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  • June, 2015 |
    the right insurance but even if they do their claims can be very complicated All too often however they don t have appropriate cover or are under insured which can create significant challenges over settling their claim We ve written about this before So our advice as always is for landlords to ensure they have suitable cover There is specialist insurance available which includes things such as tenants defaulting on their rent landlord s liability in case a tenant or visitor suffers injury or damage and of course appropriate buildings and contents insurance Here are two good summaries of the reasons you need specialist insurance and exactly what should be covered one on Thisismoney co uk and the other on simplybusiness co uk Affordable flood insurance delayed Post by Tony Clark June 12 2015 So we were right Flood Re the scheme for affordable flood insurance won t now come in effect next month According to reports it has been delayed until April 2016 which means that many householders in areas at high risk of flooding could face rocketing insurance premiums until the agreement comes into force And it seems it s all because computer says no Apparently the complexity of building and testing the technology behind the scheme with up to 400 insurers will hold up the launch for months www thisismoney co uk Flood Re was first muted in 2013 when the existing Statement of Principles ran out This was an agreement between the government and insurers and ensured that everyone had access to affordable flood insurance Flood Re was meant to replace it but its path has been incredibly tortuous As we moved close to the date it was looking increasingly unlikely that the deadline of July 2015 would be met There were issues and challenges every step of the way and as we wrote here many many times it just didn t seem possible that these issues would be resolved in time So now we face another significant delay We will as always keep you updated Insurers are failing small businesses Post by Tony Clark June 5 2015 We know from our work with small businesses that when they need to make an insurance claim then the time it takes and the way it s handled can make the difference between survival or going under This makes it all the more important that their insurer responds quickly and appropriately But this doesn t always happen too often businesses are put at risk because they don t receive the response they need and deserve That is often the reason why they turn to us to handle their claim So it wasn t surprising to read that the Financial Conduct Authority FCA has uncovered poor practice in the way SMEs insurance claims are handled by insurers intermediaries and loss adjusters The FCA has just announced the results of a review of non motor claims arising from fire flood escape of water theft or business interruption in excess of

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  • May, 2015 |
    alarm top tips courtesy of the Devon Somerset Fire Rescue Service Install at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home The ideal position is on the ceiling in the middle of a room or on a hallway or landing Consider fitting additional alarms in other rooms where there are electrical appliances and near sleeping areas Don t put alarms in or near kitchens and bathrooms where smoke or steam can set them off by accident Replace your smoke alarms every 10 years The dangers of mirrors and jars Post by Morgan Clark May 15 2015 We issued a warning this time last year about the dangers of mirrors or glass in the sun Recent news stories show just how devastating this can be so we re issuing the warning again Last time a pile of papers started to smoulder because of sunlight reflected by a make up mirror but the fire didn t take hold This time rays from the sun coming in through a window went on to a make up mirror and were then refracted on to bedroom curtains which caught fire and the room was extensively damaged This follows reports earlier this year about a fire started by a glass jar A seven year old girl kept her collection of loom bands in the jar on a windowsill Rays from the sun shone on the top of the jar and were magnified on to a dolls house on the floor which burst into flames The property in Twickenham suffered 250 000 worth of damage and the family s pet dog was killed by the smoke According to the Evening Standard a local fire officer commented These sort of fires are not as rare as you think I ve seen everything from mirrors and Nutella jars to sparkly knobs and crystal balls starting fires The advice from the fire service is to keep mirrors and glass objects out of direct sunlight particularly early and late in the day when the sun is at its lowest and at a more dangerous angle And of course as always it s vital to have working smoke alarms in your home and to test them regularly A new government more delays for Flood Re Post by Tony Clark May 8 2015 So the 2015 General Election is over although as I write this it s still not completely clear just what is going to happen Once the dust has settled it will then only be a few weeks before the new Flood Re agreement for affordable flood insurance is due to become law This is meant to happen in July but there have been reports in the last few days that a new government might delay the agreement or may even decide to carry out a complete review We have written many times over the last couple of years about Flood Re which is designed to ensure that flood insurance for people in high risk areas is not prohibitively

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  • April, 2015 |
    about Amazon being given the go ahead to use drones for deliveries in the US Now the Federal Aviation Authority has given approval for some insurers to start using drones instead of humans for inspecting dangerous damage It s believed that these unmanned aerial vehicles will be used to inspect sites assess and manage risks and loss controls for US customers They are going to be particularly targeted on assessing damage in catastrophe areas or hard to reach locations such as the roofs of commercial buildings They re not going to suddenly appear out of nowhere though or at least not yet They still need to be operated by human drivers via remote control and remain within the operator s sight The publicity is promising that this will lead to high resolution images of damage which will in turn expedite the settling of claims Loss assessing always was a high flying career Flood Re it s not settled yet Post by Tony Clark April 10 2015 It was only two weeks ago that we wrote about Flood Re moving one step closer to becoming law when its secondary legislation was laid before Parliament But it seems there are still some problems ahead A coalition of interested parties has now written to the government asking them to delay laying down the final regulations of the scheme which is designed to provide affordable flood insurance Their fear is that some homeowners will be facing rocketing insurance premiums according to Post magazine Flood Re is meant to protect homeowners from high premiums but in its current form it will not cover all private rented sector properties and some leasehold properties This group which includes the British Property Federation Residential Landlords Association Leasehold Knowledge Partnership and Association of Residential Managing Agents has asked the government to withdraw the regulations until research is finished on how these excluded groups will be affected Of course nothing much will happen in the next few weeks as we approach the election but it s still possible that the whole scheme will come crashing down before its current go live date of July Riot Bill the latest Post by Tony Clark April 3 2015 There s some news on the draft Riot Compensation Bill which we last wrote about back in September 2014 It seems that the government has responded to criticisms that its previous proposals would have excluded all but the smallest businesses from this safety net The current legislation dates from 1886 and was shown to be completely outdated following the riots of the summer of 2011 The initial proposals however were widely criticised because they placed a limit of 2 million turnover for businesses making a claim against the police if they suffered damage during a riot Earlier this month the Home Office published its response to the consultation on the reform of the Act The key change to the proposals is that there would now be a 1 million per claim limit for riot claims

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  • March, 2015 |
    weekend and when your firm arranged for all the professionals to be there at 9am on the Monday morning including of course yourself it was such a relief for us to know that the salvage work and planning for and carrying out of the house reinstatement was in such capable hands You were very patient with the demands and complexities of our claim throughout the planning and carrying out of the reinstatement works and subsequently and you were always ready to sort out our queries We particularly appreciated the painstaking work put into our contents claims So this comes to you with our heartfelt thanks We take such pleasure being in this house which has been ours since 1975 and this pleasure is shared by our daughters and their families who come and go frequently It s so rewarding to know that we ve helped to make a terrible experience so much easier to deal with Small print for business insurance Post by Phil Morgan March 13 2015 We ve written before about the importance of reading the small print on your insurance policy This advice was in connection with home insurance policies but some recent research shows that business people are also skipping over the finer details of their cover According to a recent poll by the British Insurance Brokers Association more than a quarter of Britain s smaller businesses are failing to read the small print on their insurance policy Business women are better than men apparently with 30 per cent of female bosses always reading their policy in full compared to only 16 per cent of males This does seem extraordinary We know the devastating effect something like a flood or fire can have on a business on its operations buildings staff suppliers customers the list goes on But a misunderstanding of the terms of an insurance policy could make the difference between a company surviving or going out of business If you don t have the cover you think you have then you can t make the claim you expect So our advice is an insurance policy is like any legal document and needs to be treated with respect Read it carefully and do this not only when you take it out but every year when you renew If you have any doubts or queries get some appropriate professional advice Only then can you be absolutely sure you have the right cover to protect your business in the event of a disaster Test your smoke alarms Post by Morgan Clark March 6 2015 The subject of smoke alarms was very much in my mind over the last few days An elderly member of my family was being driven mad by a beeping noise but couldn t find out what it was and of course it was because his smoke alarm needed a new battery And then I read some interesting news a new law is coming into force in France next week making it mandatory for

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  • February, 2015 |
    carpets and computers Is that because we are less in control when we re drinking wine The research mentions other liquid mishaps and perhaps the most bizarre was when it dealt with a claim after a child emptied the contents of its potty over a laptop The mind boggles Fire warnings from the news Post by Morgan Clark February 13 2015 I read a number of newspaper headlines about fires this morning all of which could easily have been prevented Luckily no one was seriously hurt in any of them but they could have been so much worse The first one actually had a quite amusing headline Eat oven chips instead but there is method in the madness This was advice issued by the West Yorkshire Fire Rescue Service after they d attended in the space of eight hours three fires caused by chip pans According to the Yorkshire Post the Area Manager for Fire Safety made the following comment Chip pans can be very dangerous as obviously the oil can reach incredibly high temperatures and if that ignites you have a very serious fire on your hands We advise that people use other methods of cooking such as oven chips which may also be healthier The second was also a little startling Drunk man in court after trying to start unsuitable coal fire in living room Apparently according to the Daily Post the chimney hadn t been used for 30 years and the man had been warned about this but he still lit a fire which resulted in a small fire The emergency services were called and extinguished the fire They advised him not to use the chimney until it had been properly opened up by a professional but he ignored this advice lit another fire and the emergency services were called to second fire The consequence was that he was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace We ve written a lot recently about the danger of chimney fires and the key advice is to have your flue swept regularly by a professional and never use a chimney which has been out of use for some time unless it s been properly inspected The third echoes a blog we wrote recently about the dangers of e cigarettes According to the Norfolk Evening Daily Post a fire started when a woman left her device charging while she had a bath Luckily no one was seriously hurt but it could have been so much more serious if this had happened when no one was at home or if they had gone to bed As more and more people try to give up smoking by using e cigarettes this danger can only grow Flood Re the good news and the bad news Post by Tony Clark February 6 2015 First the good news it was reported a couple of days ago that Flood Re has been approved by the European Commission which has ruled that it does not violate rules

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  • January, 2015 |
    shoulder of lamb Home insurance costs Post by Morgan Clark January 16 2015 Oh dear I ve just read a blog in The Guardian which lambasts an insurer for the price quoted when a reader wanted to renew a home insurance policy He then applied online as if he was a new customer and the cost was significantly lower This is against a background of lots of insurance companies and banks saying some very publicly with TV advertising that they will no longer offer attractive deals to first time customers at the expense of existing ones I can understand the frustration but I would make one key point you should never ever make a decision on the home insurance you buy based on price alone What s far more important is to ensure you have the right cover for your property and possessions even if it costs a little more We ve written before about this and in particular using comparison sites to find the cheapest deal Shopping around can be a false economy if you take out a cheap policy which isn t suitable and you then have to make a claim you could find it impossible to get the settlement you expect Our advice is to read all the details for your new policy carefully and ensure they really do meet your needs And also make sure you disclose everything sometimes it s tempting to hide something so that your policy costs less or sometimes the questions you re asked particularly online aren t comprehensive enough to cover everything relevant In short read the small print think about what you could lose be honest and don t be tempted by cheap offers Otherwise it could be disastrous in the long term Small businesses must plan for floods too Post by Tony Clark January 9 2015 It was around this time last year that floods hit various parts of the country with worse to come as January progressed It wasn t just homes which were affected businesses also suffered significantly with over 3000 commercial properties flooded So this makes some recent research from the Federation of Small Businesses FSB very worrying According to the FSB three out of five small businesses don t have a plan in place to deal with extreme weather conditions This is despite two thirds of those surveyed being affected by flooding drought or snow in the past three years Even more extraordinary is that 29 per cent of businesses don t have insurance for business interruption or damage caused to property by flooding The FSB explains that by protecting against disruption small firms can continue operating and thus avoid financial difficulties And it s the knock on effects which can have greatest impact problems for staff getting in to work or for customers getting access as well as issues for suppliers utilities and transport We heartily endorse the FSB s advice for businesses to put an extreme weather plan in place and they suggest

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  • December, 2014 |
    a few simple steps you can take to prevent your water pipes from freezing which include Keep the heating on don t turn the heating off if you re going away for Christmas or the New Year It doesn t have to be a very high temperature around 12 15 degrees will do and it can be on a timer You just have to keep the chill away Insulate your pipes including the ones in your loft Repair dripping taps if the water dripping then freezes in the drainpipe this can cause a blockage Check your stopcock you need to turn it off quickly in an emergency so check where it is and check it s working properly Let warm air circulate open up cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom particularly those against external walls and also open the hatch to the loft This allows the warmer air in the house to reach areas which are at risk of freezing But let s hope the freeze doesn t come Flood defence spending announced Post by Phil Morgan December 12 2014 Without wanting to get involved in anything political it was good to hear last week that the Government has announced 2 3 billion investment in 1400 new flood defence schemes The main point all the commentators are making is that this is not new money but simply re affirming money which had already been pledged But as far as we are concerned any news is good news if it involves more protection for flood risk areas Since last year s terrible floods we have been working across the country to help families re build their homes and their lives Two areas in particular the Thames Valley and the Somerset Levels were completely devastated between December and February when either rivers overflowed or flash floods raced through towns and villages It s been a long haul since then as it takes an incredibly long time to repair the damage from flooding But we are now finally seeing people moving back into their houses and getting their lives back to some sort of normality The funding announced by the Government includes schemes in both these areas but these will take some time to be built Let s hope that this winter doesn t bring a repeat of those devastating storms and that the families forced to move out of their homes will not have to do this again Christmas fire safety Post by Morgan Clark December 5 2014 It s the first week of December and so we start the countdown to Christmas This weekend is the busiest time for buying Christmas trees and we ll be pulling those fairy lights and decorations out of the loft lighting some candles and hanging paper decorations So it would seem like a good time to repeat some seasonal safety advice The UK Fire Services Resources website has a very useful checklist covering everything we use to decorate our homes including fairy lights candles and

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  • November, 2014 |
    process for sweeping a chimney does not include cleaning the spark arrester To do this the sweep would need access to the roof to remove and clean the arrester manually whereas a chimney sweep usually extends brushes from the ground floor which eventually exit out of the chimney In cases where an arrester was fitted the brushes would only go as far as they could before the arrester prevented further progress We were therefore able to demonstrate that even if they had the chimney professionally cleaned it would not have removed the residue on the arrester and therefore the breach was not material to the cause of the fire Treating customers fairly The final obstacle we faced was the fact that compliance with the warranty was precedent to liability On that point we were able to secure a victory based on the fact that the FSA now FCA initiative to Treat Customers Fairly TCF includes a requirement for insurers and brokers to draw particular attention to any special conditions or clauses in a policy which could invalidate the cover We argued that the policy schedule issued by the broker was inadequate as no particular attention was drawn to the warranty and the policyholder would not have seen it without reading the full document and even then would not appreciate its significance and potential consequences We then argued that although it was the broker who produced the document they had binding authority on behalf of the insurer and therefore the insurer had the same obligations as if they had issued it themselves Finally the insurers agreed to reverse their decision and pay the claim For once good news on household insurance Post by Morgan Clark November 14 2014 It s not often you read some good news about the cost of something but that is exactly what happened this week Apparently the cost of home insurance has remained pretty stable over the last year and some aspects have actually gone down in price And this is despite a significant rise in the average cost of a household insurance claim The Association of British Insurers ABI has for the first time published its Average Quarterly Household Insurance Premium Tracker This is part of a drive in the insurance industry for greater transparency to give consumers clearer information when they buy a policy The Tracker looks at what customers are actually paying for their household buildings contents and combined insurance compared to the previous year And this first one produced the following good news Combined buildings and contents insurance has gone down by one per cent to an average of 294 or 5 65 a week Buildings insurance has risen by two per cent to an average of 231 or 4 44 a week Contents insurance has gone down by one per cent to an average of 127 or 2 44 a week Across all three categories the average cost of a household insurance claim has risen by 12 per cent The ABI

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