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  • Paul Carpenter, hiking books, craft books, bullwhips, whips
    books on bows and whips plus other missc leather subjects Pauls latest hike A midnight walk in summers twilight to Sgurr na Stri read more reports on book page Sgurr na stri that name its just rolls off the tongue like some fancy tasty french wine full bodied and darn great views when the sun finally reveals itself which eventually it did slithering its way upwards very slowly behind bla

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  • Bullwhips, Snakewhips, stock whips, whips
    and whip making using kangaroo Cow hide latigo and have used Rawhide on occasion In the last two years I turned to Paracord as a means to make a well balanced low maintenance and low cost whip Each of my whips are made with a core and three layers of braiding of 8 12 and 16 strings with steel rod for the handles artificial sinew for binding waxed nylon for

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  • walking books, craft books, travel books, fantasy fiction
    the disappointments just remember that you are your worse critic Includes B W Photo guides to making long flat bows arrows quivers bullwhips braiding using making rawhide leather carving stamping plus tips and tricks Also has a short introduction to making steel knapped knives and using horn as handles Please click the cover picture to view a PDF sample Size A4 Below are listed individual chapters from the book above now published in their own right of A5 size and still with black and white photo s Click on the book title to see preview of contents 64 pages 92 pages 72 pages 102 pages The Rise of the Ancients revolves around the old Fingalians those Irish and Scottish hero s of old who in the authors mind were like fearless strong warrior police guarding and protecting the innocent against the rogues of that time Until their tales of strength and myths of gallantry were needed no more and they slept awaiting their leader to be reborn and lead them once more to destroy all despair that dare threaten their land and people The story in this book is set hundreds of years after these warriors roamed the highlands over a 10 year period Starting a few days after the battle of Culloden in 1747 it follows the fortunes and experiences of a young Scot called Ewan thrown upon uncertain times along with his mum after his dad and brothers fell at the battle The tale follows Ewan as he tackles untold trials and tribulations as he learns the lessons he must to survive and which he was destined to use as he heads unwittingly towards a prophecy that he was destined to fulfil a prophecy that foretold the awakeningof the Fingalians the Ancients under his leadership Whom Ewan has to unite in order to use their combined power to aid the clans during this time of distress A distress not from the feeble greed s and needs of man but rather from those who lead and posses them Those of a higher unearthly evil who relish and bloat on the souls of all men women and children of the Highlands But first Ewan must tackle untold beast and foul creatures before he can Raise the Ancients Written by Paul Carpenter Art work by Robert Blackwell When Paul moved upto Moray 10 years ago he had little idea about the place and has since explored it in various ways from the whiskeys the salmon in the charasmatic rivers to the rock and sandy coast line from the low fertile plains to the rugged mountains of the Cairngorms by foot and bike Plus its colourful and intriguing history from the picts Romans Vikings tales of smuggling and folk lore The route illustrated in this book The Moray way is a recent addition to the area joining up three other walks The Dava way The Spey way and The moray Coastal way creating a circular walk of over 90 miles which takes

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  • leather artist, leather carving, leather art
    the leather down and modelling tools to achieve the finer detail The image on the left and those below display some of the leather carvings I have created most are wall hangings measuring over A2 in size I do not apologise for John Wayne being one of my main subjects Bullwhips and Knotwork During my journey with leather I mainly created items for the western riding scene here in the

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  • Paul Carpenter, landscape photos
    Books Leather Art Photos Contact Below are a few landscapes I have taken over the years each are linked to a larger version of roughtly 3000 dpi and over 3mb

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