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  • Web Design Essex | Search Engine Optimisation | Photography | Copywriting
    think FIND OUT MORE Web Design in Essex Here at Mseye Design in Maldon Essex we believe our fixed price web design packages offer real value for money but if you re looking to grow your business our custom built content management systems and shopping cart solutions can really help Search Optimisation Getting your website onto the first pages of Google is no easy task but the key to the success for your online business Call us to find out how our search engine optimisation services can help you achieve top ranking positions and increased sales Photography Video We live in a digital age where words are no longer enough to grab attention Bring your website to life and let your audience see what you can do by including professional photo s and video into your website design Business Start Up We understand that starting a new business is can be a daunting and expensive exercise so we ve put together a range of affordable website design packages and all inclusive bundles to help get you started Ecommerce CMS Websites Google Adwords We offer a wide range of Ecommerce website solutions to suit most budgets ranging from the popular OpenCart system to bespoke designs in Magento or ExpressionEngine and custom built PHP applications All systems can be integrated with all the major payment gateways such as PayPal SagePay Barclays EPDQ etc Our websites come with powerful CMS content management system tools to enable our clients to manage their website content via an easy to use online admin control panel We also offer full management services for clients who do not want to add and update content themselves Marketing your website and products is very important and many companies start with Google Adwords Using a PPC pay per click system audiences

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  • Essex Website Design | Web Development | MSEYE Web Designers Essex | Mseye Web Design
    content management system we have a solution Our in house designers can build your website to exact specifications or let us get creative with a totally unique design We often find that new clients have a limited amount of content our professional writer and photographer are available to help really sell your services with enticing words and stunning visuals Business Start up Package Find out more Stay within budget with our fixed price packages from 1295 We understand starting a business is not cheap so we ve put together some fixed price packages to keep you within budget Find out more Wordpress All our websites are fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size so your website will look great on any device To see this for yourself try resizing your browser window to see what happens to this website Learn More Magento Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform built on open source technology providing online merchants with incredible flexibility and control over the look functionality of their eCommerce store Learn More Expression Engine ExpressionEngine is combination of a commercial product with an open source framework making it a very powerful content management system that is suitable for simple as well as complicated websites Learn More Custom Builds Our experienced developers can quickly and competently build any custom website application in PHP or ASP utilising the latest available technologies including HTML5 CSS3 and the jQuery Javascript library Learn More Our Other Services Our dedicated team of specialists have the skills needed for each stage of the web development process from initial research and planning through to design seo and the final build and installation Search Engine Optimisation Photography Video Graphic Design Website Optimisation can be the key to unlock the potential of your website and we have a

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  • Website Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by MSEYE Essex | Mseye Web Design
    as an important part of search engine optimisation but has gradually become redundant Google and other search engines have become much smarter at determining whether links are natural and based on good practise which means they need to come from trusted and relevant sites The Google algorithm is incredibly advanced and makes countless checks to test whether links are natural and genuine marking down sites that use any form of artificially created linking The key to high rankings is therefore to understand those algorithms and generate good solid links that Google and other search engines both trust and value With the internet becoming a bigger and bigger part of people s lives every day you might think that it s the best place to look for help with your blogs web content and SEO material Of course it can be if you know what you re looking for but good copywriting for websites is a little different to writing for almost any other medium Naturally you want to be sure that you are hiring ethical and effective writers and getting the most possible value for your money What you also need are articles that are of high quality are rich in original content and contain proper keyword density Content needs to be engaging and interesting not only to the reader but to the search engines too That means really separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to SEO content writers Let s take a closer look at what you should look for We ve all heard the phrase user friendly and one of the goals of web masters is to make the site as accessible as possible to both human visitors and search engines People with physical or technical restrictions need to be considered of course but a

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  • Copywriting | SEO Optimised Content | Mseye Web Design | Mseye Web Design
    search engines find you keeps your customer interested and most of all stay on your website instead of looking elsewhere Websites and SEO Articles and Blogs Creative Writing Press and Publicity Technical Writing Every website relies on text but poorly written copy can have a dramatic effect on both sales and page ranking by the major search engines The text should be easily read and understood by visitors and help them to make an informed choice before buying Anything less or even too much can cause uncertainty and the loss of a sale Most importantly search engines rely on written content to analyse a site Algorithms scrutinise every word for relevance quality of content and the correct use of keywords as part of the ranking process Articles and blogs are a great source of information for potential customers Because they re less focused on selling there is naturally less pressure to buy but carefully placed keywords and links can pay dividends by gently guiding the reader to your website The benefits from multiple but unique articles carefully placed within relevant blogs can be significant providing they are well written and conform to good SEO practises With SEO and the need for clear and concise information so important across all media it can be difficult to make writing interesting let alone entertaining However a little creative writing can make a huge difference to the most mundane of subjects It may take a few simple changes to the structure or a complete rewrite but it s very important to match the writing style to the intended publication and readership Press releases advertisements flyers posters and just about any printed or virtual media needs to grab attention From the headline to the content and sign off good copywriting can add impact and increase

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  • Social Media Marketing | Mseye Web Design
    your website and pick interesting and useful tips trivia and industry facts to use in the content Images Included We also integrate photographs into your social media campaign You can either provide us with photographs relevant to your business or we can look for appropriate royalty free images that can be used for the purpose 7 Days in Advance We are confident about the quality of our content and are sure that you will love it We d still like to give you the final say and for that we would be happy to schedule at least 7 days in advance so you have ample time to review or update the content Advanced Filtering Before any content is posted our admin team checks and double checks it for spelling grammar and localisation depending on your target country Is there a contract There is no ongoing contract for any account you are free to leave whenever you like Use it to make your existing social media team more efficient or leave us to manage everything Powerful Statistics Once your social media campaign is launched we work on tracking clicks links and geographical locations This data can be assimilated from your exclusive control panel in the form of responsive interactive charges and graphs Tweet Post Scheduler You always have full control over the content of your posts as well as the posting scheduling We typically schedule at least seven days in advance but you can log in any time and edit or re schedule the posts according to your requirements Daily Review Capability Reviewing the scheduled social media posts of the day is simple and convenient You will find all of the past and future activity chronologically arranged as an overview in the master control panel so you can review it all

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  • Professional Photography | Website Photography | Product Photography | Mseye Web Design
    can enhance your credibility and reassure customers Service industries can include staff office or client pictures to personalise their services and make a unique statement Good photographs can help make or break your site and are usually the first thing a visitor sees If your images don t quite live up to your customer s expectations then our photography services could be just what you need Creative Photography Landscape Photography Commercial Photography Sports Photography General Photography All too often photographs are included on web sites without much thought given to visual appeal or quality Good pictures don t just inform the viewer they entice invite and add credibility to the whole company and its services Creativity doesn t have to mean complicated or expensive and we can provide a range of services for both the internet and traditional uses Creative landscapes are some of the most powerful and evocative images that almost everyone loves Their ability to transport us to a place of escape is extremely useful for grabbing attention while they look at our website or study our products That may be a little extreme but good backgrounds are always useful for websites and presentations Commercial photography can cover anything and everything from pack shots of products to a conference or exhibition Products are an obvious choice of course but premises or manufacturing and assembly photographs can all help to enhance the image of your company For the About Us page or brochure real staff pictures put a face to the company and help give a personal touch in an otherwise virtual environment An in house presentation exhibition or major event can provide the ideal opportunity for newsworthy pictures that can be used on everything from blogs to press releases Both indoor and outdoor events at most venues can

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  • Videography | Promotional Videos | Mseye Web Design Essex | Mseye Web Design
    receive information The reality is that there are very few sites that can t benefit from moving images A video can absorb the viewer inform or entertain in a way that static elements just can t match once they click the play button you have their sole attention where once they may have skipped to another site Video gives you the chance to highlight your unique selling points product or service It can also be used for assembly instructions and product guides that bring customers back to your site Grabbing your customer s sole attention even for a few seconds is worth its weight in gold Thankfully our video production filming and editing service is a lot more reasonably priced Travel and Tourism Venues Sports and Events Animation Graphics Travel videos are perfect for online browsing whether you re searching for a holiday destination or a great day out nearby For a travel company the benefits are obvious but even restaurants and hoteliers reap dividends by showing the local attractions and of course their own premises If you have any attraction open to the public large or small then a video can really bring it to life online Travel Tourism

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  • Reliable Website Hosting for SEO | Web Design Essex | Mseye Design | Mseye Web Design
    delivering content at all times Anything less can affect page ranking and deter site visitors Mseye offer various types of web hosting packages to suit all kinds of websites depending on the web services needed ranging from basic starter hosting on shared platforms to powerful VPS virtual private servers or dedicated servers for resource intensive websites Server Downtime Server Location Server Speed If the server hosting your site is inaccessible or down when the search engine crawls your website then that site inaccessible information is recorded by the search engine data center Because a search engine s core business is dependent on quickly directing users to reliable and relevant sites ranking can be significantly affected if a site is repeatedly unavailable or difficult to access It s possible to be visited a number of times in any twenty four hour period which can quickly lead to the site s rank being downgraded or in extreme cases removed completely from the index While servers can be based anywhere around the world the IP address assigned to any hosted website will identify the host server location This may seem unimportant but search engines usually give priority to sites hosted in the same country as the customer who is searching A number of other checks are made and similarly the IP address of the customer is used to match locations Since our servers are UK based it follows that when a UK based customer searches for any of your keywords your website ranking would be higher Back in April in 2010 Google announced that page load speeds will be factored into search engine ranking algorithms A number of factors can increase the time taken for your pages to load such as the size of graphics and photographs as well as poorly executed scripts

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