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  • Theft Articles | Morgan Clark
    weren t after conventional valuables they wanted the copper piping under the floorboards and in the ceilings The result was a heart breaking mess and the larger part of the claim was for malicious damage caused by searching for the pipework rather than for the pipes themselves It proved to be a complicated claim and you can read more about it here New legislation will help But there is some good news on the horizon A new Act The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 has now received Royal Assent and is likely to come into force in the autumn This gives police powers to close unlicensed scrapyards creates a register of dealers and requires dealers to record the ID of all sellers of metal Let s hope that by making it more difficult to get rid of stolen items this will have the desired result of making metal theft less attractive Easter is here and so are the holidays Post by Morgan Clark March 27 2013 It may be hard to believe amid the snow and ice but we re in the middle of spring and our minds are turning to summer holidays So once again we d like to send out a warning We ve written before about the dangers of mentioning online the fact that you re away And this is backed up by something I read recently apparently 78 per cent of burglars use Facebook and Twitter to target potentially empty properties And they re also using Google Earth and StreetView to plan the way they can break in So here s a useful list I found about how to make your property safer when you re away courtesy of a company called Fitted Home Alarms Try not to let the whole world know you are away from your home or working late or out for a night out It may not be bad idea to wait till you get home before posting photos or pointing out your current location Avoid adding random people to your friend list only add real friends Facebook acknowledged in 2012 that about 8 7 per cent or 83 million profiles on Facebook are fake You should consider creating a close group where only your close friends get updates of your whereabouts Set privacy settings correctly so only your friends can see your status updates Avoid public status updates that show your home address or as a location in map Avoid posting photos that reveal the whereabouts of your home or landmarks near home Avoid posting photos of expensive items at your home But most of all enjoy your holiday A ratty problem it s never dull managing insurance claims Post by Morgan Clark January 25 2013 In a blog here just before Christmas I mentioned a bizarre seasonal insurance claim footprints across a carpet left by a squirrel But apparently it s not just householders who make extraordinary claims businesses do as well An article in Management Today listed some of

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  • April, 2016 |
    incorrect levels of cover and non disclosure of material facts It s worth reading this in full but to summarise Wear and tear your policy will probably state that your property has to be kept in good condition and be well maintained So for example if you claim for damage following a burst pipe the insurer may claim that the pipe wasn t kept in good condition and this was the reason for it splitting rather than the weather Other examples are if roofs are damaged by a storm but they haven t been well maintained or if there s water damage originating from the bathroom but the grouting of the bathroom tiles was not in good condition Incorrect levels of cover this is all about ensuring that the amount you are covered for really does cover the rebuilding costs of your property or the value of your possessions What s important is to review this regularly to ensure your cover reflects current day values Non disclosure of material facts if you haven t told the truth then your claim is likely to be rejected Common falsehoods include not disclosing previous claims or that you ve had a County Court Judgement made against you But it may also be rejected if you make honest mistakes for example not having the required locks or stating you have a burglar alarm but never turning it on As a professional loss assessor we see these types of problems all the time Sometimes there is nothing we can do but often we successfully overturn the insurer s decision Our customer stories include examples of where we have achieved this and show how important it is to have professional representation when entering the extremely complicated area of insurance law Flood Re it s here Post by Tony Clark April 8 2016 So it s finally happened Flood Re has gone live It s taken four years to get to this stage and there have been times when it looked as if agreement would never be reached But it s here affordable flood insurance is now available for the vast majority of the population Flood Re operates by charging a small amount extra on all our buildings insurance which will be on average 10 50 This is then used to create a fund which will be available to insurers should flooding strike So people in high risk areas will no longer either have to pay huge insurance bills or be denied insurance cover altogether And the excess on their policies will also be capped at 250 There are still exceptions however most notably businesses rented properties and homes built since 2009 This has led to many objections to Flood Re and these rumble on Indeed only last week we reported that there are rumours of a Flood Re 2 to cover excluded properties in particular those in the private rental sector But whatever the issues around Flood Re it is fantastic news that it s now

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  • March, 2016 |
    think The Department for Communities and Local Government has published an excellent guide entitled Fire Safety in the Home which gives very useful advice on electrical appliance safety and how to prevent a house fire This includes Always use the right fuse to prevent overheating Make sure your appliances have a British or European safety mark Many household appliances should have a single socket to themselves as they are high powered Keep one plug to a socket if possible Follow manufacturer s instructions when charging electrical goods and look for a CE mark Look for signs of dangerous or loose wiring scorch marks hot plugs or sockets fuses which blow or circuit breakers which trip for no reason or flickering lights Replace old cables and leads Unplug appliances when not in use The leaflet also gives advice on cooking safety safe use of candles and other fire hazards As always remember to have at least one smoke alarm and remember to test it weekly It s no use at all if it s not working And most importantly don t run your appliances over night or when you go out Scheme coming to compare insurance products Post by Morgan Clark March 11 2016 There was news recently that around one in five home insurance claims are unsuccessful The most common reason for this is the complexity of policies and this is a key factor for people turning to us when they need help with their insurance claim It is often just too difficult for policyholders to understand the finer details of their insurance cover which is why professional help from a loss assessor can make all the difference This is in stark contrast to car and travel insurance which are far simpler products and therefore have much higher success rates and therefore less need for expert help But it s also difficult for consumers to find the right product at the right price in the first place So it was good to read last week that the Financial Conduct Authority is launching a pilot scheme to help consumers compare insurance firms We wrote about the possibility of this last year it was proposed because a study showed that many of us are over paying for our insurance The pilot scheme which starts in the summer will compare insurance firms based on a scorecard system showing how often people are likely to make a claim on a product how likely the claims are to be accepted and the average payout Data will be published at the beginning and the end of the pilot which is going to last for 12 months It s not clear yet exactly which products are going to be included in this initial phase But if it s successful it will be rolled out more widely which will mean that we ll all be able to shop around for home car and travel insurance based on solid claims data The dangers of tumble dryers Post by Morgan

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  • February, 2016 |
    elderly lady whose house backs on to the river in Cockermouth In 2009 she started an insurance claim herself but soon realised how difficult it would be so she turned to Morgan Clark and she is using us again in 2016 She told us When I met Morgan Clark I felt I would have someone on my side who would do the best for me and my children The insurers took more notice of them than if I d been on my own and it was all much quicker than for my neighbours who handled things themselves So once again I m just going to let them do everything You can read her full story here Parliament debates business flood insurance Post by Tony Clark February 12 2016 One sign that Flood Re is nearly with us is that there is now an official website This explains in detail this new scheme for affordable flood insurance which will start in April It s been a long time coming but according to many it s still a long way from perfect The most common objection to the scheme is that it excludes cover for businesses This has risen to the top of the agenda during the recent floods in the north of the country as they have hit businesses particularly badly By coincidence there was an Adjournment Debate last Monday in the House of Commons entitled Availability of flood insurance for businesses The debate was tabled by Craig Whittaker MP for Calder Valley where many businesses were badly affected by flooding in 2012 and were then unable to afford the flood element of their insurance Some of these have been hit again by the recent floods and several have now folded Mr Whittaker focused among other things on how vital these businesses are to the very existence of the communities affected The response from Rory Stewart Under Secretary of State for Environment Food and Rural Affairs offered some explanation for the exclusion of businesses from Flood Re In a nutshell having a commercial version of the scheme is seen as unworkable because of the complexity of business insurance It s not as simple as residential insurance which is primarily for just two types of cover buildings and contents Some businesses particularly in the service sector may not need for example high levels of business interruption insurance they can move and set up elsewhere quite quickly Others with high levels of stock or equipment or if they re location dependent need far higher levels of cover and face far longer before they can resume trading So there is a huge challenge in working out how much each type of business should contribute to such a scheme But the Minister ended on a positive note flagging the fact that there is a roundtable this week which will bring together various insurance industry bodies and representatives of small business to look at the issues involved His final words were encouraging We will through the

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  • January, 2016 |
    hit some of these businesses are likely to suffer the storms will almost certainly deter visitors hitting revenue from tourism which is a vital part of the local economy in some of these areas Advice to businesses includes increasing their resilience against floods which may in turn reduce their insurance premium for example by putting up flood barriers having access to pumps using alternatives to carpets having sockets high on walls and using waterproof plaster But all of this is likely to add further fuel to the demand for Flood Re to be extended to cover small businesses Flood Re too late for recent victims Post by Tony Clark January 15 2016 It s been a little frustrating over the last few weeks to hear on the radio or TV time and again discussions over Flood Re This is something we ve been writing about for the last four years but it has received very little headline coverage in the national media until now And the key reason it s suddenly being talked about is that because it s taken such a long time to implement there are now people hit by the recent floods who are not covered by insurance The Daily Mail wrote recently about flood victims who hadn t been able to afford insurance or were refused it completely because they live in flood risk areas They cited one householder whose annual insurance premium rose from 375 to 3000 and another which rose from 100 to 5000 Both decided not to pay these huge hikes and were left uncovered and now they face a huge personal bill for reinstating their homes Flood Re is the result of four years of negotiations between the government and insurers This was prompted by the ending of the previous agreement through which insurers provided flood insurance for high risk properties in return for extra state investment in flood defences The agreement ran out in 2009 and since then there s been a tortuous and extremely lengthy process to reach a new deal It looked at one point as if it would be implemented last year but after numerous delays it finally goes live this April For many this is too late And even when it s implemented Flood Re isn t comprehensive in its scope In particular it doesn t cover businesses and the recent flooding in the north of the country has hit a huge number of small businesses When asked about this a spokesman from the Association of British Insurers was quoted in the Guardian recently as saying We have not been presented with any evidence of large scale problems in the commercial sector Most businesses should be able to arrange competitively priced flood insurance through a broker But there have been numerous examples of businesses hit by the floods who face a significant financial impact with accountants KPMG saying that many businesses will have insufficient insurance to cover the damages SME Insider There are now even more calls

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  • Loss adjusters and loss assessors – who’s who? |
    is the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor Here s a simple explanation to help you A loss adjuster is employed by the insurance company to investigate your claim and offer you a settlement figure While they will be fair their aim is to settle your claim as economically as possible They will not give you advice nor will they compile your claim for you And as there are so many grey areas in an insurance claim they will always tend to keep to the lower end of the settlement scale A loss assessor is employed by you the policyholder to compile your claim and represent your best interests They are experienced professional claims handlers who will do everything on your behalf at this stressful time will provide the advice you need and will compile your claim leaving you to focus on getting your life back on track A loss assessor will organise emergency works to safeguard your property will find temporary accommodation for your family and will deal with your insurer and their loss adjuster In short they will work on your behalf until your claim is settled in the right way for you giving you valuable support and advice every step of the way To find out more about how a loss assessor can help contact Morgan Clark now Share this page This entry was posted in Home Insurance News News Back to the blog archive Request a call back Please leave this field empty Categories Burst Pipe Articles 7 Business Insurance News 77 Escape Of Water Articles 1 Fire Articles 37 Flood Articles 42 Freezing Weather Articles 7 Home Insurance Articles 1 Home Insurance News 99 Insurance Articles 34 Landlords Articles 10 Loss Assessors 12 News 113 Other Residential Articles 3 Theft Articles 9

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  • Voice of the Industry - Morgan Clark
    when a fire swept through their house causing 500 000 worth of damage and their insurer s first response was to deny liability Read more John and Susan Bolden were settling down with friends to watch Scotland play England at rugby on television when a neighbour banged on the door and shouted that smoke was coming from the thatched roof of their cottage Read more An 84 year old Ilfracombe woman who lost everything after being forced to flee her burning bungalow has spoken of her ordeal and deep gratitude to all those who have rallied around to help her Read more An elderly woman is positive about the future despite losing everything to a fire which gutted her Ilfracombe bungalow June Booth 83 escaped as her home on Chambercombe Park Road went up in flames last Wednesday March 19 Read more Morgan Clark interviewed on Big City Radio regarding the 2014 floods Big City Radio Morgan Clark interviewed on Radio Verulam regarding the 2014 floods Radio Verulam Morgan Clark interviewed on Wave FM regarding the 2014 floods Wave 105 Radio Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Your Bespoke Claim Maker Team How Morgan Clark can help Meet the team Customer stories Client feedback Working with insurers and adjusters Professional memberships Morgan Clark Foundation Blog Request a call back Please leave this field empty The first time I was flooded I was at my wits end Everything changed once Morgan Clark arrived because I had someone fighting my corner Now I ve been flooded again I realise I can t go through it all a second time without Morgan Clark Mrs Walters Wraysbury Read more Share this page Morgan Clark Fire and Flood

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  • computer server damage – £15,000 for data recovery and system replacement |
    had always ensured there was a separate back up but coincidentally this had stopped working Managing Director Rennie Mitchell realised he faced a very difficult insurance claim and therefore appointed Morgan Clark to handle it on the company s behalf The claim The priority was to restore the data quickly without this the business would not survive Hicksville found a specialist company in Wales which was able to recover the lost data from the server within a few days The cost for this was 13 000 Cheaper alternatives existed but would have taken longer leading to additional loss of income and new business opportunities and jeopardising the future of the business However the insurer initially refused to cover the cost of restoring the data because of the lack of back up Morgan Clark put forward a number of counter arguments over the use of the RAID system but in particular demonstrated that if Hicksville put in an alternative claim for business interruption this would result in a far higher settlement The result After protracted negotiations Morgan Clark achieved the settlement Hicksville wanted The insurer agreed to pay 10 000 towards data recovery the maximum cover available plus the cost of a new server which amounted to 5 000 More importantly there was only a short interruption to the company s trading and they were able to survive this potential catastrophe Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim Flood insurance claim in 2009 and again in 2015 Fire in three bedroomed rented house 92 000 buildings claim plus landlord s contents and loss of income Fire in semi detached house overcoming challenges to buildings and

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