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  • Fire Articles | Morgan Clark
    outside of the building Have the dryer serviced regularly by a qualified engineer Always have working smoke alarms and test them regularly But let s hope we ll be able to hang the washing outside soon Hoverboards and safety fears Post by Morgan Clark January 29 2016 Hoverboards have hit the headlines over the past few months because of safety concerns I confess I ve never seen Back to the Future 2 or any of the others but I understand hoverboards were predicted in this for 2015 and that prediction has come true but with terrible consequences Last week there was yet another report in the press that one had burst into flames in a house in Yorkshire not while it was charging but immediately after it had been unplugged Luckily no one was seriously hurt in the incident but the house was severely damaged and the occupants were very fortunate to get out with only minor injuries To add to the family s troubles the house was burgled soon after the fire Then a couple of days later there was a report of a father from Surrey who jumped on his son s hoverboard and was then thrown off hitting his head and suffering amnesia In December National Trading Standards put out a statement saying that 88 per cent of hoverboards examined by them since October were likely to explode or catch fire They claimed that the key reason for these dangers was poor quality components which are being used to keep prices down Many of the UK s major retailers including Amazon Argos John Lewis and Tesco have recalled various hoverboards and now there s the news that Amazon is offering a full refund for any bought through its site So let s hope this craze is over before it s really begun and we see no more fires or falls Hike in insurance costs for wood burners Post by Morgan Clark January 8 2016 We wrote a while ago about the dangers of wood burning stoves if they aren t properly installed and maintained Now there s news that insurers are increasing insurance premiums for homes which are using them instead of open fires Wood burners are becoming more and more popular because they provide an attractive and effective way to warm your home while also cutting heating bills According to a recent article in the Daily Mail using wood as a heat source can cut your energy bills by around 25 per cent and wood burners are far more efficient than open wood fires But it seems that this saving could be offset by a rise in home insurance One man in Kent recently swapped two open fires in his thatched cottage for wood burners When he informed his insurer his 2160 insurance premium jumped by 300 So he shopped around and nine out of the other 10 insurers he contacted wanted to charge even more This is despite the stoves being fitted by a HETAS

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  • Flood Articles | Morgan Clark
    Firstly there was good news and bad news in last week s budget for the insurance industry First the bad news insurance premium tax IPT is rising by 0 5 per cent to 10 per cent only a few months after a 3 5 per cent hike The good news is that this was less than the insurance industry feared but also that the proceeds from this latest rise will be added to government funds to improve flood defences in the most at risk areas of the country But some people in the insurance industry weren t happy particularly as every type of insurance will be hit even motor insurance In the home insurance market there are fears that yet another rise in IPT could put people off from taking out insurance and leave them exposed if something happens Meanwhile we are only a couple of weeks away from the launch of Flood Re which aims to provide affordable flood insurance for households across the country But according to reports in the press over the last few days there are still two issues hanging over its launch one around regulatory approval and the other around software for brokers Who knows whether it will actually go live in April we wait with bated breath and will of course report back Finally one of the key gripes about Flood Re is that is doesn t cover small businesses However the British Insurance Brokers Association announced last week that it is looking at launching sometime this year a scheme similar to Flood Re for small businesses That really is good news Cockermouth floods turning to Morgan Clark a second time Post by Morgan Clark February 19 2016 It s so sad that many of the victims of the recent flooding in the north have been through this terrible experience before Cockermouth in particular is going through its second serious flooding in six years We worked with many Cockermouth homeowners and businesses after the 2009 floods helping them with their insurance claims And while it s so disheartening to see them affected a second time it is also very reassuring that many of them have turned to us again This shows the big difference they felt we made by taking over their claim allowing them to get on with rebuilding their lives One example is an elderly lady whose house backs on to the river in Cockermouth In 2009 she started an insurance claim herself but soon realised how difficult it would be so she turned to Morgan Clark and she is using us again in 2016 She told us When I met Morgan Clark I felt I would have someone on my side who would do the best for me and my children The insurers took more notice of them than if I d been on my own and it was all much quicker than for my neighbours who handled things themselves So once again I m just going to let them do

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  • Freezing Weather Articles | Morgan Clark
    apart from anything else it s actually a great deterrent Secure your shed this is just as much a target as your home Hide valuables having expensive items on view near windows is asking for trouble Put your keys away don t leave keys near a letterbox as thieves can grab these and then use them from the outside Get rid of ladders these can give thieves an easy route into your home Invest in CCTV this may be a little extreme but this is also a good deterrent One bit of advice is to have dummy cameras these might work just as well A final bit of advice is to make sure your home insurance is up to date and covers everything you need And if you re renewing your policy don t just go for the cheapest deal you can find This might be a false economy if it doesn t give you the cover you d need if you re unlucky enough to suffer a break in So check the small print carefully Beat the freeze over the festive season Post by Morgan Clark December 19 2014 It s nearly Christmas and over the last few years there have been a number of festive seasons which have been marred by sudden drops in temperature After the freeze comes the thaw and that s when we see problems with burst pipes causing water to gush through houses and businesses As water freezes it expands which can cause pipes to split When the water thaws it then pours through the cracks in the pipes What is particularly worrying at this time of year is that many people go away for Christmas or New Year which can mean coming back to a catastrophe We ve worked with many people to whom this has happened you can read about their experiences here The website www moneyfacts co uk has written an excellent list of a few simple steps you can take to prevent your water pipes from freezing which include Keep the heating on don t turn the heating off if you re going away for Christmas or the New Year It doesn t have to be a very high temperature around 12 15 degrees will do and it can be on a timer You just have to keep the chill away Insulate your pipes including the ones in your loft Repair dripping taps if the water dripping then freezes in the drainpipe this can cause a blockage Check your stopcock you need to turn it off quickly in an emergency so check where it is and check it s working properly Let warm air circulate open up cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom particularly those against external walls and also open the hatch to the loft This allows the warmer air in the house to reach areas which are at risk of freezing But let s hope the freeze doesn t come Prepare your home for winter Post by Morgan

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  • Home Insurance Articles | Morgan Clark
    freezing weather expected over the coming weeks it is inevitable that more households will be affected by floods before the year is out Floods can and usually do hit without warning which leaves very little time for those in high flood risk areas to prepare much in the way of a flood prevention or recovery plan With this in mind we have produced a detailed flood guide which provides lots of practical advice and information for homeowners about what to do before during and after a flood Specifically the guide offers information and advice regarding the following key areas Insurance and protection for homes at risk of flooding Flooding checklist Practical methods and products to reduce flood damage Emergency numbers and useful resources Flood water and the clean up operation List of items to have on hand during a flood The role of the loss assessor If you believe your home is at risk of flooding we would recommend you head over to our flood information for homowners page give it a good read download the flooding checklist and make a note of emergency numbers so that if the worst does happen and your home is hit by a flood you ll be better prepared to face the aftermath If your home has already been flooded and you are looking for advice about to what to do next regarding your insurance claim please do not hesitate to get in touch Request a call back Please leave this field empty Categories Burst Pipe Articles 7 Business Insurance News 77 Escape Of Water Articles 1 Fire Articles 37 Flood Articles 42 Freezing Weather Articles 7 Home Insurance Articles 1 Home Insurance News 99 Insurance Articles 34 Landlords Articles 10 Loss Assessors 12 News 113 Other Residential Articles 3 Theft Articles 9 Archive

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  • Insurance Articles | Morgan Clark
    later and so lots of people have spent days trying to be Andy Murray and bashing a tennis ball around But the research has also thrown up some interesting traits among us Brits it seems we re a nation which likes to be economical with the truth More than half of us 56 per cent don t admit responsibility if we break something around the house and half of these try to hide it by repairing the item Nearly as many would buy a replacement without telling anyone And here s the biggest shocker Women are more likely to hide items and not tell anyone than men just under a third of women do this compared with one in six men And women are also more likely to shift the blame to someone else I m off to buy some more super glue Is it a bird Is it a plane Post by Morgan Clark April 17 2015 As far as technology is concerned where the States leads we re usually not far behind So beware the insurance drones are coming There was a lot in the news recently about Amazon being given the go ahead to use drones for deliveries in the US Now the Federal Aviation Authority has given approval for some insurers to start using drones instead of humans for inspecting dangerous damage It s believed that these unmanned aerial vehicles will be used to inspect sites assess and manage risks and loss controls for US customers They are going to be particularly targeted on assessing damage in catastrophe areas or hard to reach locations such as the roofs of commercial buildings They re not going to suddenly appear out of nowhere though or at least not yet They still need to be operated by human drivers via remote control and remain within the operator s sight The publicity is promising that this will lead to high resolution images of damage which will in turn expedite the settling of claims Loss assessing always was a high flying career Riot Bill the latest Post by Tony Clark April 3 2015 There s some news on the draft Riot Compensation Bill which we last wrote about back in September 2014 It seems that the government has responded to criticisms that its previous proposals would have excluded all but the smallest businesses from this safety net The current legislation dates from 1886 and was shown to be completely outdated following the riots of the summer of 2011 The initial proposals however were widely criticised because they placed a limit of 2 million turnover for businesses making a claim against the police if they suffered damage during a riot Earlier this month the Home Office published its response to the consultation on the reform of the Act The key change to the proposals is that there would now be a 1 million per claim limit for riot claims while there would no longer be a limit on the size of company

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  • Landlords Articles | Morgan Clark
    Morgan Clark June 19 2015 We ve all heard about Generation Rent unlike previous generations many young people these days are finding it impossible to get on the property ladder and so are forced to rent for years instead Of course this means there has also been a rise in the number of private landlords and recent relaxations in what people can do with their pension pots could encourage the market even further The most recent figures suggest that one in five homes is now owned by a private landlord but more staggering is that this is predicted to rise to one in three by 2032 We ve seen this for ourselves through an ever growing number of landlords who turn to us when they need to make an insurance claim In most cases they have the right insurance but even if they do their claims can be very complicated All too often however they don t have appropriate cover or are under insured which can create significant challenges over settling their claim We ve written about this before So our advice as always is for landlords to ensure they have suitable cover There is specialist insurance available which includes things such as tenants defaulting on their rent landlord s liability in case a tenant or visitor suffers injury or damage and of course appropriate buildings and contents insurance Here are two good summaries of the reasons you need specialist insurance and exactly what should be covered one on Thisismoney co uk and the other on simplybusiness co uk Landlords claims can be difficult even with the right insurance Post by Phil Morgan October 10 2014 The property rental market is huge these days With such high rents being charged more and more people are tempted into becoming landlords But we know from experience that it can be very stressful if something goes wrong Recent figures from the National Landlords Association show that almost 10 per cent of landlords had to make an insurance claim in the last year They advise landlords to have the right insurance in place they shouldn t just rely on a conventional home insurance policy But even then a claim can be very difficult We have worked on behalf of many landlords when they ve needed to make an insurance claim and although they had appropriate cover they still faced significant challenges Two recent examples illustrate just how difficult it can be The first involved a couple who had re located to the US and rented out their home in West Sussex When fire swept through it their insurer refused to accept liability primarily because it decided the couple hadn t met statutory requirements over electrical equipment But the couple knew they had and fighting this from a distance was just impossible for them We took the case over and won the couple their rightful settlement The case was so extraordinary that it was covered in The Observer The second example involved a couple in

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  • Loss Assessors | Morgan Clark
    alteration to the way the financial services industry is run The Financial Services Authority has been abolished and has been replaced by two successor bodies The Financial Conduct Authority FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority PRA In brief the PRA will ensure the stability of financial services firms and is part of the Bank of England the FCA is a watchdog which monitors the behaviour of financial services firms The aim of this restructuring was to avoid a reoccurrence of failing banks and enormous state backed bailouts as have happened over the last few years Loss assessors must still be Authorised For the loss assessing industry this means that we now come under the auspices of the FCA But nothing else has changed by law a loss assessor must be Authorised by the FCA rather than the FSA which means they have met the stringent standards required to manage all aspects of an insurance claim on behalf of a policyholder This has been a legal requirement for loss assessors since 2005 and one thing we are very proud of at Morgan Clark is that we were the first firm of loss assessors to be authorised when these regulations were introduced So nothing has really changed as far as we are concerned and ensuring a firm is fully Authorised is still the only protection for policyholders if they decide to use a loss assessor Loss assessors how much do they cost Post by Morgan Clark April 3 2013 When we first visit someone after a fire or flood one of the first questions we get asked is how much will it cost to use your services People are often surprised when we reply that in the vast majority of cases our services are provided free of charge They think there must be a catch There isn t Most people who use a loss assessor to make their insurance claim also need the services of building contractors and if they decide to use our combined professional team of loss assessors and approved building contractors then we provide the service of making the insurance claim at no cost Our list of approved building contractors has been compiled over many years using stringent checks and measures to ensure the properties of our clients are restored to the highest standards and failure to meet our standards results in removal from our approved list All our approved contractors must also have Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance cover There s one important note we d say to anyone making an insurance claim the contractors and tradespeople you use to restore your property should be your choice As long as their quote is competitive insurance companies cannot insist you use their contractors Managing the claim from start to finish Our role is to manage the claim from initial inspection by one of our assessors through to final settlement The building contractor works directly for our client and then pays us a fee for managing all the suppliers

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  • Other Residential Articles | Morgan Clark
    home for the first time and start their courses at university One big difference between now and a few years ago is that it is so much easier now to stay in touch with them because of the internet mobile phones and social media But this also means they re likely to have much more valuable equipment with them making insurance even more important than in the past I saw a really useful article in the Guardian which looked at this whole subject It estimates that the average student has more than 2000 worth of laptops smartphones and bicycles with them and also that they are three times more likely to be the victim of a burglary than when living at home Students can often have cover via their parents own policy or they can to buy a specialist student policy But there are all sorts of caveats on the former which are explained really well in the Guardian article and the main advice is to check the small print on your policy You can also visit the Money Advice Service to find out more about the subject this is the really useful website of a government backed independent organisation which provides all sorts of help on how to manage your money Before you batten down the hatches for winter Post by Morgan Clark October 12 2012 Looking out of the window the rain is lashing down and the wind is stripping trees of their leaves Autumn has arrived with a vengeance and judging by what many of us have experienced over the last few years it s almost inevitable that there will be some wild winter weather again this year So before we all batten down the hatches and hibernate it s a good idea to make a few checks outside to help avoid damage to our homes if a storm hits Check no 1 Clear out those pipes Inspect your gutters drainpipes and air holes for blockages and to make sure they haven t worked loose If you don t then any heavy rain water could overflow and cause significant damage And keep checking as autumn progresses and more leaves come down Check no 2 Look at your roof Have you got any loose or damaged tiles These can exacerbate the damage caused by storms So if you notice any broken slipped or missing tiles then call in a roofing expert to carry out some urgent repairs Check no 3 Mend your fences Fences suffer more than anything else during a storm and these often aren t covered by insurance so damage can lead to an expensive bill If a post or panel is even slightly loose then this creates a vulnerable weak spot Inspect regularly and repair immediately Check no 4 Leave nothing out Despite our terrible summer this year there was just about enough sunshine for us to get the sun loungers and barbecues out But we probably won t be able to use them again

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