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  • Netgears Skype Wi-Fi Phone Launched
    the new NETGEAR Skype WiFi phone model SPH101 This will be the first device certified to make mobile Internet telephony a reality for Skype users worldwide The new phone which will cost 249 99 will allow users to make calls via their Skype account at any Wi Fi hotspot without the need to have a computer with them The WiFi phone will work anywhere in the world a user has a secured or open access to a WiFi network in any home office public hotspot or municipal wireless access point that does not require browser based authentication The announcement although still expensive for a mobile phone is likely to send shockwaves of horror to traditional mobile operators like Orange and Vodafone We are pleased to announce pre order availability of NETGEAR s Skype WiFi phone to those who have been anxiously awaiting the product launch since we unveiled a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show said Patrick Lo NETGEAR s chairman and chief executive officer Our phone combines NETGEAR s innovative wireless networking technology with the simplicity of the Skype experience while freeing users from the PC With tens of thousands of customers already registered for more information on the NETGEAR Skype WiFi phone via our Web site and millions of registered Skype users we re thrilled to bring forth this market defining product to meet the pent up demand of such an enthusiastic user community around the globe he added The Wi Fi phone s on screen colour menu shows saved Skype contacts and their online availability for easy communications similar to the PC experience and users will be able to contact other Skype users for free or using SkypeOut for a reduced cost compared to standard mobile phone tariffs The company has not yet confirmed when the phone

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  • New BenQ-Siemens SL91 slider phone
    Sony Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i New BenQ Siemens SL91 slider phone Thu 27 Jul 2006 BenQ Siemens has launched a new slider handset the SL91 which reveals its sensor keypad hidden under a smooth black surface only when touched Thanks to sensory controls Force Sensitive Resistor the slider mobile reacts to only slight pressure Futuristic light effects showing missed calls or SMS are sure to cause a stir The BenQ Siemens SL91 will feature a 2 inch QVGA display with 16 7 million colours a 3 2 megapixel camera with auto focus a second camera VGA for video telephony via UMTS MP3 player and a stereo RDS FM radio and a MicroSD card slot The front of the phone is designed to look like glass It s a very smooth design on the front and the external control keys use something called a Force Sensitive Resistor so the respond to being pressed rather than just heat The SL91 is a tri band 900 1800 1900 GSM phone with UMTS 2100 and GPRS It weighs 109 grams which isn t bad for a 3G phone and measures 98x47x23mm On UMTS the talk time is about 3 5 hours with up to 10 days standby time The SL91 will be available in Europe in the fourth quarter of 2006 Related Mobile Phone articles Motorola announced MOTOKRZR and MOTORIZR phones Wed 26 Jul 2006 LG Has Major Hit With Chocolate Mobile Phone Tue 25 Jul 2006 Nokia launches N93 multimedia computer Mon 24 Jul 2006 Belkin debuts WiFi Phone for Skype Fri 21 Jul 2006 Samsung

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  • New Japan cell tracks owners
    W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i New Japan cell tracks owners Mon 30 Oct 2006 A new mobile phone in Japan takes security very seriously by making it harder for thieves to steal it The phone can recognize its owner automatically locks when the person is too far away and can be found via satellite navigation if it ever gets lost Japanese top mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo s new mobile phone P903i comes with a small black card that works as a security key by connecting wirelessly to the mobile phone People who lose their security cards can unlock the phone by entering a password But they will have to buy a new card to set the lock again The P930i can also be used as a credit card or a prepaid cash card The owner can also use the facial recognition feature The facial recognition feature is activated when the phone is first used Therefore every time the phone is switched on the user has to take a picture of himself with the camera if the picture that user has taken of himself matches the stored data the phone will become active If the phone is ever lost the user can track it with its onboard Global Positioning System After entering the phone number into a Web site the owner will see a map showing the phone s approximate location and directions however it can be off by several hundred feet Security is increasingly a key function for mobile phones as they become loaded with more sophisticated features said NTT DoCoMo spokeswoman Mamiko Tanaka Handset makers are all competing to come up with interesting ways to strengthen security The phone is expected to go on sale in Japan in a few months Related Mobile Phone

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2006/Oct/new-japan-cell-tracks-owners.html (2016-02-10)
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  • New Measures to Cut Mobile Phone Theft
    stolen handsets within 48 hours of thefts being reported by customers Under a new industry charter Britain s mobile phone networks will be measured on how quickly they act to disenable stolen phones with details of their performance to be published in an annual report Eight per cent rise in robberies last year is thought to be linked to the increasing demand for mobile phones and other electronics such as MP3 players which are particularly attractive to thieves The message to the criminals is that mobile phone theft is now a useless occupation because the handsets themselves will be useless within a very short period of time If you steal mobiles you will not be able to sell them Mr Reid said On the rise in robbery revealed in official crime statistics last week Mr Reid said At the moment the growth rate has mainly been in mobile phones but of course I m hoping that this will be the first large step forward in combating the growth in robberies of modern technological equipment If we can do this it sets out the pathway to the possibility of doing something similar with more sophisticated equipment in due course Mobile Industry Crime Action Forum MICAF Chair Jack Wraith said This charter documents the future commitment of the mobile phone industry via MICAF to continue to work in partnership with law enforcement agencies and the Home Office on these very important issues The charter clearly sets out the key steps the industry will take to help cut mobile phone theft further so as to ensure that people can continue to use their phones safe in the knowledge that measures are in place that will make them worthless to thieves if they are stolen The five companies Vodafone O2 T Mobile Orange and

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2006/Jul/new-measures-to-cut-mobile-phone-theft.html (2016-02-10)
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  • New mobile phone based car security system to help fight car thefts
    K750i New mobile phone based car security system to help fight car thefts Mon 05 Dec 2005 Auto txt a new car security system developed in Coventry that identifies car owners through their mobile phones is set to revolutionise the fight against car thieves Auto txt immediately identifies a car as stolen if the car is started with the keys but the mobile phone is not present When the police are following a stolen car Auto txt allows them to track the vehicle and prevent it restarting using remote wireless technology once the vehicle ignition is turned off It is also the first stolen vehicle protection and tracking system to have been awarded Thatcham s Category 5 accreditation Auto txt was developed by Richmond Design Marketing RDM Group a Coventry based automotive supplier that has just raised funds of 4 75 million to further develop and roll out the system Because thieves are increasingly targeting people s car keys then using them to drive off in their car Category 5 systems require something else in addition to the keys to prove that the driver is the car s legal owner In the case of Auto txt this is via the Bluetooth facility on a mobile telephone Jim Hammond of the Association of Chief Police Officers says Being able to remotely prevent a vehicle from being started using a Cat 5 approved device will help us enormously in the fight against stolen vehicle crime and may lead to a reduction in the need for police pursuits This is one of the most important components of the new Category 5 standard systems as far as we are concerned The Auto txt product costs from 279 for the standard tracking system and from 349 if the system incorporates the remote disabling feature Related

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2005/Dec/new-mobile-phone-based-car-security-system-to-help-fight-car-thefts.html (2016-02-10)
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  • New Mobile Rules for UK Motorists
    a crash For the first time drivers who will get caught using hand held mobiles will also get three penalty points on their license as well as the fine The courts can hand out a maximum fine of 1 000 or 2 500 with regards to a driver of a bus coach or goods vehicle and offenders could even be disqualified from driving According to research by the Department for Transport more than 90 of people agree with the change to the mobile phone law and around 20 of motorists admit to breaking it RAC executive director Edmund King said Motorists need to change their mobile habits The best advice is to switch off the phone in the car as new research has shown that even using a hands free phone can increase the risk of a crash If drivers must make or take calls they must be hands free must use only pre programmed numbers and must be short and simple conversations Drivers employers and callers must take this seriously Peter Rodger the Institute of Advanced Motorists chief examiner said Inevitably some drivers will think that they should buy a hands free kit and the problem will go away That would certainly suit the manufacturers But drivers should be aware that they are potentially buying trouble even when you are hands free research has shown that you are four times more likely to crash because your concentration is split The best advice is to switch off before you drive off and if you really can t do that be prepared to stop and find somewhere legal and convenient to return that missed call or check your messages Inspector Richard Pryce from Devon and Cornwall Police s traffic department said It is unacceptable for anyone to drive a vehicle on

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2007/Feb/new-mobile-rules-for-uk-motorists.html (2016-02-10)
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  • New phones feature touch panel, smell
    Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i New phones feature touch panel smell Fri 19 Jan 2007 There are a great many mobile phone models that are launched elsewhere in the world that the UK and US markets never get to see Japan s top mobile operator NTT DoCoMo has unveiled new handsets with a Nintendo DS like touch screen and another model that produces a relaxing scent DoCoMo s D800iDS made by Mitsubishi is a clamshell handset that incorporates two touchscreens rather than a screen in one half and a keypad in the other The DoCoMo D800iDS opens like a book with a normal screen on one half and a touchscreen on the other allowing users type phone numbers on an on screen keypad and write and draw with either their finger or a stylus It will be able to send hand written text messages as well as drawings made on the touchscreens Among other models unveiled this week Sony Ericsson also have produced a new aroma handset for DoCoMo the SO703i which comes with scented sheets designed to relax the users while making calls The phone offers nine scent choices each one having a different panel design DoCoMo said its new handset is due to go on sale in Japan in February No pricing details have been announced Related Mobile Phone articles Vodafone launches three new McLaren Handsets Thu 18 Jan 2007 BlackBerry Pearl goes white Tue 16 Jan 2007 Sony Ericsson Walkman W200 Mon 15 Jan 2007 Nokia Nseries gets trimmer with the N76 Thu 11 Jan 2007 Sony Ericsson Thin W880 Walkman

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2007/Jan/new-phones-feature-touch-panel,-smell.html (2016-02-10)
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  • New Samsung MP3 Phone
    G800 Sharp Mobile Phones Sharp GX17 Siemens Mobile Phones Siemens C75 Sony Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i New Samsung MP3 Phone Mon 06 Nov 2006 South Korea s leading mobile provider Samsung Electronics launched a new mini mobile phone SGH X830 on Friday The X830 measures approximately 84 x 30 x 19 9 mm and weighs a just 75 grams It has a built in 1GB memory which gives a storage capacity for 250 songs The X830 shows Samsung s strategy to focus more on music segment Samsung will launch various music phones targeting which focused on perfect balance between innovative design and various functions We will continue to introduce cutting edge multimedia phones to satisfy the mobile phone users said Kitae Lee president of Samsung Telecommunication Business Users will be able to download and play audio files from CNN or BBC websites The phone also has a Bluetooth connection which lets users chat or listen to their music using a wireless stereo headset The company claim the new swing open design makes the phone suitable for making phone calls and listening to music A spokesperson said This mini MP3 phone s portability and compactness does not compromise the ease of use for its various multimedia functions Samsung plans to launch this phone in the European market by the end of this month Related Mobile Phone articles YouTube makes mobile plans Fri 03 Nov 2006 Samsung to sell 10 megapixel camera phone Wed 01 Nov 2006 New Japan cell tracks owners Mon 30 Oct 2006 Mobile calls put sperm on hold Thu 26 Oct

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