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  • About Warning Signs:
    or staff members of a hazard or danger 2 The Safety signs and signals regulations 1996 were brought in to standardise safety signs throughout the states of the European Union with the intention that safety signs have the same implication throughout Europe 3 The regulations require employers to display relevant safety signs where there is a risk that can not be eliminated or restricted by other means 4 The safety signs and signals regulations relate to all areas where people are employed 5 Warning signs have to be triangular shaped or contain a triangle to act in accordance with the safety signs and signals regulations 1996 6 They should also have a yellow backdrop and show a black icon symbolising the type of danger so the meaning of the warning sign is obvious to non readers or those who do not speak English 7 Examples include Low Temperature Electricity Asbestos Industrial Trucks Trip Hazard Hazardous Area Slippery Surface Anti climb Paint Falling Objects Guard Dogs Mind the Step Hazardous Waste 8 A general warning sign shows a black exclamation mark on a yellow triangle background 9 Current Health and Safety law requires every company to ensure that Health and safety training is provided for all employees Accident records are used and kept up to date Relevant Health and Safety and Warning Signs are displayed all over the business premises for the safety of all staff and visitors to your premises 10 All workplaces must display a Health and Safety law poster These inform the reader of current British Health and Safety laws The HSE published an updated version of their approved poster on 6 April 2009 To stop unnecessary expense for businesses there is a five year transition period for replacing the current poster meaning that they must be replaced

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  • About Health and Safety Signs
    obliged to provide Health and Safety signs on any workplace risk that is not satisfactorily controlled by other means If a safety sign would not help to decrease that hazard there is no need to display a sign 2 The Health and Safety Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996 enforce standards regarding the supply and use of signs in the workplace The Directive aims to promote the standardization of warning signs throughout the member states of the European Union by using universally recognised pictograms colours and shapes 3 As well as traditional safety and warning signs the Regulations also cover hand and acoustic signals eg fire alarms verbal communication illuminated signs the marking of pipework containing hazardous substances 4 The regulations apply to all places where people are employed and oblige employers to Explain new or unfamiliar signs to employees Provide road traffic signs within a workplace where this is relevant To maintain any signs which have been provided by them 5 Safety signs differ in colour and shape according to their meaning 6 Danger or Prohibition is shown by a red circle with a crossed out image No smoking No running No entry No exit No parking 7 Mandatory signs show a blue circle with a white pictogram and tell you what should be done Wear ear protection Wear eye protection Wear protective footwear Fire door keep shut 8 Safe condition signs point out safety apparatus or emergency exit routes These have a white image on a green square oblong or square backdrop Fire exit Fire Assembly point Directional arrows Fire exit keep clear 9 Warning signs are triangular and yellow with a black pictogram These warn of danger Electricity Toxic Chemicals Flammable Forklift Trucks Mind the Step 10 Fire Equipment signs are white with a red background and

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  • Health and Safety Signs | Warning Signs
    sure that the relevant health and safety signs are displayed throughout workplace premises Nationwide Fire Extinguishers can provide you with the appropriate health and safety signs training and risk assessment CD ROMs fire record books and posters All signs supplied by Nationwide fire extinguishers are manufactured in the UK The requirements for Health and safety signs are covered in detail by the Safety Safety Signs and Signals Regulations 1996 Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 As a general guide standard safety signs are divided into different types Prohibition signs are used to prohibit actions to prevent personal injury and the risk of fire This type of sign is a red circle with a black symbol on a white background and a red diagonal line across the circle Mandatory health and safety signs show actions which have to be taken for example in the event of a fire these show a white symbol on a blue circular background Warning signs are displayed to notify of possible dangers These are triangular with a black pictogram on a yellow background Safe Condition signs are used to illustrate directions to places of safety medical assistance and emergency escapes These are illustrated by a white symbol on a green square or rectangular background Fire Equipment Signs are used to show the location of fire fighting or alarm equipment and compliance with Fire Precautions These health and safety signs show a white symbol on a red square or rectangular background Finally obstacles or dangerous areas must be illustrated by alternating black and yellow stripes Our range of health and safety signs come in a choice of self adhesive vinyl white rigid plastic and a rigid plastic with self adhesive backing or rigid plastic photo luminescent We also have a stunning range of brushed aluminium signs

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  • Fire Extinguisher
    each of which is good for extinguishing specific types of fire The different types come in the form of water foam dry powder CO2 carbon dioxide and wet chemical Water is the most common and most economical type of extinguisher It can extinguish flammable solid fires such as hay wood paper sugar and coal This type of fire is known as class A An AFFF foam extinguisher is also suitable for extinguishing flammable solids but also extinguishes flammable liquid fires including paint petrol and diesel fires Flammable liquid fires are known as class B fires They are not suitable for cooking fat fires Dry powder extinguishers are suitable for multi purpose risks They can put out flammable solid fires liquid and gas fires as well as electrical fires In terms of fire classes a dry powder fire extinguisher can extinguish class A B C and electrical fires Again they cannot be used on pan fires or deep fat fryer fires A CO2 extinguisher is capable of extinguishing flammable liquid fires and is the best type for safety extinguishing electrical fires Do not use on pan fires and fat fires A wet chemical extinguisher is a ground breaking new kind of fire extinguisher which is capable of extinguishing cooking fat fires They are made to protect against the deep fat fryer fires that potentially exist in restaurant kitchens cafes chip shops etc In terms of fire class a wet chemical extinguisher is capable of extinguishing class B and Class F fires It is recommended that you inspect your fire protection equipment at least monthly and record the information in your fire log book During this check you should inspect the extinguishers for any signs of damage tampering or use check that they are not obstructed and the operating instructions are visible and facing outwards so anybody who needs to use it quickly can see the user instructions BAFE certified extinguisher engineer should service your fire extinguishers at least once a year This service should comply with British Standard 5306 part 3 to service any fire extinguisher you may have Ask us for competitive nationwide extinguisher servicing Fire needs four components to exist heat for the flammable substance to reach its ignition temperature combustible material fuel oxygen to maintain combustion and the chemical reaction between the three previously mentioned factors Fire extinguishers work by applying an extinguishing agent that either cools the burning fuel displaces the oxygen or stops the chemical reaction so a fire cannot carry on burning Choose the best location for your Fire Extinguisher You should site your fire extinguishers in a place where you can see them clearly and reach them quickly in an emergency Preferably on an exit route or close to a particular risk Your extinguisher should be fitted to the wall about 1 metre from the ground and should have an extinguisher identification sign mounted above it You should inspect your fire extinguishers at least monthly for signs of damage discharge or tampering Report any

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  • Fire Alarm Bell | Howler Site Alarm | Anti Theft Alarms
    sound fire bell These fire alarm bells can be heard from a distance of 110 ft As already stated this fire alarm bell is one of our most popular products and provides a reliable and cost effective fire alarm solution Installing Fire alarm Bells with a self contained break glass Our Howler Site Alarm is a self contained break glass model which is easy to install and an easy way of raising a fire alarm This alarm is also suitable for indoor outdoor use and is often used on building sites and other sites where a conventional fire alarm is not suitable Other types of fire alarm bells include the Omega Hawk 2 fire alarm which is also a self contained battery operated fire alarm This model also contains a strobe and can be linked to other Omega Hawk 2 fire alarms A great product for hotels guest houses hostels residential homes hospitals etc is the deafgard This product is a wire free alarm system for the hearing impaired Deafgard works by reacting to the sound of the fire alarm bells and issuing a visual audible and vibrating alert This product aids conformity with the Disability Discrimination Act Buying Fire Alarm Bells and Products We sell a fire extinguisher anti theft alarm which attaches to your fire extinguisher and deters theft sounding an alarm if detached from the fire extinguisher Another great product in our fire alarm products section is our stand alone battery operated smoke detector which is ideal for any home This product is supplied with a battery for easy and immediate use You may want to install a carbon dioxide alarm to protect your family from the presence of Co2 The 85Db alarm will sound and be accompanied by the flashing red LED light when there are

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  • Fire Blankets | Fire Blankets 1.0 x 1.0 Metre
    for bulk orders call or e mail our sales team for details Fire blankets are suitable for use in the home caravan laboratories offices welding units and catering units They can be used to smother small cooking oil fires waste bin fires and also to smother clothing fires Before you use a fire blanket you should ensure that you are between the fire and an exit so you are not trapped Remove the blanket from its case by pulling the tapes Shield your face arms and hands with the blanket by wrapping the outside of the blanket around your arms cover the fire completely with the blanket Ensure that the source of ignition is turned off and leave for at least 30 minutes closing the door behind you You should not re use fire blankets once they have been used on a fire If you are smothering a clothing fire you should tightly wrap the blanket around the person whose clothes are burning and roll that person on the floor in the blanket for maximum effectiveness We recommend that you display the fire blanket ID sign above your wall mounted fire blanket to clarify how on to use the blanket safety This sign should not be used as a training substitute but a back up to training You should mount the fire blanket in a useful prominent and accessible place preferably on an escape route Do not place over cookers or heaters or in the way of any fire risks Fire Blankets Our fire blankets have minimum 5 year manufacturers warranty and have been certified to BS EN 1869 1997 Fire blankets are an essential piece of equipment in domestic catering kitchens our full range can be seen in the Fire Blanket Section Nationwide recommended fire blankets Economy Fire Blanket

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  • CO2 Extinguisher | Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers
    keep the fire burning and so smothering the fire a very clean way of extinguishing an electrical or liquid fire CO2 fire extinguishers have an advantage over dry powder fire extinguishers as they do not leave a residue after discharge a carbon dioxide extinguisher is therefore a great option for using on an electrical fire in an office or any room containing equipment such as computers photo copiers fax s stereo equipment or TV s and also in garages or workshops where oils petrol diesel spirits solvents waxes and other flammable liquids are present Nationwide fire extinguishers sell at trade price We only sell Top brand CO2 fire extinguishers Kitemarked to BS EN3 CE approved Our CO2 extinguishers also come with a free mounting bracket A CO2 fire extinguisher will not work well on class A fires flammable solids so are not deemed suitable for that use as they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to put the flammable solid fire out causing it to re ignite Use of any co2 fire extinguishers is therefore usually limited to indoor use as it is difficult to extinguish an outdoor fire using a co2 extinguisher As this extinguisher discharges carbon dioxide which lowers oxygen levels it should not be used in a confined space due to the risk of asphyxiation to the user Although this extinguisher type is able to extinguish flammable liquid fires CO2 fire extinguishers should not be used to extinguish cooking fat fires class F If a CO2 fire extinguisher was used in an attempt to put out a deep fat fryer fire the powerful discharge may splash the burning fat and spread the fire Brief instructions for use are printed on the side of each extinguisher but staff training is essential to ensure the right extinguisher

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  • Evacuation Chairs | Ski Evacuation Sheet
    Enter Code Home Evacuation Chairs Using Evacuation Chairs from NWEX The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states It shall be the duty of every employer to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health safety and welfare at work of all his employees Nationwide Fire Extinguishers sell a reasonably priced range of evacuation chairs to aid the safe evacuation of mobility impaired staff residents or customers We also sell other evacuation equipment including escape ladders and a ski sheet Our Ski Sheet assists with the mattress evacuation of bed bound patients without the need for lifting the patient The ski sheet is secured beneath the mattress and held in place by elastic corner loops In an emergency the straps are unrolled and buckled up across the chest and legs of the patient to enable them to be safely moved to safety without being removed from their mattress This is very important for fragile or elderly patients Our Transit range contains a lightweight chair which has front swivel wheels is ideal for transferring patients through corridors and lifts and folds away to a slim size for storage Designed for comfort and strength this superior Transit evacuation chair is ideal for transporting patients through corridors and stairwells Versatile and manoeuvrable these chairs are comfortable and good value Transit evacuation chairs have been designed to reduce the need for lifting for superior manoeuvrability in small spaces and smooth easy movement up and down the stairs using a pioneering tri wheel system They are invaluable part of any risk management plan in public buildings schools offices etc Evacuation Chairs Evac Chair 300H MK4 Our Price 647 99 777 59 Inc VAT Buy Now Home Foam Fire Extinguishers Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Water Fire Extinguishers London Class D Fire Extinguishers for Metal

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