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  • A Bussing Nag 4500A in 1:72... - In-depth Review
    were many late war German trucks as raw materials such as the steel for pressed metal cabs became scarcer This model by Far East based Forces of Valor is in 1 72 scale as are a large number of military vehicle model kits in recent years rather than 1 76 It is really very nicely done and captures the right look of this truck which is of course that bit bigger than the more numerous and generally slightly smaller 3 ton trucks used throughout the German Army in WW2 There is a driver figure inside the cab and supplied in the box are the two seated German infantry figures to sit in the General Service truck bed itself The canvas cover for the load bed or tilt is removable and is modelled as if half folded back on itself so there is still some shelter A disruptive camouflage over the whole truck which is nicely done and the lower parts including the wheels have a dusty weathering effect that has been done rather nicely I think Removed from the box and popped onto a Hedgerow diorama base I recently had done for me by Rob Spendelow of Hedgerow Scenics it looks rather effective if you imagine it parked up in the summer of 1944 on the Normandy battlefield This is just one of their models and they are available from many model shops here in the UK and online See also the Forces of Valor website Thread Replies Views First Post A Bussing Nag 4500A in 1 72 a closer look at the Forces of Valor model By Robin Buckland 1 0 1045 15 11 2012 21 27 01 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and

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  • Marvellous Matador... - In-depth Review
    it had good mobility and proved to be a robust and popular design The Matador proved to be a very successful with many going on after the war in a variety of guises such as Fairground use carrying mobile generators cranes garage recovery vehicles and forestry vehicles During the war the RAF used it as a flat bed load carrier and the larger 6x4 variant as a refueller particularly on the bomber stations Another interesting use was as a tug to tow Sunderland Flying boats out of the water at their bases These days they remain a popular military vehicle to restore and run and they are a relatively common sight at military vehicle rallies around the country For those who have tried their hand at making plastic kits then you may remember that a Matador plus a 5 5 in gun was one of the early Airfix releases in their range of 1 76 models back in the 1960s a model still available today while they later did the 6x4 Refueller as well as part of their RAF Refuelling set The Matador chassis also provided the basic for a couple of armoured variants as well In North Africa some were converted to the Deacon with an armoured cab and on the back an armoured turret mounting a 6 pounder anti tank gun Not made in large numberse In the same way it was also used for an armoured Command Vehicle the Dorchester Also in North Africa 3 of those were captured by the Africa Korps and they were used by Rommel for part of the campaign there So a very successsful truck design and one we are luckily enough to still be able to see to this day Now Oxford Diecasts have done a very nice military version of

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  • The Complete Marcel Van Cleemput Video - In-depth Review
    found most effective By John Harper 4 2042 25 06 2011 12 19 35 by John Harper Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model

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  • Dinky Toys Disaster-Cracking Up - In-depth Review
    carburettor bodies and granular disintegration was a problem during and post WWII when pure metals were hard to come by The Zinc Pest What it isn t is fatigue Unless you have jumped up and down on it your affected model is not suffering from fatigue It s also a misnomer that the addition of unintentional metals such as lead is solely the cause because if the primary ingredients themselves are impure the corrosion will occur anyway and this leads to a worry I have But I ll get to that later From what I can gather when Mazac is produced its crystalline structure contains boundaries between the harder zinc crystals and those crystals formed by the melting and fusion of zinc and aluminium Impurities such as cadmium tin and lead are activated by moisture which starts an electrochemical process by which lead insoluble in Zinc is drawn out from between the alloy crystals and cadmium is leached from the actual crystals themselves The impurities are then deposited at the boundaries between the two types of crystal The greater the moisture and the finer the crystals the faster the corrosion Crystals are smaller when the cooling of the casting is rapid The practical upshot is that according to Professors Wanhill and Hattenberg moisture starts a process on the surface of the metal which induces the impurities to collect and push the crystals apart This results in cracks and the growth or blooming of the casting The Cure Sorry there isn t one However bearing in mind that moisture is the activator reducing it is going to help slow down or even prevent the curse So here are some suggestions Don t store models in cardboard boxes Don t store models in the attic garage or anywhere where rapid temperature changes are likely Don t wrap models in paper or cotton wool both trap moisture Bubble wrap is OK as a lining to a box or as a cover but never wrap it tightly round a model or box Do invest in good quality plastic storage boxes If you have ultra valuable or precious items you may consider the complex process of boxing the items then placing the box in one of those giant vacuum bags used for storing duvets and sucking the air out Do a trial run first and if the empty plastic storage box is up to the job repeat the process with the models in the box I must stress NEVER vacuum seal cardboard boxes of any sort they WILL distort Do invest in silica gel as it s great at absorbing moisture There are two ways of obtaining silica gel actually crystals vendors on eBay will happily sell you sachets in a variety of sizes and in varying quantities You can also DIY it by buying large bags of crystals The next step is to buy some Gloy paper glue or similar and pop along to your local convenience store or supermarket Buy the cheapest square

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  • WWII Heavy Bombers by Corgi - In-depth Review
    designer Managing director Sir Frederick Handley Page was such a man The largely unhindered competition between British aircraft manufacturers was always intense and resulted in greater and faster leaps in technological advances One such was the Halifax bomber Designed to the same 1935 specification as the Avro Manchester Sir Frederick must have got wind that the Rolls Royce Vulture engine was a stinker and quickly moved to Bristol Hercules engines Then the Air Ministry threw more spanners in the works and demanded suitability for dive bombing tropical capability a strengthened floor and an additional two engines All four engines had to be Merlins From the outset then the Halifax was a compromise that conveniently allowed adaptations for towing transportation paratrooper and bombing duties An unintentional bonus was that should a crew have to face the terror of ditching in the sea the extra floor strength meant their chances were far better than a Lancaster crew s Also the Halifax floated for longer than a Lancaster apparently However all this adaptability had a price The redundant requirement for dive bomber characteristics had led to a thicker wing which included cells for bomb carrying This led to reduced performance and crucially reduced altitude Even when Sir Frederick got his way with the dropping of the front turret and adoption of four Bristol Hercules engines the Halifax still used more fuel and carried 2000lb less ordnance than a Lancaster Yet it was much appreciated by its crews particularly those of coastal command and from introduction in November 1940 till the end of the war and during the early years of post war transportation the Halifax proved a sturdy and reliable workhorse Two restored examples exist The one at the excellent Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington just off the A64 York ring road is a bitsa made up of genuine components and decorated in the markings of Friday the Thirteenth one of many illustrious Halifaxs The other NA337 was recovered from Lake Mjosa in Norway during 1995 Restoration was completed in 2005 and the Special Duties MkVII now resides at the RCAF Memorial Museum Trenton Ontario An additional Halifax W1048 was recovered from Lake Hoklingen Norway in 1973 and can be viewed in mostly un restored condition at the RAF Museum Hendon This is the only extant Merlin powered Halifax MkII During 2006 the remains of a transport Halifax JP276 were found approximately 60 miles from Warsaw There is some speculation that enough of the aircraft survives to warrant restoration and exhibition at the Warsaw Uprising Museum The Models After some delay the Corgi Halifax B II and B III have now been released and they are worth every minute of waiting Corgi has taken an expensive risk inasmuch that many components including the wings are unique to either the B II or B III Similarly nose glazing engines tail plane and the infamous dorsal turrets Sir Fred hated them are all different components The shape is about as perfect as you can get

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  • Spares Market update - In-depth Review
    the headlamps for Corgi s Lotus eleven there is not much one cannot get Some items that were long awaited such as the ladders for the Minic Fire Engine are now thankfully available These plastic parts look particularly authentic on a small scale For the Matchbox 1 75 range there are all the plastic regular wheel types and for the TV Rental van for example you can get the ladder aerial and TV set all on the sprue These small pieces were of course always the first ones to go up the Hoover These parts have been a Godsend for TV related collectors whose models invariably utilise numerous plastic parts Rocket shells Thunderbird 4 for the Dinky model and all the figures for Corgi s Daktari set etc you could nearly build a Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the amount of parts available For tinplate collectors there are a range of steering wheels for the likes of Bandai Gama and Marusan There are hubcaps for the same albeit at a price as it s the quality you are paying for Ironically the only area that seems slightly neglected is plastic models themselves There is little or nothing available for either Tri ang s electric range or for Victory models It is likely this will change in future like many other areas Paint Paint has been a subject of contention for many restorers in recent years The formulation of enamel paints seems to change on a regular basis and the phasing out of cellulose has made life a little bit harder Acrylics however can be just as good as cellulose once mastered Aside from the automotive market the current range of digitally matched paints for old toys is very good The formulation produces a high gloss finish that is not to everyone s taste but can be easily flattened off using a cutting compound The range of colours available is very impressive Collectors may complain the colours are not exact without considering that a sizable amount of lead and other chemicals attributed to the hues available years ago so as such these paints offer an excellent alternative Of course mixing and brush painting or airbrush application can still achieve results especially if you re a perfectionist and only the right colour will do Castings This is another area where competition has had a marked effect on quality in recent years There now seem to be a few individuals willing to have a go and some with considerable skill The old thickly nickel plated grilles used to repair Dinky s 24 30 and 25 series are giving way to crisper bare castings to be finished by the buyer Many castings are getting lighter and more well finished taking a lot of the hard work out of restoration There is pretty much everything available and the new generation of casters will also do commissioned work adding a new dimension to the hobby This process won t be cheap but if a project

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/spares-market-update/7203 (2016-02-14)
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  • Bedford OB, Seaview Services in 1:76... - Model News
    vintage Bedford from EFE By Robin Buckland 1 0 699 21 12 2013 08 27 06 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites

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  • Lotus Evora S in 1:24... - Model News
    you ll never know how crude the plastic is and how much the doors flap when opened like a stranded seagull The paint though is very good and the glazing isn t bad either Clunky plastic but nice shape RATING 5 10 These are imported to the UK by Amerang For more information see the Mondo Motors Website Thread Replies Views First Post Lotus Evora S in 1 24 more from Mondo Motors By Robin Buckland 1 0 596 19 12 2013 18 21 10 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Pin us on Pinterest Community Sites Model Flying Model Boats Military Modelling Euro Militaire Model Engineering Model Engineer Exhibition Get Woodworking Model Collector Stamp Magazine Popular Patchwork Horse Magazine Shopping Sites MyHobbyStore Dolls House Emporium 2013 MyTimeMedia Ltd About Us Terms Conditions Privacy Policy Cookie Policy Advertising Sitemap Register Log in Online Archive Exclusive Print Digital and Digital subscriber access Back issue archive from January 2008 to

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