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    be donated to the Australian HUSH Music Foundation a non profit organisation which produces albums of music used in hospitals to reduce stress and anxiety in hospitalised children The 25 lot collection is available for online bidding from 30 May 19 June and the collection covers the entire production history of the factory from a pre war No 24E Red super Streamline Saloon to No 181 Volkswagen Beetle Cars The sale is highlighted by Captain Scarlet s TV Car No 103 which not only has its own box but is also a very rare bronze colour differing from the standard red www auctionmystuff com dinky toys sale Like Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model Boats Military Modelling Euro Militaire Model Engineering Model Engineer Exhibition Get Woodworking Model Collector Stamp Magazine Popular Patchwork Horse Magazine Shopping Sites MyHobbyStore Dolls House Emporium 2013 MyTimeMedia Ltd About Us Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Advertising Sitemap

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  • Model Collector
    99 NOVEMBER ISSUE COVER ERROR APOLOGIES Our Exclusive Reader Offer banner should read 1 144 not 1 72 as specified JOIN US ON FACEBOOK For all the latest real time news views and lots more please visit our very lively Facebook at www facebook com modelcollector MINICHAMPS CANCELLATIONS Regretfully the previously announced models on the following list have been axed CHARITY DINKY TOYS AUCTION Don t miss your last chance to bid on the vintage die cast Dinky Toys at AuctionMyStuff com Automodello s new 1 43 1963 Studebaker Avanti A first look at the pre production samples Pagani Huayra in 1 24 more from Mondo Motors Lotus Elan Plus2 in 1 43 classic sports car from Oxford Diecast Dennis Light 4 New World East Sussex in 1 76 another top score for Oxford Diecast Guy Arab II Utility Sheffield Transport in 1 76 more from EFE The REME Museum Model Show Arborfield Berks 13th April 2014 11 am 4 pm Scammell Showtrac Pat Collins The Major in 1 76 new from Oxford Diecast 36ft BET RC Class Coach Greenline in 1 76 another recent release from EFE Adding your own base for Warmaster s M4 Tractor and Long Tom Austin Heavy Twelve in 1 43 a recent release from Oxford Diecast Caithness classic and Lancashire Scania Highline in 1 50 new trucks from Search Impex Aston Martin DBR1 in 1 18 early Aston racer from Shelby Collectibles 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next Last Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model Boats

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  • Adding your own base... - Themed Collections
    A thin coat of ready mixed polyfiller was applied to make the roadway and wheels tracks made into it before it set Just paint to suit your preference and I went for a muddy country road The hedging used to create the backdrop is available from a wargames scenery maker Rob Spendelow at Hedgerow Scenics Then the grass strips are available from Mini Natur and these have self adhesive backing So a very simple combination of readily available items and apart from painting the roadway a quick and easy way to create a base that helps set of a combination such as this The M4 artillery tractor was based on the chassis of the M3 light tank but with an unarmoured bodywork to carry the gun crew and some ammunition The crane fitted was used to handle the heavy 155mm ammunition on and off the vehicle Coupled to it and in the travelling configuration is the US 155mm gun usually known as the Long Tom There was a shorter barreled 8in gun which used the same carriage but the longer barrel is the visual giveaway to which is which For travel the long barrel is retracted to the travel lock making the combination that much shorter and therefore better able to negotiate the smaller roads in Europe and in town though it was still a long combination Warmaster have done a nice job with the models themselves as well as the paintwork and markings Adding it to the base I think sets it off quite nicely driving through the lanes of Normandy perhaps Robin Thread Replies Views First Post Adding your own base for Warmaster s M4 Tractor and Long Tom By Robin Buckland 1 0 805 26 12 2013 10 43 22 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join

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  • New Dinky Toys book... - Books
    to produce a stunning collection of images of the golden era of Dinky Toys production The large format book has 196 pages containing over 200 high quality full colour photographs along with a description of each item The chapters in the book are arranged in a similar manner to the Dinky catalogues of the period i e Cars Commercial Public Service Military etc Barry Potter states in his foreword that Dinky Toys have great visual presence and reflect the era they were produced in so well David has captured all of that appeal in his book and for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject it will be a delight to own For full details on postage costs etc please contact David at dinkytoysauthor msn com Published by David Busfield Dinky Toys A Pictorial Record is priced at 35 and is a limited edition production of just 300 copies Thread Replies Views First Post New Dinky Toys book A Pictorial Record by David J Busfield By Robin Buckland 1 0 1371 07 10 2013 18 21 38 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and

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  • Les Avions Dinky Toys Francais... - Books
    Autogiro from the British one The Autogiro is one of the very few Dinky Toys devoid of markings so until now it was believed there was no way to tell the two apart but there is You ll have to buy the book to discover the secret The production sequence of the many variations of the Caravelle has also been established and is illustrated with a wealth of pictures Indeed the book features numerous large colour photographs and professional line drawings the latter having been coloured in the exact shades used by Dinky which makes for an excellent visual reference guide Les avions Dinky Toys Français which we should point out is published in English a French version will also be made available in due course is priced at 39 90 plus p p at cost and can be ordered either from eBay or directly from editionsduwag yahoo fr Thread Replies Views First Post Les Avions Dinky Toys Francais a fascinating new book By Robin Buckland 1 0 900 02 10 2013 15 09 53 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/les-avions-dinky-toys-francais/16761 (2016-02-14)
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  • Collecting History -... - Books
    lifelong passion for anything on four wheels It recalls life as teenage collectors before the toys were put away and the two left home to go to university in Mike s case and to art college in Michael s the first collectors clubs the origins of swapmeets and the many changes that have taken place in the hobby over the years It makes for a fascinating read with plenty of nostalgia for the veteran collector and some real insight into the past for the novice Published by Lindholm Forres Publishing ISN 978 0 9569591 1 9 and priced at 18 99 plus it can be ordered directly from Lindholm Forres Books at www lindholmforres co uk or by calling 0207 243 2149 Better still though if you can get along to Sandown on November 16 you can get your copy signed by Michael Driver himself Thread Replies Views First Post Collecting History Where did all those toys come from By Robin Buckland 1 0 883 02 10 2013 15 14 44 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/collecting-history-/16760 (2016-02-14)
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  • Simple Photo Editing... - Themed Collections
    and to be able to resize the pictures I started with a generic photo of the sky and saved a copy under a new name so the original is available to use again as a background layer resized for this example to a width of 1024 pixels Next I resized the photo of the airliner a separate file at this stage Then Copy and Paste as new layer on top of the sky Next step is to use the erasor tool on this front layer Used at a fairly wide diameter tool simply erase the background of the photo of the airliner that forms the top layer That reveals the sky underneath Just be careful at this stage not to go too near the edges of the image of the aircraft itself so you don t accidentally rub out a piece you want to leave That gets the bulk done then switch to a much smaller cursor tool about 3 pixels wide and zoom in very close Then very carefully continue the same basic process but be careful following round the edges of the aircraft This also gets rid of the stand that was seen in the original picture This will take you some time and practice along with a steady hand If you make a mistake select the Undo function and go back to the last point where it was OK and have another go There are other tools such as masks which can be used but this is a really basic way which I think many might like to have a go with Best to Save the file at regular intervals not so much to redo then if you make a mess of things When you are happy with it save under a new file name leaving the

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/simple-photo-editing/16301 (2016-02-14)
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  • RAF Typhoon, Owners Workshop Manual... - Books
    as well The book is split into 8 main sections covering the Typhoon Story which tells us the background behind its development Then the Anatomy of the Typhoon which goes through each element of the machine itself This leads quite naturally into the Typhoon s Beating Heart the Eurojet EJ200 power pack Next is the more warlike part with details of weapons fits and mission profiles including both air to air and air to ground weaponry This is followed by talking to the RAF pilots who fly the Typhoon who tell us what it is like to fly and what is involved in preparing for a mission This is followed by the engineers viewpoint the teams who keep it fit for the pilots to fly with confidence The last two sections cover the service experience of the Typhoon in RAF service Two in particular ar their deployment to Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands and their use in the UK QRA Quick Reaction Alert system Once upon a time this was famously covered by the old Lightning but long out of service and now the preserve of the Typhoon Throughout the book it is well illustrated with some excellent photos and diagrams Some of the RAF air to air photos are simply beautiful and show off the quite graceful lines of this powerful jet aircraft For the modeller there are lots of detail pictures including within the cockpit and of the pilots flying gear to give some great references as well as the book being a good read in the first place See also the Haynes Publishing website Thread Replies Views First Post RAF Typhoon Owners Workshop Manual new from Haynes Publishing By Robin Buckland 1 0 2432 11 08 2013 08 32 53 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News

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