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  • First Aid Kits
    home where there are only a few people present and the risk of an accident is relatively low This is one of our best selling first aid kits as it complies with HSE rules and regulations and the contents are all you would possibly need for minor injuries It comes in a rigid plastic green case and contains a number of dressings bandages safety pins plasters cleaning wipes gloves eyepads and a guidance leaflet Our 1 50 person first aid kits are ideal for premises where more than 20 people are employed and there is a higher risk such as building sites chemical plants engineering workshops farms and factories It comes in a rigid plastic green case and contains a large number of dressings bandages plasters cleaning wipes gloves eyepads and a guidance leaflet Our 1 100 person first aid kits contain all the essentials for medium sized low risk environments as recommended by the HSE These first aid kits comes in a rigid plastic green case and contain a larger number of dressings bandages safety pins plasters cleaning wipes gloves eyepads and a guidance leaflet for use The following advice should be taken when treating minor accidents requiring first aid Firstly make sure your surroundings are safe without putting you or the casualty at risk assess the casualty and decide if they need medical attention If you are in doubt call for help Reassure the injured person Make the injured person comfortable however do not move them if you suspect the have a neck or back injury or a fracture To prevent the infection of wounds always clean your hands thoroughly and where possible wear disposable gloves Clean wounds thoroughly before dressing them Foreign materials should be washed away never attempt to remove embedded material Always apply a dressing

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  • Fire Safety Training | Nationwide Fire Extinguishers
    duty to provide a fire safety induction and to provide regular fire safety training for their staff The fire safety training course offered by Nationwide fire extinguishers is great for all staff members who need to know how to operate a fire extinguisher safely know about fire prevention and what to do in the event of a fire The course includes the theory of combustion types and uses of fire extinguishers including a live fire demo and getting hands on use of safely operating a fire extinguisher This fire safety training course is designed for persons who may have to use a fire extinguisher in hotels shops offices factories garages and industrial premises or residential care homes This course will provide all members with a greater fire safety awareness and is designed to increase staff confidence taking the correct action in the event of a fire occurring This course is great value at from only 300 plus VAT for up to 12 people and includes all handouts extinguishers for demonstration and course materials Nationwide fire extinguishers also run a Fire warden training course which gives delegates a greater understanding about fire risks fire theory and practice spotting fire hazards evacuation principles and the responsibilities of a fire warden This fire safety training course is ideal for your workplaces nominated person The nominated person fire warden will come away with the ability to take responsibility for fire safety and the evacuation of staff and visitors to the workplace This course is suitable for up to 12 delegates and costs from only 400 plus VAT per course that s under 50 plus VAT per person for in depth fire safety training Specialist fire safety training courses for residential home staff and hotel staff are also available Contact us for more details If

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  • Fire extinguisher Guide
    all employers must provide staff with adequate means of tackling a fire in the workplace There is also a legal obligation for a competent person to at least annually service the fire extinguishers to the standard BS 5306 part 3 This requirement is stated in the RRO Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order In addition to the annual inspection by a competent person workplaces must also ensure that they carry out their own checks at least monthly What to look out for when visually inspecting extinguishers Any sign of tampering This may be missing or broken tamper tags or pins Any signs of discharge This may be water powder or foam traces on the hose or horn of the extinguisher Gauges showing low or high pressure Any damage to fire extinguishers such as rust dents missing parts etc Workplaces with a high risk of damage to their fire extinguishers such as those kept on haulage vehicles should be particularly vigilant Any damage should be reported to your fire extinguisher maintenance company so it can be made safe Any replacement fire extinguishers fire blankets or signs can be bought online at discount prices from www nationwidefirefire extinguishers co uk or from your service company Competent person A competent person is defined by the British Standard as a person with the necessary training and experience with access to the relevant tools equipment and information manuals and knowledge of any special procedures recommended by the manufacturer of the portable fire extinguisher They need to be capable of carrying out the relevant maintenance procedures of this standard We recommend using a BAFE or FETA qualified technician or equivalent who undergo refresher training every 3 years to keep their industry knowledge up to date It is also good practice to check the company has suitable liability insurance in place Annual Service During a basic annual service the engineer carries out various procedures on the fire extinguisher depending on its make and type Generally the service includes Checking all fire extinguisher parts such as valves safety devices gauges and operating mechanisms Checking externally for corrosion The weight is also recorded and checked to fall within the appropriate range The engineer also compiles a Certificate of Inspection a legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer and engineer Extended Service Extended extinguisher services generally involve carrying out a test discharge on the fire extinguisher checking internal and external parts then recharging the fire extinguisher ready for use if deemed safe by the engineer BS 5306 3 states that water fire extinguishers foam fire extinguishers powder fire extinguishers and wet chemical fire extinguishers are required to have extended services every 5 years CO2 fire extinguishers must have an overhaul pressure test every 10 years Most companys carry out a service exchange for CO2 and powder fire extinguishers when they are due overhaul or discharge That is exchanging your old extinguisher for a new or refurbished extinguisher Buying new fire extinguishers

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  • Fire Extinguisher Supplier
    Blanket 1 0 x 1 0 Metre Clear List Enter Code Home Fire Extinguisher Supplier Fire Extinguisher Supplier Nationwide fire extinguishers are the internets number 1 Fire Extinguisher supplier All our fire extinguishers are kitemarked CE approved and manufactured to BS EN3 Before buying any fire extinguisher you should ensure that your fire extinguisher supplier can supply extinguishers that are kitemarked and comply with BS EN3 As we are an Internet fire extinguisher supplier our overheads are low and we can buy in bulk ensuring that you can buy the best quality and cheapest fire extinguishers on the net Once your extinguishers are delivered you should wall mount them with the brackets provided so the handle approximately 1 metre from floor height If your wall is not suitable for this then they should be placed on fire extinguisher stands Your fire extinguishers require servicing at least once a year by a competent person During your annual fire extinguisher service your local fire extinguisher supplier and servicing company will look for any signs of damage tampering or use of the extinguisher They will also check the fire extinguisher gauge is in the green range on stored pressure fire extinguishers Nationwide offer the initial service of your extinguishers so they will not require this maintenance for 1 year If you run a business you should check that all your employees are aware of how to operate the fire extinguishers in your workplace Fire training should be recorded in a fire log book You should also log your annual service by your local fire extinguisher supplier The service should comply with British Standard 5306 part 3 Home Foam Fire Extinguishers Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Water Fire Extinguishers London Class D Fire Extinguishers for Metal Fires CO2 Fire Extinguisher Accounts Older Persons Fire Safety

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  • Fire Extinguisher Training
    LED Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Sealed Battery 10 Year Warranty Fire Blankets Fire Blanket 1 2 x 1 2 Metre Fire Blanket 1 0 x 1 0 Metre Clear List Enter Code Home Fire Extinguisher Training Fire Extinguisher Training Nationwide Fire Extinguishers is able to offer Fire Safety Awareness Training suitable for both staff and groups of individuals who are looking to gain a better understanding of basic fire awareness Many people are unsure what risks there may be in the environment and how they should react if a fire were to occur The fire training course aims to reduce the risk of fire and increase general knowledge by promoting fire detection and prevention explaining emergency procedures and evacuation drills and providing practical and theoretical fire extinguisher usage Participants have the opportunity to lean where fire risks lie within different environments e g the workplace and at home Due to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and Fire Scotland Act 2005 the Fire Safety Awareness training course is particularly important for businesses because of the legal requirements of employers responsibility The training is carried out at your site and a maximum number of 8 participants can take part If you would like to receive a quote for Fire Safety Awareness training please call our sales staff on 0800 612 7831 In the event of placing an order you will be contacted by a dedicated member of staff to arrange a suitable time and day for the training session to take place Home Foam Fire Extinguishers Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers Water Fire Extinguishers London Class D Fire Extinguishers for Metal Fires CO2 Fire Extinguisher Accounts Older Persons Fire Safety Campaign Resources Terms and Conditions Delivery Info Wet Chemical Extinguishers Sitemap FAQ Help Top Searches Fire Extinguisher Types Fire Exit Signs

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  • Fire Extinguisher Bracket |
    It is recommended that fire extinguishers should be wall mounted where possible More specifically BS 5306 recommends that the top of a fire extinguisher handle should be one metre from ground level Due to the amount of customer requested we now also sell additional fire extinguisher brackets for any extinguishers you may already have which require wall mounting Our J bracket for fire extinguishers is a standard fire extinguisher bracket which is suitable for most makes and types of modern fire extinguishers where the bracket is at the back or side of the extinguisher It is suitable for powder fire extinguishers from sizes 4kg to 12 Kg 3 litres to 9 litre foam fire extinguishers and sizes 3 litres to 9 litre water fire extinguishers Our fire extinguisher brackets are made of durable steel and come with a 1 year guarantee Our co2 extinguisher lug bracket comes in two different sizes which are suitable for 2kg or 5kg co2 fire extinguishers We also sell Amerex fire extinguisher brackets which is appropriate for fire extinguishers where the bracket is on the shoulder of the fire extinguisher This as the name suggests is usually used for Amerex fire extinguishers which have this trait For fire extinguishers held in vehicles we have a range of transport brackets to hold your fire extinguisher securely whilst on the move We have universal transport brackets suitable for most makes and models of Water Foam and Dry powder fire extinguishers from 4kg to 9 kg litre models Nationwide Fire Extinguishers also stock carbon dioxide fire extinguisher transport brackets which fit all known makes of 2 kg CO2 fire extinguishers This type of fire extinguisher bracket is suitable for a variety of environments but is sold specifically as a transport bracket If you are unable to wall mount

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  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
    of Practice BS 5306 Part 3 states that fire extinguisher servicing needs to be carried out at least annually to ensure that the extinguishers are safe and will always function in an emergency Our quality fire extinguishers will provide many years of reliable fire protection but despite the five year manufacturers guarantee an annual service by a competent engineer is still required It is also stated that fire extinguishers should be checked at least monthly in house to check for any signs of tampering missing or used extinguishers A record of these checks should be noted in your fire log book available from our online shop We can supply your new fire extinguishers with an initial service or a pre delivery inspection commission This is a completed fire extinguisher servicing label recording the date weight next service date and date of discharge or overhaul test For customers needing fire extinguisher servicing we have access to a database of approved companies offering services in your area If you are an approved company or individual offering fire extinguisher servicing in your local area we are interested in hearing from you We are aiming to operate a referral or sub contract scheme so we can pass on service enquiries in your local area Our aim is to be able to offer our customers fire extinguisher servicing through the UK To offer this we need quality fire extinguisher servicing companies on board Recent trends suggest the price of new equipment is going to stay low so we feel this will be an attractive way of generating new and repeat business for local service companies We will limit the number of companies registered with us so we can offer as much work as possible If you can offer nationwide fire extinguisher servicing and are interested

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  • Foam Fire Extinguisher
    toxic non damaging to most materials extinguishes fires progressively not suddenly and violently and prevents the re ignition of flammable liquid fires The foam works by forming a blanket on the surface of a burning liquid or solid this cools and smothers the fire so that there is no oxygen or heat available to re ignite the fire The type of extinguisher comes in a range of sizes and is suitable for the home car and caravan as well as for business use Fire fighters also occasionally use foam in certain types of fire due to its ability to tackle flammable liquids and for its cooling and smothering qualities which prevent re ignition A foam fire extinguisher shouldn t be used on electrical fires However most foam extinguishers have passed the 35kv conductivity test indicating the extinguisher user has added operator safety if it were to be unintentionally used on electrical risks The extinguisher user may still on the other hand obtain an electric shock if positioned in a residual puddle if the live electrical equipment did not short circuit which is why foam fire extinguishers are not deemed as suitable for electrical fires A conventional foam fire extinguisher contains aqueous film forming foam so is also known as an afff foam fire extinguisher You may also come across the same type being called a spray foam fire extinguisher due to the type of discharge it has This type of fire extinguisher is colour coded with a Cream band on 5 of its body to let any potential user know at a glance which type it is Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for use in offices garages boats caravans kitchens and other multi risk premises This type of fire extinguisher is highly effective against flammable solid and flammable liquid fires This includes wood paper and textile fires as well as petrol oil diesel and other volatile liquid fires Foam fire extinguishers combine the cooling effect of water with the smothering benefits of AFFF which prevent a fire re igniting by sealing the flammable vapors Its spray nozzle gives a wide coverage to boost its fire fighting abilities Nationwide fire extinguishers foam extinguishers are manufactured to BS EN3 are CE approved and kitemarked They are stored pressure factory filled extinguishers with a squeeze grip handle and UV resistant paint finish As with all our fire extinguishers our foam fire extinguishers come with a free mounting bracket Our extinguishers are easy to service and refills for our models are readily available from most good fire extinguisher servicing companies We stock a range of sizes to suit your needs including 2 litre 6 litre and 9 litre extinguishers We also stock great looking and hardwearing stainless steel foam fire extinguishers Our 6 litre foam fire extinguishers are a great alternative to the traditional 9 litre water fire extinguishers It has the same coverage as a 9 litre water extinguisher with the added benefit of flammable liquid coverage it has smothering as well as

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