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  • Kremlin cars... - Themed Collections
    models made by Radon Enterprise Radon Russia Russo Balt was the prestige Russian built car prior to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 GAZ 13 Chaika 1 43 scale die cast by Radon in rare red colour showing the opening features ZIS 110 V Convertible Phaeton conversed from the Auto Legends of the USSR part works model GAZ 13 Chaika chopped from limousine model GAZ 14 05 Convertible Phaeton model chopped from saloon model This type of vehicle was used for parades and military reviews and was always painted grey ZIS 110V and GAZ 13 Chaika Phaeton models chopped from saloon models by Sawing the roof off a die cast requires a steady hand since there is no room for error ZIL 111G open version converted from saloon by a skilled French model maker Kremlin limos in the mandatory black paint finish Models are from left to right GAZ 13 Chaika ZIL 111 and ZIL 111G All are 1 43 diecasts made by IXO for De Agostini Russia Cover of GAZ 12M ZIM brochure Cover of AVTOEXPORT brochure features GAZ 13 Chaika and Moscow skyline Artwork from ZIS 110 brochure Artwork from ZIS 110 brochure Cover of GAZ 13 Chaika brochure The shape of things to come The 21st century ZIM concept car Thread Replies Views First Post Kremlin cars 1 43 Soviet limousines that will make you want to crack open the vodka By Robin Buckland 1 0 704 22 07 2012 19 54 32 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model

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  • Corgi Toys Yellow Submarine... - Themed Collections
    1972 the film faded away being shown but rarely on TV and often missing some of its songs Hey Bulldog in particular Even with the rise of videos in the 80s no copies were released due to a copyright dispute Then in 1996 came a major television series on The Beatles accompanied by three albums all called Anthology They were a sensation and The Beatles were once again big news Not so surprising then that Corgi with the old moulds of the Yellow Submarine still to hand and the new moulds of the Bedford VAL coach etc realised that a series of Beatle related models was a good idea Above Getting to the bottom of things On the left we have the original Yellow Submarine with two rivets and on the right we show the 1997 issue with four screws Another way of identifying the originals from the reissues at a glance is that on the original the buttons that open the hatches are unpainted while on the 1997 issues they are painted black Up Periscope No 05401 In early 1997 Corgi released a small catalogue showing the six models in the new Beatles Collection range In a masterstroke the catalogue style mirrored the collage design of the Anthology albums To add effect the catalogue was designed to appear like a record and placed within a cardboard sleeve It s no surprise that this catalogue has become a collector s item in its own right When the models appeared they used the same collage style on their boxes At first glance the re release of the Yellow Sub appears a slavish copy Not so for there are many changes The model now has four small screws holding it together The front wheel is now a roller and the conning tower rail and periscopes are made from polystyrene instead of polythene Above One of two variations on the re release of the Yellow Submarine issued around1996 97 This version CC05401 is the one with a two offset oblong shaped window and the little catalogue sitting right next to the model Both hatches have additional side bars inside to guide I presume them to the closed position The buttons to activate the hatches are now painted black I may be imagining things but the pop up figures appear to have been remodelled too Certainly the mould lines are different The model sits snugly in its box and is accompanied by a small catalogue and certificate A variation is known regarding the design of cellophane window Some are in the shape of two offset oblongs whilst others have a fan shape In this packaging the model lasted till 1999 After decades of obscurity Yellow Submarine was finally released uncut on DVD in 1999 It was accompanied by a new album a new CD and much critical acclaim and public popularity Above This is the second 1997 variation CC05401 the difference being the little catalogue now appears in the lid and the cut out

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  • Audi's Quattro - Themed Collections
    touches include the sunstrip on the front windscreen the Quattro script in the heating elements of the heated rear window and the rear washer jet along with a really well replicated engine under bonnet It s been released in a number of finishes the hardest to find being the Tornado red which was only made available in Germany hence the German registration plates This is puzzlingly as it was one of the most popular colour options with Quattro owners in the UK Instead however along with black Ref 70301 and silver Ref 70303 AutoArt issued the model in Tizian Red 70304 a colour you d be lucky to see on British roads although perhaps this production run was intended for a wider market as instead of an authentic registration the numberplate simply carries the wording Quattro There s also some been some superb Quattro rally cars from AutoArt These feature a correct roll cage interior and all the authentic exterior accessories for the numerous rally cars represented And then of course there s the road going Sport Quattro SWB which has been issued in a variety of colours At around 80 each the AutoArt models are pretty pricey but boy are they re worth it Also very expensive but beautifully crafted are the Scala43 kit built by hand crisply cast resin models with white metal ancillary parts The paint finish is always flawless and the models feature some amazing detail including some of the best photo etching you could hope to see Despite hefty price tags these stunners sell out fast There s a whole series to track down too Perhaps I could re mortgage the house Generally more accessible although there are of course always exceptions are the numerous road and motorsport Quattros both 1 18 and 1 43 scale produced by Minichamps all well worth keeping an eye out for I mention there are always exceptions because one of the most interesting Minichamps models in my collection is the 1985 25th anniversary model of the Audi Sport Quattro Ref 505 05 006 03 this is presented in a special display case with the car and the stripped down modified chassis plinth mounted I ve never seen an example at any of the shows I ve attended or in the shops and so I assume it is either very scarce and or was a dealership only model In any case it makes a fabulous display item Another rare Minichamps Audi anniversary model is one bought from the Audi Quattro Owners Club of which I am a member This was made especially for a trip the club made to the Audi factory in Germany in 2001 The model is in a standard white finish which is very unusual to come across for some curious reason best known to the model manufacturers Once again I have yet to see one of these models come up for sale understandably club members have been keen to hold onto their individual trip trophies One

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  • British Overseas Airways Corporation models - Themed Collections
    If you have one in the same dark blue and white B O A C livery but missing its B O A C decals and lettering then don t worry This is a genuine Mak s issue and was differently boxed as the Luxury Travel Coach Unbranded Hong Kong B O A C Coach No R 4402 This version moves up a little more in size from the Dinky and Mak s models It has no maker s or importer s or distributor s name on the model or box not uncommon at this time and probably linked to the models being what we would now call an unlicensed copy Not that this position seemed to concern most Hong Kong manufacturers at this time The only identifying feature on the model is the reference R 4402 where the R is enclosed in a circle This coach includes all the added features seen on the Mak s version and is probably a copy of this model rather than the Dinky Toys original It is not as finely or accurately made and even runs on sports car style wire wheels which must have been taken from other models in this manufacturer s range Unusually in addition to the friction version this coach was also available as a remote control model complete with a battery operated handset As with all 1960s Hong Kong produced toys these coaches are hard to find in original boxed condition We now move away from the classic coaches to look at some other support vehicles Mettoy Castoys B O A C Van No 870 This is an excellent large die cast Morris van produced by Mettoy as part of a small range of heavy cast mechanical toys sold under the Castoys brand Because of the substantial size and weight of the models they all had rather ineffective clockwork motors The vans were available in several liveries and carried the Mettoy derived registration MTY 870 They featured opening rear doors with the B O A C version displaying standard B O A C lettering with the Speedbird logo on the van sides and a Fly by B O A C legend on the roof They are real rarities Production ended in the late 1950s by which time Mettoy s much more successful Corgi Toys brand was fast developing Budgie Models BOAC Cabin Service Lift Truck No 302 During the early 1960s the less well known firm of Budgie Toys produced some superb and quite unusual models including a number of airport support and ancillary vehicles There was an Airside Foden Pluto Aircraft Refuelling Tanker in Esso colours and a superb Air BP AEC Superfueller Tanker both models boasting stylish coachbuilt cab units Budgie also added the unusual six wheel Alvis Salamander Crash Tender and finally to a larger scale their only model in B O A C colours the Cabin Service Lift Truck The cab unit is modelled on a rather uninspiring Commer commercial but the rear body section is more interesting with two opening ramps and a complicated scissor action lifting mechanism designed to raise the body to the aircraft fuselage access doors Due to the demise of Budgie it was in production for only a short time 1963 66 and is quite rare but it still managed to inspire at least two imitators CM Toys Hong Kong B O A C Cabin Services Lift Truck No 702 This large 1960s Hong Kong friction model can trace its roots back to two different Budgie Toys models The rear body copies the opening and lifting features and lettering of the Budgie model above However the maker has chosen not to model the rather bland Commer cab of the Budgie original instead using a Thames Trader cab and chassis unit already in their range This is a copy of a different Budgie Toy and highlights a big problem if you want to copy The Budgie Toys Thames Trader casting is far and away its worst model and all the inaccuracies and mistakes of the original are reproduced on the Hong Kong version but in a much larger scale However it s so bad that with the passing of time it s taken on a period naivety which is beautifully captured on the 1960s box full of colourful and exciting artwork MMF Toys Hong Kong Cabin Service Truck No 811 This is another Hong Kong friction drive mix n match copy The rear Cabin Service Lift Truck section is again inspired by the Budgie Toys model with the same lettering and silver colourscheme although now simplified with only one loading ramp and no lifting mechanism This maker again ignored the rather uninspiring Budgie Commer cab and instead utilised an existing Bedford TK unit it also already had in its range with other body styles including Petrol and Milk Tankers an Ambulance and a Refuse Lorry The TK cab and chassis unit is a copy of the Dinky Toys version making this B O A C vehicle a Dinky Budgie combination The Woolbro British importer branded box shows the lorry being loaded at an exotic far away airport Now back to some rather unusual bus and coach models NFIC Hong Kong B O A C Coach No 3077 Whilst most 1960s Hong Kong models were copied from or inspired by contemporary die cast usually from Dinky Matchbox or Corgi this impressive NFIC double deck bus was a completely new design It would be 40 years before EFE brought out their version based on the same unusual batch of B O A C double deck coaches It is somewhat ironic that the early boxes show that the original maker wanted to protect its design with patent applied for and related reference numbers when most of its models were copies of other manufacturer s items The NFIC model has a representation of the separate luggage area at the rear of the lower saloon and the dual offside emergency exit doors which this configuration demanded

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  • Most Wanted Models... - Instant Expert
    required was a body coloured grille and new graphics job done Manufacturers are aware of this and it presents them with a dilemma In order to recoup the massive and I do mean massive investment required to tool up for a new die cast they need to sell at least a couple of thousand models before they break even let alone make a profit Resin models are cast using silicon moulds which are far less costly to create but have a much shorter life expectancy Production runs therefore tend to be much smaller Other outgoings though such as research and design and licensing fees especially when it comes to motorsport TV film related models etc mirror those encountered when working in die cast and the labour costs for high levels of hand finished detail also have to be accounted for In general this means that in order to turn a profit when producing far fewer models the retail price tends to be higher than you would expect to pay for a die cast On the upside it does mean that more esoteric subject choices aimed at fairly niche audiences can be risked In both die cast and resin though manufacturers have to make the decision of whether they keep quantities unspecified their options open and prices affordable or whether they curtail the production run promote the model as a limited edition and keep their fingers crossed the collector will deem this exclusivity worth paying extra for The Bedford J Type would lend itself to all kinds of liveries and we think the Leyland Sherpa wouldn t be a bad idea either Either way unsold models are a problem for both the manufacturer the distributor and the retailer because existing stock needs to be cleared in order for money to be ploughed back into new product If this can only be done by price slashing it not only affects those in the industry but also undermines collector confidence After all none of us like it when a model we paid full price for is spotted heavily discounted shortly afterwards The current worldwide economic situation and the resulting slump in consumer spending has only served to compound things This along with added complications bought about by the enormous social and economic changes taking place in China where the majority of models are manufactured is turning the pressure up even more Getting subject choices right has never been as imperative But do our manufacturers always make the right decisions Well I think we all know the answer to that Perhaps more exasperating still is when existing tooling could with perhaps just minor modification be used to create long awaited gap fillers but the opportunity is overlooked Putting on an identity parade So what to do Well we can t promise to get the models at the top of all of your wish lists on the manufacturers drawing boards but we can help flag up your ideas in this magazine We re asking you

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  • Instant Expert Dinky Citroen P55 Milk Truck - Instant Expert
    and even the accessories are well made These consist of 30 grey plastic crates each containing a representation of ten milk bottles The blue wings wheel hubs and grille surround are a perfect complement to the white cab and body Any variations There are no recorded variations How was it packaged Originally clear thin plastic bands were fixed to the body underside and stretched over the crates to hold them securely The model is always packed in an illustrated all card lift off box Why should I get one From an investment point of view this is a prime piece It was a relatively late production model and released for a comparatively short time It has a wide appeal to UK and continental collectors alike On its own merits its a wonderful display piece and at such a big scale has real presence Watch out The yellow and blue box is prone to fading and scuffing The white paint on the model is easily chipped and in fact it may be very difficult to find an example without some blemishes The example shown here has small chips to the rear wheel arches which suggests some damage was caused even at the time of assembly The clear bands are a double edged sword Presuming they re still fixed to the back they are bound to have discoloured see photos and may cause discolouration to the bodywork where they re stuck down Removing them may be your preferred choice How much Prices have risen dramatically over the last ten years Few come on to the market and where 200 was good in 2001 expect to pay at least 350 and very possibly 500 for a fine boxed and complete specimen today Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our

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  • Captain Scarlet's Spectrum Patrol Car by Century21 - Instant Expert
    was made in 1967 There is some speculation that the company went into receivership in 1968 after producing its last toys for the Joe90 series What do I get The large scale model approximately 26cms long has opening doors figures of captains Scarlet and Blue firing missiles from the drop down headlamps operated by sliding wing mirrors and opening side hatches The front wheels have a friction motor The model should include a separately packed fin radio transmitter black Mysteron detector a suitcase and around five missiles Any variations There are no known variations How was it packaged Century21 boxes are spectacular and sturdy For completeness a shaped card shelf should fit around the top of the model when it rests in the bottom half of the lift off box Why should I get one As with all plastic toys durability or the lack of it makes it a scarce toy It s very faithful to the TV car and most impressive on display Add to this the limited production time and the enormous demand from Gerry Anderson fans and you ll appreciate having one once you ve found it Watch out Check components and accessories for completeness These models are prone to distortion particularly the rear screens Look out for sun fading and cracks How much With so few come on the market each year prices are wild Expect to pay anything from 175 300 for a boxed example S I G Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model Boats Military Modelling Euro

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  • Clifford/Telsalda Vauxhall Victor 101 Estate - Instant Expert
    and earlier FB series However the lights and grille are super the interior bench seats are the right pattern and even the tail lights correspond to the correct configuration even if they are a bit short Any variations More research needs to be done but it seems that as this model was sold in Telsalda and Clifford boxes either the mould did the rounds or the two companies were one and the same There is also a link between Telsalda and Lucky Toys There may be other colour combinations but the two seen are light green brown seats white roof and light blue mid blue seats and white roof How was it packaged Both Clifford and Telsalda boxes are thin cardboard end flap types Both use very attractive but differently angled illustrations of a red car and both pictures appear to have been created by the same artist Why should I get one It s a very pleasing model it s well made and it s rare In the last ten years only two have come up for auction selling at 170 in an auction house estimate 40 60 and 140 on eBay For a Vauxhall enthusiast or for those who love that dying breed the estate car it s a must Watch out The boxes are fragile The spare wheel can go missing Glue marks discolour with time Plastic hates sunlight and will fade crack or become brittle How much The model was originally priced at around 18 shillings Today collectors prize completeness and condition over any particular variation but prices are nonetheless strong at between 150 300 Thread Replies Views First Post Clifford Telsalda Vauxhall Victor 101 Estate update By Andrew Reed 1 4 1875 15 05 2011 20 13 15 by Andrew Reed 1 Email News Join

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