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  • fire in three-bedroomed rented house – £92,000 buildings claim plus landlord’s contents and loss of income |
    liaising with the insurance company and proving we had met our requirements as landlords The following morning the loss adjuster arrived and discussed the claim with the couple and Morgan Clark s loss assessor This was a long and complicated discussion and at the end of it the loss adjuster commented I am very glad you are in Morgan Clark s hands The claim Morgan Clark handled the entire claims process including arranging for emergency works to put in a temporary staircase and board up windows and doors They brought in chartered surveyors and specialist contractors to reinstate the house As part of the reinstatement specification the surveyor suggested a slight change to the internal layout of the house including knocking through from the kitchen to the dining room According to Mr B using Morgan Clark made dealing with the loss adjuster very easy And having Morgan Clark the surveyor and the contractors working as a team ensured it went very smoothly But in addition there were some very difficult situations with our tenants who tried to get money out of us or the insurer Sara Bailey from Morgan Clark dealt with them admirably The results Morgan Clark negotiated a full buildings claim of 92 000 plus 5 000 landlord s contents They also negotiated cover for loss of rental payments from the date of the fire until handover at completion of the reinstatement Mr B was delighted that he decided to use Morgan Clark From our point of view it was painless We could put it to one side knowing it was in the hands of Morgan Clark They lifted the entire burden of managing the process I would recommend them absolutely particularly in the early stages when you need someone who knows the ropes It was essential for

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  • About Us - Morgan Clark
    example from one office in 1999 we now have seven across the country But some things remain the same we have the same name as we started with the same directors and the same commitment to professionalism One thing we are very proud of is that we were the first firm of loss assessors to be authorised by what was then the Financial Services Authority to handle client s money this is now the Financial Conduct Authority We met all the criteria laid down as soon as the regulation scheme was launched in 2005 In short we led the field and we continue to do so with our unique blend of technical expertise and negotiating skills Morgan Clark takes a very different approach to many other companies We are never confrontational we don t believe this achieves the best results for our clients Instead we take a carefully measured approach Indeed in a recent industry survey an insurer was quoted as saying Morgan Clark work with the adjuster and ourselves to bring a mutually acceptable and prompt solution to each claim Senior Claims Adviser Insurance Company Industry Age Magazine But we don t believe in asking you to take our word for this We re happy to give you the contact details of people who have been in the same position as you and chose Morgan Clark to handle their insurance claim You can read what some of them have said by visiting our customer stories page Find out about the Morgan Clark Foundation and the story of the Morgan Clark Lower Basic School in Jarjari The Gambia Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Your Bespoke Claim Maker Team How Morgan Clark can

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  • Insurance claims management - Loss assessors - Morgan Clark
    interests are our priority Why use Morgan Clark for insurance claims management Morgan Clark are experienced insurance claim management professionals We ve successfully handled hundreds of domestic and commercial claims And we re respected for our approach by insurance companies and loss adjusters across the industry Take away the stress By managing your insurance claim we take away the burden we handle all the paperwork compile the claim liaise with your insurer and their loss adjuster find temporary accommodation and oversee the restoration of your property Protect your greatest asset Whether it s your home or your business that s been affected you shouldn t have to worry about risking it s value With Morgan Clark s insurance claims management service we can ensure your greatest asset is restored to its full value Make an appropriate claim We make sure you claim everything you re entitled to under your policy so you don t miss out Don t go it alone With Morgan Clark s insurance claims management service you maximise your chances of success You would never enter court without a lawyer in the same way you shouldn t embark on a complicated insurance claim without a professional loss assessor negotiating on your behalf Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Flood information for business owners Flood information for homeowners Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster roles Loss Assessors The Law Free Insurance Claims Guides Insurance terms explained FAQs Request a call back Please leave this field empty Having a loss assessor working for me made a huge difference I don t know how anyone without experience of an insurance claim could do it on their own Mr K Birmingham Read more Share this

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/insurance-claims-management/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Building insurance claims guides - Morgan Clark
    water in your home or business then one of our free guides to making an insurance claim will give you lots of useful information about what you need to do Please click on the relevant icon Residential Fire Residential Flood Residential Escape of Water Commercial Fire Commercial Flood Commercial Escape of Water Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Flood information for business owners Flood information for homeowners Insurance claims management Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster roles Loss Assessors The Law Insurance terms explained FAQs Request a call back Please leave this field empty We felt so much more confident because we had someone fighting our corner Morgan Clark understand insurance jargon and speak the same language as the insurance company Once they were on board we didn t have to do anything until the claim was agreed and settled Mr Sur Berkshire Read more Share this page Morgan Clark Fire and Flood Insurance Claims Management Residential Commercial Fire insurance claims Flood insurance claims Burst pipes insurance claims Other insurance claims Fire insurance claims Flood insurance claims Burst pipes insurance claims Other commercial claims

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/free-insurance-claims-guides/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Loss assessors: the law - Morgan Clark
    Authorised If they are not then it is possible that your insurance company will refuse to deal with them Checking this is very easy Simply visit the FCA register and enter the name of the loss assessing firm in the box provided If you enter the name of many other loss assessing firms you will see that they are listed as Appointed Representative of another organisation This means they do not comply with FCA regulations and they are operating under the umbrella of another company s FCA registration This can be an insurance broker or other financial services company who may not be completely independent and this may be detrimental to the outcome of your claim If you enter the name of the loss assessing firm and you cannot find their registration details this means they do not have FCA authority and your insurer will refuse to deal with them As a result they will not legally be able to prepare and negotiate settlement of your claim While checking whether the firm is Authorised you should also look at how long it is since this was granted Morgan Clark was the first major loss assessor to be Authorised in 2005 In short your only protection if you decide to use a loss assessor is to ensure they are a fully Authorised company A company s membership of a trade body is no guarantee of quality and offers you no protection Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Flood information for business owners Flood information for homeowners Insurance claims management Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster roles Free Insurance Claims Guides Insurance terms explained FAQs Request a call back Please leave this field empty Our only

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/loss-assessors-the-law/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Business interruption insurance explained
    business that holds a lot of stock or equipment would be more exposed should its assets be damaged or destroyed Because business interruption insurance is not a legal requirement the onus is on the business owner to assess the risks and consider whether a large scale disaster would affect its ability to trade If the answer is no then it is unlikely a business interruption policy will be necessary However if the answer is yes then it s likely that the business needs protecting with business interruption insurance What events does business interruption insurance cover The two most common causes of business interruption claims are fires and floods Ultimately though business interruption exists to protect businesses from any property related incident that affects its ability to trade so other causes for a claim may include burst pipes impact storms theft and vandalism What is the business interruption indemnity period The business interruption insurance indemnity period is the period during which a business earnings are covered under the terms of the insurance policy The maximum indemnity period is the period of time usually 12 24 or 36 months that the insurer will cover business interruption losses starting from the date of the claim incident When choosing an indemnity period it is important to consider the maximum amount of time it would realistically take for your business to be able to trade again independently taking into account such factors as how long it would take to rebuild damaged buildings and replace lost stock and equipment Therefore it is arguably best to have an over generous indemnity period rather than one that may fall short What is the material damage proviso In simplest terms the material damage proviso is a condition within the business interruption policy that exists to minimise the period during which the affected business will be interrupted All business interruption policies have a material damage proviso The proviso requires that the policyholder maintains active material damage policies at all times to protect the property in question The purpose of this proviso is to ensure that in the event of damage funds are available to repair or replace damaged assets thus minimising the time it takes for a business to resume full trading thereby reducing the time the business interruption insurer is required to pay out Am I covered Business owners often assume that other insurances such as buildings and contents will cover loss of income following a disaster at their business however these insurances make no allowance for any financial losses sustained as a result of the initial damage sustained While buildings insurance can be bought as a standalone policy business interruption is typically sold as an add on to a business policy and therefore it is important to check the level of cover when taking out or reviewing a policy How do I make a claim Due to the complexities and forensic nature of business interruption claims it can pay to have a professional on your side to help

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/business-interruption-insurance-explained/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Flood information for homeowners
    and cause other damage Heavy duty plastic sheeting can be used in conjunction with sandbags It is also useful to familiarise yourself with how to shut off the essentials in your home too If you have gas water and electricity knowing how to turn them off may come in handy when faced with rising flood water Checking www environment agency gov uk flood will help you keep an eye on the weather and the water levels of nearby rivers which might be liable to flooding The Environment Agency also has a system here where you can enter your postcode and your flood risk will be calculated if your postcode is not recognised then you can also enter your nearest town or river By combining practical steps with the implementation of a flood plan you can protect your home from the impact of a flood to the best of your ability print this section Emergency numbers and useful resources Prior to flooding Met Office www metoffice gov uk to check weather warnings Sign up to the Environment Agency s direct flood warning system here National Flood Forum http nationalfloodforum org uk for advice prior to or after flooding During a flood Fire and Rescue Police Ambulance Coastguard 999 if somebody s life is in danger National Gas Emergency 0800 111 999 0800 111 999 if you are worried about or smell a gas Environment Agency Floodline 0845 988 1188 0845 988 1188 for a 24 hour helpline pre recorded advice NHS 111 for non emergency health concerns RSPCA 0300 1234 999 0300 1234 999 for injured or distressed animals Highways Agency www highways gov uk traffic information for traffic information Loss assessor Freephone 01978228646 01978228646 0333 220 9399 03334142749 mobile alternate to manage your insurance claim After flooding Citizens Advice Bureau http www citizensadvice org uk for insurance claims advice Water company http www water org uk home our members list of companies to contact your local water authority County Council http www countycouncil org uk find your local county council for public health issues print this section Flood water and the clean up operation Despite plenty of warning planning and preparation there can be some instances where even this is not enough to prevent your home from flooding In the event of a flood the safety of you and your family will be your number one priority The clean up operation can be a long expensive and arduous task but by implementing an effective plan prior to the flood you can make this as hassle free as possible About flood water Flood water can be very unsanitary bringing silt dirt and sewage into your home Keeping yourself healthy in these conditions can be difficult but there are simple things you can do to ensure you don t endanger yourself or expose yourself to anything harmful Never use an emergency generator inside the build up of carbon monoxide could leave you susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning which is very serious and can cause fatalities Mould growth is not just an unsightly problem but also a danger to your health Mould spores like to grow on wet or damp surfaces and not only produce allergens but also irritants and mycotoxins which are toxic substances Inhalation of mould spores or even touching mould can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing runny nose red eyes and dermatitis and can bring on an asthma attack in someone who already suffers from asthma Removing water soaked porous materials will help prevent the spread of mould this includes getting rid of damp insulation carpets wallpaper and wooden panelling If your septic system has flooded it will need time to dry out which unfortunately means not using toilets sinks and dishwashers during this time Flood water can often flush out pests from river banks or sewers and into your home When clearing up after a flood be sure to block up holes and make sure that no food is left out Don t drink the tap water until you hear from authorities that it is safe to drink Cleaning up after a flood When re entering the property yourself Always take care when re entering your home after a flood as the foundations and structure of the property may have shifted and may not be as stable as they once were Be sure to wear protective clothing and rubber gloves should you need to return to your property as the flood water may have brought in sewage and dangerous debris such as broken glass or nails Whilst keeping your home secure let it dry out by opening all doors and windows The following should be carried out by a professional restoration company The first thing to do after the flood water begins to subside is to start emergency pumping to get rid of all the water Pumping should be done fairly slowly from underground rooms like a basement If the pressure outside the walls is greater than the pressure inside the walls the walls and floor may crack and collapse If your gas electricity has been turned off then make sure it is safe to be switched back on A professional will be able to tell you if your power supplies are safe to use again If any mould has already formed remove it from hard surfaces with warm water and a damp cloth If mould has grown on anything other than a hard surface such as paper and carpet these items will need to be thrown away If mould has grown on structural wood it will most likely need to be removed by sanding make sure to vacuum clean well afterwards to get rid of the spores Once the mould has gone disinfect the area print this section List of items to have on hand before and during a flood Clear thinking can be difficult in a crisis situation Therefore we ve prepared a basic list of some items that you might like to have on hand

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  • Loss adjusters: Your Questions Answered - Morgan Clark
    of your insurance claim from start to finish What is the loss adjuster looking for The first duty of the loss adjuster is to establish whether the insurance company is liable under the terms of your insurance policy and if so to what extent The loss adjuster will typically review the following things That adequate insurance is in place to cover the loss That all conditions and endorsements in the policy have been met That the loss or damage to the property falls within the terms of the policy That the amount being claimed for is reasonable That only valid items are included in the claim Ultimately the loss adjuster will be looking to establish the cause of the incident and whether the damage suffered as a result is covered by the insurance policy Is there anything I can do to help the loss adjuster speed up the process The following information may come in useful when meeting the loss adjuster for the first time Receipts for any emergency repair works that were carried out following the incident Proof of ownership of high value lost or damaged items receipts photographic evidence of damaged items etc It is important that you do not throw anything away until the loss adjuster has inspected the property and all items have been accounted for If you dispose of something that cannot be accounted for you may not be able to claim for it Who pays the loss adjuster s fee The loss adjuster s fee is paid by the insurance company who instructs them Their fees are paid as part of the insurance claim If the loss adjuster is paid by the insurance company how can they be impartial when reviewing my claim Codes of conduct set out by The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters CILA General Insurance Standards Council GISC and The Association of British Insurers ABI require that loss adjusters operating in the UK do so impartially What can I do if I am unhappy with the conduct of the loss adjuster If you have a complaint about the conduct of a loss adjuster you can submit a complaint to the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters CILA by downloading and filling out a complaints form It is important to note that the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters has no jurisdiction concerning the settlement of insurance claims such issues should be raised directly with the insurance company A complaint can be escalated to the Financial Ombudsman should you not find a resolution with the insurance company Will hiring my own loss assessor annoy the loss adjuster Appointing a loss assessor to handle a claim on your behalf is commonplace and will help ensure a resolution is met in an efficient and timely manner With this in mind there is no reason a loss adjuster should deter you from seeking your own representation during the claims process In fact many loss adjusters actually encourage it as it allows them to communicate with a fellow

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