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  • February, 2014 |
    for a second time I had a long conversation with one of them a couple of days ago to find out exactly what it feels like to face a second very complicated insurance claim while your life is in turmoil Mrs Walters in Wraysbury Berkshire who was first flooded in 2003 was flooded again when the Thames burst its banks in January After failing to get any sort of appropriate response from her insurer she called Morgan Clark again She knew from bitter experience that she faced a torrid time and just couldn t face trying to do it alone The first time I was flooded I was at my wits end I can t find the words to really explain the difference Morgan Clark and made Everything changed when I spoke to them because now I had someone who was fighting my corner Now I ve been flooded again I realise I can t go through it all a second time without Morgan Clark Mrs Walters is now in rented accommodation and we ve brought in a specialist restoration company to start drying the property out You can read her full story here Flood crisis help with insurance claims Post by Phil Morgan February 14 2014 I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a couple who used our services when they were flooded in 2003 and have come back for help in the current floods It seems this is a trend other people whose lives have been devastated again by floods have turned to us again to handle their insurance claim As I write this the floods continue to get worse with the water rising in areas across the south and west of England We live in extraordinary times and insurers are facing an unprecedented number of claims from householders and businesses Unfortunately this will mean that corners may be cut or delays may occur when restoration starts This is why our previous clients are coming back to us they saw the difference it made to them when they were flooded before by having a loss assessor to represent them You can read about how we ve helped people across the country when they ve been flooded by reading some of our customer stories If you re flooded then call us now or fill in the call back form and we ll be in touch straightaway Sinkholes rats and insurance claims Post by Morgan Clark February 7 2014 I ve just read about the extraordinary story of a car disappearing into a sinkhole in Buckinghamshire I shudder to think what might have happened if the hole had appeared at another time and looking at the photos it seems that the occupants of the bungalow where the car was parked were lucky to escape unscathed Incidents such as this illustrate how you never know what s going to happen and how you can t prepare for the unexpected And these extraordinary events can then lead to a difficult insurance

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  • January, 2014 |
    return to your home Calls to speed up affordable flood insurance agreement Post by Tony Clark January 17 2014 The recent serious flooding in many parts of the country has triggered demands to bring forward Flood Re the proposed new agreement between the Government and insurers on affordable flood insurance This isn t due to come into force until the summer of 2015 There have been reports in the press of the anger felt by homeowners in flood hit areas over the uncertainty for the future of flood insurance This was particularly highlighted by a confrontation between a resident of a waterlogged Yalding in Kent and the Prime Minister This confrontation prompted responses from both the Government and insurers who say they have no intention of speeding up the process to finalise the agreement There is still a long way to go A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers was quoted as saying What we ve now got is a framework that the Government agrees is the only way forward but we shouldn t underestimate the work that needs to be done to meet the deadline A tortuous path to agreement We ve been following closely the tortuous path towards the implementation of Flood Re This is included in the Water Bill which is currently going through Parliament and won t pass its last legislative hurdle until summer 2015 see our recent blog on this If the past few years are anything to go by then we are likely to see significant instances of flooding across the country during this time which could make final agreement even more difficult to reach The insurers are sticking to their commitment to provide insurance to existing customers under the terms of the old Statement of Principles which expired some time ago But the future of affordable flood insurance for those in high risk areas is still uncertain Affected by floods We can help Post by Morgan Clark January 10 2014 It s just unbelievable what s been happening across the country over the last couple of weeks homes and businesses the length and breadth of the UK have been hit by floods and storms It seems that the weather is now just starting to calm down a little and floods may just be beginning to abate but the damage left behind will take longer to go away We ve been out in some of the worst hit areas helping people who need to rebuild their lives and who also face making an insurance claim There s a lot to think about The first steps are critical One of the things we talk about immediately is the need to dry out and sanitise the property correctly This is a specialist operation and can store up major problems for the future It s very tempting to rush this but it could delay a return to the house if it s not carried out properly There are then many other aspects of the claim which

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  • December, 2013 |
    risk is that consumers expectations will not be met We often have to advise people who have taken out insurance which they believe is adequate but then hit major problems when they make a claim So we welcome anything which will help to ensure consumers buy the right cover One step closer to affordable flood insurance Post by Morgan Clark December 13 2013 We ve been writing for a long time about the struggle to find a new agreement between the Government and insurers over affordable flood insurance Our most recent blogs have been about Flood Re the proposed solution which will cap premiums and link them to council tax bands The latest milestone in this becoming law was reached recently with the second reading of the Water Bill in the House of Commons And it seems that despite some lingering dissent over various aspects of the scheme there is no viable alternative The bill has now gone on to the next stage this week it has started to be examined by Parliament s Public Bill Committee Areas of contention The main area of contention remains affordability particularly around excesses which are likely to be capped at 500 and there is still uncertainty about high value properties and whether small businesses will be covered In addition agreement is needed over when the Government would step in to deal with catastrophic flooding There s a great summary of all of this in an insurance industry blog But as this makes clear Flood Re is really the only show in town and to quote it Whatever arguments lie ahead we have taken a big step towards a resolution to the challenge of providing affordable insurance for almost everybody Christmas safety advice Post by Morgan Clark December 6 2013 It s the first

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  • November, 2013 |
    22 2013 There s been a lot in the news recently about the increase in rented properties across the UK We also hear time and again about fires or carbon monoxide accidents in the rental sector So it was good to read about a new scheme launched with the support of the Chief Fire Officers Association in conjunction with the UK s fire and rescue services The Blue Watch scheme is specifically aimed at helping landlords letting agents and tenants make their properties safer from the risks of fire and carbon monoxide The website for the scheme www Bluewatch co uk is full of really helpful advice for making homes safer as well as giving guidance for landlords on their safety responsibilities Blue Watch validation scheme As part of this Blue Watch is launching a validation scheme which will comprise a trusted fire safety expert visiting a property to assess its safety If the property passes the inspection the landlord will be able to display proof that all the correct safety products and procedures are in place It s hoped that eventually the Blue Watch symbol will be a key criterion for tenants when they choose a property to rent We ve worked with many landlords over the years who have discharged their responsibilities fully but have been hit by unforeseen accidents We really welcome this initiative and hope it will improve the safety record of the rental sector Betterment and other insurance jargon Post by Morgan Clark November 15 2013 I read recently about an insurance claim which had been rejected by the insurer because the couple involved asked for repairs which could be classed as improvements According to an article in the Basildon Echo the work was needed after a flash flood hit the house earlier this year The problem arose because the builder s quote was far higher than the insurer s offer to cover what it regarded as the damage caused by the flood Insurance terms explained This rejection comes under the banner of betterment which is one of many bits of jargon you might come across if you need to make an insurance claim We explain these elsewhere on our website in our section Insurance Terms Explained We define betterment as When a policyholder decides to replace a lost or damaged item with something that is better The policyholder is responsible for the difference between the original item s value and the cost of the new item This can also be applied to improvements to your home which is why the Essex couple are facing problems This is one of the areas we deal with all the time on behalf of our clients I hope that this particular case is settled to everyone s satisfaction Winter is around the corner Post by Morgan Clark November 8 2013 The weather is very much on our minds following the recent storm which devastated southern England Now that November is here we know we could face a cold

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/2013/11/ (2016-04-24)
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  • October, 2013 |
    they are properly insured then they should be protected against additional risks such as loss of rent and landlord s contents So this makes it all the more extraordinary to read recent figures which reveal that one in four landlords have either the wrong or no insurance Around three quarters of these have taken out personal household insurance rather than specific landlord s insurance which could lead to their claim being rejected According to the insurer AXA this is being exacerbated by the growth in accidental landlords people who didn t intend to rent out their property when they bought it and for example have been forced to do this because they can t find a buyer or have had to move away for work Around 20 per cent of landlords apparently fall into this category According to the survey when looking specifically at landlords with the wrong insurance 43 per cent didn t know about landlord s insurance 28 per cent thought landlord s and residential cover were the same 11 per cent thought landlord s insurance was too expensive We ve worked with landlords who have learnt through bitter experience about the perils of not having the appropriate cover Our advice is don t take risks If you are letting out a property even for a short time then you must have the right insurance otherwise you could leave yourself wide open to having your claim rejected Parliamentary Group responds to Flood Re flood insurance proposal Post by Tony Clark October 11 2013 There s been another interesting response to the proposed Flood Re scheme which has been drawn up by the Government and insurers to ensure affordable flood insurance for homes across the UK you can read about this in an earlier blog This time it comes from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance and Financial Services APPG and they ve made some very interesting points According to a report in Post magazine they ve firstly called for residential homes which are used as commercial premises to be covered under the scheme At the moment commercial premises are excluded but the Group is calling for clarity on whether some types of small businesses are included especially when residential and business accommodation are mixed within the same property The APPG have also called for homes in band H the top council tax band to be included currently the proposed scheme would exclude these properties They ve been quoted as saying Nothing should be considered uninsurable under the Flood Re scheme Warnings of a dangerous spiral But the Group sounded a warning the introduction of the flood obligation could cause insurers to withdraw from insuring properties which would place a greater burden on other insurers who might then also withdraw and this could lead to a dangerous spiral As we keep saying there is still a long way to go New scrap metal Act comes into force Post by Morgan Clark October 4 2013 We wrote back in

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  • September, 2013 |
    every quarter when it is in use If you use smokeless fuel the interval falls to once a year It s not just chimney fires which can be caused by a blocked flue there is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning To prevent both the advice given is as follows Have chimneys swept regularly Maintain chimneys and flues properly Use a fire guard to protect against sparks Make sure the fire is out before going to bed or leaving the house Use good quality fuel Make sure air vents or bricks aren t blocked and that the room is ventilated Apparently there are on average 31 000 chimney fires in the UK each year and we have helped many people with their insurance claim after this has happened to them These fires can be devastating and they are so easily preventable So call the chimney sweep now Beware of the geese Post by Morgan Clark September 13 2013 We ve written before about beefing up security measures to protect your property but it never occurred to us to recommend geese Apparently some people have employed these feathered warriors to warn them about trespassers According to NFU Mutual this is contributing to a fall of 20 per cent in rural crime And it doesn t stop with geese farmers are protecting their livestock by housing aggressive beasts such as llamas alongside more docile animals Other imaginative security devices include fog machines designed to confuse intruders and retractable cattle grids to keep unwanted vehicles out Opportunistic crimes NFU Mutual also reports that rural crimes are more likely to be planned than opportunistic and that thefts are often repeated within weeks as criminals target replacement stock or farm equipment As geese or llamas are unlikely to know the difference between criminals and simple country lovers out for a walk then we need to watch out when we re on our next rural ramble New flood insurance proposal facing a rocky road Post by Tony Clark September 6 2013 It seems that the new Flood Re proposal is facing difficulties already and it s only a few weeks since it was first mooted We wrote in July about the Government s last minute breakthrough with insurers when facing the expiry of the current agreement on flood insurance This comprised a plan to introduce a charge on all home insurance policies in return for continuing cover for homes in danger of flooding The new system is intended to help up to 500 000 householders in flood risk areas who would otherwise face much higher and potentially unaffordable insurance premiums But there has been a succession of reports from various organisations in the weeks following the announcement which have highlighted significant potential difficulties These include one by the London School of Economics which according to The Guardian suggests that the new scheme underestimates the impact climate change will have on the number of properties at risk A further report covered by The Independent by the

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  • August, 2013 |
    why we welcomed the news of the FCA review and we look forward to the results which are expected at the end of the year In the meantime we published some advice recently on how to avoid having your claim rejected which would avoid some of the problems highlighted by Which Loss adjusters and loss assessors who pays Post by Tony Clark August 16 2013 I had a conversation with someone recently who wanted to know the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor It confuses many people and we frequently have to explain this when we first meet someone who needs to make an insurance claim Both of them are involved in the claims process but their roles could not be more different So here s a brief summary of the difference between them including the answer to a question we are often asked regarding how each are paid Loss adjusters are employed and paid by your insurer Their role is to assess your losses and negotiate the settlement with you on behalf of the insurer They will decide what will be covered by your claim and what will not Loss assessors are independent and work on behalf of the policyholder negotiating with the loss adjuster and settling the claim A loss assessor s aim will always be to ensure the policyholder receives what they are entitled to Their fees are paid by the policyholder but only if there are any fees to be paid We wrote in a previous blog about the fact that in most cases our services are provided free of charge Many of the claims we handle involve the reinstatement of a property and if our clients decide to use our combined professional team of loss assessors and approved building contractors then we won t charge for handling the insurance claim Sometimes loss assessors are referred to as public loss adjusters So this can make it even more confusing If in doubt just ask the question who are you working for and who is paying you Chinese lantern dangers Post by Morgan Clark August 9 2013 There was a huge fire recently at a recycling plant in the West Midlands and it was soon confirmed that this was caused by a Chinese lantern There have been calls for these to be banned But this appears unlikely although individual bans have been imposed including at the Glastonbury Festival And it seems that they don t just increase the risk of fire they can also cause other significant problems The BBC has published a fascinating article on the hazards posed by Chinese lanterns These include Danger to animals apparently a cow died in 2010 after eating a piece of a lantern s wire frame False alarms at sea as lanterns are sometimes mistaken for distress flares Danger to aircraft as there is a chance of lanterns being sucked into engines while airborne UFO claims including an incident when Scottish villagers called the police after seeing

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  • July, 2013 |
    we brought in specialist chartered surveyors to uncover the full extent of the damage and then negotiated a fair settlement which would pay for the appropriate reinstatement of the property This increased the settlement figure from the original offer of 30 000 to 120 000 In short if you re in any doubt about an insurance claim then it s always worth getting some advice Sporting successes trigger insurance claims Post by Morgan Clark July 19 2013 First it was the British and Irish Lions taking the Aussies apart Then it was Andy Murray winning Wimbledon Last weekend it was the nail bitingly tense first Test where England finally won through with only a few runs to spare a fantastic start in our campaign to retain the Ashes What s next How about a British winner of The Open this weekend In short we re in the middle of a fantastic summer of sport But apparently this has insurance implications According to Aviva accidents in and around the home are 10 per cent higher in the summer but rise even further during major sporting events For example the 2009 Ashes saw a further 10 per cent rise in insurance claims for accidental damage A dangerous combination Apparently it s all to do with us trying to be the next Andy Murray or Jimmy Anderson The combination of bats and balls with windows televisions and ornaments is not good A spokesman for Aviva has advised using softer balls going to a park or having more people playing to prevent accidents but it s difficult to see any of that happening He also advised ensuring that both buildings and contents insurance include accidental cover and that is sound advice But long may this wonderful summer weather continue and may our sporting heroes carry on with these exhilarating performances Safety in the kitchen Post by Morgan Clark July 12 2013 Apparently 60 per cent of accidentally fires in the home start in the kitchen and this is reflected in many of the fire insurance claims we handle The most frustrating thing is that so often these could have been prevented The London Fire Brigade has some very useful advice on safety in the kitchen which can be read here This is full of great tips but it does leave out something which we think is very important One of the most common causes we come across is leaving washing machines tumble dryers or dishwashers on either overnight or when you re out of the house The dangers of household appliances A fire in one of these caused extensive damage to a house in London and resulted in an insurance claim of 100 000 We ve written a case study about it which shows how a small incident can lead to a major fire It s often very convenient to put the dishwasher on before you go to bed or put the washing on before you go out to work Our advice from some

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