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  • water damage – £120,000 cash settlement |
    but more than that he appreciated that he didn t have the necessary knowledge or expertise When the loss adjuster offered a derisory 30 000 cash settlement Mr K knew this simply was not enough He therefore decided to appoint Morgan Clark to handle his claim The claim Morgan Clark immediately brought in specialist surveyors who put together a comprehensive specification covering the re instatement of the property According to Mr K they opened my eyes to what I could claim I had absolutely no idea that the cover extended as far as it did Morgan Clark compiled an exhaustive claim for a cash settlement which included not just buildings and contents but also payment in lieu of moving into alternative accommodation It was proving impossible for Mr K to find somewhere for his family to live locally any property of a similar standard to his damaged house would have cost a prohibitive 10 000 a month to rent The results After intense and extended negotiations the insurer s loss adjuster agreed to Morgan Clark s total claim for a cash settlement of 120 000 four times the original sum offered According to Mr K when I look back I realise the loss adjuster was a rogue It goes against common decency after we d gone through such a traumatic incident to then be offered a fraction of what we lost Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim Flood insurance claim in 2009 and again in 2015 Fire in three bedroomed rented house 92 000 buildings claim plus landlord s contents and loss of income Fire in semi detached house overcoming challenges to buildings

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/residential-escape-of-water-2/birmingham-water-damage-120000-cash-settlement/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Your Bespoke Claim Maker Team
    and we will therefore build you a unique team Your co ordinated Claim Maker Team will have a proven track record you can rely on it is likely they have worked together before so they ll know each other s business perfectly You can feel confident you will be home as quickly as possible and your home will have been restored to the highest standard Unlike dealing directly with your insurance company you will never have to go through a call centre you will be given the direct contact details of all the professionals working on your claim The Claim Maker Team service is free to the homeowner to find out how please click here Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 How Morgan Clark can help Meet the team Customer stories Client feedback Voice of the industry Working with insurers and adjusters Professional memberships Morgan Clark Foundation Blog Request a call back Please leave this field empty It would have been a huge amount of work for me if I d handled it myself and I certainly wouldn t have achieved the same

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/your-bespoke-claim-maker-team/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • Will my insurance company treat me differently?
    than any of our competition You might even find that your Morgan Clark loss assessor was once a loss adjuster themselves This gives us a unique insight into the perspective of the loss adjuster and goes a long way to fostering and retaining the good relationships we have with adjusters and insurance companies across the board Why might your loss adjuster not want you to appoint a loss assessor While we make every effort to develop good relationships with all adjusters much like the assessing industry there are good and bad loss adjusters You might find that the adjuster appointed to your claim discourages you from appointing your own assessor But why would they when there are so many benefits to them as well as you Such as Management of the claim undertaken by an experienced professional enabling the adjuster to do their job more efficiently Questions and queries answered by the loss assessor fewer phone calls between the loss adjuster and the policyholder Equal understanding of the insurance terms and claims process we speak the same language Claims presented professionally Efficient management of contractors Retention of their customer s loyalty when claims are run smoothly If your loss adjuster is trying to dissuade you from using our services you should question why they are against the idea of you being equally represented After all a loss assessor can only help a policyholder claim for what is legally within their insurance contract Is their reticence based on them looking to settle your claim as cheaply as possible Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Your Bespoke Claim Maker Team How Morgan Clark can help Meet the team Customer stories Client feedback Voice of the

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/how-morgan-clark-can-help/will-my-insurance-company-treat-me-differently/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • About Us - Morgan Clark
    firm Some things have changed for example from one office in 1999 we now have seven across the country But some things remain the same we have the same name as we started with the same directors and the same commitment to professionalism One thing we are very proud of is that we were the first firm of loss assessors to be authorised by what was then the Financial Services Authority to handle client s money this is now the Financial Conduct Authority We met all the criteria laid down as soon as the regulation scheme was launched in 2005 In short we led the field and we continue to do so with our unique blend of technical expertise and negotiating skills Morgan Clark takes a very different approach to many other companies We are never confrontational we don t believe this achieves the best results for our clients Instead we take a carefully measured approach Indeed in a recent industry survey an insurer was quoted as saying Morgan Clark work with the adjuster and ourselves to bring a mutually acceptable and prompt solution to each claim Senior Claims Adviser Insurance Company Industry Age Magazine But we don t believe in asking you to take our word for this We re happy to give you the contact details of people who have been in the same position as you and chose Morgan Clark to handle their insurance claim You can read what some of them have said by visiting our customer stories page Find out about the Morgan Clark Foundation and the story of the Morgan Clark Lower Basic School in Jarjari The Gambia Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Your Bespoke Claim

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/commercial/about-us/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • thatched cottage fire – £528,000 buildings, contents and alternative accommodation claim |
    of expensive authentic materials but also considerable additional work would be needed to ensure the traditional design met current building regulations Mr Mrs Bolden were very attached to the heritage of their house but they realised most of the historic features had been lost The challenge was to convince both English Heritage and the local Conservation Officer that the building should be de listed and completely rebuilt as a modern property This was therefore an opportunity to create a new dream house But the couple wanted a substantial cash settlement up front to have the freedom to build what they wanted without constantly seeking approval from the insurer And as this would take longer than re instatement they also had to claim for extended temporary accommodation Morgan Clark started negotiations with all parties involved the insurer the Conservation Officer and English Heritage They also brought in a specialist surveyor to draw up an appropriate and comprehensive specification The results English Heritage accepted the house was too badly damaged to save any original features and de listing was agreed The insurer challenged Morgan Clark s specification for the new property but after extended negotiations it was accepted A generous cash settlement of 528 000 was agreed including VAT and a contingency for unforeseen costs giving Mr Mrs Bolden the freedom to create a new dream house The extended period for temporary accommodation was fully covered including three moves Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim Flood insurance claim in 2009 and again in 2015 Fire in three bedroomed rented house 92 000 buildings claim plus landlord s contents and loss of income Fire in semi

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/residential-fire/oxfordshire-thatched-cottage-fire-528000-buildings-contents-and-alternative-accommodation-claim/ (2016-04-24)
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  • What our clients say
    top I had full belief Morgan Clark had a complete desire to help me rather than make money Morgan Clark acted as a shield between myself and the loss adjusters There is no way I would have got the same result without Morgan Clark Mr Latif We would like to extend our thanks to you and your team for the excellent support you provided Undoubtedly the settlement would have been far less satisfactory had you not acted for us Your work made a distressing experience more bearable Mary Edwards The insurance company s response when I contacted them was woefully inadequate The contrast when Morgan Clark got involved was immense Mr Buck The biggest problem for me was having confidence in using a new company that I didn t know to handle large sums of money I did panic when I first signed the agreement what have I done However all was good thank you for your help in bringing the claim to a calm and orderly conclusion Mr Bray We have appreciated all your hard work support guidance and professionalism I know it has become a bit of a cliché but you have been our rock without you we would have floundered Not to mention lost out financially Mrs Wilson Using your company has been a revelation I feel anyone you contact should use your services If you ever have any client in two minds you have my permission to get them to ring me for a reference Mr Bayagbona We would like to record our heartfelt thanks to you for the work you have done on our behalf for the duration of our insurance claim You acted in a diligent and professional manner but even more than that we must thank you for your patience support and advice during what was for us a very stressful time Mr Mrs Joules I would advise anyone in the same situation as us that it would be very wise if not essential to have someone like yourselves to turn to in their time of need and confusion Mr Mrs Brecken We never even would have considered appointing a loss assessor but having heard about the level of services Morgan Clark provide it made total sense to allow them to oversee the claim on our behalf thereby reducing the overall pressure and strain on us Helier Falle Morgan Clark guided us through the process in a gentle and supportive way when we were still traumatised by the event Mr Mrs Allison I would not like anyone to go through the terrifying ordeal of a house fire but if they do I would strongly recommend they had the team I had The A TEAM sums them up Mrs Jervis From the first meeting to completion I have received a first class service not having to worry about anything but also being able to discuss any problem along the way to completion Mr Barker I wouldn t hesitate to recommend Morgan Clark as they

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/how-morgan-clark-can-help/whatourclientssay/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim |
    a lot of the original damaged material back The adjuster then sent in a building contractor to start the reinstatement but according to Mr Allen it was all so shoddy I could see the fireplaces falling apart as soon as they were put back And the electrical work they did looked dangerous So I threw them out and then nothing happened for two months It was at this point that Mr Allen realised he needed professional help So he turned to professional loss assessors Morgan Clark and that changed everything and made all the difference We were able to step back from an emotionally charged relationship with the loss adjuster where we d reached an impasse and couldn t communicate Morgan Clark had the technical knowledge and experience to make sure the right things were done Once Morgan Clark took over the claim the loss adjuster agreed that Mr Allen was entitled to like for like replacements throughout That s all we wanted we weren t trying to rip anyone off Morgan Clark put everything back on a professional footing and achieved what was needed to restore the house to how it was before Second flood in 2015 So when the river flooded again in 2015 Mr Allen immediately contacted Morgan Clark As soon as it happened I was on the phone to them again I had no idea if we would have the same bad experience but I couldn t take the risk Morgan Clark did such a fantastic job last time and it s a godsend having them do it all for us again And I d say to anyone else who is in a similar position don t hesitate to use a loss assessor such as Morgan Clark What you face is inordinately complicated but Morgan Clark

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/flood-case-studies/using-morgan-clark-a-second-time-for-flood-insurance-claim/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Customer Stories - Morgan Clark - Part 2
    time for flood insurance claim As soon as it happened again I was on the phone to Morgan Clark They did such a fantastic job last time and it s a godsend having them do it all for us again Staines flood claim in 2003 and again in 2014 Our claim in 2003 amounted to 130 000 Because we had a professional loss assessor Morgan Clark working for us we were able to get back into our home in only six months Our neighbours had far less work done but they took nearly a year to get back into their properties Wraysbury flooding claim in 2003 and again in 2014 for the same homeowner The first time I was flooded I was at my wits end Everything changed once Morgan Clark arrived because I had someone fighting my corner Now I ve been flooded again I realise I can t go through it all a second time without Morgan Clark West Sussex 500 000 house fire rejected claim overturned by Morgan Clark Everyone signs up to insurance policies in good faith but when it comes to making a claim all that may count for precious little If we hadn t had expert help I don t know how we would have got through it Morgan Clark knew what to look for and understood policy wording which was vital in getting the insurer to accept liability Older posts Newer posts Request a call back Please leave this field empty Categories Burst Pipe Articles 5 Business Insurance 15 Business interruption 13 Commercial fire 10 Commercial flood 5 Escape of water 3 Fire 31 Fire case studies 31 Flood Articles 12 Flood case studies 12 Landlords Articles 6 Other commercial 3 Other Residential Articles 4 Residential escape of water 5 Residential fire 21

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/case-studies/page/2/ (2016-04-24)
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