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  • Insurance claims advice
    with the insurer and their loss adjuster assess the full extent of the loss and put the claim together find temporary accommodation oversee the reinstatement of the property With a professional on your side you have a much higher chance of receiving the settlement you deserve under the terms of your insurance policy Just as you wouldn t go to court without a solicitor so you shouldn t make an insurance claim without a professional negotiating on your behalf Here s what one of our clients said after using Morgan Clark to handle their insurance claim Using Morgan Clark meant we could get on with our lives They told us what to do in which order and streamlined the whole process It was more than a convenience it was a godsend to have someone on your side who had your best interests at heart Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Buildings insurance claims Claiming on insurance Claims adjuster Insurance disputes Request a call back Please leave this field empty The insurance company contested liability but Morgan Clark was able to prove full compliance

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  • Insurance disputes
    insurance dispute These problems can arise for a variety of reasons no two claims are ever the same We use all our professional experience to prove that a claim is valid arguing on your behalf gathering all the necessary evidence and ensuring that you receive the settlement you are due under the terms of your policy Here are just a few examples of how we ve helped to solve insurance disputes Burst pipe in Yorkshire final settlement of 50 000 after initial offer from loss adjuster of 10 000 Break in at landlord s house in Manchester initial rejection of malicious damage claim of 20 000 Fire in three bedroomed modern house in Surrey 199 000 claim after overcoming dispute over value of goods lost Gas explosion in Derbyshire successful settlement of 85 000 after initial rejection of claim Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Buildings insurance claims Claiming on insurance Claims adjuster Insurance claims advice Request a call back Please leave this field empty Morgan Clark negotiated a far better settlement than I expected They achieved this because they have expertise and

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  • December, 2015 |
    may just cause problems later on Most importantly it shouldn t be rushed Then there s overseeing the emergency works assessing the damage and loss dealing with the insurer and their loss adjuster and managing the property reinstatement For commercial claims we need to calculate the business interruption aspect of the claim which covers increased cost of working and loss of profits Until you experience it you can have no concept of just how big the task you face is going to be But we work hard to get you back into your homes or businesses as soon as possible and it is always so satisfying to see people we ve helped getting their lives back to normal We ve got lots of examples of this you can read them on our customer stories section To give you some idea of what you face and what you need to do we ve also put together a Guide to Making a Flood Insurance Claim you can read either the residential or business version here We re only a phone call away if you ve been hit by a flood and need help with your insurance claim Cautionary fire tales Post by Morgan Clark December 4 2015 There have been some alarming news stories recently about how fires can start which are certainly worth sharing Firstly there has been a safety warning issued about Hotpoint Creda and Indesit tumble dryers some of them pose a significant fire risk I ve got a Hotpoint washer dryer so I ve followed the instructions for checking if my machine is affected and luckily it s not You can find out if yours is affected by visiting https safety hotpoint eu As a result of this some very useful safety advice has been issued about using tumble dryers This is particularly important in the winter months when there s less chance to hang washing outside In brief don t leave your machine on overnight or when you go out and make sure you remove any lint that s built up inside the machine do this after every use Secondly there was another incidence of something we ve warned about before A woman in Greater Manchester saw a recipe online for making cheese on toast by using her toaster turned on its side Of course this led to a fire and luckily she was able to get out before the fire really took hold It took firefighters twenty minutes to put out the blaze Photos of the damage have been posted online Don t do it And finally this is a really bizarre tale Thames Valley Fire Service were called to a flat because a smoke alarm had been activated When they entered the property they found a small fire in the kitchen but the only occupant was a dog who was unharmed Further investigations showed that the most likely cause was when the dog tried to get hold of some treats which had been left on

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2015/12/ (2016-04-24)
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  • November, 2015 |
    your home is hit by a flood you ll be better prepared to face the aftermath If your home has already been flooded and you are looking for advice about to what to do next regarding your insurance claim please do not hesitate to get in touch Flood Re the final step for affordable flood insurance Post by Tony Clark November 20 2015 So we really are nearly there now Last week the final piece of the jigsaw for Flood Re fell into place with the signing of the regulations by Floods Minister Rory Stewart After several years of wrangling and delay it seems that the scheme will definitely come into force next April thus ensuring affordable flood insurance for homes across the UK I ve just had a look back to see how long we ve been writing about this Incredibly it is almost exactly three years since we first posted a blog about the end of the Statement of Principles which covered the agreement between the Government and insurers over flood insurance The blog concluded Something needs to happen quickly It didn t We then reported on the seemingly endless difficulties over reaching agreement with several false dawns The Association of British Insurers extended the previous scheme while these negotiations continued and then in May 2013 agreement was reached But it s taken over two years since then for the scheme to be drawn up and approved We ve had objections additions challenges changes disagreements Then there were technology issues which held up progress But in the end despite lingering dissent over various aspects of the scheme there was just no better alternative So now it s here with an operational start for Flood Re in April What an extraordinary tale but like all the best stories it looks like it s going to have a happy ending Protect your home before the big freeze Post by Morgan Clark November 13 2015 It s only six weeks until Christmas but it doesn t feel like it the temperature is still mild in most parts of the country But winter weather could arrive at any time now and judging by the number of berries on holly trees it may get extremely cold So before the full force of winter hits us it seems a good time to share our great infographic which shows some simple steps you should take to protect your home against a big freeze Winter security advice Post by Morgan Clark November 6 2015 The clocks went back last week and we re now well and truly on the way to winter And according to one insurer the long dark evenings increase the danger of thieves breaking in to your home The Co operative Insurance has analysed claims dating back to 2013 and found that claims for theft increase by 38 per cent in the five months after the clocks go back Apparently these claims are more likely to involve force or violent entry than in

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2015/11/ (2016-04-24)
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  • October, 2015 |
    to do if a fire alarm sounds Animal dangers Post by Morgan Clark October 16 2015 I don t have any pets and according to a recent news article it might be just as well One major insurer has reported that they can lead to some rather weird and wonderful insurance claims RIAS has looked at its claims from last year and some of the more unusual ones involved animals These resulted in thousands of pounds worth of payouts and included An over enthusiastic dog in Slough who fancied a swim and decided to dive in to some lovely crystal clear ocean water Unfortunately the water was on a TV screen in the living room and this misjudged leap caused hundreds of pounds of damage Door bells can send some dogs wild including one from Carlisle who jumped up in excitement when the chimes went and leapt on to his owner s lap where there was a computer and the owner was in the middle of drinking a cup of tea A Belfast man annoyed his pet bearded dragon by cleaning his tank which resulted in a nasty bite He jumped backwards in pain into his TV set causing nearly 400 of damage But it s not just pet animals wild ones can be just as much trouble A Rochester man was cleaning his teeth when a wasp flew in through window He panicked and tried to shoo it away knocking over a glass which cracked the basin and led to a 1000 insurance claim A pigeon flew into a bathroom in Northampton catapulting a vase from the windowsill into the loo and cracking the bowl Two magpies were fighting in Kilmarnock and crashed through a conservatory roof causing significant damage and a very large payout And finally the sad tale of someone who literally cooked his goose An Enfield man attempted to barbecue an entire goose and we know how fatty they can be Rather than a crisp and delicious lunch the goose caught fire and melted the entire barbecue causing 1300 worth of damage I ll stick to sausages and ribs Autumn home safety advice issued Post by Morgan Clark October 9 2015 We ve had a great end to the summer with fantastic weather up to last weekend But now it appears that autumn is well and truly upon us the clocks will go back soon and winter can t be far behind And apparently it s this time of year when fire services receive an increase in calls to domestic incidents caused by candles heaters fireplaces and electric blankets One fire service Essex County has put out some really useful advice to help us stay safe at home You can read the full piece here but in summary Have your boiler serviced and if it s powered by gas make sure the company you use is Gas Safe registered Install a carbon monoxide detector Never leave candles unattended and put them out before you go to

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2015/10/ (2016-04-24)
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  • September, 2015 |
    to 12 to the average buildings and contents policy which may be enough for some consumers to downgrade their policies or cut cover altogether One study by Consumer Intelligence showed that over one quarter 27 per cent would cancel policies or reduce cover This was supported by a study of 1000 consumers undertaken by UNA which reported that 25 per cent of people living in London are now buying less protection despite the fact that the rise won t take place until November But some good news has come from another survey by Consumer Intelligence This showed that more than half of consumers who phone their insurer to query their renewal quote were then offered a cheaper deal Four in 10 made a saving of more than a tenth while the rest achieved a more modest saving So it shows it s worth haggling but as always with the same caveat as we always give make sure the cover you re buying gives you the protection you expect if you have to make a claim If any deal you re offered changes your cover then you need to fully understand the implications of this But some cover is better than none so our advice on the imminent hike in IPT is to consider the impact of not having insurance if something were to happen Ask yourself if paying an extra tenner a year would actually be money well spent for the peace of mind of knowing you ve got protection Mapping the risk of groundwater flooding Post by Tony Clark September 11 2015 It s not long until Flood Re is implemented which is aimed at providing affordable flood insurance for everyone even those in high risk areas As part of this insurers want more accurate flood data to help calculate risk and this has highlighted what in the past has been a weak area mapping the risk of groundwater flooding There are four types of flooding fluvial from rivers pluvial surface water from rain coastal and groundwater The latter occurs when water rises up from below ground for example from underlying rocks or from abnormal springs This tends to happen after prolonged periods of heavy rainfall and as a result the water table rises above normal levels One key difference compared with other types of flooding is that groundwater floods tend to take longer to dissipate There s a very good explanation of it all on the UK Groundwater Forum website According to a recent article in Post magazine groundwater flooding is more difficult to predict than the other types of flooding But work has now been carried out which should lead to improved groundwater risk modelling specifically flood risk consultancy Ambiental has produced a Groundwater Flood Risk Map which can be used by insurers to assess flood risk to even individual properties On the subject of Flood Re the Association of British Insurers the ABI has put together a really good explanation of what the scheme is all

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2015/09/ (2016-04-24)
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  • August, 2015 |
    house as their babies head off for university Amid all the excitement of packing them up for their first term of freedom something you should consider is taking out insurance cover for them According to moneysupermarket com young people are three times more likely to be burgled and one in three university students are the victim of crime So this makes it all the more important that they have the right insurance cover Sometimes students can be added to their parents home insurance but this isn t always the case and even if it is quite often there are a lot of restrictions imposed It can actually be cheaper for students to have their own cover but it s not necessarily the specialist student insurers who provide the best deal As always it s best to shop around but read the small print to make sure the policy does provide the cover you need Moneysavingexpert com has an excellent guide to how students can manage their finances and included in this is how to find the right insurance it s section 21 on this page Sky lanterns the latest bans Post by Morgan Clark August 13 2015 We wrote last year about the new safety guidelines for using Chinese sky lanterns These were issued in the wake of a huge fire in the West Midlands caused by a rogue lantern Since then there have been growing demands that they should be banned completely and indeed many councils have now taken this step It seems that Wales is leading the way and now more than half of Welsh councils have imposed a ban This follows a campaign by the Welsh RSPCA which underlines that they pose more than a fire risk there have been many instances where the thin wire contained in the lanterns has been eaten by animals and caused severe internal injuries Councils across England are following suit for example Bristol Bath and North East Somerset North Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils have all either already banned or are introducing a ban on the release of lanterns from council owned land The National Farmers Union has also become involved it launched a letter writing campaign earlier this year which asked farmers to write to their local authority to ask them to ban sky lanterns So the campaign is gathering momentum and it may not be long until there is a complete ban New riots bill on the agenda Post by Phil Morgan August 6 2015 It s hard to believe that it s nearly four years since the terrible riots of August 2011 and it s a year since we wrote about proposals to amend the Riot Damages Act This didn t happen before the election but now that the dust has settled it seems that something is going to happen The House of Commons has just carried out the ballot for Private Members Bills and one of the winners proposals is the review of this Act The new

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2015/08/ (2016-04-24)
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  • July, 2015 |
    are entitled to under the terms of their policy The most important thing is that people make sure when they take out an insurance policy that it really does provide the cover they need So our advice is as always don t just go for the lowest price Always look carefully at what you re buying read the small print and make sure you are fully covered Cheap can all too often be too good to be true Lodgers and insurance Post by Tony Clark July 17 2015 Last week s budget contained a number of measures aimed at easing the housing shortage One of them was an increase in the amount landlords who let out a room in their own home can receive in rent before they start paying tax Currently if you re a lodger landlord and you rent out a room in your home you have to pay tax if your income from this exceeds 4250 a year From April 2016 this will increase to 7500 This will probably mean that the majority of these landlords will no longer have to pay any tax So there may be many more tempted to enter the market One key thing if you rent out a room is to make sure your insurance is correct According to a recent article in the Guardian it s unlikely that having a lodger would have much of an effect on your premiums but it could negate your insurance if you haven t told your insurer and you need to make a claim So you must do this as soon as you start renting a room out And you need to make sure your lodger discloses any relevant information such as criminal convictions There are plenty of other things to consider including the implications for your mortgage and council tax as well as income tax The article in the Guardian has some very good advice Did you get through July 1st Post by Morgan Clark July 10 2015 Apparently July 1 st is a very bad day According to one insurer there are more claims for accidental damage on this day than any other in the year As a result it s been renamed Clumsy Day Analysis by Direct Line has shown that there is a 60 per cent increase in accidental damage claims on July 1st compared to the yearly average And I have a theory why until this year it was towards the end of the two weeks of Wimbledon this year Wimbledon is a week later and so lots of people have spent days trying to be Andy Murray and bashing a tennis ball around But the research has also thrown up some interesting traits among us Brits it seems we re a nation which likes to be economical with the truth More than half of us 56 per cent don t admit responsibility if we break something around the house and half of these try to hide it by repairing

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