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  • kitchen fire – £100,000+ buildings and contents claim |
    particular in the four months following the fire the insurer s loss adjuster carried out the same assessment three times It felt as if nothing was happening According to Mrs Barber we d had advice at the beginning to use an independent loss assessor but we decided to do it ourselves and that proved to be a big mistake Finally having lost patience with their insurer they handed to claim to Morgan Clark The claim After Morgan Clark took over the management of the claim we had a lot less stress When we were handling it ourselves the insurer had been so difficult to deal with Almost immediately things started moving more quickly Morgan Clark also took over responsibility for compiling the contents list which according to Mrs Barber had been taking us forever The results Dr Mrs Barber were awarded a cash settlement in excess of 100 000 which exceeded their expectations Mrs Barber commented Morgan Clark managed our claim efficiently and with little fuss and they brought closure which had been much needed following months of delay They knew what to do and were able to bring the claim to a very satisfactory conclusion Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim Flood insurance claim in 2009 and again in 2015 Fire in three bedroomed rented house 92 000 buildings claim plus landlord s contents and loss of income Fire in semi detached house overcoming challenges to buildings and contents claim Request a call back Please leave this field empty From our point of view it was painless We could put it to one side knowing it was in the hands of Morgan

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/residential-fire/london-kitchen-fire-100000-buildings-and-contents-claim/ (2016-04-24)
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  • Loss assessors: the law - Morgan Clark
    Authorised If they are not then it is possible that your insurance company will refuse to deal with them Checking this is very easy Simply visit the FCA register and enter the name of the loss assessing firm in the box provided If you enter the name of many other loss assessing firms you will see that they are listed as Appointed Representative of another organisation This means they do not comply with FCA regulations and they are operating under the umbrella of another company s FCA registration This can be an insurance broker or other financial services company who may not be completely independent and this may be detrimental to the outcome of your claim If you enter the name of the loss assessing firm and you cannot find their registration details this means they do not have FCA authority and your insurer will refuse to deal with them As a result they will not legally be able to prepare and negotiate settlement of your claim While checking whether the firm is Authorised you should also look at how long it is since this was granted Morgan Clark was the first major loss assessor to be Authorised in 2005 In short your only protection if you decide to use a loss assessor is to ensure they are a fully Authorised company A company s membership of a trade body is no guarantee of quality and offers you no protection Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Flood information for business owners Flood information for homeowners Insurance claims management Loss Assessor and Loss Adjuster roles Free Insurance Claims Guides Insurance terms explained FAQs Request a call back Please leave this field empty Our only

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/loss-assessors-the-law/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • Insurance Terms Glossary - Morgan Clark
    they may have incurred An indemnity is paid when a claim is accepted under the terms of the insurance policy Is also used as the term when in the event of underinsurance the insurer pays for the replacement cost of damaged items less an allowance for wear tear and depreciation this is described as reverting to indemnity index linking Automatic adjustment of the sum insured to match a certain index for example the House Rebuilding Cost Index is used to calculate increases to the buildings sum insured insured peril An event which is covered by a specific policy for example fire is a standard insured peril in most policies loss adjuster A claims specialist employed by an insurance company to represent their interests by investigating and adjusting claims and reaching the most economical settlement loss assessor A claims specialist employed by the policyholder to protect their interests Will prepare present manage and negotiate the claim to achieve the maximum settlement under the terms of the insurance policy misrepresentation Meaning misstatement of facts this may entitle the insurer to declare your policy void or to refuse a claim non disclosure When an important but previously undisclosed fact comes to the insurer s attention which may entitle them to declare your policy void or refuse a claim policy liability An obligation to recompense the policyholder under the terms of the insurance contract proximate clause The primary or principal reason for or cause of a particular loss This is not necessarily the first or last cause in a chain of events quantum The actual amount the insurer pays as a settlement of a claim salvage Items which formed part of a claim and for which the policyholder has been paid These damaged lost or stolen items then become the property of the insurer who is then entitled to keep the full proceeds from any sale of these goods as long as the policy has received the full value of the goods as settlement of the claim subrogation Taking over responsibility from the policyholder for seeking recovery usually by the insurer The insurer is then responsible for any costs incurred in achieving recovery For example if a negligent motorist damages a garden wall and the household insurer meets the claim for the wall then this insurer has subrogated rights of recovery against the motorist sum insured The maximum amount payable to the policyholder under the terms of the policy third party Someone who is directly involved in the event which has led to a claim but is not a party to the policy For example if a plumber has caused an escape of water in a property they would be a third party in the context of the claim under insurance If the sum insured is less than the correct cost value of rebuilding or replacing the building or item insured underwriter The person who decided whether a risk is insurable and if so at what cost premium value at risk The full value

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/insurance-terms-explained-2/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • Insurance claim FAQs - Morgan Clark
    L G Lloyds of London Lloyds TSB LV MMA More Th n NatWest NFU New India Prudential RSA Saga Sterling Tesco Towergate UK General Zurich Loss Adjusters Amedeo Carmichaels Crawford Cunningham Lindsey Davies Ellis May GAB Robins GHG Halifax in house IAS Merlin MYI Quadra Questgates RSA in house UK Assistance Williams Pitt Woodgate Clark The insurance company has appointed a loss adjuster Why do I need Morgan Clark to prepare and manage my claim for me Loss adjusters are employed and paid by insurance companies to represent them and protect their interests not yours They will not prepare and present your claim for you this is your responsibility unless you employ a loss assessor to protect your interests As well as calculating your loss and compiling your claim Morgan Clark will negotiate with the loss adjuster on your behalf to achieve the highest possible settlement under the terms of your insurance policy What makes Morgan Clark different from other loss assessors We are different in many respects but especially in how we prioritise claims We treat all claims in the same way regardless of size small claims are not relegated to the bottom of the pile We appreciate how important your claim is to you and we provide continuous help support and guidance from start to finish We also deal with your insurance company and their loss adjuster professionally in a way many other loss assessors do not take We adopt a non confrontational approach which we believe achieves better results for you Our professional approach generates mutual respect which means we can deal more effectively with the insurer and settle claims more effectively We are committed to handling even the most difficult complex or contentious claims and we are not deterred by the excuses insurers can often use for rejecting or reducing claims Will my insurance broker help me with my claim If you arranged your insurance policy through a broker then yes they should be able to help you to some extent But many insurance brokers simply do not have the time resources or expertise to do this which is why so many brokers recommend Morgan Clark When should I call in professional help As soon as possible particularly as what you say or do at the beginning of a claim may have serious implications for the eventual outcome At Morgan Clark we prefer to work with you from the outset as this is when we can be most effective but it s never too late to call us in The insurance company has rejected my claim Can they do this Yes unfortunately in some circumstances they can An insurance policy is a contract or agreement between two parties So as one of those parties if the insurance company considers that you have not kept to your side of the bargain then they can deny a claim for example if they believe the claim is not covered by the policy or if they suspect fraud This doesn

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-insurance-claims/faqs/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • Flood Re – Latest News And Developments | Morgan Clark
    second version As we mentioned before there are still problems which could delay the launch of Flood Re The thought of going through it all again for Flood Re 2 fills me with dread A busy week for flood news Post by Tony Clark March 25 2016 There s been a lot of news about flood insurance and flood defences over the last week here s a round up Firstly there was good news and bad news in last week s budget for the insurance industry First the bad news insurance premium tax IPT is rising by 0 5 per cent to 10 per cent only a few months after a 3 5 per cent hike The good news is that this was less than the insurance industry feared but also that the proceeds from this latest rise will be added to government funds to improve flood defences in the most at risk areas of the country But some people in the insurance industry weren t happy particularly as every type of insurance will be hit even motor insurance In the home insurance market there are fears that yet another rise in IPT could put people off from taking out insurance and leave them exposed if something happens Meanwhile we are only a couple of weeks away from the launch of Flood Re which aims to provide affordable flood insurance for households across the country But according to reports in the press over the last few days there are still two issues hanging over its launch one around regulatory approval and the other around software for brokers Who knows whether it will actually go live in April we wait with bated breath and will of course report back Finally one of the key gripes about Flood Re is that is doesn t cover small businesses However the British Insurance Brokers Association announced last week that it is looking at launching sometime this year a scheme similar to Flood Re for small businesses That really is good news Parliament debates business flood insurance Post by Tony Clark February 12 2016 One sign that Flood Re is nearly with us is that there is now an official website This explains in detail this new scheme for affordable flood insurance which will start in April It s been a long time coming but according to many it s still a long way from perfect The most common objection to the scheme is that it excludes cover for businesses This has risen to the top of the agenda during the recent floods in the north of the country as they have hit businesses particularly badly By coincidence there was an Adjournment Debate last Monday in the House of Commons entitled Availability of flood insurance for businesses The debate was tabled by Craig Whittaker MP for Calder Valley where many businesses were badly affected by flooding in 2012 and were then unable to afford the flood element of their insurance Some of these have been

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/about-us/blog/category/flood-insurance-bill/ (2016-04-24)
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  • suspicious break in at power tools retail unit – £40,000 claim |
    contacted his insurance company and from the start realised he was facing a very difficult claim There were two very grey areas firstly that we d had an attempted burglary recently which we didn t tell them about and secondly that the alarm didn t go off We realised it wouldn t be straightforward And I just don t understand the small print of an insurance policy and was really worried that I would mess up my own claim Mr Sur spoke to colleagues in the power tool industry and many of them advised him to use a loss assessor to manage the claim He therefore spoke to the major loss assessors in the UK and afterwards decided to use Morgan Clark I was very impressed with the realistic approach they took They explained everything but also didn t promise success we both knew it was a difficult claim The results The insurance company was initially reluctant to accept liability In particular it argued that Mr Sur should have informed them about the previous attempted burglary as this would have led to them making recommendations for increasing security However Morgan Clark presented counter arguments and finally the claim was accepted almost in full with a small deduction for the salvage value of some recovered but damaged stolen tools According to Mr Sur We felt so much more confident because we had someone fighting our corner Morgan Clark understand insurance jargon and speak the same language as an insurance company Once they were on board we didn t have to do anything they took it all over and pursued the claim until it was agreed and settled Despite our initial worries it was a very happy ending Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/theft-3/suspicious-break-in-at-power-tools-retail-unit-40000-claim/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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  • house fire – £150,000 buildings, contents and alternative accommodation claim |
    experience of the fire into one of the most positive and life affirming experiences we have had The claim Morgan Clark immediately arranged for funds to support Mr Mrs Biggs while they stayed with friends and for initial expenditure to replace vital lost items They then found them suitable rental accommodation nearby to stay in until the house was reinstated Morgan Clark brought in specialist emergency contractors to protect the house and enable repairs to commence Once this was done they engaged chartered surveyors who put together a specification for reinstating the house which was agreed by the insurer s loss adjuster and then brought in specialist contractors to carry out the work They also put together the very complicated and large contents claim The results After negotiations with the insurer s loss adjuster the final claim was settled at approximately 150 000 100 000 buildings 43 000 contents and 7 000 alternative accommodation Mr Mrs Biggs also took the opportunity to have some additional work carried out including a new roof design and some internal alterations Morgan Clark discussed and agreed with them their contribution to cover the extra costs for doing this Mr Biggs is convinced that the outcome would not have been the same without Morgan Clark I really wouldn t have known what to do Without them I would have been completely at sea on my own facing a well oiled machine The knowledge that we had someone on our side took a massive amount of uncertainty off our shoulders Morgan Clark were able to suggest advise support and represent us at every stage and with every partner We cannot imagine what the process would have been like if we had not had their assistance Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/residential-fire/west-midlands-150000-buildings-contents-and-alternative-accommodation-claim/ (2016-04-24)
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  • water damage – £120,000 cash settlement |
    but more than that he appreciated that he didn t have the necessary knowledge or expertise When the loss adjuster offered a derisory 30 000 cash settlement Mr K knew this simply was not enough He therefore decided to appoint Morgan Clark to handle his claim The claim Morgan Clark immediately brought in specialist surveyors who put together a comprehensive specification covering the re instatement of the property According to Mr K they opened my eyes to what I could claim I had absolutely no idea that the cover extended as far as it did Morgan Clark compiled an exhaustive claim for a cash settlement which included not just buildings and contents but also payment in lieu of moving into alternative accommodation It was proving impossible for Mr K to find somewhere for his family to live locally any property of a similar standard to his damaged house would have cost a prohibitive 10 000 a month to rent The results After intense and extended negotiations the insurer s loss adjuster agreed to Morgan Clark s total claim for a cash settlement of 120 000 four times the original sum offered According to Mr K when I look back I realise the loss adjuster was a rogue It goes against common decency after we d gone through such a traumatic incident to then be offered a fraction of what we lost Do you need help with your claim Call free on 01978228646 for a free consultation Call 03334142749 from mobiles Lines open 24 7 Using Morgan Clark a second time for flood insurance claim Flood insurance claim in 2009 and again in 2015 Fire in three bedroomed rented house 92 000 buildings claim plus landlord s contents and loss of income Fire in semi detached house overcoming challenges to buildings

    Original URL path: http://www.morganclark.co.uk/customer-stories/residential-escape-of-water-2/birmingham-water-damage-120000-cash-settlement/#wpcf7-f1054-o1 (2016-04-24)
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