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  • June, 2013 |
    graphic design consultancy But there is also the growing problem of cyber crime Cyber crime is a real threat The Federation of Small Businesses FSB recently published a report which showed that 41 per cent of their membership had been victims of cyber crime in the last 12 months The most common threat is virus infections the next is hacking and the third is security breaches They ve issued 10 top tips to protecting your business against this which you can read here And to illustrate just how high the risk is there are now specific insurance policies to cover against cyber crime In particular these are now reflecting the increasingly global activities of many companies In short business interruption insurance has to reflect the demands of the modern commercial world and all organisations should ensure they are correctly covered before it s too late Holiday home insurance claims can be bizarre Post by Morgan Clark June 14 2013 Summer is almost here well the summer months anyway So a recent article on yourmoney com makes for interesting reading for any holiday home owners it may be bizarre but it also illustrates how important it is to ensure that you have the right holiday home insurance policy The article was about the 10 most unusual holiday home insurance claims submitted to specialist insurer Schofield Holiday Home Insurance and they are quite extraordinary Damage caused by a group in their 20s who didn t like the local beach and decided to create their own including sand and water inside the property A cow strayed into the garden walked on to the swimming pool cover and then fell into the water Not only did this damage the pool but there was also the expense of a winch to rescue the beast Carpets and walls splattered with blood On further investigation the owner found a makeshift cardboard coffin containing a pig s head suggesting a ritual sacrifice had taken place A sofa bed and chest of drawers in the shallow end of a swimming pool the guests had been drinking and decided to re arrange the furniture A broken bed lamp and bedside table and scratched flooring in the bedroom good manners prevent me from reporting why Complete redecorating of a cottage after bad weather persuaded the guests to move their barbecue indoors A hole in a roof after a swan flew into high voltage power cables and then crashed down into a holiday home Deep cleaning and replacement of soft furnishings after a holiday property was turned into a brothel for four weeks A claim for four pairs of designer stilettos which were wrecked by gravel on a driveway All of these claims were investigated but apparently and perhaps not surprisingly not all were successful But you just never know what goes on when you rent out your property so make sure you re fully covered Regulator to review the insurance claims process Post by Tony Clark June 7 2013 We wrote

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  • May, 2013 |
    malicious damage caused by searching for the pipework rather than for the pipes themselves It proved to be a complicated claim and you can read more about it here New legislation will help But there is some good news on the horizon A new Act The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 has now received Royal Assent and is likely to come into force in the autumn This gives police powers to close unlicensed scrapyards creates a register of dealers and requires dealers to record the ID of all sellers of metal Let s hope that by making it more difficult to get rid of stolen items this will have the desired result of making metal theft less attractive Temporary extension to flood insurance deadline Post by Tony Clark May 17 2013 There s a glimmer of hope in the continuing saga of the agreement between the Government and insurers guaranteeing cover for homes in high risk flood areas This was due to run out at the end of June but yesterday it was announced that the Association of British Insurers ABI has voluntarily extended the agreement for a month to allow negotiations to continue We mentioned this in an earlier blog The existing agreement called the Flood Insurance Statement of Principles meant that insurers would provide cover for properties in high risk flood areas in return for extra state investment in flood defences If a new agreement is not reached insurers will no longer guarantee offering flood cover which will result in an estimated 200 000 householders facing difficulties This in turn will have a huge impact on mortgage offers and property values More time to resolve complex issues There seemed to be no likelihood of an end to this impasse in the near future Some expected mention of it in last week s Queen s Speech but this didn t materialise However it has now been announced that the ABI s members have agreed to continue to meet their commitments to offering flood insurance under the existing industry agreement for one extra month after it expires on June 30 while complex issues are resolved That s very good news but it also means there is still some way to go before agreement is reached We wait with bated breath Make repairs while the sun shines Post by Morgan Clark May 9 2013 Well that was a fantastic bank holiday weekend and lots of us were out in our gardens for the first time But memories can be short and it s easy to forget the bad weather we ve had over the last few months Without wanting to put a dampener on it all now s the time to think about protecting houses against the slings and arrows of the next onslaught of bad weather Not just homeowners landlords too This isn t only advice for homeowners landlords should put plans in place as well Landlords insurance claims can be even more complicated than domestic ones and it s

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  • April, 2013 |
    antiquated law The previous law hadn t changed since the early years of the twentieth century and was incredibly complex It often meant that policyholders discovered they weren t actually covered for something as they failed to provide the insurer with all the facts when the policy was purchased All too often people came to Morgan Clark because they had fallen foul of this antiquated law Of course policyholders will still have to answer fully and accurately and take reasonable care not to provide misleading answers But there will now be legal protection for customers no matter how they ve bought the insurance which will ensure that claims won t be declined on the basis of non disclosure provided this information was not deliberately or carelessly withheld Great news for consumers The only drawback is that customers are likely to be asked many more questions when they take out insurance and some of their answers may be subject to follow up enquiries But overall it s really good news for the consumer and we welcome this as it provides greater clarity for them on exactly what cover they have If you d like to read about the Act in detail then you can see it explained in full here http www legislation gov uk ukpga 2012 6 contents enacted Resolving disputed insurance claims Post by Morgan Clark April 11 2013 There was an interesting letter in The Observer recently It concerned the refusal of a claim by an insurance company because the policyholder didn t have receipts or photographs of items destroyed in a fire Interestingly once The Observer took up the case the insurer changed its mind and paid up in full This raises a few interesting points Firstly not everyone will have the good fortune of having their cause taken up by a national newspaper And to get to this stage it s obvious that the policyholder had been in dispute with the insurer for quite some time This is just the sort of problem which we as professional loss assessors come up against and more importantly overcome all the time So we would say that if the policyholder involved had come to us the claim would almost certainly have been sorted out much earlier Keep good records Secondly we ve put out advice in the past about how important it is to make an inventory and keep receipts for your valuable items and also to take photos of them Indeed this was the subject of one of our blogs a few months ago And we also suggested that you keep these records in a safe fireproof place perhaps even store them electronically in the cloud so you have them immediately available if you need them It may never happen but it s better to be safe than sorry Loss assessors how much do they cost Post by Morgan Clark April 3 2013 When we first visit someone after a fire or flood one of the first questions

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  • March, 2013 |
    that if a claim was put in for business interruption rather than data recovery this would result in a far higher settlement Back to business After protracted negotiations the insurer agreed to pay the maximum possible under the terms of the insurance policy for data recovery plus the cost of a new server But more importantly there was only a short interruption to the company s trading and it was able to survive this potential catastrophe This claim wasn t easy The owner was in no doubt that the claim was too complicated and technical for him to handle by himself and that we made all the difference between survival and going out of business It s stories like this which make our job so satisfying Making an insurance claim from the perspective of a landlord Post by Morgan Clark March 13 2013 Over the years we ve dealt with a large number of insurance claims for landlords One common thread between them all is that the landlords involved are completely overwhelmed by making the claim they nearly always seem to be incredibly busy people often with multiple properties and businesses to run If a rented property becomes uninhabitable because of fire or flood then this can have severe financial consequences for the landlord A speedy settlement is vital but they often live a distance from the property in question and this complicates the claim even further There are so many meetings they have to attend with the insurers or their loss adjusters or with surveyors and contractors They need business as normal So having the correct insurance which also includes a rent guarantee element see our earlier blog is critical But if that s not in place then the claim needs to be settled as quickly as possible so the landlord can resume business as normal And that s often the reason why landlords turn to us for help Mr Laughton one landlord we worked for whose property was gutted by fire faced a significant insurance claim but he lived 50 miles away from the property The practicalities of getting over there so often to attend meetings and sort the claim out made it impossible And I realised there is an art to dealing with insurance people So I decided the best thing to do was to bring in a professional Using a loss assessor allowed me to carry on with what I needed to do while the claim was being processed Another Mr Khimji owns a number of commercial and domestic properties and has a very stressful and busy working life When one of his properties was the subject of an arson attack he realised he simply didn t have the time to handle the claim himself I didn t have a clue about what to do I d never been faced with anything like this before I was incredibly stressed with what I needed to do in connection with all my properties and I was able to

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  • February, 2013 |
    shortly after But it s a huge business and student rentals often outperform wider markets because they are commonly let on a per room basis this usually generates a higher rental income But we ve heard horror stories from the other side and in particular the higher maintenance costs involved as students don t tend to take as much care of the property as older tenants So it s even more important for landlords of student properties to take out adequate insurance which would provide cover in the event of damage to their property We wrote about this in our last blog and all the points made apply equally to renting to students And don t forget burst pipes And as we continue to struggle through this awful winter it also raises the question of ensuring that student tenants know how to turn of the water supply as well as being completely familiar with the central heating system Going by my experience of students they might not even know a stop cock exists so lots of information and explanation could pay dividends if there s a freeze Landlords remember your insurance cover Post by Morgan Clark February 15 2013 Landlords are very much on my mind at the moment as my daughter is desperately looking for a new flat mate or she may lose her current flat But as difficult as renting is for tenants it s also difficult for landlords a buy to let property is a valuable and potentially high risk investment which needs to be protected And having the proper insurance is a critical element of this protection There are all sorts of insurance issues that landlords need to consider and here are just a few Rent guarantee insurance policies which are specifically designed for landlords are often very similar to standard home policies but they should also include provision for loss of rent However this is purely provided if rent payments stop because of a disaster such as a fire or flood A different type of policy is needed if a tenant defaults this is called a rent guarantee policy Landlords contents there is no legal obligation to take out this kind of insurance but it provides vital protection if disaster strikes It covers all contents in the property which are owned by the landlord but used by the tenant A major advantage of this is that it commonly also provides public liability around the ownership and supply of these contents It can be purchased as an additional section under a building policy or as a stand alone product Multiple occupancy a recent court case highlighted the risk facing landlords who don t declare the true occupancy of their properties If they don t this could invalidate their insurance cover The case concerned a landlord who had not installed appropriate fire detection or prevention equipment required in a house in multiple occupancy HMO These properties have to be licensed and follow far more stringent fire safety

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  • January, 2013 |
    morganclark co uk blog 2013 01 prepare for freezing weather img src http www morganclark co uk blog wp content uploads 2013 01 MASTER Prepare For Freezing Weather 650px jpg alt Prepare For Freezing Weather Infographic a Tell Your Insurer Everything Post by Morgan Clark January 11 2013 I was watching the BBC s Rip Off Britain earlier this week which highlighted the case of a couple whose bungalow had burnt down after fire had spread from a neighbouring property Their insurance claim had been refused because they were not living there they were completely renovating the property The insurer insisted this had not been declared when the policy was taken out and maintained that cover would never have been approved if this fact had been made known to them Make sure the information you give your insurer is correct or any claim you make could be turned down I cannot state too strongly how important it is to give accurate information to your insurer when you take out a policy and also to ensure you update them if your circumstances change In the case of the couple featured in Rip Off Britain this was exacerbated by the fact that there was a broker involved it s just as vital to check that the information an intermediary gives to the insurer on your behalf is correct and complete Luckily the story had a happy ending thanks to the Financial Ombudsman Service They had initially supported the insurer s decision but eventually changed the ruling and the couple received a full pay out The FOS accepted the argument that the couple had told the broker that they would not be living in the property initially but that this had not been communicated to the insurer But this decision in favour of the policyholder is highly unusual as I know from similar situations when working with people who are making an insurance claim I ve seen many cases where people have had rulings against them and it s not easy to reverse an FOS decision but it can be done Don t rely on a broker the buck stops with you It s always important to check that the details in your application are correct but taking out insurance through a broker increases the chance of mistakes creeping in When an insurance broker asks a client all the necessary questions about the risk occupancy previous claims or any other pertinent information they then pass the information on to the insurer who will compile a Statement of Fact which records the answers This is then sent to back the client to check and the onus is on them to ensure that all the information is full and accurate otherwise a claim might be refused as in the case of the Rip Off couple Explain your situation if there s anything unusual or short term Unfortunately some applicants don t bother to check the Statement of Fact and assume the information is recorded correctly

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  • December, 2012 |
    take the opportunity of lots of bank holidays to go away for a short break while others will want to leave the cold weather for an extended trip to warmer climes You don t want 2013 to start badly so before you disappear make sure you ve done everything you can to avoid coming back to a disaster in your home Don t Tweet that you re away Many of us use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and the temptation is to publish all sorts of personal information But beware it s been known that burglaries have happened as a direct result of finding out about holiday plans on these sites And there have also been reports of insurers refusing to pay out if they think an online post has triggered the theft So don t do it and make sure your children don t either Keep the temperature up Cold snaps can happen very quickly and pipes can freeze So if you re only going away for a short time it makes sense to leave some heating on very low or on a timer to come on for short periods If you re going away for longer then enlist the help of neighbours to put the heating on if necessary And ask them to check your house for frozen pipes if it does get very cold Check your pipes before you go In particular make sure they are properly lagged This is especially important in the loft or in vulnerable areas such as near external walls Check you re covered If you re going away for an extended winter break then you should make sure your household insurance is valid Some policies only offer existing cover on properties which are unoccupied for a maximum of 30 days others limit it to 60 Remember the normal precautions Don t forget to stop the papers and the milk And ask a neighbour not just to keep an eye on your post but also to stop free papers from sticking out of your letterbox an obvious sign to potential burglars that there s no one in Whatever you re doing enjoy the Christmas and New Year break The 12 SAFE Days of Christmas Post by Morgan Clark December 1 2012 December has arrived and so thoughts turn to Christmas It s meant to be the season of goodwill but it seems that there is a more dangerous side to our festive frolics Apparently three times as many accidents happen in the home over the Christmas period compared to other times of the year and 80 000 Christmas revellers may well need hospital treatment So as we start to hang the holly decorate the tree light the candles and cook the turkey here are some top tips for avoiding Christmas accidents one for each of the 12 days of Christmas One check those lights If you have old Christmas lights then seriously consider buying new ones with a CE mark

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  • November, 2012 |
    surviving or failing Avoid under insurance Post by Morgan Clark November 16 2012 A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the biggest insurance mistakes we come up against when helping clients with their insurance claims At the top of the list was under insurance and we put it top for a very good reason It s bad enough to suffer a loss but it makes everything so much worse if you ve been paying your insurance premiums and then discover you re not fully covered The problem is widespread according to the Association of British Insurers one in five households could be under insured because they don t know how much their possessions are worth But it s not just householders who face this problem we ve often had to help business people who are under insured For example a very successful landlord in Hampshire saw one of his properties which housed two restaurants and five flats burn down When he looked at his insurance policy he realised his cover was much lower than the cost of reinstating the building and replacing lost contents We helped him with what was a very difficult and delicate claim and he recouped as much as he could under the terms of his policy But most importantly he immediately reviewed his insurance cover across all of his properties to make sure he never faced the problem of under insurance again Insurance company Hiscox has listed some very useful advice on its website which we think summarises very well the steps you should take to make sure you re not under insured Dig out your insurance documents to find out exactly what level of cover you have Calculate your contents to make sure you haven t under estimated their value Check all your possessions are covered if you re unsure talk to your insurance broker Count the cost of a rebuild this is a key area for under insurance and there are some useful tips for how to make an accurate calculation Keep your insurance up to date remember to review every year You can read the full details by visiting http www hiscox co uk personal and home useful information under insurance Remember remember how to avoid a fire Post by Morgan Clark November 7 2012 When I was young oh too long ago Bonfire Night was almost as exciting as Christmas We always had a real bonfire with a guy on top jacket potatoes and sausages with Dad gingerly lighting Roman Candles and Catherine Wheels which all too often spiralled alarmingly off the fence in our direction But this excitement seems to have gone away Halloween has taken over partly because of the rising cost of fireworks but also because of some horrendous accidents So this brings to mind fire safety I found a really great document on the subject recently published by the Department for Communities and Local Government It contains some alarming statistics which show that everyday life is actually

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