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  • CORGI 448 B.M.C. Mini Police Van with Tracker Dog - Instant Expert
    gave junior a police officer and Alsatian dog complete with a leash Any variations There are no known changes to the casting However some models were issued with cast wheels see photograph some with spun wheels Cast wheel versions are slightly harder to find There is also a packaging variation see below How was it packaged The model was always set on a plinth and packed within a nicely illustrated card box It seems that early versions have an attractive upstand or backing card to the plinth which shows a rather posh Police station Later this card was omitted Why should I get one It s obviously going to be an item on the wants list of any serious collector of police models Even to someone with a broad taste in models it has a strong appeal The slightly rabid looking dog is a hoot But being serious it s the wire mesh incorporated into the back of the glazing it s the attention to the door hinges and the bars across the windows at the back it s the delicacy of the casting and quite possibly the sense that even by today s standards this is one of the most accurate and best made Mini models ever Watch out Most often the leash goes missing and sometimes the dog goes walkies Continued opening and closing of the van doors will guarantee chipping How much Although cast wheeled versions are slightly harder to find overall completeness and condition is paramount However those with cast wheels and or backing card can command 125 175 whilst those without either go for a more affordable 110 160 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/corgi-448-bmc-mini-police-van-with-tracker-dog/7204 (2016-02-14)
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  • French Dinky 572 Berliet GBO Quarry Truck - Instant Expert
    under scale to the main body Note also that despite the increase in plastic content the baseplate beneath the cab is pressed steel a real throwback to the 40s Nevertheless the designers incorporated a discreet lever and bar to operate a jointed arm that raises and locks the tipper in a most effective way No need for imitation hydraulics here In keeping with other releases from the late 60s this model comes complete with a plastic road sign on a die cast base Any variations There are no known variations How was it packaged The model was always presented on a plinth within an illustrated card box The artwork reverses the colours overall and shows a cab and bonnet in opposing schemes Why should I get one This model is bound to appeal not only to Francophiles but to anyone who loves trucks classic plant and remembers playing mud pies in the garden Unfortunately for most of us with limited funds the short market life has made the model scarce and highly desirable At one major auction house only seven examples have come up for sale in the last twelve years The upshot of all this is that IF you find one for sale and IF you have the funds this model makes a very tempting candidate as an investment piece Watch out Red paint is subject to fading if left in sunlight and the plastic components are capable of discolouring The box is the weakest part and easily damaged Many examples have now lost their leaflet and free road sign How much The Model Collector Price Guide quotes 250 350 and this is borne out by prices achieved at auction The model s value has been rock solid for the last decade Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/french-dinky-572-berliet-gbo-quarry-truck/7205 (2016-02-14)
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  • CORGI 1111 Massey-Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester - Instant Expert
    die cast hopper feeder no driver yellow metal wheels fore and aft yellow metal steering wheel metal tines and bars on two discs without perforations a red painted die cast cap to the main stack and upon which are two cylinders separated by a thin steel rod The model was also offered in the early Gift Set 8 and by this stage some had orange plastic wheels At some point a basically painted driver was included and some models were made with an unpainted cap to the stack In its final form No 1111 had a yellow plastic seat red plastic wheels all round a yellow plastic steering wheel a few retained the metal version unpainted fuel tank plastic tines and bars upon perforated die cast discs yellow plastic hopper feeder a more intricately painted driver and an all in one plastic assembly on the stack consisting of two cylinders the pipe in between and an insert to close off the stack In addition a tyre was added to the external cutter drive to aid rotation when the model was pushed forward How was it packaged Apart from the unique packaging for the early Gift Set 8 and later Gift Set 22 No 1111 was always presented in a sturdy Corgi Majors card box with a lift off lid Although the typeface changed the illustration remained the same Two packing pieces of card were included one of which was a tray covering the entire model and holding two spare drive bands Why should I get one History aside it s probably the finest model of a combine harvester from the 1960s or indeed from any decade Subject aside the sheer skill with which the design team managed to create effective and ingenious ways of making it work warrants a place

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/corgi-1111-massey-ferguson-780-combine-harvester/7116 (2016-02-14)
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  • Telsalda Consul Corsair With Speedboat - Instant Expert
    world and whilst the boat and trailer bear strong physical and design similarities to the Dinky product the Corsair is unique For a start it s a four door with separate door handles a friction motor sliding front windows an aerial a detailed engine beneath an opening bonnet an opening boot separate lenses to the front lamps and a roof rack with three pieces of luggage and a spare wheel Dinky despite illustrating a four door model produced No 130 as a two door The boat has a separate outboard motor and a nicely detailed trailer Any variations All examples seen have been in the colours seen but it s quite likely that other colour combinations exist How was it packaged The set is neatly tucked into the base of a lift off box which has attractive illustrations and lists all the models features Why should I get one This is a rare set with very few coming up for auction over the last ten years Aside from it looking good as a set the Corsair will appeal to Ford enthusuasts in its own right It s a very well proportioned model better dare it be claimed than the Dinky model Anyway any large scale contemporary plastic model of a 60s car is bound to be a conversation piece in any collection Watch out Luggage spare and aerial are all prone to going walkies The tow hook on the car is a discreet inset plastic column Unfortunately it s prone to damage By it s nature the trailer is delicate How much Judging by auction results Telsalda along with Clifford products are hotly pursued For a complete boxed set expect to pay between 110 and 150 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/telsalda-consul-corsair-with-speedboat/7097 (2016-02-14)
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  • Prepare to be dazzled! The ultimate Duesy in 1:24... - In-depth Review
    reducing tapered tail has been perfectly captured For the 1935 season Ab and Augie Duesenberg dropped the suspension on a standard Model J chassis enlisted Herbert Newport to create a purpose built body and dropped in a supercharged SJ engine engineered by Augie and Ed Winfield Tested briefly at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the completed car was then shipped to Bonneville By 1935 Bonneville was already a hot spot for record attempts and it was here that the Duesenberg proved itself in no uncertain terms setting a new 24 hour record at an average speed of 153 823 mph After this incredible achievement Ab bought the car and installed a Curtiss Conqueror 1750 cubic inch V12 with new engine mounts flywheel and clutch By the time the conversion was completed however British built specials such as George Eyston s Speed of the Wind had already broken all of Ab s records So the following year 1936 saw Ab retire the car to concentrate on building the Mormon Meteor III with a new chassis that could accommodate the Conqueror engine The gloss paint finish is flawless all chrome work is hand polished and we love that finely cast bonnet mascot But hang on the Mormon Meteor III What about the Mormon Meteor II Well just to clarify and I have Automodello s James Cowen and Raffi Minasian to thank for this the car raced first as the Duesenberg Special and then was reworked and renamed the Mormon Meteor which was essentially the second reiteration of the Duesenberg chassis racer When the Duesenberg returned to race in 1937 it was as a totally different car with a new body and in this third iteration became the Mormon Meteor III thus vexing car historians for decades as to where MM2 might in fact be mysteriously located By 1940 this car had broken almost every record in the book Some of these records held right up until the 1970s while incredibly others have yet to be beaten Returning to the original car though when its competition career was over Ab had Augie refit a Duesenberg engine and modified it for use as a passenger car which surely must have turned heads wherever it went Ab sold the car in 1943 and after changing ownership several times over the years in 2004 it eventually realized a staggering 4 455 000 the highest price ever paid for a Duesenberg or indeed any American car at auction Its buyer Harry Yeaggy subsequently restored it to its 1935 configuration before going on to win the trophy at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours The wheel hubs are a masterpiece in their own right and are shod with realistic looking free rolling Firestone rubber tyres Automodello s dazzling new 1 24 scale Duesy Automodello s 1 24 rendition designed and developed by the very talented automobile and scale model designer Raffi Minasian pays fitting tribute to what many consider to be the ultimate Duesenberg being not only the marque s

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/prepare-to-be-dazzled-the-ultimate-duesy-in-1-24/14901 (2016-02-14)
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  • The Elefant Schwere Panzerjager in 1:72... - In-depth Review
    they suffered a number of losses on the Russian Front during the battle of Kursk The survivors were recalled as a result of the battle experience to have the machine gun fitted along with a proper cupola for the commander and the application of Zimmerit paste to add protection against enemy infantry It is this updated version then re named the Elefant which we see prepresented in this model Two of the real thing are known to have survived one in America at Fort Lee VA captured in Italy while the other is in the Russian armour collection at Kubinka They saw action on the Eastern Front and in Italy but this is a vehicle type that despite beeing used between 1943 and 1945 did not see action in North West Europe amidst the Normandy campaign The zimmerit which was an anti magnetic paste was applied to the hull to prevent enemy infantry fixing magnetic anti tank charges to it You get a good idea of the size of the real machines as it doesn t extend all the way up to the top of the superstructure as this was well above the height that most people could stretch up to fix the mine The model itself is not at all bad with the zimmerit nicely represented The aerial has the rounded top for safety purposes if chlidren were to have ne of these and save getting spiked on a sharp wire if you plan to keep it safe in a cabinet then you could just snip that top loop off See also the Forces of Valor website Thread Replies Views First Post The Elefant Schwere Panzerjager in 1 72 the Forces of Valor Model By Robin Buckland 1 0 609 15 12 2012 17 31 43 by Robin Buckland

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/the-elefant-schwere-panzerjager-in-1-72/14078 (2016-02-14)
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  • The Sdkfz 222 in 1:72... - In-depth Review
    were later filled in with black centres leaving the white as an outline the style they then used through to the end of the war The model has some light grey dry brushing to bring out the details and give a bit of contrast to the solid grey colour a style which works well It doesn t feature any other dirt weathering on it The mesh screens over the top of the turret are done in etch brass so you get the right look to the mesh effect much better than a solid representation This light armoured car served the Panzer Division reconnaissance units well throughout the war so you would find them in the sand colours used by the Afrika Korps in North Africa and after 1943 in the sand green brown camouflage schemes of the later periods of the war They had their best results where good road networks were available such as Western Europe in the French campaign of 1940 Conditions in North Africa and later in Russia where the going was rougher led to many being replaced by the Sdkfz 250 9 Half track This was a standard light half track based on the chassis of the unarmoured Sdkfz 10 artillery tractor and still mounting the same turret seen here on the Sdkfz 222 There are still some originals left in museums and private collections but there are also some modern replicas based on a Land Rover chassis which is often seen at the big War and Peace show at Beltring each year and another replica that is based on it can be found at the History on Wheels museum at Eaton Wick that we featured a little time ago the one which starred as Lt Gruber s Little Tank in the Hello Hello TV series

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/the-sdkfz-222-in-1-72/13895 (2016-02-14)
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  • Hurricane YB-W of the Battle of Britain Flight... - In-depth Review
    shot down over the Thames Estuary He survived and went on to become a Wing Commander and post war retired as an Air Vice Marshall with the CBE DSO DFC and bar AFC and bar He eventually passed away in 2000 at the age of 80 Having now had a close look at the model as well it isn t bad value for money There are a couple of simple things you could do though to add a tiny touch of detail that isn t featured on the model as it comes in the box if you feel you want to I know many will want the model mint as it comes supplied but for some and I include myself in this I like to add things especially if it is easy enough The model which is very well priced by the way is supplied with the wheels up and with a display stand to show it in flight configuration When retracted part of the wheel on the Hurricane is still to be seen but Corgi do not have the tyre coloured black where it shows So my first change will be to just paint in the black with a Vallejo acrylic colour paint No 168 Black Grey a shade I like for rubber tyres rather than a plain flat black The second of the three small changes I made was to paint in the red patches on the leading edge and where panel lines already on the model guide you and make this easy enough A basic acrylic red paint was used fo this to represent the patches put over the muzzles of the 4 browning machine guns mounted in each wing These prevented dust and dirt getting into the guns on take off or in flight and the

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/hurricane-yb-w-of-the-battle-of-britain-flight/13717 (2016-02-14)
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