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  • Volvo FH Tipper in 1:50... - Themed Collections
    seventy trucks with a variety of makes and trailer types now in use For this bulk Fruhauf tipper it is coupled with a Volvo FH tractor unit The Volvo FH where FH stands for F orward control H igh cab was launched near the end of 1993 and has proved to be a very successful product range Though into a second generation of the design over 400 000 have been produced so far and it is still in production in styles including the high cab Globetrotter as featured in the model The model itself comes packed securely in a polystyrene block within the attractive box as illustrated in the album below Also in the box is a Collectors Card which gives the background detail to M Way and Sons along with a small bag of accessory parts that you fit when you have it out of the box This includes the wing mirrors radio aerials and blind spot mirrors that you fit into holes pre prepared in the cab On the back of the cab are the suzies to connect it to the trailer and such an important feature of an artic it is good to see them included The only thing I d suggest is only fit these to the trailer once you have it in your display cabinet and remember to undo them if you ever move the model so as not to damage them Overall a very nice model from Corgi and certainly a colour scheme that will stand out in any display Like this It is available in our Modelenium store here Thread Replies Views First Post Volvo FH Tipper in 1 50 more commercials from Corgi By Robin Buckland 1 0 638 19 05 2013 17 38 29 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join

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  • Retromobile, Paris 2013... - Themed Collections
    exhibition By Robin Buckland 1 0 508 25 02 2013 21 12 42 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/retromobile-paris-2013/14684 (2016-02-14)
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  • Airliners in 1:200... - Themed Collections
    it is quite weighty though is sits squarely on the undercarriage once you put it on a shelf Little details like the extended tail skid built in to protect the tail against an aircraft over rotating on take off Doors glazing and the rear stairway are all represented by the transfers which in this scale work very well While the bulk of the aircraft is in white the gunmetal colour jet exhausts and silver on the engine pods and the wings coupled with the colourful green and red Alitalia markings look really good The one thing to just be a little careful with and this is a good thing not bad but there are a number of the small blade aerials around the fuselage and being tine and metal these can be a bit sharp on the fingers if you are not careful when handling it My basic reaction to the whole model though is that this is great I am impressed Second up comes the 737 200 another Boeing built aircraft in the short to medium haul category It was seen as complementary to the 707 and 727 already in the Boeing product line First built in 1968 these are still in production and over 7000 have been built to date with not much short of another 3000 still on order It is the most produced airliner to date It has had a number of updates of the years including newer engines while passenger capacity can vary between 85 and 215 A number of 737 have been operated by Military organisations around the world including the USAF who have used the T 43 as a training aircraft for navigators The model is in Sudan airline markings and features one of the early model 200 series Colourful and with Sudanese

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/airliners-in-1-200/14064 (2016-02-14)
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  • Starting out in 1:18 with a Mustang... - Themed Collections
    great movies which finally made me give in a buy one of these larger scale models I gave in to a green Ford Mustang depicting the one driven by Steve McQueen in that great movie Bullet How can you forget that classic chase sequence over the steep hills in San Francisco and just how many times did that Beetle drive past Seeing it in the cabinet at my local Modelzone I just had to give in It brings back the memory of watching the cars leave the ground over the crests in the hills and then feel it thump back down onto the road for a landing Brilliant bit of film Plus the growl of that engine magic The model is by Greenlight and with Bullet decorated packaging inside is that classic Mustang On unpacking it I found a nice weighty model with detail underneath as well as the engine compartment the passenger compartment with working steering and even the spare wheel stowed inside the boot maybe that should be trunk considering the US based film itself I don t have anything else to compare it with but my reaction to this my first 1 18 model is one of great satisfaction I can see myself in danger of becoming intrigued by movie themed models though with the larger size storage space already under severe pressure after nearly 50 years of collecting military vehicles and aircraft coming under even greater stress Having been a model collector for so long though it raised some interesting feelings of when you buy a model that becomes a first in a new collecting theme Robin Thread Replies Views First Post Starting out in 1 18 with a Mustang Greenlight s model from Bullet By Robin Buckland 1 1 944 25 11 2012 20 39

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/starting-out-in-1-18-with-a-mustang/13903 (2016-02-14)
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  • Talking Trailers... - Themed Collections
    to use the models to illustrate a few things In terms of safety the Benson and Lucey trailers both have the large safety bars on each side of the trailer between the back of the legs and the rear axle This is to protect car drivers as well as bikes ideally from running underneath the trailer and being run over by the rear wheels of the trailer so are strongly built If you look at the Eddie Stobart trailer then you see a plastic cover along the lower sides Behind them you would still find the strong safety bars but the plastic covering gives more streamlining to the trailer and the improved aerodynamics of the airflow help boost the mpg figure for the vehicle Only by a little bit but every one of those little bits adds up over the number of miles these trailers travel If you look at the picture comparing the gap between the back of the tractor unit and the front of the trailer on the Lucey and Benson vehicles you will see one is closer coupled than the other The closer you can couple the two the better airflow and fuel consumption you get Hence you also see more of the aerodynamic panels added not only the roof of the cabs but also to the rear edges of them as well Hover your mouse over the pictures for a comment on what is being illustrated The ambient box trailer on the Lucy truck has twin rear doors and is commonly used for all sorts of general cargo or ambient temperature product which doesn t require any special conditions within the trailer You can unload from the back doors with a fork lift but these are ideal is you have purpose built loading docks they can back onto so you can unload them from the same level usually with the use of a dock leveller to bridge the gap then used pallet trucks to offload pallets or as is often the case wheel off cages of product The curtain sider of Bensons is used so the trailer can be loaded unloaded with palletised goods from both sides Other than ensuring the palletised goods inside are secure you need to be careful to get the weight balanced evenly over both sides of the trailer Finally the Temperature Controlled trailer of the Eddie Stobart truck This has a fridge unit mounted on the front of the trailer Positioned here they give some additional streamlining rather than just a flat fronted face to the trailer the engine is easier for service engineers to get to and it leaves the full internal length of the trailer to be available for cargo The will be insulated and loading unloading is done only via the rear doors Internally these can be split into 2 or 3 compartments with the use of bulkheads which can be folded up against the roof when not in use This allows you to have different temperatures in

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/talking-trailers/13718 (2016-02-14)
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  • Poland's rich automotive history explored in miniature - Themed Collections
    Fiat 126P models NYSA N59 Minibus a lovely model with full interor detail and a beautiful two tone paint finish One of the nicest models in the Kultowe AUTA part works series of cult Polish vehicles NYSA 522 MO Milijca a very well detailed and finely decorated special issue model from the Kultowe AUTA collection Kultowe AUTA UK A03 Pickup Truck plastic tilt has a very realistic appearance Welly Warszawa 224 Welly has responded to the growing nostalgia for Poland s motoring heritage with a range of well made die cast models of cult vehicles like this Warszawa Welly Fiat 126P is larger than the other Welly models of Polish cars No scale is stated but model is roughly 1 24 scale or thereabouts If you missed the article see taster below and it s a must read for you back issues can be ordered see home page for details Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/poland%27s-rich-automotive-history-explored-in-miniature/13725 (2016-02-14)
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  • The 'History on Wheels' Museum... - Themed Collections
    him to create a business where he hired them to film and television companies over the years Many of those original vehicles have since been disposed of but a few of them remain There are 4 in particular with a Phanomen Granit Ambulance which is still quite original even in the back and which featured in the film Battle of britain Three others were all Mercedes a staff car and 2 Kubels all of which were in the film One of the Kubels stops at a cross roads as a convoy passes by with pontoon boats Tony was the driver Staying with the film theme then a Citroen truck at the far end of the shed featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and within arms reach of that a dummy Sdkfz 222 look alike better known to TV viewers of Allo Allo as Lt Gruber s Little Tank In the centre block of vehicles 2 large black US cars and one that has the provenance as that used by General MacArthur in the Philipines and in Japan when MacArthur took the Japanese surrender As well as MacArthur himself there is photo evidence of Admiral Chester Nimitz riding in it as well Fully restored this is a huge and stunning motor car As for other cars then not only a Humber Staff Car but the radio body version as well still with seats and radios in the back Add to this a GAZ 67 a Renault UE infantry carrier a Krupp Sdkfz 69 Boxer Opel Blitz and a Horsche Kfz 69 How about folding bicycles the Cushman and Welbike parachute motorcycles NAAFI van and so much more Sprinkled throughout the collection are other displays such as umpteen jerricans food containers ammo boxes and lots lots more Armour is limited

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/the-%27history-on-wheels%27-museum/12958 (2016-02-14)
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  • Corporate Commissions... - Themed Collections
    unit complete with air spoiler on the roof is just right and these operate in the Waitrose vehicle fleet along with a mix of Daf and Mercedes trucks The trailer is OK though the model differs in having the 3rd axle we only have three axle trailers on double deckers and the the rear doors provided on the model are in reality a roller shutter though once again the colours and markings are correct The transfers printed for the whole combination are good even down to the Royal Warrant on the side and the small reminder on the front of the trailer in green Warning deep kingpin 3 6m tractors only Overall a very nice display piece though not on general sale This happens to be one I am lucky enough to have in my collection Thread Replies Views First Post Corporate Commissions a Waitrose Scania and Trailer By Robin Buckland 1 0 590 28 07 2012 15 20 51 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/corporate-commissions/12776 (2016-02-14)
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