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  • Fire Door Signs
    enforces that employers are legally obliged to provide Health and Safety signs on any workplace risk that is not satisfactorily controlled by other means All signs displayed in your workplace must meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996 which standardised the use of safety signs throughout the EU by using standardised pictograms shapes and colours Safety signs vary in shape and colour depending on their meaning Prohibition or Danger is illustrated by a red circle with a crossed out image such as no smoking Mandatory signs contain a blue circle with a white pictogram and tell you what Should be done such as a fire action sign Warning signs are yellow and triangular shaped Safe condition safety signs are used to mark safety equipment or safe exit routes and are white pictograms on a green oblong or square background Finally Fire Equipment signs indicate the location of fire equipment and are white on a red background Safety signs should be displayed away from where other signs or objects of same size and colour are displayed and should not be placed in areas where there is little colour contrast Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a wide range of safety signs to help your business comply with current safety regulations From no smoking signs and personalised construction site safety signs to Fire exit and fire door signs and everything in between our signs are excellent value for money and come in a range of finishes including photo luminescent Photo luminescent safety signs supply a cost effective glow in the dark safety feature which can aid escape in dark or smoky exit routes All our signs are supplied in accordance with British and European Quality Standards and are manufactured in accordance with BS5499 standards Home Foam Fire

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  • Fire Safety Products | Fire Extinguishers
    safety products for your workplace residential letting vehicle or home which include fire extinguishers fire blankets fire alarms fire safety signs fire extinguisher stands and cabinets We also offer fire risk assessments and fire awareness training courses and fire warden courses that are held on your premises Alternatively we stock a fire safety training DVD for a cost effective training solution Most catastrophic fire accidents take place in residential houses during the night caused by people being overcome by smoke or through being trapped by a fire It is therefore essential for all homes to have at least a few basic fire safety products to prevent this from happening Most importantly you should fit a smoke alarm if you don t have one already Nationwide Fire Extinguishers stock a good basic battery operated smoke alarm for this purpose If there is only one escape route you should consider purchasing further fire safety products as an alternative means of escape such as an escape ladder these are great for a quick dependable and secure escape from a house fire Fire extinguishers are the best fire safety products for extinguishing a small fire before it becomes uncontrollable We recommend a 1 or 2kg powder or 2l foam fire extinguisher for the home for their multi purpose coverage and versatility powder extinguishers are the best fire safety products for safety extinguishing electrical fires in the home You should also think about installing a fire blanket for kitchen use this is one of the most cost effective fire safety products around In a vehicle a car fire extinguisher is one of the best fire safety products Having a 1kg or 2kg powder extinguisher in your car could make the difference between life and death in the event of an accident Keeping fire safety products

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  • Fire Safety Signs | Fire Equipment Signs
    The regulations oblige employers to display specific safety signage whenever there is a risk that has not been avoided or limited by other means Fire safety signs are included in this legislation The signs must be understood by all employees whether English speaking or not This is why pictogram signs must now be used and text only signs are no longer adequate Social psychologists have found that clear unambiguous signs are one of the first things that people respond to when in search of an instant answer in a risk situation Fire safety signs such as fire exit signs should be located in the average range of vision they should be prominent and take precedence over all other signs The regulations state that fire safety signs should be large and clear enough to be easily seen and understood Fire exit signs and exit signs should be clear at all times In buildings where emergency lighting is in place these should be illuminated by the emergency lighting in the event of a malfunction of the standard lighting Nationwide fire extinguishers stock a wide range of fire safety signs all complying with current regulations All signs have a pictogram where required and come in self adhesive vinyl or a photo luminescent rigid plastic finish We offer the cheapest fire safety signs around Our prices start from only 1 Quality is not compromised we just like to offer excellent value to our customers Delivery prices are also low ensuring you comply with fire safety regulations without breaking the bank Our stocks of fire safety signs include Fire point signs fire action notices fire equipment and extinguisher ID signs fire exit signs fire door keep shut signs assembly point signs and many more If it s not pictured on our site just ask and

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  • Fire Fighting Equipment
    charge to ensure the safety of anyone entering their premises by carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment and supplying and maintaining the correct fire fighting equipment Fire extinguishers should be mounted to the wall All extinguishers supplied by Nationwide Fire Extinguishers come with a free mounting bracket for this purpose It is recommended that larger extinguishers are wall mounted with their handle approx 1 metre from floor height and smaller extinguishers mounted approx 1 5 metres from floor height If it is not possible to wall mount your extinguishers or if they are regularly moved then they should be sat on fire extinguisher stands A monthly visual inspection should be carried out by a nominated person fire warden on all your fire fighting equipment and recorded in a Fire Log Book A BAFE approved extinguisher technician should perform a maintenance service to BS 5306 part 3 at least once a year on your fire fighting equipment We offer an initial service on all extinguishers sold If you choose to have your extinguishers initially serviced they will come with maintenance labels compiled by a trained technician recording the Date of purchase full weight of the fire extinguisher date next service due and date next discharge test due This initial service by a qualified technician is valid for 1 year from the date of service Nationwide Fire Extinguishers fire fighting equipment is manufactured to the highest possible standards All extinguishers are Kitemarked to BS EN3 and CE Marked a legal requirement with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED Be aware that many cheap foreign imports claim these approvals but they can t often prove them so check if you are not sure You should not trust your life to inferior fire fighting equipment with no real approvals To help you choose what fire

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  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment Kit & CD
    fire regulations have been introduced to draw hundreds of pieces of legislation together and make it more straightforward for people to understand where their obligations lie and what they should do In brief as an employer or manager of a workplace you must take action to prove that you have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment in position The new fire regulations identify a responsible person who is required to ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment of the premises has been compiled The responsible person must consider the impact that a fire might have to surrounding premises and persons including the safety of fire fighters should they need to enter the premises in question Fire Certificates are no longer in operation and instead a Fire Risk Assessment becomes the main means of managing fire risk in the workplace Nationwide fire extinguishers can provide you with a comprehensive fire risk assessment to ensure that your business complies with the regulatory reform fire safety order 2006 Our experienced fire safety expert will carry out an extensive assessment of your premises and the fire risks specific to your business Once the assessment is complete we then provide you with a detailed but easy to comprehend written report which may include recommendations for any modifications to your existing practices If you would like to carry out your own fire risk assessment but would like some expert guidance you could use our Risk assessment CD ROM This is suitable for small and medium sized low risk businesses and contains chapters and templates on Process assurance fire risk assessmentin small businesses a small premises fire management plan fire precautions log book Company hot work policy procedures fire risk assessment process assurance form an unlimited publishing facility Staff training record form It contains

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  • Fire Safety Products | Fire Safety Training
    the workplace The government recommends fitting smoke alarms on every level of your home and testing the batteries weekly taking care with candles cigarettes and when cooking with hot oil Like fire safety in the workplace it is recommended that you and your family plan and practice your escape route If an emergency evacuation from an upstairs room or flat is difficult you may want to consider a fire escape ladder or means of fighting a fire such as an extinguisher The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 came into effect in October 2006 and replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety legislation Under the new order the responsible person is required to carry out a fire risk assessment implement appropriate fire safety measures to minimise the risk to life from a fire and employ and keep up to date a fire management plan risk assessment Risk assessments should be reviewed periodically and when changes to the building in question occur This order applies to all non domestic premises in England and Wales including the communal areas of flats and houses in multiple occupations The law applies to you if you are responsible for business premises an employer or self employed with business premises responsible for a part of a property where that part is solely used for business purposes a charity or voluntary organisation a contractor with a degree of control over any premises or providing lodgings for paying guests Nationwide Fire Extinguishers have a wide range of fire safety products including a range of fire risk assessment CD ROMS general and specific Fire safety training DVDS such as fire safety in care homes hotels and places of assembly As well as fire fighting products such as fire extinguishers fire blankets and fire buckets Fire Safety Products Fire Risk

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  • Wheeled FIre Extinguishers
    Extinguishers When selecting appropriate fire protection a wheeled extinguisher offers a higher fire fighting capability and fire rating and the need for portability Portable fire extinguishers are defined as those which are under 20kg and can be carried by most able bodied people Wheeled fire extinguishers on the other hand are a larger version of standard portable fire extinguishers and are used to cover larger scale fire risks in larger expanses These are usually structured on a wheeled trolley unit to enable manoeuvrability and ease of use Wheeled extinguishers are commonly utilised in industrial settings such as factories warehouses garages storage depots vessels airports power stations and fuel stores depending on their extinguishing type and risks present Co2 wheeled units are usually sold in 10kg sizes but can go up to 50kg units Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are usually sold in 2kg and 5kg units in the UK The larger wheeled units are used to cover live electrical hazards such as transformers and switchgear as well as flammable liquid fires AFFF Foam wheeled extinguisher units are generally used to cover places which have flammable solids or liquid fire risks such as warehouses airports or fuel filling stations The powder wheeled extinguishing unit is suitable for solid liquid and gas fires as well as on electrical fires although a powder extinguisher would not be the first choice for electrical equipment as CO2 would usually be specified for electrical risks The powder wheeled extinguisher is often seen in high risk industrial settings Nationwide Fire Extinguishers wheeled extinguishers are CE and MED approved meaning they are approved for marine use All our wheeled extinguishers are manufactured to EN 1866 1 and carry a 1 year manufacturers guarantee Home Foam Fire Extinguishers Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Water Fire Extinguishers London Class D Fire

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  • Evacuation equipment
    all building occupants We sell a wide range of evacuation equipment to help you and your company to cost effectively adhere to current health and safety regulations and best practice From escape ladders to evacuation chairs our evacuation equipment will ensure the safe escape of disabled or injured occupants or staff in the event of an emergency evacuation We sell a domestic escape ladder which attaches to windows and is suitable for 2 and 3 storey buildings which folds away in a safe box for easy storage Our Fernco Transit chair is a solution for tackling stairways without lifting patients or injured people in the event of an emergency evacuation And our ski pads and ski sheets are innovative pieces of evacuation equipment for evacuating bed bound patients The ski sheet is attached to the underside of a hospital mattress to enable non ambulant patients to be evacuated comfortably and safely down stairways in an emergency evacuation The ski pad is a narrower option which allows residents and patients to be evacuated through narrow corridors and stairwells It features a tough slippery vinyl covered base material which allows patients to be moved with no trouble over almost any surface indoors or outside The strategic placing of evacuation equipment throughout the building will help companies meet their duties under heath safety and equal opportunity laws To enable a safe evacuation ensure that your staffs are aware of your fire evacuation plan and carry out regular fire drills Reinforce this by displaying Fire Action notices throughout your building and displaying an assembly point sign at your designated emergency meeting point Besides evacuation chairs our site also sells fire warden evacuation equipment such as high visibility and reflective waistcoats caps and fire warden armbands mega phones and emergency light sticks to aid the

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