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  • Three Quarters of Lost Damaged and Stolen Mobile Phones are Uninsured - Mobile Phone Insurance
    lost stolen or broken they had had a mobile phone insurance policy to cover whatever happened 74 of those who had seen something unfortunate happen to their handset weren t insured at the time These people were then asked why they hadn t had a mobile phone insurance policy at the time to which a fifth 21 thought that anything going wrong with their phone including theft and loss would be covered under warranty Furthermore 42 said that they hadn t got round to getting insurance and 17 incorrectly assumed they wouldn t need it All respondents who had experienced their mobile phone becoming lost stolen or damaged whilst the handset in question was uninsured were asked how much money if any they had been required to fork out afterwards to resolve the issue The average answer stated was 145 00 when taking into account the amounts stated for replacement phones and repairs Jason Brockman Director at MobileInsurance co uk said the following It s still unbelievable to think that the majority of mobile phones out there continue to go uninsured I m sure plenty of people would agree that it d be hard to imagine life without our handsets these days it s hard to think back to a time when not everyone had a phone that could connect to the internet take high quality photos and much much more This poll has shown that if like the majority of people you risk not getting an insurance policy for your handset you could end up hundreds of pounds out of pocket if something goes wrong Hopefully of course nothing will go wrong but the fact that 81 had experienced a lost stolen or broken phone at some point doesn t bode well for anyone else Full Survey Details Respondents 2 467 UK adults 1 Have you ever had a mobile phone lost stolen or become broken Yes 81 No 19 If you answered yes please continue to Q2 If you answered no you can end the survey here 2 If you have had a mobile phone become lost stolen or broken was the handset insured at the time to cover the incident Yes 26 No 74 If you answered no please continue to Q3 Otherwise you can end the survey here 3 If you didn t have an insurance policy at the time why was that Thought problems including theft and loss would be covered under warranty 21 Hadn t got round to insuring the handset 42 Didn t think I d need it 17 Couldn t afford it 9 Other 11 4 How much money if any were you required to part with after your phone become lost stolen or damaged whilst uninsured e g for repairs or replacement Average answer 145 00 5 Do you have insurance on the phone you have now following your bad experience whilst being uninsured Yes learnt my lesson 36 No 64 One Response to Three Quarters of Lost Damaged and Stolen

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/three-quarters-of-lost-damaged-and-stolen-mobile-phones-are-uninsured/?replytocom=115107 (2016-04-25)
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  • The Mobile Insurance Team, Author at Mobile Phone Insurance - Page 2 of 6
    The Mobile Insurance Team According to research by a leading mobile phone insurance website in the UK many mobile phone users aren t doing their bit to protect their handset in the unfortunate situation of loss or theft The majority of those with a handset Average Briton Will Text 7 Million Words in Lifetime Posted on 30th May 2013 at 10 03am By The Mobile Insurance Team Research into the phone usage of Britons by a mobile phone insurance website has revealed that the average person in the UK will send more than 200 000 text messages in their lifetime equating to more than 7 3 million words which Mobile Crime Figures by Numbers Infographic Posted on 22nd May 2013 at 10 04am By The Mobile Insurance Team We have reviewed the statisitcs given out by ONS on the crime figures for 2011 2012 and created this infographic to make them easier to understand You ll see covered the total numbers of mobile phone theft the types of theft who Most Common Lies Told When Claiming on Mobile Phone Insurance Policy Posted on 9th May 2013 at 10 06am By The Mobile Insurance Team It s not uncommon for people to try and take advantage of their mobile phone insurance policy by telling a few fibs for whatever reason Normally it s because they want a new handset or they ve done something they know they wouldn t Mobile Phone Theft up by 4 Posted on 9th May 2013 at 10 06am By The Mobile Insurance Team The Office for National Statistics have released this years results for the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2011 2012 Here s our take on the headlines The England and Wales Crime Survey results were released today with some interesting reading The Reading

    Original URL path: http://www.mobileinsurance.co.uk/blog/author/wpdoctors/page/2/ (2016-04-25)
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