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  • Buy to Let mortgage lending reaches highest level since 2007 | Mortgages for Business
    Case Studies Complex Buy to Let Index Buy to Let Mortgage Product Index Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index Limited Company Buy to Let Index Property Investor Survey Money Markets FAQs FirstRate MFB TV Helping brokers with Buy to let mortgages Commercial mortgages Property development finance Bridging short term finance Case processing BrokerBusiness Case Studies Consulting Buy to Let Lending Mortgage Flow Published Research News Insight Buy to let mortgages Commercial Mortgages Property Development Finance Bridging Short Term Finance Residential Mortgages About Meet the team Our approach Awards Testimonials Careers Contact us 0845 345 6788 Share News Insight Buy to Let mortgage lending reaches highest level since 2007 16 02 16 Written by Andy Elley New data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders CML shows that while buy to let lending experienced a slight quarter to quarter decrease in Q4 overall in 2015 year on year buy to let lending was at its highest since 2007 The CML has reported that its latest figures reveal a mixed picture across all types of lending including buy to let lending In December gross buy to let figures showed month on month decreases down by 3 in volume and 3 in value Similarly in Q4 2015 gross buy to let lending experienced a slight quarter to quarter decrease down 1 on volume and 1 on value Overall in 2015 however gross buy to let lending saw a year on year increase of 28 by volume and 39 by value as such hitting its highest level since 2007 Jeremy Duncombe director Legal General Mortgage Club said Lending saw significant growth in 2015 as increasing house prices necessitated the uptake of larger loans to secure properties Buy to Let and remortgage business were significant contributors to this annual growth as more people sought to make

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  • HMOs – what are they and how to finance them | Mortgages for Business
    It s worth noting that all councils can add other conditions to your licence such as improving the standard of facilities You will be informed of all the required conditions when you apply Should you dispute any of the conditions you can take them up with the Residential Property Tribunal The penalty for renting out a licensable HMO without a licence is a fine of up to 20 000 Keeping the peace When you have a number of unrelated individuals and or households living together under one roof you are likely to come across some differences of opinions It is crucial you set out some house rules to stop any conflict You will also have to consider extra costs such as locks on doors Licensed HMO Finding a lender for a licensed HMO is fairly straightforward although each lender has its own preferences on The number of bedrooms Most lenders offering HMO mortgages will go to five bedrooms If your HMO is much larger your choice of lender will be restricted to the specialists or the high street banks which will price the borrowing on commercial rather than buy to let terms Types of tenant Lenders are not supposed to discriminate but some lenders steer clear of students or tenants in receipt of benefits because they are perceived to be a higher risk However John Heron managing director of Paragon Mortgages believes that there is no causational link between the type of tenant and whether or not the rent is more or less likely to be paid On purchase applications I would question how a lender could possibly know who the tenants are likely to be and how would they enforce tenant type anyway How the property is valued As you probably know letting a property to multiple occupants households usually generates more than rental income than letting to a single household Some lenders really get this concept and will use the investment value when making a lending decision Other lenders will only use valuers that value property on a comparable basis so if an HMO is located close to other HMOs an investment value will be given If however a property is the only HMO in the area the valuation will be based on the price achieved if it were purchased as a single dwelling This can severely restrict the amount that can be borrowed Non licensed HMOs also known as multi lets Some lenders prefer to call HMOs which do not require a licence multi lets because the terms non licensed or unlicensed carry negative connotations which suggest that the landlord is avoiding getting a licence even though one is not actually required Most of the lenders that provide finance for licensed HMOs will also finance multi lets but will value the property as a single dwelling only as it does not benefit from enhanced planning or an HMO licence HMO mortgage availability According to Mortgage Flow our bespoke buy to let mortgage sourcing system around a quarter

    Original URL path: http://mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk/news-insight/2016/february-2016/hmos-what-are-they-and-how-to-finance-them/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 11 – Throwing toys out of prams | Mortgages for Business
    happens and thus it would be quite nice for me to speak to them organise our arrangements going forwards etc I didn t hear anything for two weeks so I went back last Monday and put in the same request On Friday and I will be the first to admit that I was having a bad day I still hadn t heard back I also chased my solicitor to find out where they were up to and was informed that they hadn t heard from the vendor s solicitor for over three weeks despite chasing And that s when it happened I sent the estate agent a snottogram of epic proportions saying that if I hadn t heard back regarding the tenant and the vendor s solicitor hadn t made contact with mine by close of business today I was withdrawing my offer So today is that day i e Monday and I am genuinely willing to ditch the whole thing if I don t see any movement It s also worth mentioning more to demonstrate that people are so full of it than anything else that when the agent got my email all of a sudden they leapt into action and have managed to get me tenants contact details and AND as luck would have it the vendor s solicitors confirmed that the information they have been waiting for to enable them to reply to my solicitor had just landed on their desk My a e it had The deadline for my solicitor to hear back still stands so let s see Now you may think that I am being ridiculous as the odds of me finding another property and getting it across the line before 1st April is non existent And you would be right However first of all I can t stand being messed around and dare I say it lied to However taking the emotional element out of this the longer this goes on the more costs I am incurring and to be blunt if this isn t going to happen before the deadline then it s not happening at all that or the vendor would need to be willing to take a haircut on the purchase price and I am not willing to throw more money at something which looks like it may not happen So that s where we are I may have had another look at Range Rovers over the weekend just to make myself feel better of course Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase 2 12 2015 Part 1 It was that or a Range Rover 4 12 2015 Part 2 I ve made 800 already and I haven t got the mortgage yet 7 12 2015 Part 3 The demise of Nathaniel Pig 8 12 2015 Part 4 Call off the dogs 11 12 2015 Part 5 bank account 17 12 2015 Part 6 Business bank account interview or Center Parcs 21 12 2015 Part 7 Reality bites 29 12

    Original URL path: http://mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk/news-insight/2016/february-2016/diary-of-a-buy-to-let-purchase-part-11-throwing-toys-out-of-prams/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Councils criticised for delaying property searches and poor service | Mortgages for Business
    Stamp Duty Calculator Research Case Studies Complex Buy to Let Index Buy to Let Mortgage Product Index Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index Limited Company Buy to Let Index Property Investor Survey Money Markets FAQs FirstRate MFB TV Helping brokers with Buy to let mortgages Commercial mortgages Property development finance Bridging short term finance Case processing BrokerBusiness Case Studies Consulting Buy to Let Lending Mortgage Flow Published Research News Insight Buy to let mortgages Commercial Mortgages Property Development Finance Bridging Short Term Finance Residential Mortgages About Meet the team Our approach Awards Testimonials Careers Contact us 0845 345 6788 Share News Insight Councils criticised for delaying property searches and poor service 15 02 16 Written by Beckie Pepperrell The Property Codes Compliance Board PCCB the regulator for the Search Code of Practice has said that certain councils are delaying housing sales due to the very poor service they provide Local authorities and private sector search companies routinely use the LLC1 and CON29 search documents to provide conveyancers with the necessary information about properties during property transactions However the PCCB has warned that while the majority provide a good service a growing number of local authorities are performing woefully Kate Davis Chairman of the PCCB said We re very concerned that the home buying and selling public are being adversely affected by very poor performance by some local authorities and in some cases transactions are breaking down due to the delays If you live in Wiltshire for example it is an accident of geography if a lawyer can expect to receive searches back in six days or six weeks and this is totally unacceptable Kate Faulkner a PCCB board member who also runs the online service Propertychecklists is reported as saying that the last thing that prospective homebuyers and sellers need

    Original URL path: http://mortgagesforbusiness.co.uk/news-insight/2016/february-2016/councils-criticised-for-delaying-property-searches-and-poor-service/ (2016-02-16)
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  • Investor Update Newsletter Sign Up | Mortgages for Business
    Discounted Tracker Rates HMO Mortgage Rates Limited Company Rates Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator Buy to Let Tax Calculator Commercial mortgages Commercial mortgages Rates fees How to apply Business mortgages Commercial investment mortgages Non Residential Stamp Duty Calculator Property Development Finance Property development finance Rates Loans Fees How to apply Refurbishment finance Bridging short term finance Bridging short term finance Bridging loans Refurbishment finance Auction Finance Residential mortgages Residential mortgages Rates Loans Fees How to apply Types of mortgage Residential Stamp Duty Calculator Research Case Studies Complex Buy to Let Index Buy to Let Mortgage Product Index Buy to Let Mortgage Costs Index Limited Company Buy to Let Index Property Investor Survey Money Markets FAQs FirstRate MFB TV Helping brokers with Buy to let mortgages Commercial mortgages Property development finance Bridging short term finance Case processing BrokerBusiness Case Studies Consulting Buy to Let Lending Mortgage Flow Published Research News Insight Buy to let mortgages Commercial Mortgages Property Development Finance Bridging Short Term Finance Residential Mortgages About Meet the team Our approach Awards Testimonials Careers Contact us 0845 345 6788 Share Subscribe to our Investor Update Subscribe to our Investor Update Fill in the form to subscribe to our Investor Update the weekly email newsletter designed to help property investors and landlords keep up to date with the latest goings on in buy to let commercial mortgage property development and bridging finance Includes news on products and lenders case studies plus all the latest research to help you benchmark your property investments Please note we will not pass your details on to any third parties You can unsubscribe at any time see below First Name Please provide your first name Last Name Please provide your last name Email address Please provide a valid email address Telephone Submit Get in contact with

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  • Terms and conditions | Mortgages for Business
    Website or unless given express written permission to do so by Mortgages for Business Limited 2 3 Material from the Website may be re used without written permission where any of the exceptions detailed in Chapter III of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 apply 3 Links to Other Websites This Website may contain links to other sites Unless expressly stated these sites are not under the control of Mortgages for Business Limited or that of our affiliates We assume no responsibility for the content of such Websites and disclaim liability for any and all forms of loss or damage arising out of the use of them The inclusion of a link to another site on this Website does not imply any endorsement of the sites themselves or of those in control of them 4 Links to this Website Those wishing to place a link to this Website on other sites may do so only to the home page of the site www mortgagesforbusiness co uk without prior permission Deep linking i e links to specific pages within the site requires the express permission of Mortgages for Business Limited To find out more please contact us by post to our Premises see address above or by email to compliance mortgagesforbusiness co uk 5 Privacy Use of the Website is also governed by our Privacy Policy which is incorporated into these terms and conditions by this reference To view the Privacy Policy please click on the link above 6 Disclaimers 6 1 Mortgages for Business Limited makes no warranty or representation that the Website will meet your requirements that Content is accurate that it will be of satisfactory quality that it will be fit for a particular purpose that it will not infringe the rights of third parties that it will be compatible with all systems that it will be secure and that all information provided will be accurate We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of our Service 6 2 No part of this Website is intended to constitute advice and the Content of this Website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind 6 3 Whilst Mortgages for Business Limited uses reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Website is secure and free of errors viruses and other malware all Users are advised to take responsibility for their own security that of their personal details and their computers 7 Availability of the Website and Modifications 7 1 The Service is provided as is and on an as available basis We give no warranty that the Service will be free of defects and or faults To the maximum extent permitted by the law we provide no warranties express or implied of fitness for a particular purpose accuracy of information compatibility and satisfactory quality 7 2 Mortgages for Business Limited accepts no liability for any disruption or non availability of the Website resulting from external causes including but not

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  • Sitemap
    up 19 per cent in UK Two thirds of landlords now planning to buy new BTL properties London property market suffers from low housing supply Private rented sector value to top 1 trillion Axis Bank completes first 2 BTL deals with Mortgages for Business London returns are high but buy to let future is heading north HSBC lists UK s buy to let hotspots FCA issues another buy to let gaming warning 49 per cent of students think renting is good value Buy to let returns could drop by 60 per cent experts warn Aldermore slashes two year buy to let deals June Precise Mortgages boosts max buy to let loan size Attention shifts to buy to let markets London plans 1 000 new rental properties Four in five tenants satisfied with current landlords Buy to let boom leads to fewer houses on sale House purchase lending experienced 16 per cent monthly growth in March Are HMOs the answer to mortgage woes Private sector rents hit new high Should landlords sacrifice buy to let tax breaks UK rents are on the rise but so are tenant incomes First time landlords benefit from more buy to let deals Number of elderly landlords on the increase Scotland offers some of the best buy to let returns Is buy to let being used to avoid financial regulations New Foundation product includes pay rate in rental calculation Keystone s buy to let contract with Aldermore ends Keystone launches New Classic Range with Landbay Yields slide as loan to value ratio cools July Summer Budget 2015 and the implications for landlords How the restriction of relief on BTL mortgage interest will affect landlords Summer Budget Should buy to let mortgage holders panic FAQs on buy to let mortgages for limited companies How Private Rental Property Licences affect landlords applying for a buy to let mortgage Buy to let from personal to limited company ownership First 3 cases offered with Keystone s New Classic Range Over 100 different mortgage products for limited companies to greet Budget BTL tax clampdown Councils to deliver local plan by 2017 1 August 2015 Bank Rate speculations spark mortgage rate rises September 2015 Keystone launches Short Term Finance Range 78 of home owners on variable rate mortgages fail to budget for rate rise Rapid growth of buy to let lending puts sector in spotlight Aldermore improves let to buy lending criteria Bank of England maintains Bank Rate at 0 5 NatWest targets professional landlords with new buy to let offering Construction industry experiences sudden decline in output Front Events brings popular Financial Services Expo to Cardiff Keystone launches range of commercial owner occupier mortgages New housing development plans face opposition from local councils Aldermore expands bridging offering Expert urges landlords to seek regular advice from mortgage brokers Heavyweight lender Jerrold Holdings Group announces new brand identity Council of Mortgage Lenders urges government to consider impact of proposals on buy to let sector Rental market grew steadily in Q3 Expert believes current housing market mirrors that of 1998 Buy to let sales up by 54 House prices rise by 4 2 year on year Remortgage approvals jump 29 in a year Aldermore lowers buy to let and residential mortgages rates Landlords mortgage options jump to new record even as yields stall Important compliance deadlines for landlords Vince Cable comes out in support of Chancellor s crackdown on Buy to Let market October 2015 Shawbrook introduces new regulated bridging mortgage products Council of Mortgage Lenders reports drop of 16 in interest only loans Developers look to align themselves with lenders ahead of MCD September house sales strongest since 2007 Bank of England votes to leave interest rates unchanged at 0 5 Precise Mortgages loosens lending criteria while peer to peer lender Landbay joins CML Clampdown on councils failing to build new homes as Government introduces new housing bill Bridging finance up by 33 in Q3 Paragon launches enhanced product for professional landlords Tipton BS unveils new buy to let offering Temporary permitted development rights allowing the conversion of office buildings into dwellings to be made permanent HMRC organises Twitter Q A for landlords Report predicts growth of private rented sector despite government imposing greater restrictions on buy to let sector HMRCs Twitter event fails to rouse landlords TfL land to be used to develop 10 000 homes in London New index tracks Ltd Co buy to let mortgage sector Osborne to grant FPC powers to intervene in buy to let market September figures show mortgage approvals up by 24 InterBay introduces new fixed rate buy to let range Boost to development offering as Dragonfly cuts rates Equity release experiences biggest quarterly rise since 2004 Fee free BTL products increase Mortgage Trust updates buy to let range October sees house prices rise by 0 6 Advisers urge lenders to provide more interest only equity release solutions What happens when the leaseholder owns the freehold November 2015 Contrary to rate rise speculation mortgage rates drop to record low Accord cuts rates on 75 LTV products New year will see rebrand for Dragonfly Property Finance Bank Rate unchanged as Bank of England maintains record low of 0 5pc Buy to let mortgage rates fell in October 1 Past decade has seen one million owner occupied homes switch to lettings Stricter buy to let stress test to be introduced by BM Solutions on loans above 65 LTV Setting up an SPV Limited Company Foundation Home Loans unveils new semi exclusive buy to let range Fleet Mortgages sets its sights on the commercial market Policy changes to affordable housing and buy to let impact land market Little change in development land prices but sentiment remains positive Half of UK landlords looking to sell motivated by changes in tax relief Foundation Home Loans moves into limited company buy to let mortgages Ask Paul How quickly can I get a buy to let mortgage New buy to let rates launched by Coventry and Metro Bank Virgin Money and Precise unveil exclusive buy to let mortgages Council of Mortgages Lenders predicts first rate hike to be postponed until 2017 Hidden fees a thing of the past as lenders agree to simplify jargon Investing in buy to let Trading Ltd Co s versus SPV Ltd Co s Buy to let lending booms at Paragon Very popular buy to let mortgage about to be withdrawn NatWest raises loan to income cap on loans under 85 LTV February will be too late Three percentage point rise in stamp duty for buy to let and second homes New stamp duty calculator compares rates pre and post 1 April 2016 October sees a decline in first time buyer activity Bank Rate needs to reach 3pc to adversely impact market say mortgage brokers Cut to tax relief results in Barclays upping rental cover ratio December 2015 Capital Gains Tax and tax schemes will they work Bank of England cites buy to let boom as a risk to financial stability Over half of new build homes too small for modern family life Diary of a buy to let purchase Part 1 It was that or a Range Rover October s figures show a 3 5 rise in average deposits Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 2 I ve made 800 already and I haven t got the mortgage yet Average buyer 4 500 better off under new stamp duty structure Ask Paul Why does pricing differ between limited company and personal rates Transferring your BTL property from personal to Ltd Co ownership Borrowing through a newly set up limited company Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 3 The demise of Nathaniel Pig Mortgage lending rose by 11pc in Q3 Despite dip in monthly growth house prices reach record high Overall purchase approvals rise while lending to small deposit borrowers remains static Lower returns predicted for commercial property in 2015 Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 5 effing bank account Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 4 Call off the dogs Mortgages for Business Keystone Buy to Let Mortgages shortlisted for raft of awards Four ways to raise capital to purchase a business or investment property Paragon launches new range to appeal to professional landlords Buy to let lending policy on freehold and leasehold ownership Foundation Homes Loans revises offering to benefit limited company landlords Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 6 Business bank account interview or Center Parcs CML warns policymakers of potential risks to private rented sector CML forecasts healthy housing and mortgage market for 2016 Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 7 Reality bites RICS predicts house prices will climb 6 in 2016 40pc of letting agents predict fall in rental supply The good and the bad of buy to let mortgage lending in 2015 Why you can t transfer personally owned rental property to an SPV Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 8 The Method Behind the Madness 2016 January Government to commission smaller property developers Keystone Classic Range sets application deadline for purchases Landlords raise 50k via crowdfunding campaign to fight Government s buy to let tax changes Keystone to accept first time landlords and trading businesses Ltd Co BTL transactions rose sharply in Q4 2015 LGA housing developers should be fined when works stall Changes in tax regime prompt lenders to revise buy to let offerings BTL purchases could outstrip remortgages in Q1 2016 Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 9 Join me in a buy to let fist pump Stricter buy to let stress tests as lenders prepare for changes ahead Stamp Duty Land Tax the low down so far for landlords and property investors Strong upward trend in rental market across the UK Commercial rental values in 2015 grew at steepest rate since recession Bank of England base rate to remain at 0 5pc Smaller property developers struggling to access finance Landlords doing nothing is not an option Self cert mortgages available as new lender opens its doors Buy To Let app now available to Android users Carney waylays expectations of imminent rate rise Annual gross mortgage lending at highest since 2008 Metro Bank refreshes product range increasing interest only flexibility January sees UK lenders launch raft of new and revised products Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 10 The silence is deafening A positive perspective post April The homebuyer s guide to getting a mortgage Support for buy to let borrowers as banks revise policy criteria How do Ltd Co BTL applications differ from individual applications Rents for prime Central London retail space soar in Q4 2015 Premium for Ltd Co BTL products is very modest UTB launches new development products for SME builders and developers February 2016 Keystone streamlines Classic Range and reduces rates Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge may cause more problems than it solves says CML SPV remortgages 2 London properties for further BTL investment Landlords take government to court over Alice in Wonderland tax grab Top 10 Best Buy to Let Mortgages Top 10 Best Buy to Let Mortgages for Limited Companies Intermediary only lenders Accord and Saffron bring new products to the market Ltd Co BTL transactions rose again in January Office move on the horizon for Mortgages for Business Government policies will not halt increasing demand for rental homes Increase in let to buy mortgages as MCD deadline looms large Santander introduces new two tiered buy to let affordability tests What is a consumer buy to let mortgage Rental property which avoids the 3 stamp duty surcharge Kent Reliance revises buy to let lending criteria 21 month high for residential mortgage fees while buy to let fees remain steady Property development land prices in urban areas increase Bridging loans rise by 14pc in 2015 Councils criticised for delaying property searches and poor service Diary of a Buy to Let Purchase Part 11 Throwing toys out of prams HMOs what are they and how to finance them Buy to Let mortgage lending reaches highest level since 2007 Case Studies Buy to let mortgages Commercial Mortgages Property Development Finance Bridging Short Term Finance Residential Mortgages Documents Commercial Remortgage of mixed use property to increase cash flow Interest only refinance of 10 bed guest house Purchase of a take away with a flat above for investment Capital raising for business owner to buy out partner Couple buy beauty salon shop and business Partnership buy out of children s day nursery Auction finance during Christmas holidays to buy office block Remortgage of shop in the Brighton Lanes to raise capital and save money Commercial investment mortgage within a pension fund Commercial mortgage for first time hoteliers Capital raise on unencumbered GP surgery to raise funds for refurb Commercial mortgage to purchase long lease of cafe Commercial mortgage to purchase 20 bed care home Restaurateurs remortgage mixed use property to raise capital Family purchases Cornish holiday park Landlord remortgages mixed use property on interest only rate Sole trader purchases office with 25 deposit Couple raise capital on restaurant for further commercial investment Commercial mortgage for start up children s day nursery Commercial tenant purchases freehold of mixed use property using SPV 1 Bridging and Short Term Finance Bridging loan for house refurb then refinance onto buy to let mortgage Bridging loan for property purchased at auction Short term finance arranged on part exchange property Auction finance for dilapidated maisonette above hairdressers Short term loan for HMO purchase Short term loan for experienced property developer Auction finance for purchase of un modernised London terrace Bridging loan for HMO requiring renovation Bridging loan then remortgage 2 months later with same lender Short term loan for couple after property sale falls through Quick refinance for landlord whose lender called in loan Short term finance to pay off mortgage on HMO Short term finance to purchase and refurbish a 2 bed flat for quick resale Bridging loan for landlords to purchase and develop ex LHA house Bridging loan for developer refurbishing extending 2 bed house Residential Home purchase using government s NewBuy deal Residential mortgage for company director Mortgage offer with full retention of funds pending conversion New build purchase with Help to Buy Mortgage for self employed first time buyer with only 2 years accounts Residential mortgage with no early repayment charges Residential remortgage with immediate consent to let DIP and application completed on same day for first time buyers Capital raising by pensioners for home improvements Part time landlord purchases his first home Developer with complex income secures interest only mortgage Part time landlord needed a speedy purchase of residential property Part time landlord buys first home Residential remortgage for married couple to repay unsecured debt First time buyer purchases home after just 2 months in current job 1 Landlord remortgages home to fund buy to let property with her daughter 2016 January First time buyer receives 85 LTV mortgage offer in just 4 days 50 year old part time landlord gets 23 year mortgage term on new home February Remortgage on home only owned for 2 months Property Development Finance 1 175m development loan to build 3 executive homes Capital raising to finish developing block of holiday flats Conversion of redundant office building into block of 18 flats Raising 3 3m in 6 weeks for office to flats development 1 25m development loan to build 51 starter homes Property development project funded by second charge mortgage Raising 934k to build flats next to railway Funding for development of 9 starter homes 1 9m loan to convert Thames warehouse into luxury apartments Funding for development of two semi detached houses on large bungalow plot Refinance of block of flats owned by trust to repay loan and extend property P2P lender offers property developer 100 of build costs and no exit fee Buy to Let Buy to let purchase from a family member Refinance of buy to let property near to industrial premises Lending criteria exception for new build studio flat purchase in E1 Purchase of low value holiday flats Ex pat remortgages 2 flats using his SPV limited company Company director raises finance on unencumbered rental property Buy to let mortgage for ex council flat in South East London Raising capital on a low yielding house Raising capital without forfeiting an existing low rate buy to let mortgage 6 bed HMO purchase by SPV limited company Remortgage for HMO within 6 months of purchase Raising capital for part time landlord with low income Refinance of refurbished ex LA flat within 6 months of purchase Aberdeen flat purchased by limited company Buy to let mortgage with free valuation no ERCs for flat in Scotland Purchase of freehold block of 9 flats above offices and nightclub Refinance of ex Local Authority flat to pay off bank loan Capital raising for landlord with low income First time landlord gets buy to let mortgage to purchase house at auction Newly incorporated SPV Limited Company purchase flat Landlord buys block of flats with 5 year fixed rate 2 flats remortgaged to raise finance for Ltd Co looking to expand portfolio Light refurbishment loan for buy to let in need of work Ex pat raises finance on unencumbered rental property Retired couple remortgage flat onto a 10 year fixed rate Purchase of third flat in a block of four 890k to repay expensive bridging loan and fund development project Refinance to raise capital for further property investment Ex pat soldier purchases buy to let in need of work Associated transaction on holiday let by directors of SPV Experienced investors transfer onto better rate without switching lender First time landlord purchases new build flat through SPV Ltd Co 75 year old landlord refinances 7 bed HMO Second charge mortgage to raise finance for further property investment SPV limited company refinances flat above commercial premises Ex pat refinances 6 bed HMO Limited company refinances converted multi unit Ex pat refinances London flat to raise capital Ltd Co with 72 year old

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