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    a retailer might be more inclined to offer you a complete deal price Only buy what you need as I ve got kits motors engines fuel tanks tools etc etc all over the place that seemed like a good buy while in the shop Do you know anyone that wants to buy some unused model gear One careful owner BUILDING To support my boats while working on them I use a MRM plastic glider stand that I got it for a fiver from Pardon Mill models in Harlow This stand allows almost total access to the hull while building and it suits any shape of hull and had a useful tool tray underneath Most kits still do not come with a storage stand for a few extra quid the parts for even a temporary wood stand could be included which would be most beneficial Each boat will needs it s own boat stand for storage or start the engine on IC boats Most plans provide you with the outlines for a suitable stand so you can build your own unfortunately when I start work on a new boat the stand is not the most interesting bit to start with but it is the most necessary Choice of glue is MOST important Get a lot of advice on this subject A wrong choice could be instrumental in reproducing a kit of parts again if you bash your boat For general use there are lots of Superglues around Superglue accelerators are useful but tend to make the joint a little brittle For plastic ABS boats the best glue is Stabilit Express an epoxy type adhesive Stabilit is really good stuff but cost an arm and a leg There are a lot of other epoxy type glues around Araldite and Devcon come to mind check the instructions for application particularly for use on ABS plastic On fibre glass any of the multi boats suppliers stock a number of useful resins based mixes but you can also use two part epoxy and body work repair kits from car accessory shops For wood Cascamite is usually the first choice followed by white PVA water resistant glues Car body filler is also useful as a glue as it holds to most hard materials and doesn t need a flat surface BUILD GETABILITY Bits are going to wear out on your boat and it IS going to be bumped run up the bank rammed by other boats attacked by wildlife bounced around in the back of the car dropped by the wife while dusting etc etc If you build strong your boat will survive a long time If you also build it so that the internals can be easily removed then maintenance will not be a laborious chore In the planning stage I aim to be able to remove any part of the engine running gear radio rudder etc with a screwdriver or spanner within 10 minutes You can t always achieve this but it s what you should trying to achieve When it comes to the radio the more time spent on the installation means less time laid up in dry dock for repairs The radio layout should be such that it s easy to remove the bits for servicing Never glue servos in if possible screw fitting is much more desirable Tie up the wiring neatly into bundles with signal and power cables separate On more complicated installations a label and colour coded diagram should be made up for the wiring so that faults can be more readily traced after years of happy boating Murphy law 1 If something can go wrong it will 2 The more critical the part is the greater the chance that it will fail 3 The less likely it is to go wrong the quicker it will go wrong One of the most annoying things that can happen is something breaking or failing before the boat even get on the water If you think that ll do nine times out of ten it won t If you are going to make your own parts then use the Victorian engineering principle make it ten times stronger than it possibly needs to be Sometimes it s simpler quicker and cost effective to buy commercial parts because if your home made part fails you may have go to out and buy one anyway While building keep thinking of the boat as a whole I ve built parts for boats and then found that it won t work with something else eg engine mount and exhaust can t fit through the deck opening or you can t get to some screws once the deck is glued down Plan ahead measure everything out on the plan use paper templates and make small pilot holes before drilling the full size ones to check things will correctly line up The less flash gimmicks you have on the boat the less there is to go wrong don t make things unnecessarily complicated just for the sake of it Buy good engines ones that you can get spares for Don t always take a shopkeeper word that engine parts ten a penny if he s trying to sell his Supercharged OkiCoky 5 3 2cc engine at a special price FINISHED How are you going to finish the boat Are you going to be happy with the standard finish that may come in the way of decals in the kit or are you going to go for individualism Do you want your boat to look the same as every other boat built from this kit or something more individualistic For me designing and applying the paint job has sometimes taken longer than building the boat in one case taking at least four times as long Some parts are better pre painted before fitting such at crew figures and cabins The overall appearance is how a lot people will judge your work but if you can get good performance from it

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  • Model boat types
    shallow Vee boats and are popular for racing in the UK but are not based on any type of full size boat Multi boats are fitted with very powerful engines the hulled is shaped so it is very stable on the straight and then is capable of turning very sharply I have owned two multi boats but I prefer real model boats CATAMARAN Twin hulled boat joined by a wing Now currently the most highly developed hull form and used by all top off shore racers The hull rides on the flow of air through which provides lift similar to an aeroplane s wing thus raising the hull up out of the water Performs best in calmer waters Racing catamarans usually have two or four engines down in the twin hulls or sponsons Variants are trimaran and mono cat TUNNEL Small one man version of the catamaran Raced inshore on calm waters These are the boat worlds equivalent of Formula One cars Driver tilts the outboard engine to trim the boat for fastest speed These boats reach over 100 mph in less than 5 seconds can turn on a pinhead and pull 4 G s into a corner Not for the faint hearted HYDROPLANE Fastest of all types of boats the full size ones easily reach over 200 mph being driven by aircraft engines or helicopter turbines The boat rides on only three points the tips of the front two sponsons and the propeller As the boat fly over the surface of the water they require a turn fin to hold them from sliding sideways in corners The full size boats can only turn left the models only right as the model engine run in reverse to the real thing Hydros can only run on calm water HYDROFOIL A n

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  • Electric motors for model boats
    this section may seem a little boring It s a two part reference guide to electric and IC boats the equipment their installation use and control Read this section now and save yourself time and money by building correctly first time and preventing common mistakes Don t be too worried if you don t understand all the terms and expressions as long you understand the basics the rest will become clearer as you use the equipment for yourself The convention used in this and the following articles will be MOTORS are electric motors and ENGINES are Internal Combustion engines IC for short There are various ways of powering your sports boat eg electric diesel steam two and four stroke IC engines even rocket power has been tried but highly illegal the two most popular forms are two stroke or glow plug IC engines and electric motors IC engines are used mainly in fast models as they will continue to run at full power until the fuel runs out Electric motors are used in all aspects of boat modelling from submarines to drag race boats Electric motors are much more controllable than IC engines ie they can be made to run

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  • IC Engines for Model Boats
    someone with you that s experienced in these things Whatever engine you do buy make sure spares are easily available in case the worst happens and it will There are generally five types of IC engine available 1 Glow engines or two strokes 2 Four strokes 3 Diesels 4 Rotary 5 Spark ignition but GLOW engines are by far the most popular Glow engines come in a range of sizes from 0 5 to 20cc The most popular sizes being 3 5 6 5 10 11 15cc Some of the real powerful race engines can develop 5bhp and or rev over 30 000 r p m but even the power of a small IC engine should be respected so Always take proper safety precautions with IC engines to avoid lost fingers There are practical limitations to what size engine you can put in your boat i e a 3 5cc engine won t push a 6 foot boat very fast whereas a 15cc engine in a 2 foot boat will probably leave the planet All kits or hulls give a range of recommended engine sizes usually I would lean towards the largest size as the smaller ones tend to leave me with an under powered boat Well all of this is just my opinion but what do I know SAFETY SAFETY Glow fuel burns with an almost invisible flame so no smoking while fuelling up your boat Remember that IC engines get hot when you forget an angry exhaust pipe will quickly remind you Marine and air propeller are very sharp and can take a finger off without even slowing down or at least can give you a permanent scar Have a first aid kit handy at all times at home and by the lake just in case you have

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  • Model Boat Mayhem
    thanks so if you have contributed to the site then please let us take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your support Martin Admin Please be aware that the contributions maybe frittered away on noodles chips and Pepsi

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  • Model Boat Mayhem DISCLAIMER
    your tires or your ego These pages are made from 100 recycled electrons This is not a competition this is only an exhibition please no betting This product is meant for educational purposes only Any resemblance to real persons living or dead or otherwise indisposed is purely coincidental Void where prohibited Some assembly required List each check separately by bank number Batteries not included Contents may settle during shipment This way up Use only as directed No other warranty expressed or implied Do not use while operating a motor vehicle or heavy equipment Postage will be paid by addressee Subject to governmental approval This is not a pyramid saving scheme Apply only to affected area May be too intense for some viewers Do not stamp Fragile at best of times Use other side for additional information Open other end Tear along perforation For recreational use only Do not disturb All models over 81 years of age This page is non refundable If condition persists consult your physician No user serviceable parts inside Freshest if eaten before date on packaging Subject to change without notice The lights are on but there s no one home Times approximate Simulated picture No postage necessary if mailed in my back garden Please remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop Breaking seal constitutes acceptance of agreement For off road use only As seen on TV One size fits all Many suitcases look alike Contains a substantial amount of non tobacco ingredients Colors may in time fade We have sent the forms which seem right for you Your cheque is in the post Slippery when wet Dangerous when dry For office use only Not affiliated with the Red Cross Warranty void if abused Drop in any postbox Edited for television Keep cool process promptly Post office will not deliver without postage List was current at time of printing Return to sender no forwarding order on file unable to forward Don t feed the zebra Not responsible for direct indirect incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect error or failure to perform If it don t work don t blame us At participating restaurants only This is only a simulation Don t try this in your living room these are trained professionals Penalty for private use See label for order of play Substantial penalty for early withdrawal Keep all appendages within designated areas Do not write below this line Falling rocks Lost ticket pays maximum rate Moses was here Your cancelled cheque is your receipt Add toner Place stamp here Avoid contact with skin Sanitized for your protection Be sure each item is properly endorsed Sign here without admitting guilt Out to lunch Slightly higher than you would think when first seen Employees and their families are not eligible Beware of dog Contestants have been briefed on some questions before the show Limited time offer call now to ensure prompt delivery You must be present to win No passes accepted for this

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