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  • Nokia announces three new Bluetooth Headsets
    Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i Nokia announces three new Bluetooth Headsets Tue 25 Apr 2006 Nokia has announced a trio of new Bluetooth headsets from an event in Berlin today The BH 300 BH 600 and BH 700 are all classic Nokia designs are light weight and have long talk and standby times These three new headsets are the latest confirmation of Nokia s innovative approach to Bluetooth headsets All three Nokia Bluetooth Headsets are planned to be commercially available during the summer of 2006 The estimated retail prices excluding taxes for the three headsets are 50 60 EUR for the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 300 60 70 EUR for the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 600 and 70 80 EUR for the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 700 Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 700 The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 700 weighs only 10 grams and offers a talk time of up to 6 hours and up to 160 hours of stand by time the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 700 provides a hassle free and long lasting communications experience The power button volume control and call answering buttons make it easy to handle calls Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 600 The slightly heavier Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 600 meanwhile offers digital signal processing DSP up to 7 hours and up to 170 hours of stand by time and weighs almost double the BH 700 at 18 grams Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 300 The sleek minimalist styled Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH 300 is an easy to use wireless headset with comfortable user changeable ear loops Weighing only 10 grams it has talk time of up to 5 hours 30 minutes and up to 150 hours of stand by time Related

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  • Nokia battery goes up in smoke
    Samsung Z560 Samsung X830 Samsung D840 Samsung E900 Samsung E870 Samsung E370 Samsung D900 Samsung G600 Samsung G800 Sharp Mobile Phones Sharp GX17 Siemens Mobile Phones Siemens C75 Sony Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i Nokia battery goes up in smoke Mon 12 Mar 2007 The cause of a smoking Nokia handset was reported to be due to a damaged battery which caused the phone to overheat and melt Following the purchase of a car kit for the Nokia 6280 by Gloucester based cab driver Dave Crayford he supplied video footage of the smoking handset Mr Crayford received the mobile phone as an upgrade directly from 3 The handset was forwarded to Nokia who reported that it was necessary to have the handset independently tested A Nokia spokesman said that a third party failure examination report clearly shows the incident was a result of physical deformations caused by extensive external force on the battery Although the problem was identified the cause of the damage to the battery was not reported Mr Crayford said Nokia realises that if the battery was damaged it wasn t by me they re offering me a new handset I m happy with that Related Mobile Phone articles Nokia E90 Communicator Unveiled Thu 08 Mar 2007 Motorola reduced manufacturing cost of mobile phones Mon 05 Mar 2007 Sony Ericsson W880i released today on T Mobile Fri 02 Mar 2007 New Mobile Rules for UK Motorists Tue 27 Feb 2007 Samsung reveals ultrathin mobile phones Fri 16 Feb 2007 Mobyko has got your phones back Thu 15 Feb 2007 Motorola unveiled new

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  • Nokia E90 Communicator Unveiled
    the E series range which has the status of being an all in one business device The latest model comes integrated with a GPS receiver that helps business users to find meeting venues in obscure locations and also supports HSDPA for speedy wireless Internet Nokia said If those features are not enough to get by Nokia s new mobileware Intellisync Mobile Suite 8 0 can be of more use The suite provides mobile e mail mobile file and data synchronisation security as well as device management capabilities to the E90 Antti Vasara senior vice president Mobile Devices Unit Enterprise Solutions Nokia said The tipping point for widespread adoption of business mobility is upon us and it will take new levels of performance greater functionality and interoperability and broad access to mobility solutions beyond the executive suite for customers and operators to realise the benefits of anytime anywhere productivity and collaboration Now business users and the operators and carriers that serve them can demand a new standard of business devices combining both beauty and brains without compromise and that is what Nokia E series delivers We re making it easy for business professionals to get mobilised Feedback from our customers shows that we are changing the way business is conducted in a mobile world Building on the success of our first generation of Nokia E series we are responding to the growing requirements of business customers with a new generation of Nokia E series devices that will exceed their expectations and deliver an uncompromised experience Vasara continued E61i and the E65 slider phone are the other two new mobile phones looking forward to be added onto E series range Nokia s E61i and the E65 are expected to be available in the market in the second quarter of this year and

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2007/Mar/nokia-e90-communicator-unveiled.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Nokia increases handset market share
    Mar 2006 Nokia the world s largest maker of mobile phones has reaffirmed its position at the top of the global handsets sales league with 35 per cent market share a survey says According to market research group Gartner in the final quarter of last year Nokia s share rose from 33 per cent on an annual basis Its share is almost twice as big as the next biggest contender Motorola The share of Motorola rose to 17 8 per cent from 16 3 per cent as it enjoyed success with cheap handsets in emerging markets and elsewhere with its popular thin Motorola RAZR model Nokia took almost two years to recover ground lost in 2004 after failing to launch popular folding models LG s market share went up to 7 2 per cent from 6 8 per cent a year ago and may continue to rise now that Vodafone has decided to start selling the brand Sony Ericsson helped by its Walkman and camera phones went up to 6 9 per cent from 6 3 per cent The only one of the top five vendors to lose market share was Samsung which saw its slice of the market edge lower to 12 1 per cent from 12 2 per cent Gartner said Nokia can now take its ambition to take 40 per cent of the market much more seriously Caroline Milanesi analyst said I think it s still a hard target to get but it looks definitively more possible now than when they were talking about it a year ago Nokia s highest ever market share was in 2002 when it reached 35 8 per cent for the year Its highest in a single quarter was 36 9 per cent Related Mobile Phone articles Sony Ericsson unveils W300 Wed

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2006/Mar/nokia-increases-handset-market-share.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Nokia Introduces Three New Mobile Phones
    21 Feb 2006 The world s top handset makers Nokia launched three new phone models on Monday saying it hoped to sell tens of millions of its new slim 6131 camera phone We believe this will be one of the most sold mid range phones in the world Kai Oistamo head of Nokia s Mobile Phones unit told Reuters at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona Nokia also said it expected a sharp increase in users of third generation mobile networks with Chief Executive Jorma Ollila predicting it would sell 40 million 3G phones in 2006 compared to the around 50 million current users of Wideband CDMA networks worldwide Ollila also said The firm would sell some 80 million handsets with music players this year up from around 40 million in 2005 and more than 150 million models with a built in FM radio Nokia phones support the Unlicensed Mobile Access UMA technology that gives users an opportunity to make phone calls over the Internet Nokia said the clamshell shaped 6131 would retail for around 275 euros 326 9 excluding subsidies and value added taxes They have torn up the design they had and come out with what the market and consumers are looking for This phone will hit the sweet spot of the European market said Gartner analyst Ben Wood We have worked on the mid ranged phones extensively we have completely renewed our mid range portfolio in the last six months Nokia s Oistamo said Oistamo said the company which made one in three handsets sold last year still aimed for a 40 percent market share but declined to say when would this target be reached It s a very real goal and we are working toward this he said Related Mobile Phone articles Watching TV on computer

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  • Nokia Launched 3 New Handsets
    of hitting 3 million mark for mobile phone users in Africa in 2008 by introducing three affordable handsets in its product portfolio Launching the Nokia 1112 2310 and 2610 models in Nairobi Timo Toikkanen the group s senior vice president in charge of customer and market operations in Africa and Middle East said the products would soon enter the market The new products target low income earners and first time users in the African markets since they are easy to use and reliable The products come during a time when there is an increasing number of people in new growth markets like Africa where mobile phones have quickly become an integral part of life said Toikkanen adding that a number of new mobile phone owners keep growing in the region He noted that in 2008 Nokia expects that 3 billion people will own mobile phones with much of this growth coming from markets like Africa China India and South East Asia where penetration levels are still relatively low To achieve this goal Toikkannen noted that one of the most important keys to success in these markets is to offer attractive reliable and easy to use mobile phones that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of consumers in new growth markets Each of the three models we have introduced today adheres to this core philosophy offering iconic designs a well balanced range of features and even special finishes like rubberised paint to combat dust and improve grip he said So far since Nokia has introduced the affordable 1100 series handsets and the company has managed sell over 100 million units globally since its introduction Tomi Paatsila Nokia vice president sales and marketing operations Middle East and Africa said the key to success would be the provision of attractive reliable

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  • Nokia launched mobile phone library on your phone
    Sony Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i Nokia launched mobile phone library on your phone Tue 02 Jan 2007 Nokia will soon release new mobile phones with a feature that enables a new memory card that can be slotted into a phone which can store up to five lengthy novels in audi book format To store a single audio book on CD will take six discs The technology originally developed to store music will be released this year by Nokia One of the titles available is the bestselling book Looking Good Dead by the British thriller writer Peter James He said I think this will revolutionise storytelling with this you can wander off into the park lie down and listen to a book In March 2005 Samsung demonstrated a mobile phone with 3GB of hard drive capacity At the time of the 3GB phone announcement Samsung moved from 90nm flash production technology to 70nm Now it is establishing 50nm technology The Nokia card is only the start of what is going to be a rapid jump in mobile phone card capacities Audio book cards are only the start Video cards must surely be coming in a year or three Related Mobile Phone articles Neo launches new phones with small form factor Fri 29 Dec 2006 Samsung Launches 13 8mm HSDPA Slider Mobile Phone Fri 29 Dec 2006 Samsung Launches Optical Joystick Phone Thu 21 Dec 2006 Google in talks with mobile firm Orange Tue 19 Dec 2006 Jail for drivers using mobile phones Fri 15 Dec 2006 Samsung memory chips speed up mobile phones Fri

    Original URL path: http://www.mobilephone.co.uk/news/2007/Jan/nokia-launched-mobile-phone-library-on-your-phone.html (2016-02-10)
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  • Nokia Launches 6120 mobile phone
    Phones Siemens C75 Sony Ericsson Phones Sony Ericsson Z610i Sony Ericsson Z530i Sony Ericsson W950i Sony Ericsson W910i Sony Ericsson W880i Sony Ericsson W850i Sony Ericsson W810i Sony Ericsson W710i Sony Ericsson W580i Sony Ericsson W300i Sony Ericsson K850i Sony Ericsson K800i Sony Ericsson K750i Nokia Launches 6120 mobile phone Fri 20 Apr 2007 Nokia has come up with a new mobile phone the 6120 classic with a candy bar shape and superb download capabilities The 6120 has two cameras a 2 megapixel camera with a 4x digital zoom flash and panorama mode for taking high quality photographs Customers will also benefit from another camera on the front for video calls The Data Transfer application lets customers to transfer contacts calendars photos videos and files from other Nokia phones to the new 6120 classic this can be done even when the SIM card has been removed from the phone The Nokia 6210 classic is support by S60 software that allows customers to download and use extra applications along with the ones already found on the device Customers can also run applications at the same time so they can surf the web while listening to music A Nokia spokesperson said The compact Nokia 6120 classic phone makes downloading music streaming video browsing the internet or receiving emails with attachments faster and easier by utilizing HSDPA High Speed Downlink Packet Access an evolutionary technology offering downloads up to 10 times faster than over usual WCDMA networks Related Mobile Phone articles Panic spreads over killer mobile phone virus Thu 19 Apr 2007 A cut in roaming charges moves a step closer Tue 17 Apr 2007 Bee Population Declining Due To Mobile Phones Mon 16 Apr 2007 Watch DivX movies on the Samsung F500 Thu 12 Apr 2007 Business travellers shun in flight mobile

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