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  • Constable Beats the Bounds - one of Nicholas Rhea's Constable books
    duty as a rural bobby comprises all sorts of boundaries over which he should not cross Nonetheless he must occasionally ignore such restrictions and go beyond limitations to fulfill his role as village constable satisfactorily Far beyond the call of duty are his efforts to get a bride to the church on time the occasion he finds himself defending a youth charged with a public order offence and his interviews with a man who buries his wife in the garden But when St Aidan s Well almost dries up as a body is found on the moors above Aidensfield Constable Nick knows he is duty bound to continue his individualistic performance of wide ranging constabulary responsibilities The original hardback edition of Constable Beats the Bounds was published by Robert Hale in August 2009 order a copy from Amazon or from your local bookshop quoting the ISBN 978 0 7090 8835 6 Order the paperback edition from Amazon or ask your local bookshop to order it for you the ISBN is 978 978 0 7090 9116 5 published on October 29th 2010 The ISIS Soundings audio editions read by Nick McArdle was published on February 1st they can be ordered from

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  • In Their Own Write: Peter and Tricia Walker interviewed in Yorkshire Life
    much loved and well read and have a large and loyal following They re written in the first person so they look like they re real stories says Peter I was determined not to have a glamorous detective solving crimes I wanted an ordinary copper on the beat PC Nick Rhea coping with whatever life threw at him At the police station Peter s colleagues knew about his second career and they liked it They were proud of the books then and they still are says Peter because it put the North Riding Constabulary on the map And of course they all thought they were featured in my books The Heartbeat TV series came along in 1992 and by that time Peter had long retired and was averaging six books a year Not everyone knew that Peter Walker and Nicholas Rhea were the same man though I d written a series of Emmerdale novels and was having lunch with the producer remembers Peter I asked him how things were going and he said Fine Very busy We re doing a new series called Country Constable set out in the Moors It s from a series of books by a chap called Nicholas Rhea I said I m pleased to hear that That s me The title Country Constable never saw the light of day but Heartbeat did and it s still a phenomenon 16 years later that s popular says Peter because of its warm glow nostalgia factor He works as a consultant on the show and reads all the TV scripts several times Some of the writers don t know the first thing about police procedure says Peter so I rewrite some of the scenes occasionally and they accept that But you do have to let things go for drama s sake now and again Peter is proud of Tricia s success Her novel is the story of a York woman Benedict who travels to Thailand after inheriting 5000 from a relative There she meets her brother who has become a Buddhist monk and their spiky relationship is intense engaging funny and sad Tricia is keen to point out that Benedict s Brother is fiction even though her own brother is a Buddhist monk and she once travelled to Thailand to stay with him She also says that nepotism has played no part in her achievements Just because she s Peter Walker s daughter doesn t guarantee a book deal It doesn t work that way says Tricia It means an agent is probably more likely to look at a manuscript of mine my father s agent is my agent too But in terms of publishers No They re just interested in number crunching If they think a book will sell they ll publish it If they don t they won t be interested So I have to prove myself I m still an unknown name a first time writer but signings have been going well as have internet

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  • Archived Weblog Entry - 07/31/2003: "Arctic Cruise"
    s most northerly post office and wandered around the village with its handful of wooden buildings the North Pole Hotel and scientific monitoring devices Ny Alesund has been designated a centre for Arctic environmental monitoring and research and the Norwegian Polar Institute s Research Station was established here in 1968 The earth around the settlement looks somewhat barren as the only vegetation is the moss like growth on the tundra where the polar bears prowl Reindeer and Arctic foxes also inhabit the area and we were warned to beware of the Arctic terns which are known to attack humans with white hair in the belief they are polar bears We were requested not to wander from the settlement as there was a genuine risk from polar bears and indeed a girl had been killed by one about three years earlier With snow and glaciers around us and temperatures just above freezing we toured this lonely place and found it fascinating Here we witnessed the midnight sun and enjoyed 24 hours of daylight for the next four days Our slow return south was via a glacier with a nine mile long face through seas littered with icebergs and graced by whales and porpoises We berthed at Tromso where the museum has a fascinating exhibition depicting the life of the Sami people an ethnic minority living mainly in the Norwegian county of Finnmark Their old name of Lapps is now considered derogatory Other highlights are the Wilderness Centre with its 100 Alaskan huskies and the Polar Museum We also visited the Arctic Cathedral an ultra modern building symbolising Arctic ice It is maybe not to everyone s taste but the stained glass is impressive Next came the breathtaking Geiranger Fjord with its seven sisters waterfall and little farmsteads stranded on terraces half way up the rock faces 200 metres above the water Families living there had to tether their small children to stop them falling over the sheer cliffs but the farms are now derelict as the last tenants left in the 1960 s We had another coach trip up into the mountains taking in 13 hairpin bends on the way not for those who suffer from vertigo advised the guidebook Pausing for coffee at the Tystigen Summerski Centre it was strange to see people ski ing in blazing July sunshine And finally we sailed into friendly Stavanger and our giant cruise ship moored right alongside tiny yachts and fishing boats Stavanger has retained its old world charm with narrow cobbled streets of wooden houses and the prettiest of harbours We would have liked to stay longer to take in the majestic Pulpit Rock and Norway s only surviving monastery at Utstein Augustinian monastic life there came to an end with the Reformation in 1537 but in 1930 restoration work began and now this medieval treasure is again open to the public In a short narrative like this it is difficult to portray the sheer scale of the mountains the utter splendour

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  • Claude Jeremiah Greengrass, played by Bill Maynard
    he ever was He never lets the chance to make a few quid pass him by The opportunities may be a little more limited in a hospital but he s still able to get up to his old tricks Working on The Royal also reunited him with the man who gave him his first theatrical break Ian Carmichael auditioned me for my first professional job in the theatre in 1949 recalls Bill It was a review company and he was the director It was nice to catch up with him after all these years Bill is thrilled that the viewing public are happy to see him back on their screens I ve received lots of letters since it was announced that Greengrass would be returning People have been absolutely fantastic and they can t wait to see what scrapes he is going to get himself into Bill who will be celebrating his fiftieth anniversary on British television in 2003 relished the chance to return to work and has no plans to retire just yet Acting is a wonderful way of earning a living I ve enjoyed every moment of my career and I certainly don t have any plans to give up work I ll continue as long as I can stand sit or talk I can see myself pegging it just after someone has shouted action As for his character not much has changed since he was seen leaving Heartbeat to jet off to the Caribbean to help his sister spend the money she had scooped on the West Indies Sweepstake He certainly isn t a model patient He has a sort of love hate relationship with the staff especially Sister Brigid She knows he s malingering but she is powerless to do anything until she can prove it

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  • Nicholas Rhea interviewed in Writing Magazine
    switch from fact to fiction with no trouble It s a good life Anybody can do it if they really want There s nothing more to it than just to keep writing Peter s first novel published in 1967 was Carnaby and the Hijackers which led to ten further novels about New Scotland Yard Det Sgt Carnaby investigating cases on the North York Moors until he was retired in 1984 The reason I stopped wasn t that I wanted to but Robert Hale stopped publishing crime novels Otherwise Carnaby might still have been going said Peter But I thought that one character fits a publisher so it was a chance to do something else Those early crime books were what I would call undemanding thrillers which was just the kind of thing readers wanted high up police detectives in fast moving crime thrillers But in my experience the life of a policeman moved at a slower pace Most policemen didn t deal with crime and there was a lot of humour around so I decided to try to write something more like that and gave it a rural setting Under the name Nicholas Rhea Peter has written 30 Constable stories since 1979 set in the fictional Yorkshire village of Aidensfield most recently Constable Along the Trail Yorkshire Television first expressed an interest in adapting the series as early as 1982 There were four books out at that time and Yorkshire Television bought the option on those four books to do a series about a village policeman The option lasted three years during which of course nobody else could produce anything then they decided they didn t want to go any further I think it was that James Herriot was still so fresh in people s minds and they didn t want to go up against it Then in 1988 they renewed their interest when of course there were more books Things started to happen this time I kept asking whether they were going to produce a series but they just said they were thinking about it Then it finally made it to the screen in 1992 Although Heartbeat long since exhausted Peter s storylines his nucleus of characters still provides the focus of the show and its recent offshoot The Royal They ve kept me informed all the way through he said I read all the scripts and go through the storylines as their police consultant In addition to the Constable and Carnaby books Peter s other police serials feature Montague Pluke an eccentric detective inspector obsessed with horse troughs and Detective Superintendent Mark Pemberton who features in eight crime novels with a harder edge He s also found time for non serial novels such as Teenage Cop and Robber in a Mole Trap non fiction titles such as Folk Stories from the Yorkshire Dales and Murders and Mysteries from the North York Moors along with a number of Emmerdale tie ins including the Emmerdale Official Companion He moved away

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  • Nicholas Rhea interviewed by Susie Holland
    like that are correct for the period Rhea regularly visits the set when Heartbeat is being filmed at its stunning location Goathland in the heart of the North York moors He knows all the actors well I think they all are superb in their respective roles and Derek Fowlds portrayal of Blaketon is particularly good I ve been asked whether he was based on anyone in particular but he s not He s just an amalgamation of many tough sergeants I served under over the years And of course Bill Maynard has made Claude Greengrass his own He s perfect for the role Although when I first put Greengrass into my Constable books my image of him was slightly different But now whenever I write a scene involving Greengrass it s Bill I have in mind Fans of the series will be pleased to know that there are many Constable books to come Even if the series comes to an end my books will go on I can put more in them about what goes on in Aidensfield than can be seen on TV each week Claude and the rest get up to much more says Rhea Part two June 98 Although retired from the North Yorkshire Police since 1982 Nicholas Rhea can still recall the most nerve wracking moment of his 30 year career It occurred on the streets of the small moors town of Loftus in 1952 It was the moment I stepped on to the streets wearing my uniform for the very first time I was 16 and had to ask the way to the police station He also recalls some invaluable advice given to him by his first sergeant He said that if ever I came across trouble on the street I had to walk towards it rather than run for a couple of very good reasons Firstly it would give me time to think so I could decide what I was going to do when I got there and secondly the situation may have diffused by the time I reached it and Heartbeat s officers use that advice too Much of his life as a copper in the 1960s is relived through Heartbeat and Rhea believes the Nick Rowan role really does reflect his own Much of our police work revolved around our rapport with the public We spent a lot of time talking to the locals in a rural area police work was as much a social duty as crime prevention I did things like light old people s fires collect bits of shopping and help them fill in tax forms It was all part and parcel of being a rural bobby That s what I show in my Constable books I illustrate the bobby s work without focussing on crime in particular He recalls one incident which could have come straight from the TV show A colleague of mine was on night duty patrolling the A1 motorway when he came across a family

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  • PC Phil Bellamy, played by Mark Jordon
    that nothing ever turned out the way he hoped Now he has an important role to play it gives him a chance to show that he has matured and put the balance straight I think Gina thinks of Bellamy as a really good friend and although he fancies her like mad I don t think they will ever become involved as such In the seventh series a new copper turns up and I think he is more likely to succeed with Gina So the gloves are off Mike Bradley The seventh series was an important one for Phil Bellamy as far as friendship was concerned as well as romance he cemented his relationship with PC Rowan by being his best man at the wedding with Jo Weston The question remaining to be answered in series 8 was how would he get on with the new PC Bradley Rhea about Phil Bellamy Mark Jordon has made PC Bellamy a most likeable young policeman a lad with an eye for the girls although he never quite succeeds with his romances Bellamy is not in my early books but his part in staffing Ashfordly Police Station and his never ending quest for romance

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  • Bernie Scripps, played by Peter Benson
    On television his credits include the Dauphin in Shaw s Saint Joan the title role in all three parts of Henry VI for the BBC Shakespeare Series Reuben with Bill Maynard in Alan Plater s Trinity Tales Henry VII in Blackadder Bernard in All Creatures Great and Small and recent roles in Merlin and A Touch of Frost His accomplished career also includes film and he can be seen in

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