie in it You re on your own where mobile phone insurance is concerned Signal seekers Whilst trying to get better signal on your mobile phone during a stint in the Welsh valleys you climb the nearest tree a sturdy oak to get up higher and closer to outer space which seems to always do the trick for signal seekers Except during your ascent your phone plummets 20ft to the floor For not using the phone as intended my friend you re going to need to foot that repair bill yourself Testing testing 1 2 3 If you start getting curious about how sturdy your new iPhone 5 is or how high your new BlackBerry can bounce taking a hammer to it or dropping it deliberately on the floor won t do you any favours Deliberate damage isn t something you ll be covered for So there we have it It s simple really treat your phone as you d like to be treated i e don t go attaching it to a rocket launcher to send it to space you wouldn t appreciate that either You re not ever going to be covered for deliberate damage or if you use the phone in any way that it wasn t intended for Failing to report a loss or theft of your handset to the appropriate authorities also won

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/when-your-mobile-phone-insurance-wont-save-you/ (2016-04-25)
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  • 25% Increase in Phone Theft since 2010 - Mobile Phone Insurance
    for mobile phone theft feel a little better to learn that a number of adults are making it very easy for thieves to access their details including bank accounts and shopping accounts The research stated that 59 of adults didn t have password or PIN protection on their phones which means that any thief could have access to any account that the previous owner has not logged out of This could be banking emails Amazon PayPal or many other apps and accounts that you may have open on your phone And The Winner Loser is People of Leicester look away now Yes sadly for Leicester the East Midlands city has been named as the mobile phone theft hotspot of the UK Not the best label to be fitted with The city has seen the number of mobile phones stolen rise each year for the last three years with 2 656 going missing between April and August this year This doesn t take into account the number of thefts that aren t reported to the police which could easily add another 1 000 to that number Inspector Chris Cockerill commander of city centre police said We ve done a huge amount of crime prevention work in the pubs and clubs at night and in the city centre during the day We ve had good arrests and as a result thefts are falling The majority of these incidents are thefts from unattended bags or coats We ve also had cases of people leaving them on top of parking meters walking away and returning to find that they are gone Robberies where a phone is taken with force or the threat of force are rare It seems that the number of thefts throughout the UK are likely to increase further year on year

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/25-increase-in-phone-theft-since-2010/ (2016-04-25)
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  • Imagine A World Without Shazam - Mobile Phone Insurance
    250m downloads proving that life for music lovers with a good ear for a tune would be lost without it A Sad Tale James Broadie a Techie from Leicester recounts a tale of musical woe from when he was 16 way back in the pre Shazam world of 1997 I was in a department store in Birmingham when I heard one of the most amazing songs I ve ever heard The volume was pretty low but it was loud enough to make me try and blank out any other external noise so I could catch this amazing song I asked my girlfriend what it was but she didn t know and she thought I was mad as I was ducking and diving around the shop trying to find a spot where I could hear it better The girls behind the counter told me it was on one of five compilation CD s that played on rotate throughout the day and that they had no idea what it was The Manager was out on their lunch so I couldn t ask them Then my girlfriend wanted to leave and go to another shop I still feel the pain of leaving that store without knowing what the song was called I can t even remember how it sounds But it haunts my dreams Poor old James could have been spared 15 years of pain although he is being a little overdramatic if he could have been able to reach into his pocket and hit the Listen Now button on his Shazam App Sometimes technological advances come too late for some people So the next time you re out and about and you hear an awesome piece of music think about non Shazam users and non cool guys out there who don t

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/imagine-a-world-without-shazam/ (2016-04-25)
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