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  • Model Boat Mayhem - Tug Boat Kits.
    Beam 220mm Height 390mm DUMAS www dumasproducts com Mr Darby Shelley Foss Jersey City Brooklyn American Beauty Lord Nelson Victory Tug Rangeley Length 1194mm Beam 330mm Scale 1 38 Length 610 915mm Beam 204 355mm Scale 1 45 1 30 Length 915mm Beam 230 Scale 1 32 Length 1005mm Beam 240 Scale 1 32 Length 685mm Beam 305mm Scale 1 54 Length 170mm Beam 255 Scale 1 16 scale 3 4 1 Length 825mm Beam 250mm Scale 1 19 Elde Modellbau www elde modellbau de Schleppdampfer Maquereau Moulay Idris Length 1150mm Beam 350mm Scale 1 15 Length 1580mm Beam 270mm Scale 1 30 Length 1240mm Beam 350mm Scale 1 25 Graupner www graupner com Pollux FUCHS BRAKE ELMSHORN GLASGOW TITO NERI SEABEX ONE BUGSIER 3 PARAT SATURN WYEFORCE Length 385mm Beam 114mm Height Scale 1 100 Length 360mm Beam 116mm Height Scale 1 40 Length 520mm Beam 150mm Height Scale 1 60 Length 1010mm Beam 388mm Height Scale 1 40 Length 975mm Beam 320mm Height Scale 1 33 Length 1450mm Beam 260mm Height Scale 1 75 Length 810mm Beam 203mm Height Scale 1 33 Length 885mm Beam 285mm Height Scale 1 33 Length 810mm Beam 210mm Height Scale 1 20 Length 560mm Beam 190mm Height 285mm Scale 1 36 Hobbies http www alwayshobbies com Plucky the Tug Length 580mm Beam Scale Jan Meerbeek jan meerbeek casema nl J W Meerbeek Wildbaan 29 Leersum 3956 VZ 0031 0 343 759068 Damen ASD3111 Length 580mm Beam Scale LESRO http www lesromodels co uk Boats htm Sun XXI tug Length 890mm Beam Scale Mantua Models www mantuamodel com ANTEO Length 890mm Beam Scale 1 30 Metcalf Mouldings www metcalf mouldings com GRAEMSEY River Star Length 710mm Beam 254mm Scale 1 24 Length Beam Scale 1 12 Mobile Marine Models www mobilemarinemodels com Anglian Man Brackengarth Canning Eldergarth Gerhard Gribbin Head Lady Jan Norton Cross Lady T Lady Wooes Nangee Portgarth Rosegarth TID Length 610mm Beam 190 Scale 1 32 Length 1140mm Beam 297 Scale 1 32 Length 1015mm Beam 280 Scale 1 32 Length 1015mm Beam 280mm Scale 1 32 Length 560mm Beam 225mm Scale 1 32 Length 805mm Beam 230mm Scale 1 32 Length 1010mm Beam 280mm Scale 1 32 Length 1015mm Beam 272mm Scale 1 32 Length 875mm Beam 205mm Scale 1 32 Length 1015MM Beam 272MM Scale 1 32 Length 710mm Beam 230mm Scale 1 32 Length 950mm Beam 310mm Scale 1 32 Length 915mm Beam 250mm Scale 1 32 Length 680mm Beam 158mm Scale 1 32 Model Slipway www modelslipway com Aziz Envoy Class Envoy Class Wyeforce Al Khubar Yorkshireman Irishman Length 1105mm Scale 1 50 Length1108mm Scale 1 48 Length 1108mm Scale 1 48 Length 840mm Beam 290mm Scale 1 24 Length 785mm Beam 240mm Scale 1 32 Length 875 mm Beam 240 mm Scale 1 48 Midwest Products www midwestproducts com Jim Wilder Seguin Liberty Tug Length 8260mm Beam 236mm Scale 1 35 Length 990mm Beam 197mm Scale 1 32 Length 641mm Beam 172mm Scale 1 24

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  • Mayhem Technical Pages
    my boats look the same but she s not easily convinced There are few basic classes but there are also hybrid and variations within each group that should cover all other eventualities Glow Engines Glow or Internal Combustion IC engines are used in speed and sports boats and more importantly how to get them started Electrics Motors used in model boats are called DC motors i e the motor rotates

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  • Model Boat mayhem - Jokes
    the picture and you will see a giraffe http www oceantugbarge com PDF sea 20eagle pdf A man was telling his neighbour I just bought a new hearing aid It cost me four thousand dollars but it s state of the art It s perfect Really answered the neighbour What kind is it Twelve thirty Morris an 82 year old man went to the doctor to get a physical A few days later the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous young lady on his arm A couple of days later the doctor spoke to Morris and said You re really doing great aren t you Morris replied Just doing what you said Doc Get a hot mamma and be cheerful The doctor said I didn t say that I said You got a heart murmur be careful While taxiing at London s Gatwick Airport the crew of a US Air flight departing for Ft Lauderdale made a wrong turn and came nose to nose with a United 727 An irate female ATC ground controller lashed out at the US Air crew screaming US Air 2771 where the hell are you going I told you to turn right onto Charlie taxiway You turned right on Delta Stop right there I know it s difficult for you to tell the difference between C And D but get it right Continuing her rage to the embarrassed crew she was now shouting hysterically God Now you ve screwed everything up It ll take forever to sort this out You stay right there and don t move till I tell you to You can expect progressive taxi instructions in about half an hour and I want you to go exactly where I tell you when I tell you and how I tell you You got that US Air 2771 Yes ma am the humbled crew responded Naturally the ground control communications frequency fell terribly silent after the verbal bashing of US Air 2771 Nobody wanted to chance engaging the irate ground controller in her current state of mind Tension in every cockpit out around Gatwick was definitely running high Just then an unknown pilot broke the silence and keyed his microphone asking Wasn t I married to you once Things that are difficult to say when you re drunk a Innovative b Preliminary c Proliferation d Cinnamon Things that are VERY difficult to say when you re drunk a Specificity b British Constitution c Passive aggressive disorder d Transubstantiate Things that are ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to say when you re drunk a Thanks but I don t want to come back to your place for a night cap b Nope no more booze for me c Sorry but you re not really my type d No kebab for me thank you e Good evening officer isn t it lovely out tonight f I m not interested in fighting you g Oh I just couldn t no one wants to hear me sing

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  • Send your photos
    key 6 Right Click one of the selected photos on the menu select Send To Then select Mail recipient 7 A Menu should pop up like this 8 Click OK Show more potions allows you to set the size only ever use small or Medium 9 This will then open up your mail program Outlook express You can also type in your message a and description of the photos 10 Send me your photos martin modelboatmayhem co uk 3 How to Resize Compress your photos in Paint Shop Pro 7 I use Paint Shop Pro for nearly all my photo editing You can download a free trial rather a large download on a modem or it s nearly always on a Magazine cover disk every month here in the UK Here a few guidelines on how to resize your photos in Paint shop Pro 7 Click any photo to enlarge click on your BACK button to return to this page Click this Icon to uncompress pictures on enlarge page Usually appears the bottom right hand side of the enlarge image This page was made with my monitor set up to 1024 x 768 1 Start by locating your picture in my case SS Cockatiel It is a file size of 1600 x 1200 pixels pixels are little magic fairies that live in side your computer 130Kb in disk size that real big for a web page or an email NB This first image one is Very large 2 Load Start Paint Shop Pro 3 Use browse icon or File Browse or Ctrl B to open up the picture browser Locate your photo e g c My Documents My Pictures 4 Hover the mouse over the photo you want note file size details 5 Double click the photo to open for editing 6 Image should now be fully open 7 First we need to resize the physical size of the photo from 1600x1200 down to 800x600 Select the Resize tool by clicking or Image Resize or Ctrl S Select click Pixel Size In the Width box type 640 for a landscape photo long side top bottom 480 for a Portrait photo shortest side top Bottom Ensure Resize Type is set to Smart Size and Resize all Layers Maintain Aspect Ratio of boxes are ticked The aspect ratio is usually 1 3333 Click OK 8 You should see image size shrink on your screen This will depend on your screen resolution settings My monitor is set up to 1024 x 768 9 To check image s TRUE size Click on or View Normal Viewing 1 1 or Ctrl Alt N 10 Now we need to reduce the File Size of the photo Select Jpeg Optimizer or File Export JPEG Optimizer 11 Click hold Target icon in between the 2 pictures and select the most important part of your picture in this case the eyes 12 The left hand photo is the original photo the right hand shows the final output quality that

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  • Model Boat Mayhem - Your Computer
    now ScanDisk Check your hard Disk Start Programs Accessories System Tools ScanDisk use Thorough option This can take several hours to run Disk Defragmenter Consolidate all that data Start Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Defragmenter This can take many hours to run so run over night Outlook express Reduce the size of the mail files and speed it up Open up Outlook express File Folder Compact All folders Save your emails and loads of other things that are really useful Open windows explorer Start Programs Windows Explorer or Start Programs Accessories Windows Explorer Find your application data Email files Windows 98 ME etc C WINDOWS Application Data Identities Windows XP C Documents and Settings martin Application Data Identities copy this directory Edit Copy Then Paste it back to the same directory Windows This will duplicate the folder Although this won t prevent data loss I ll have 2 chances of trying to get some of it back Save your email addresses In Outlook Click on Addresses File Export Address Book WAB save it to C or C disks if I ve built your PC Name it something like Backup Address book or Sept 2004 Save your mail settings In Outlook Tools Accounts for each of you MAIL ACCOUNTS click export and save to C or C disks if I ve built your PC Here s a conversation I sometimes have at work Fault reported Laptop Computer not working or No fixed present or Non system disk error or No IDE device present Engineers Report Hard drive failed Replaced Hard drive UNABLE to recover any DATA The conversation goes something like this Me Technician DCU Distraught Computer User DCU I switched my computer on this morning and it s asking for a boot disk Me Your Hard drive s gone I ve have to replace it and you ll have to start from scratch DCU What does that mean Me You ve lost all your data DCU What does that mean Me It means you ve lost all your data DCU What everything Me Yes DCU But I ve got really important company data on there This usually means funny emails and high scores Me Never mind I ll replace the hard drive and I can restore from your last backup DCU You have a backup of my PC Me NO you do You do have a current backup don t you Trying my best to look concerned DCU No one told me to do backups Me What was going to do if your PC got stolen or as in this case crashed DCU I was going to do a back last week when the PC started making funny noises but I didn t have time Me Been here done this When last did you do a backup DCU About a week ago I think The backup turns out to be from 18 months ago Me I can use this backup but you ll have lost everything you ve done in

    Original URL path: http://www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk/Common/computers.htm (2016-04-25)
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  • Model Boat Mayhem Links
    to buy your stuff Links to Model Boat Sites around the world Links to anything vaguely Model boat related Want o suggest a good link Click here Pictures of Peterborough

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  • Model Boat Mayhem - News
    month October 2009 Monday 21 September Southern Model Air Show Sept 2009 Wednesday 26 August August Photo of the Month eventually More photos needed Friday 3 July Wings Wheels Spectacular Monday 22 June Northern Model Boat Show Doncaster Friday 29 May Pictures from Wicksteed Park Show Tuesday 12 May Dick Hoppers page updated Monday 11 May William Honeyball Huntsman page updated May Photo of the Month uploaded Friday 24 April

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  • Model Boat Mayhem - Traders Directory
    order supplier of fibreglass model moat hulls A long established small specialist supplier of a wide range of high quality GRP model boat hulls mostly smaller types like tugs trawlers steam launches and MTBs Mail order in the UK and almost anywhere else in the world there aren t many places that we haven t sent our hulls to at some time or other HULLS Maccsteam Ltd 79 Victoria Road Macclesfield Cheshire SK10 3JA 01625 619784 www maccsteam com mike maccsteam com Supplier of boilers burners gas tanks and fittings for model steam boats Custom boilers also made to customers own requirements We can supply Vertical boilers Horizontal boilers Gas tanks Gas burners STEAM Macs Mouldings 150 Rosemary Avenue Halfway Sheerness Kent ME12 3HX 01795 680521 after 6pm http www macsmouldings co uk macsmouldings hotmailco uk Resin model boat fittings Supplier of larger scale modeling accessories FITTINGS Mark s Model Bits http marksmodelbits com TELEPHONE 01633 843949 EMAIL mmbshop hotmail com MMB is a new company based in Newport South Wales specialising in supplying model parts including the new Foggy Smoke Generator I have been model making cars and railways for 35 years and have been building model boats for the last 25 years From small beginnings MMB is slowly expanding its range of products that are available to the modeller We pride ourselves in providing a personal and reliable service and we aim to keep all items advertised in stock We attend various shows around the country throughout the year so why not come along and say hello Motors props Kits Hulls Marten Howes Bayliss 216 Bredhurst Road Wigmore Gillingham Kent ME8 0RD Tel 01634 233146 Fax 01634 264544 http www model steam boats co uk martinhowesbaylis btinternet com Suppliers of model steamboat kits and fittings We produce high quality kits for scale steam launches All the models are designed for full radio control and can be purchased with or without steam plants These models have a full complement of brass fittings and period detail They are hard working powerful models that have also won prizes for best model speed and endurance events at international shows in Europe and the USA The models are suitable for modellers with some experience The steam plant is supplied complete and tested all the pipe work is pre bent and the connections made We know that builders will have many hours of pleasure both building and operating our model steam launches WORKITS STEAM FITTINGS Mobile Marine Models The Boat Shed Highcliffe Park Ingham Cliff Lincoln LN1 2YQ 01522 730731 689209 http www mobilemarinemodels com MOBMARMODS aol com Britain s leading model tug manufacturer Model Tugnology everything to do with tugs We produce a wide range of kits and hulls for tugs fishing boats coasters pleasure boats lighters and barges To supplement the models we also supply running gear fittings lighting kits drive batteries electrical components timber and tools and adhesives TUGS WORKITS SEMKITS HULLS FITTINGS BATT LIGHTS WOOD GLUE TOOLS MODELBOATBITS Mob 07921 032624 Evening 01952 222171 Proprietor Steve Tranter www modelboatbits com steve modelboatbits com MODELBOATBITS Based in Telford Shropshire Offer a wide range of components for use on all types of model boats Our own range of items manufactured in house are made to a very high standard of quality We also manufacture custom made propshafts Rudder s Couplings We welcome enquiry s from shops and traders Water jet cutting service available Product range includes Propellers Propshafts Couplings Rudders Push rods Motors ESC s Sound Modules Lighting sets Radio Sets Batteries Chargers RTR Boats Boat Kits Fittings Building Materials Sport boat etc Modelling Timbers http www modellingtimbers co uk keith jewell modellingtimbers co uk K JEWELL 65 ST LAWRENCE AVENUE SNAITH EAST YORKSHIRE DN14 9JH England Tel 01405 861734 As a modelmaker of many years standing I know the difficulty in trying to obtain high quality fitting and those impossible to find fixings so I have put together a fine assortment of fixtures and fittings for other discerning model makers The vast majority are non ferrous being either brass copper or bronze with a few ferrous fittings in our ranges We also carry a fine range of wood fittings of the highest quality at competitive prices Many are sourced from the finest engineers within Europe the vast majority being specialists in their own fields We also have a vast range of filament bulbs in various colours and voltages along with specialist bulbs not normally available in other outlets including what is claimed to be the smallest axial bulb available at only 0 7mm in dia Our range includes fittings for period ship builders such as wonderful brass cannon mortar and culverine barrels belaying pins hollow wood barrels brass brads of the highest quality and ultra fine chemically blackened chains You will also find what we believe to be the finest rigging cords and hawser cables currently available based on our customer feedback all at very realistic prices Models by Design http www modelsbydesign co uk 199 Ringwood Road St Leonards Dorset BH24 2QA Tel 01425 476174 or 07810 645344 Email GrigAndr aol com We are a recently formed company manufacturing model boats that has evolved from an enthusiastic hobby We are committed to giving our customers the very best in quality materials workmanship and service Our model boat building experience spans over 30 years supplying customers with quality products ranging from handmade stainless steel prop shafts to a completely finished model boat We pride ourselves on providing a personal service All our customers are considered as individuals with specific needs which we will endeavour to fulfil to the best of our ability SEMKITS Model Slipway 77 Arundell Drive Lundwood Barnsley S71 5LE South Yorkshire Telephone and Fax 01226 715576 www modelslipway com info modelslipway com Manufacturer and supplier of scale model boat kits suitable for R C Mail order specialist WORKITS PLASKITS TUGS LIFEBOAT CAT MOTORS FITTINGS Motionco c o Factoti Ltd P O Box 244 Chipping Norton Oxon OX7 9BG

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