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  • Sea Harrier FA2 in 1/72... - Themed Collections
    the type operated by 801 Sqn being decommissioned in March 2006 the end result of government budget cuts The plan to replace them with the new F 35 has since caused that decision to be questioned as the F 35 has suffered from several years of delays and significant increases in purchase costs This rather nice model from HobbyMaster features a special scheme used on one of 800 Sqns aircraft to mark the decommissioning of the unit in March 2004 with the special markings applied to Satan 1 This particular Sea Harrier ZD613 was originally built as an FRS 1 variant delivered to the Royal Navy in 1986 Then in 1994 the airframe was upgraded to an FA2 variant It served with all three squadrons during its career until it was finally the mount of the CO of 800 Sqn and number 122 On March 31 2004 wearing this special paint scheme it led a final flypast of a 6 aircraft formation The model provides a choice of extra parts to have the undercarriage down or retracted and a display stand is included in the box The grey colour matches the actual colour scheme very well to my eye There are strakes on the underside of the fuselage on points where 30mm Aden cannon pods could be mounted In the case of the model there are drop tanks fitted to the inner under wing pylons and AMRAAM Missiles on the outer ones Stencils and the squadron markings are all very neatly done even down to the smaller airframe stencils while the red patterns of the special scheme make for a colourful and eye catching model Just a shame these are missing from the air show circuit today for us all to enjoy seeing in action Robin Like this It is

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  • F-15E Strike Eagle in 1:72... - Themed Collections
    operational in 1989 and has since seen significant use and success in combat operations since then It remains the USAF aircraft of choice for Deep strike missions The main recognition features are the darker colours used in the camouflage finish much better for low level operations the larger cockpit canopy and the conformal fuel tanks which are fitted on the outer sides of the fuselage going back beneath the wings It is capable of carrying a heavy weapons load along with ECM and targeting pods plus missile for self defence along with the internal 20mm M61 Gatling cannon The other slightly unusual feature for such a land based aircraft is the fitting of an arrestor hook under the rear fuselage for use in emergencies The model by Witty Wings is really rather excellent Attractively packaged and a heavy model which indicates the quality of the model itself Finished in the dark grey colour it has the extra bulk of the conformal fuel tanks and a large number of stores and weapons points under the wings and fuselage There are 6x 500lb GP general purpose bombs on harpoints under the conformal fuel tanks large drop tanks on under wing hardpoints a large GBU 38 JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition on the centreline JDAM is an additional fitting on a 2000lb conventional bomb which gives it a GPS directed guidance unit to take it 15 miles onto a precision target LANTIRN targeting pods 4x AIM 7 Sparrow air to air missiles 2x AIM 120 AMRAAM missiles 1x AIM 9 Sidewinder plus an ECM pod Capable of carrying some 23000lb of stores an impressive weapons fit The canopy opens as dooes the large air brake behind it along with the twin rudders and the tailplane All very cleanly done It is finished as

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/f-15e-strike-eagle-in-1-72/16103 (2016-02-14)
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  • An F-15J Eagle in 1:72... - Themed Collections
    air superiority fighter first and foremost In that role it has proved very effective with Japan being the best customer for the F 15 outside the USA Some 213 have been supplied to the JASDF Powered by 2 Pratt and Whitney F100 100 or 220 turbofan engines with afterburners it can reach speeds in excess of Mach 2 5 at high altitude The model is finished in thee two tone air superiority grey camouflage also seen on USAF Eagles and you have the option of fitting the undercarriage down or closed up if you have a suitable stand for it There are also some moving parts on the model including the rudders on the twin tails the rear wings which move as complete units the cockpit canopy opens with the hydraulic arm included inside and the large air brake on the upper fuselage just behind the cockpit again complete with ram Markings for the aircraft are beautifully done including a host of tiny stencils that are found all over the airframe and the coloured guide for the in flight re fuelling socket Underneath in addition to various antennae it carries a large extra fuel tank on the centreline 4x AIM 7 Sparrow missiles mounted on the edges of the main fuselage These are medium range active radar homing air to air missiles used for BVR Beyond Visual Range engagements More recently these are set to be replaced in service by a Mitsubishi made AAM 4 Then on launch rails under the wings 4x AIM 9 Sidewinders a short range air to air missile that has been a very successful design though going through a number of upgrades and improvements over many years of service On the model even the stencil markings for these are included on the missiles The other armament on board is only hinted at by the muzzle in the starboard wing root where an internal 20mm Vulcan cannon is fitted another lesson from the Vietnam era where it became evident that missiles are not the complete answer for air to air combat and a dog fighting ability with guns was still a requirement The model is quite heavy and it helps tell of the quality in the whole model The only minor issue on this example is a little black over spray from the cockpit has spread out onto the grey of the fuselage beyond the forward part of the cockpit canopy This could well be a one off and not be found on other examples of the specific model For those who see an F15 and expect to see the stars and bars of the USAF it is a change to see the round red Hinamaru Rising Sun symbol on both fuselage and wings Despite the minor black over spray at the cockpit this is a lovely model thoughtfully and attractively packaged with the aircraft in the main box while one side or the lid can be opened to see it rather than buy a box

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/an-f-15j-eagle-in-1-72/16099 (2016-02-14)
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  • Classic Rolls Royce hunting car... - Themed Collections
    while the hood folds completely flat into the back This feature is just one part of the design for it to be used for hunting The doors have ammunition lockers built into them and a compartment built between the front and rear seats see the hatch illustrated in the photos below was the case for his guns Then in the rear passenger compartment a single swivel chair which couple with the fact the hood was folded down completely out of the way this gave the shooter the ability for a very full field of fire when shooting from the car This was just one of the selection of cars brought along to the War and Peace Revival show which has been held at Folkestone Racecourse in Kent from 17 21 July 2013 The show was moved from the long time home of the Hop Farm at Beltring into this new venue at Folkestone It is even bigger perhaps half as big again as Beltring at a rough guess and with thousands of privately owned military vehicles on show The new venue with the added space has also allowed room for the additional feature of a classic car display and there were some very fine cars on show These Rolls Royce cars along with some other makes were brought along by Vintage and Prestige Fine Motorcars Robin Thread Replies Views First Post Classic Rolls Royce hunting car seen at War and Peace Revival July 2013 By Robin Buckland 1 0 914 20 07 2013 14 17 50 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and special offers Support Our Partners Shopping Partners Model Kits Direct KRW Models More Links Model Collector Offers Social Media Like us on Facebook

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/classic-rolls-royce-hunting-car/16085 (2016-02-14)
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  • LVT(A)1 in 1:72... - Themed Collections
    A few of the LVT 4 a later version of the troop carrier with a ramp for the troop compartment were used in operations in NW Europe by the British 79 Armoured Division Particularly in Holland during 1944 and during the Rhine Crossings in 1945 The other development of course was to provide some fire support for troops when they reached the beach and that led to these Attack versions This new Dragon Armor model is the first of these with the 37mm armed turret from the M3 Stuart light tank mounted onto an enclosed superstructure the troop carriers were all open topped Behind are two gun tubs each with a 30 cal Browning machine gun with a simple armoured shield There was also a later LVT A 4 which mounted a short 75mm gun in a turret as used on the M8 HMC Howitzer Motor Carriage In this instance Dragon have finished it in the markings of a vehicle used in the assault on Saipan in 1944 The colour is a standard US Navy Sea Blue 5S used in WW2 The model is very neatly finished and the markings cleanly applied If you fancy a go at one for yourself then don t forget that Dragon also have these available in kit form so you could make your own and this is one of the marking options supplied in the kit This one is all done for you though and come fixed to a base within a display case If you wanted to though you could take it and mount it to a scenic base diorama climbing onto the beach perhaps Like this It is available in our Modelenium store here Thread Replies Views First Post LVT A 1 in 1 72 Pacific War veteran from Dragon Armor By

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/lvta1-in-1-72/16048 (2016-02-14)
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  • F14A Tomcat, from VF-41 Black Aces AJ-107 in 1:72... - Themed Collections
    spooled up the brakes released and she started down the runway It never got as far as me At about the half way point the pilot lifted the nose got the wheels off the deck and pointed the nose straight up and went ballistic In a cloudless blue sky I watched and marvelled at seeing the Tomcat just climb vertically into the sky I was impressed and have been so by the F14 ever since It soon got movie exposure in the film Final Countdown with Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas along with the USS Enterprise The plot was a bit contrived as the carrier went back in time to December 6 1941 but the film showing a pair of F14s over flying a small motor cruiser whose occupants had to watch these large jets flying at speed over their heads machines that they had not even dreamt of at the time As for when the same pair fly between a pair of Japanese Zeros well for that I ll let you imagine it or of course dig out the film on a DVD From that film alone I really must find the Witty Wings model of the VF 84 Jolly Rogers markings That of course was later followed by Top Gun the Tom Cruise film that thrilled many of us I am sure and one that earned the Tomcat a special place in Hollywood history I have already mentioned that the F14A was armed with an internal M 61 Vulcan cannon On the hardpoints beneath the fuselage it was the one aircraft to carry the large Hughes Phoenix air to air missile one with a range in excess of 100 miles In one experiment 6 were fired from an F14 within very short periods between them against 6 separate targets Four were hits Other missiles usually carried were the AIM 7 Sparrow and the AIM 9 Sidewinder Some 479 F14As were built and delivered to the US Navy They were used operationally during Desert Storm in 1991 Today the only operational combat machines remain in the service of the Iranian Air Force from a batch supplied to them by the US when the 2 countries were still on friendly terms Now to turn to the model from Witty Wings Beautifully packaged in a smart dark blue box the aircraft in securely held in the main plastic tray while another inside the box lid holds all the under wing stores to be fitted into place You have a choice of fitting the landing gear doors closed for an in flight display or open doors and gear down for one on the ground That is my preferred option The main wings do swing forward and the tail planes move as well On the twin the tail the rudders can be moved as can the air brakes both above and below the rear fuselage along with the arrestor hook The cockpit canopy can also be opened or closed As for the stores

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/f14a-tomcat-from-vf-41-black-aces-aj-107-in-1-72/15957 (2016-02-14)
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  • MAN TGX and Livestock Trailer in 1:50... - Themed Collections
    Back to the model Corgi have done the MAN TGX along with a Houghton Parkhouse Livestock trailer all in the livery of Bowring Transport The information card that come included in the box tells us a bit of history how Bill Bowring started his livestock transport business back in 1951 with just one truck Progressing into general agricultural haulage and along with his wife and two sons they formed Bowring Transport Ltd in 1974 They bought their first articulated truck in 1976 making for a fleet of 8 vehicles Today that has grown to a fleet of over 60 covering all sorts of specialist haulage and still including Livestock transport as indicated by this Houghton Parkhouse trailer Based in Warsop it is now one of the largest privately owned transport fleets in the West Midlands The tractor unit and the trailer is securely packed in the box along with the Collectors Card and a small poly bag which has small accessory parts to be fitted once you have the model out of the box These include aerials and wing mirrors to fit to the cab With the largely green livery the splash of red on the lower half of the MAN along with the white roof makes for an attractive model in my opinion The suzies on the back of the cab can be fitted to the front of the trailer once you have it out of the box and ready to be put into your display cabinet Overall I liked this for being a rather different style of trailer to the tilt and box trailers that I have been so familiar with over the years Like this It is available in our Modelenium store here Thread Replies Views First Post MAN TGX and Livestock Trailer in 1 50 Bowring

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  • Stobart Biomass artic in 1:50... - Themed Collections
    plants This is connected with their joint venture with A W Jenkinson Forest Products in providing these sustainable biomass fuels They can be used for general cargo as well though and I have seen them use these for delivering to our own warehouses at work A nice paint finish and the attractive markings on the Stobart tractors make for a good looking truck which suits the Scania rather well in my opinion There are the suzies to connect it to the trailer Also in the box is a small poly bag with accessories for you to fit with aerials and wing mirrors to fit to the cab The result is a good looking model and Stobart have built much of their reputation on reliability and service so their trucks always look neat and clean on the road just as the model does Like this It is available in our Modelenium store here Thread Replies Views First Post Stobart Biomass artic in 1 50 the new Corgi model By Robin Buckland 1 0 791 15 06 2013 11 23 34 by Robin Buckland 1 Email News Join our newsletter Love Collecting Sign up to our emails for the latest news and

    Original URL path: http://www.modelcollector.co.uk/news/article/stobart-biomass-artic-in-1-50/15812 (2016-02-14)
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